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Very good
samthompson1727 May 2021
I'd have given it a better score if if weren't for the low audio and higher music which I know is done on purpose to get the jumps (and it works) but I was struggling to hear at times especially when people are talking and movie music is over it. So have the control at hand so you can turn volume up and down when and if needed. Apart from that it's a solid film that's all I will say so I don't give any spoilers away. Great acting and it does draw you in.
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Be in the mood for long story development then you will enjoy
Molly_flower3 April 2021
Some people may find this movie slow to start, you have to be in the mood to watch the story develop as I was aware before watching, therefore I enjoyed it but I can see why not all people will. I enjoyed that it was a bit of a satanic movie with twists and turns along the way. The kid actor played his part well and the ending was good.
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This is a good watch
forbesguitars2 April 2021
This movie is a slow burn but well acted, clever and well shot. The problem with user reviews on horror films is most are not from people that regularly watch horror films. This is a decent movie but if you think gore, special affects, and gratuitous violence makes for a great horror flick this one is not for you. This is not overly original but it is much better than the average rating is.
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Pretty dang entertaining.
jcooloti31 March 2021
So, this was a fun one for a guy like me. I can't really put my finger on why I liked it. Cults? Check. Gore? Check. Demons? Check. Cops? Check. Creepy kid? Check... the list kind of just keeps going on and on. But, I'll admit, I have pretty macabre tastes when it comes to movies, and I like some messed up films. The movie really takes its time, which I like in a horror movie because if it's done well (like in this movie) it creates great suspense. Here's the other thing... I don't think it was intentionally supposed to be funny, but I found certain scenes to be extremely funny. The part of my corrupt cinephile mind just found certain scenes very comical. Mainly the first death and the sequence with the pimp... you freaks will know what I'm talking about when you see it. There's also a great small performance of a guy playing a tweaker... that guy was the best actor in the movie. Ha! The practical gore effects in this movie were really great too. Not for the squeamish. I think if you dig suspenseful and gory horror movies, you'll get a kick out of this one. I'd give it one notch above average. No complaints other than some extremely low volume dialogue. C'mon sound designer... Take your headphones off while mixing the film, guy! Your core audience probably listens to way too much heavy metal music at high volume to be able to make out those low mixed whispers.
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kirbylee70-599-5261799 August 2021
Warning: Spoilers
If you're unfamiliar with the streaming service Shudder you either hate horror films are just haven't been told about it. Not only is Shudder the home of Joe Bob Briggs The Last Drive In, it offers a collection of horror films past and present, domestic and foreign, that will satisfy any fan of horror. Not only that, each month they offer plenty of new films most all made by RLJ Entertainment.

With the many low budget low quality companies out there making sub-par horror films (how many variations of sharks are we up to now?) RLJE embraces the genre and provides opportunities for up and coming film makers to create quality product for Shudder. But these films appear of disc months before they arrive on the channel. Case in point SON.

The film opens with a very brief lead in as Laura (Andi Matichak) is a pregnant woman on the run. She pulls off to the side of the road and there has her baby screaming throughout that she doesn't want it. But seeing the baby and holding it in her hands her tone and feelings change.

Fast forward to 8 years later. Laura now lives with her son David (Luke David Blumm) in a small town where he goes to school, she works and also attends classes at night while her neighbor keeps an eye on David. There lives are moving along fine until one night she hears a noise coming from his room. She enters to find a group of people standing over his bed. She tells her neighbor to call the police but by the time they arrive the people are gone.

A detective named Paul (Emile Hirsch) listens to her story and believes her but no evidence is found. Before he leaves David walks in on the two of them talking and vomits blood. The doctors at the hospital do everything they can to find out what is wrong with David but are perplexed. They can find nothing. Could it have been something done to him by the people Laura saw?

They return home but things are no longer normal. Another night of sounds in the yard frighten Laura and while Paul is there David has another seizure. As he and Laura sit waiting on the doctors she reveals to him she has a past. She was part of a satanic cult led by her father. Now she fears that her father and the group has found her and are coming after David.

As more things happen to Laura and David, Paul and his partner investigate the cult. They discover that at one time Laura was institutionalized due to all she suffered at the hands of her father. This leads them to wonder is there really a cult out there trying to capture this boy or is Laura having a psychotic breakdown where she sees danger that doesn't really exist?

The film offers a solid story with a great concept of is it happening or not going for it. Everything that you see up to the point of this revelation about Laura you suddenly question, dipping back into your memory (if not rewinding) to recall just what actually happened since the film began. Until the final moments of the film you find yourself questioning all of her actions as she does a number of things to avoid the cult, if they exist. And at the same time she does more to protect her son, things that are unacceptable except for the fact that she is a mother who cares about him.

Many films of this genre that are not major Hollywood releases have to deal with performances by lesser actors that are completely unbelievable. That isn't the case here. Matichak has you eating out of her hand, believing that she is a mother who will do anything to protect her child. Hirsch is also great as the detective who finds himself falling for a woman who may not be all there. And Blumm plays the role of David quite well, something that many young actors would have difficulty with.

Writer/director Ivan Kavanagh has crafted a story that lulls you in and makes you believe one thing only to upend that tale and make you doubt all that you've seen before. And as the story progresses you then wonder if you were right all along. Through it all he tells a good tale and gets great performances from his cast.

This movie offers chills, terror and enough of a story to entertain which is a great qualification for a new release in the horror genre. It's not a sequel or franchise film, it's one that stands on its own and does so well. And if you enjoy a good scare, then you'll want to give this one a watch.
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Very good script, could've been a bit quicker and ...
Aktham_Tashtush21 May 2021
At first I kinda felt it was going a bit slow ,, but it picked up in the middle and I could feel the mystery and thill pile up and as a plus it had quite the unpredictable ending , so overall you can actually say it was a very good watch.

The cast was great,, even if "at times" there was a bit coldness but still they were good .. from the young Jack Black look alike :D Emile Hirsch, which was good but sometimes awfully calm, to Andi Matichak, which I liked very much in here.. the kid though was just okay...I think needed a bit more weirdness in his act.

The script was good ,, directing was fine and maybe needed just a little speed up ,, but my problem , well my only problem was with the cinematography !! I mean it is a movie about a cult and the devil , so they should have been some more money spent in that department, I do believe that devil looked ridiculous ..

Anywy, the movie is recommended ,, so watch it.
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Cannibalism & a cult
Pairic9 August 2021
Son: Laura/Anna (Andi Matchiak) fled from a cult eight yeas ago, now her new identity may have been blown as the cult pursue her once again. Her son develops a strange illness, coughing blood, rashes, boils; doctors can't find any explanation for the sickness. A detective, Paul (Emile Hirsch) believes and supports Laura when others are sceptical. She has visions/dreams of cultic symbols and the phrase "He Is Coming", the cult saw her son David (Luke David Blumm) as a harbinger of evil power for them, an Antichrist. A chase across Kansas and Arkansas ensues, churches everywhere, religious phrases in neon (I almost expected to see God Hates Fangs), grim bible belt country. Gruesome murders take place but this is the least of the horror as cannibalism occurs and we see a man being literally eaten alive. What really happened during Laura's time in the cult is crucial to the unfolding of the narrative and there are a couple of plot twists. Good occult/cult horror thriller with a great performance by Blumm as David. Written/Directed by Ivan Kavanagh. 8/10.
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The father, the son and the ... mother?
kosmasp30 June 2021
It might be something else ... but one thing is for sure, the mother is in this! And let's also be clear that she is a mother bear ... so protective and quite fierce. Maybe too much .. but that will be up to you to decide. The movie is really well done and has quite the good horror moments.

There are a few moments where you might cringe ... but overall even the reveals are really good. Some things can be predicted (maybe even almost all of it for you), but some might be surprised by some developments too ... a really good horror movie with the basic idea of a son and his protective mother ... and some more stuff ...
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Dont believe the 1/10 negative reviews
ajikude12 May 2021
Much better than alot movies coming out of Hollywood. Great sound editing. Great cinematography. Some predictable moments but some nice jump seat scare plot twists. Definitely worth watching.

Its a 7.5/10 highly watchable but I gave it an extra boost to 9/10 simply because of the too fake low scores. Emile is great always to watch too. This was more enjoyable than the new Marvel movies.
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Not bad but done before.
deloudelouvain12 March 2021
Son is worth a watch. It's good enough to keep you entertained for the entire movie. The story itself isn't new, in fact it hasn't been done a lot before, but that doesn't mean it wasn't entertaining. The horror scenes were not that frequent but the once that were are bloody and well made. It's all more suggestive horror, but the sound isn't bad and that helped creating a dark ambiance. As for the cast it was all good enough to see they know what they're doing. Son isn't bad, but it has that little déjà-vu feeling.
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Good thriller
doujyr22 May 2021
Kept me guessing if it was a real world or supernatural thriller. A few too many plot twists made me feel they were being thrown in for effect rather than to tell a story. Andi Matichek very easy on the eye.
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A high-quality horror movie
mvahidalizadeh3 March 2021
This is the story of a single mom who discovers her son is suffering from a mysterious disease. When she finds out more about the disease, she struggles to help her son further. This is a high-quality, well-made horror movie. The story is well-written. It is hard to predict the next scene. Emilie Hirsch, Andi Matichak, and Luke David Blumm were awesome among the acting crew. In general, the acting was nice. I liked the background music, sound effect, and movements of the camera. In the movie, you will see many different locations. This movie has a nice story and is well-directed. I recommend this movie for the fan of the horror genre. You will enjoy this movie.
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Slow and Predictable
samwillis-866582 March 2021
The acting was actually pretty good by most of them. BUT!! The storyline was very slow and very predictable!!!
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Think Rosemary's Baby the sequel
myignisrules11 March 2021
How far would a mother go for her child? This is the question at the heart of this supernatural nightmare called simply, Son. While watching this, I couldn't help but think of it as a pseudo-sequel to Rosemary's Baby. Andi Matichak, who is most famous for her recent role as Laurie Strode's granddaughter Allyson in Halloween 2018, plays Laura, a young single Mom happily living with her son David (Luke David Blumm). There quiet lives are upended when one night Laura finds strangers standing over her son in his room, only to have the door slam in her face, locking her out. Very quickly after this young David grows very ill and with no medical cure in sight and no proof there were ever any intruders in her home, they become trapped in a waking nightmare where everyone thinks Laura is crazy, as she races to find a cure for her only child .

Director and writer Ivan Kavanagh does a superb job of balancing the psychological and supernatural elements of this story. You the viewer are left wondering if Laura's demons are real or imagined. Andi Matichak is wonderful in this role as well as I totally bought her as a young mother, even though I just saw her playing a teenager. Emile Hirsch also stars in this movie as a cop who cares for Laura and David and who is caught in the middle as the bodies begin to pile up. Speaking of which, the blood and gore here should please most horror fans and although there isn't a lot of it, the way it's utilized is very effective.

Of all the horror movies I've seen for the year so far, Son is definitely the best of the bunch. The slow pace might bore some but I thought it was pitch perfect and gave the dread room to grow and breathe. The lead actress does a stellar job of keeping you invested in her plight and while the story does feel a tad predictable in places, or at least it will to those who watch a lot of horror flicks, I still think Son is strong send up to horror films like Polanski's Rosemary's Baby and Alan Parker's Angel Heart.
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manuelasaez3 March 2021
I really didn't expect to be this taken aback by this film, but I am so glad I watched it. Everything was just so well done; the acting, the special effects, the tension, the direction; it just culminated into such a good horror film, that I can't sing it enough praises. I watch 1 horror movie every night and so far this year, I haven't found any that have left a lasting impact (Saint Maud and Sator being the only two that come to mind), but this film was so well done, so unique in its approach that I was left angry that it ended. I really wanted to see more of the characters and learn more about their stories.

This is one of those horror films for true fans of the genre. Those that don't understand good cinema wont appreciate just how well this movie was made. Believe me, if you live horror, you will love this film. Check my other reviews as proof!
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This movie was ridiculous
Neptune1654 March 2021
Warning: Spoilers
What's with the audio in this movie? Who even. I'm not even kidding the first 5 minutes or something it's normal. Then once the movie "starts" it's like they CUT the volume in half and then increase it during the "scares". I'm so annoyed and they for sure did this on purpose to create some cheap jump scares using loud sounds. I recommend avoiding the movie until they actually FIX this. Quiet parts inaudible, so you turn it up and the loud "jump scare" parts are annoyingly loud so I spent the whole movie adjusting the sound. As for the actual movie mehhh, mediocre. The audio is so annoying. Characters are whispering but then the sound effects are x5 than normal horror films, instead of having a scary emotion, it will give you an annoying one. Furthermore, I'm sick of this kind of cult and "you are the chosen one" devilish movies. As much as I thought this movie was going to bore me with poor acting, it held my attention to the end. An honest score of 3/5 (some bad acting was hilarious like the cop at the end shouting "I've got a clear line of sight" at the most random time.
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What is this?
yusufpiskin2 March 2021
Emile Hirsch doesn't seem to want to act in the movie. The sound in the movie is very bad, not even heard. What keeps the whole movie alive; Luke David Blumm
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Not bad but nothing you haven't already seen
peeps_ahoy25 March 2021
Watch Little Evil instead.

Basically every comparison made for this movie spoils it, and unfortunately it is a very simple and tired concept. It's executed in an interesting manner, but certain things are really predictable. Also the whole "is she crazy or not?" question throughout the movie is not particularly a compelling one. It's pretty clear to the viewer what's going on. I predicted very early on something about a character, and then at the end we find out it's true. For me, the ending honestly was not exciting because of that, even though it's supposed to be a huge shock (including the other stuff that happens right at the end).

Unfortunately, I found the ending made me ask many more questions about the characters' motives out of confusion. There seem to be some holes. A lot of stuff just isn't explained - things that would make the movie better if they had.

The audio also goes from loud jumpscare type sounds to whispers that are barely audible. There is a lot of blood and gore. The movie is visually appealing. The characters are one dimensional. As an avid horror fan, this didn't really feel like horror. Only two parts "jarred" me.

I could have put my time to better use, but it wasn't what I'd call bad. It was entertaining enough to watch, but you're not missing anything by not watching it.
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Disturbing from start to finish - decent horror flick
petarilic323 October 2021
It's a clever story line accompanied by good acting and some memorable scenes. It could've been executed better and it's a bit predictable, therefore 7.5/10 makes a logical conclusion despite it being enjoyable.

Don't trust 1/10 reviews, movie is perfect for 31 days of horror. Not boring at all. Not a masterpiece either. It's a good horror flick to watch, be entertained - and then move on.
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Done Before
billcr1217 February 2022
Nothing new with Son, as the premise has been done much better with Rosemary's Baby and the Omen. The three leads are all very good but the flashbacks are maddening. A woman gives birth in her car at the start and it is all down hill as the film jumps ahead eight years without sufficient explanation. A cop befriends the mom and the boy develops a rather unusual appetite. The ending is predictable and I cannot recommend this movie.
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A solidly watchable thriller
rabbitmoon2 March 2021
I had low expectations for Son, but found myself enjoying it a lot more than most other recent films. It's a simple story (borrowing a little from the 1976 movie "To the Devil a Daughter") well told with some nice horror and suspense moments. Often these kinds of films are bloated with filler and lulls, feeling like short-stories dragged out into a feature length for the sake of it - I didn't feel that at all here, right from the get-go it's efficient and doesn't waste any time, always keeping the audience engaged. There are some nice stylistic touches at times, the drenched neons of the motel, striking lighting, industrial robot vibes in the soundtrack. In terms of improvement I think it could have been boosted by pushing more into the horror aspects, as well as the complexities of the mother/son relationship, but I can see why they steered away from such things to keep it more of a genre film.

Excellent acting from Andi and Luke, they kept things feeling credible which I can't imagine was an easy task.
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Initially gave it a 5...
jcslawyer15 October 2021
Warning: Spoilers
But then decided it really kinda sucked. I liked where I was hoping it'd go, but where it went simply...sucked. I liked the main actress. She reminded me of Mischa Barton meets someone whose name I can't think of now. I usually like Emile, but his character was so bland, I just didn't care. Was hard to consider him a tough, worn down detective...especially since he ends up spending more time with a crime victim and we're all just supposed to take that as norm.

The boy was kinda annoying, but considering the poopy script not super shocked.. I felt like he talked like a 5 year old, but looked 10. I don't think the story really made any sense. That was hardly a good twist at the end. I'm not usually one to figure stuff out, but you knew something couldn't be right with him. However, there was like nothing hinting that you could go back and say "Ahh! Why did I not notice that?" Seriously! They tried to pull a mini Keiser Soze by showing something he did to that junky. But that's it. Were we supposed to think he had something to do with that? When? Also, if he has a weird agenda, why go looking into her past and doing real investigating? No one can see what he's doing anyway. And, was it a cult? I am just gonna say this. The more I think about it and write, the more I just don't like it. Gonna drop it to a 3.
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Entertaining but nothing particularly special
chrismwolfe16 December 2021
I liked this movie! I feel with a few tweaks and a sprinkle of something different or original it could have been something really awesome. I wish they had delved deeper into the main characters background and given us some more cool spook there, alas... Main actress was good, I enjoyed her performance. In her most distressed moments she fell a little flat for me, but conversationally and emotionally/sad she did a great job.

Would for sure recommend.
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Interesting concept but falls flat as a movie.
jmbovan-47-16017311 July 2021
Acting is great with some decent tension built along the way. Ultimately though, these pieces aren't enough to hold this together for a good film, but it comes close. Production, directing, and acting are all high quality. The largest problem is that this isn't a new concept, this didn't add anything to the genre, and the plot "twists" could be seen very easily and readily. Overall, I enjoyed watching even though I felt let down. .
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The ending was mad predictable and weak
Neptune1653 March 2021
Warning: Spoilers
I somehow found the ending a bit unremarkable. Some parts that seemed like it could be creepy but it was just flat i was bored but i wasn't intrigued, But it ultimately it had nothing new to offer and felt run off the mill by the end. This was a disappointing movie. Do not waste your time. Why he killed her if he known in the first place she is not sick or something. The audio is so annoying. Characters are whispering but then the sound effects are x5 than normal horror films, instead of having a scary emotion, it will give you an annoying one. Furthermore, At the end i thought the mom is crazy & son is imaginary!! but when the boy at hospital met his dad i was so confused.
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