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Keep it coming
gmorgan51-158-68216512 September 2016
There is not another drama that creates the same excitement as having Mike Chandler on the Nathan James. Whatever formula you are using, I hope you can keep it up for at least another season.

I was a little disappointed in the first few episodes this season, but once I had an idea where the story line was going, my disappointment dissipated and excitement reigned again. The last episode creates several directions that spark my (admittedly limited) imagination, so it will be interesting to see where real writers will take it.

Congratulations to the writers, directors, cast, crew and everyone involved with this excellent show!
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Is this the new life?
tenshi_ippikiookami11 January 2017
President Oliver is teaming up with Chandler, Tex, Kara and the rest of the Nathan James crew, the only ones that seem to keep believing in the unity of USA, to stop the regional leaders. Shaw and her minions will try to keep with their plans of profiting a lot and making themselves kings and queens.

"Don't Look Back", the last episode of the third season of "The Last Ship" offers a nice resolution to some of the story-lines that have been brought during the season. We get a showdown between Chandler and his people and Shaw and her people, and some talk about the need of keeping unity. There is also some acceptable developments on the 'soldiers-just-follow-orders' stuff, even if not anything that will surprise the viewer. The episode does a good job in wrapping things up, giving some touching and heartfelt moments, even if the pace and rhythm could be better. The best, Dane does a great a job as Chandler, a man with so many things pulling within himself that is close to losing himself.
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