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mediocre would be flattering.
discerningman10 February 2019
The first sentence manages is a single word: Fxxx. The dialogue goes rapidly downhill from there.

The acting isn't even wooden, it's SAPlingl There are many much better city folk survive against crazy forest folk / killers, don't waste you time o this one - after about 20 minutes I decided not to waste mine.
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surprisingly good
ops-525359 February 2019
I didnt expect much of this film, and when reading the plot i thought,''oh, just another lost in the wood fighting for your life''-flick. but it is surprisingly good. the 2 main male actors are doing a decent job, and delivers a believable acting. it had tension from 15 minutes till the end, the start though was a cliche.

there are some flashbacks in the story that may drew attention for the one looking for inconsistensies in the plot, but the actors and production team has been good at erasing glitches,or simply been good filmmakers. there are near to none illogical moves in the story, except the fact that swimming with the river flow,can make a marvelous speed,and i would have fled that way.

wanna have a little tension,do watch this, low budgeted but very well acted movie ''boyne falls'', the grumpy old man says
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exceptionaly great mid budget movie
meanolddrunk10 February 2019
Not your typical big budget, people get lost in the woods and bad things happen movie. nope, not at all. the the main actors were great, the others in the movie were ok for their parts. the movie it self seemed to be well thought out and planned properly. the story with a few flash backs to help stitch loose seams, is really good. something you dont see much anymore..... its original on its own. just watch it, the tine spent is not regrettable (like a lot of movies today).
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