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The Slumdog Cannibal: Surinder Koli
a_baron8 June 2017
Even if you are a crime buff you will probably not have heard of this monster unless you also live in India. Surinder Koli is not only a serial murderer of young girls but a cannibal. Related mostly in English as you would expect, this documentary tells in a straightforward narrative the tale of the Slumdog Cannibal.

Coming from humble stock, Koli migrated to the metropolis where he ended up working for a wealthy man who had a taste for young prostitutes. When girls in the area began disappearing, the police were said to have been profoundly disinterested, but after the locals carried out their own investigation, and Koli was arrested, Moninder Singh Pandher found himself behind bars too, and was convicted of several murders although he was cleared on appeal.

We hear from a shrink who implies that Pandher's interest was only in girls of a certain age, ie young women. Okay, so he is no spring chicken, but consensual sex with a constant stream of prostitutes is at worst a moral issue.

It seems unlikely now that Koli will be hanged; since this programme was screened, his death sentence has been commuted. Though India executes convicted murderers but rarely, it is difficult to imagine a more deserving case than this miserable wretch.
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