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Pretty much like the games
Maniac_Survivor24 May 2016
It is very simple. If you liked the games, you will like this series. Some fatigue can set if if you still remember everything that happened, because the story is based on the games, pretty much 1:1.

But if you like that "objection!" moment, you will also enjoy this series.

The only problem I have with this series in generals (games included), is that most of the important clues are pulled out of nowhere or during the trial, which means that it's impossible for viewers to speculate or make any predictions.

However the series is very enjoyable and newcomer friendly.
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Honestly prefer watching the Anime over the games
thegoombagaming28 October 2018
As a person who is a big fan of Ace Attorney, I been loving how the story plays out exactly like the game. Even if you are someone who hasn't played the Ace Attorney games it's definitely worth watching to those who wanna get into Ace Attorney!
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Play the games instead
sythe_guests3 August 2016
I consider myself a pretty big Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright fan. I've completed almost all of the games, and some a few times over. They are fantastic and immersive games I would highly recommend.

The same cannot be said about this anime series. The plot of many cases is difficult to follow to the point where you would not understand major parts unless you have already played the games. Even then, a large portion of the characters and evidence is completely left out. This makes the logic seen in the show difficult to follow, as the audience cannot (easily) draw the same conclusions to the cases. Figuring out the truth of these cases is the main aspect of the Phoenix Wright franchise, and there is no fun in watching the show. I felt absolutely no connection with any of the characters and stopped watching halfway through the series, feeling absolutely let down.

Do yourself a favour, skip this show and play the games if you are interested in Ace Attorney.
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