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Season 1

2 Apr. 2016
The First Turnabout
Phoenix Wright, attorney at law, sets foot in the courtroom for his very first trial... in which he has to defend his best friend?!
9 Apr. 2016
Turnabout Sisters: 1st Trial
A shocking murder leaves Maya, little sister of Mia, in a situation Phoenix cannot ignore.
16 Apr. 2016
Turnabout Sisters: 2nd Trial
The trial for the chief's murder begins. Will Phoenix be able to get Maya out of this?
23 Apr. 2016
Turnabout Sisters - Last Trial
The case reaches its climax, as Phoenix and White look to get each other convicted.
30 Apr. 2016
Turnabout Samurai - 1st Trial
Popular television hero Steel Samurai is arrested for murder, and it's down to Phoenix and Maya to defend him.
7 May 2016
Turnabout Samurai - 2nd Trial
The investigation on the Steel Samurai case turns to a new direction, as the security lady's information gives our attorneys a valuable lead.
21 May 2016
Turnabout Goodbyes - 1st Trial
The body of a man shot dead is found in Gourd Lake, and the suspect is none other than...
28 May 2016
Turnabout Goodbyes - 2nd Trial
The trial begins, and the god of prosecutors immediately shows off his immense prowess.
4 Jun. 2016
Turnabout Goodbyes - 3rd Trial
Things are looking desperate, as a guilty verdict looms on the horizon. Will the secret behind this case be revealed?
11 Jun. 2016
Turnabout Goodbyes - 4th Trial
Will the defense be able to prove the guilt of the real culprit? And how will they do it?
18 Jun. 2016
Turnabout Goodbyes - Last Trial
Turnabout Goodbyes reaches to its shocking conclusion!
16 Jul. 2016
Reunion and Turnabout - 2nd Trial
The trial begins, and the prosecution is helmed by the daughter of a fallen foe, out for revenge.
23 Jul. 2016
Reunion and Turnabout - 3rd Trial
After the first session of the trial, the investigation continues, and a few suspects start to crop up.
6 Aug. 2016
Turnabout Big Top - 1st Trial
A new murder, a new case. This time, the crime scene is a circus.
13 Aug. 2016
Turnabout Big Top - 2nd Trial
The trial for the murder of the circus ringmaster begins, and a shocking fact is revealed to the court.
3 Sep. 2016
Farewell, My Turnabout - 1st Trial
A new case, a new murder, but a familiar suspect, as a Samurai once again gets accused of the crime. This is a case that must be taken, but for an altogether different reason...

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