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Season 2

10 Oct. 2018
Episode #2.1
A few people are on an island for a therapeutic retreat, for a range of reasons. There is a suggestion of historic disappearances and murders on the island. Minnie is unlucky, Johan is likely to miss an important meeting, Oscar is troubled.
10 Oct. 2018
Episode #2.2
Johan tries to get off the island by stealth, Minnie has visions and Gittan warns her about snooping, Oscar gets sadder (and weirder), Uno says a woman who disappeared the previous year is still alive.
17 Oct. 2018
Episode #2.3
Oscar behaves more bizarrely, upsetting Amina, Johan continues to flout the rules, Minnie investigates the disappeared woman, and Vincent wants a cigarette. Uno is researching each of the guests and Gittan acts as enforcer with her dog.
24 Oct. 2018
Episode #2.4
Tempers fray, tensions rise. Guests climb and abseil but Minnie almost falls and blames Oscar. Johan reveals what he knows about Uno's real identity and the group learn more about Josefine. Amina tries to leave the island after frank words.
31 Oct. 2018
Episode #2.5
The team know Amina left somehow. Uno tells Minnie that Josefine's daughter also went missing. He thinks they are together. The group visit the ruin of an old quarantine hospital. Amina's body is buried, uncovering a skull in the process.
7 Nov. 2018
Episode #2.6
Uno holds 1:1 chats. Johan finds a deal between Uno and Gittan, and Gittan's link to Isabell. Minnie finds stuff about missing refugees, speaks to Josefine's ex about Maja. Uno thinks she is hallucinating. Oskar says Josefine was murdered.
14 Nov. 2018
Episode #2.7
Oskar is missing. Agnes worries the project could lose funding. Johan leaves. Minnie finds Amina's body. Oskar holds her at gunpoint but she escapes. No telephone contact is possible to the mainland and Gittan's boat is not in the dock.
21 Nov. 2018
Episode #2.8
All is revealed (almost). Love, jealousy, revenge, murder, the tragic history of the island, and children lost and found. A final episode with just a few loose ends and more than one character convinced that unearthly forces played a part.

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