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  • When 6 YO Little Suzie, who hates tomatoes, is forced to live with her tomato-obsessed grandma, she decides to kill grandma so she wouldn't have to eat tomatoes ever again.


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  • Little Suzie is a spoiled 6 YO who hates tomatoes. After her parents are going away for a couple of days Little Suzie is sent, for the first time in her life, to her grandmas, only to discover Grandma is obsessed with tomatoes and won't cook anything that doesn't have tomatoes in it. Little Suzie tries to explain grandma, in a very rude way that she won't eat her tomato based dishes, but grandma simply won't understand. Grandma is incapable to comprehend the fact that someone doesn't like tomatoes (or her cooking). Little Suzie is pushed to her limit, she decides to kill grandma. After seeing Little Suzie so depressed, Grandma takes her to the toy shop and tells her to choose a doll. While browsing through the shop, Little Suzie sees the gun section and steals a gun. She ends up with a gun and a doll. Little Suzie is in the garden, testing her gun but it seems to be broken. She is looking to repair the gun. While searching for something that will help her repair the gun she stumbles across her grandpa's old pistol he saved from WW2. It is shiny; It is better than her toy gun. She takes it. Grandma takes Little Suzie to a picnic at the park, Little Suzie Shoots grandma with the real gun. Grandma falls on the ground bleeding. Little Suzie is happy. She goes to the bushes to hide the gun but when she comes back grandma is no longer there. Grandma is walking away, already far away from Suzie's sight, she takes out from underneath her shirt a ketchup bottle which she used as fake blood, she hears Little Suzie calling her from the other side of the park but she won't turn back, she decided to teach her a lesson. Little Suzie is now left all alone in the park.

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