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Excellent addition to Nordic Noir genre
ruhi-yaman14 October 2017
This is an excellent entry into the group of Nordic Noir thrillers, which have been a mixed bunch lately, to say the least. It also shows how a seemingly tired plot device can be made to look fresh and exciting when the production is put together by the right team. This is the case here. The choice of the locale is near faultless, the direction is crisp and editing is so sharp it appears as if the story would lose its flow if another frame were cut out. It wouldn't, but that is how it looks like.

What makes it really work, however, the complexity of characters and the competence of actors who embody them. Looked at closely there are no goodies and baddies, just human beings shaped by their circumstances and landed on the opposite ends of the law. Each main character surprises you with their capacity to act against your expectations and make it believable. Marie Richardson as the conflicted mother and the heroic but flawed detective and Adam Paisson as her capable, self-possessed, hard-headed son are superb and lead a cast of excellent actors. There are no small parts here and the actors seldom take a wrong step. In the case of Peshang Rad as Stefan, it is amazing to see what an actor can do with the little background given to his character. It is perhaps unfair to pick actors from what is an excellent ensemble.

Another aspect that impressed me is that the violence is never gratuitous and mostly implied, leaving one wonder how the suspense is sustained for ten episodes. If I outlined the script it would seem like a collection of police thriller clichés yet the series looks and feels original thanks to the professionals who put it together.

Highly recommended.
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A warm recommendation...
beja-426 March 2017
"Before We Die" ("Innan vi Dör") is a Swedish crime drama series, one of the best made, in a long time. There's not much to complain about, and even though the series is in 10 episodes within the same story-line, it manages to keep the quality, as well as the pace.

In a script that is both clever and very well written, the actors manage to be as credible as the story is. This is a raw, relentlessly drama that starts with the police Hanna Svensson, played by Marie Richardson – who isn't as boxy as Saga Norén in "Bron" ("The Bridge") – but you cannot exactly accuse her for being socially elegant. Instead, she's pushy and zealous, but with a large sense of justice. Even up to the point when she puts her own son - Christian - behind bars for two years for drug trafficking.

Marie Richardson carries the series and she does it with a nervy presence that engages. Magnus Krepper is wonderfully sleazy as her police colleague. Adam Pålsson does a poignant interpretation as Hanna's son, who wants to make old injustices right again and Alexej Manvelov works perfectly as the villain. With some reservation of stereotyping the bad guys, but that is something you will soon overlook.

I really hope this series will be out there with English subtitles, because I heartily recommend it.
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Excellent, the best Scandinavian drama I've seen
sarahstargazer1 March 2018
Clever characterisation, excellent acting, brilliant script with many twists and turns which drive the suspense. It is natural and easy to empathise with the complex characters and painful dilemmas of Hanna and Christian/Inez, and the Mimicas are chillingly brutal, particularly Davor and his mother. Could so easily relate to these characters so much more than The Bridge. Confirms to be that the scandis are best at crime genre.
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A big thumbs up.
brenswee14 January 2019
I love subtitled shows. I seem to get drawn into the story more. I've seen so many in the last few years and Innan vi dör is right up there with the best of them. The acting is top notch and characters are well developed. The storylines take many turns and it keeps things really interesting. I was thrilled to hear a second series is in the works and it can't come soon enough. 8/10
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New to Nordic Noir thrillers, but not new to great plots and acting.
kelpe192527 May 2019
There was a flow to this show that is hard to replicate and the bad reviews from some users boggles my mind. I'm not a fan of reading subtitles, but after watching this show, I've changed my mind. It was gripping from the first episode and I couldn't figure out all the twists and turns, which kept me very engaged through each. I'm the type who can't watch a show unless I get drawn in through a great plot and excellent acting... this contained every bit of that and more. The filming was top notch, and each actor (besides maybe one or two) played their roles flawlessly. There were a couple questionable moments (no spoilers) that kept me from giving this a 10 star review, but by the end, they sort of made sense. There is nothing worse than watching a show with a terrible ending... but fortunately this ending was well worth the wait. I am hoping season two will be as well written as the first and in that, I hope this show gets more views. American thrillers have been far less interesting then in previous years, so I will be looking for more shows like this in the Nordic Noir genre, which is purely based off of this show. If half of them produce anything close to what I just watched, I will be a fan for life.
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keeps you on the edge of your seat
jasonalaporta3 July 2019
Loved this show, gritty, raw, thriller, drama , great acting . hate to see the popularity dropping probably because people cant wait for the next season , I am American with European heritage this doesn't really matter because I cant speak all these international languages , I literally can only get into very little American film / television. if any . i think its sad , I have no problem watching with subtitles I think it is close minded to limit yourself based on this you don't know what your missing.. I only keep Netflix for there international shows and wish we could get these channels over in the states that all these shows come on i would literally pay for them all. hopefully Netflix and entertainment companies read these reviews. they could make a lot of profit. this show was another example of how far ahead of us Scandinavian and Europe are . camera shot are amazing , especially the drone work you see, beautiful scenery the quality of there cameras even seem better. they are better actors and make you believe whats going on in real. PLEASE KEEP MAKING THESE SHOWS!
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Another surprisingly good Swedish crime series
BeneCumb15 January 2018
Last decade or so has seen so many good Scandinavian "new-type" series where there is no 1 case per episode unlike Wallander, Beck, but catchy and intertwined characters and events, adding additional dimensions and thrill if capably compiled. The series in question has lots of tautness and uneasiness, and many twists that seem odd or over-sophisticated at first obtain satisfactory explnation and solution later on, some of them a lot later. Each episode has especially juicy finding/turn in the last scene, making you wait for the next one immediately. Well, I am not sure how these crimes, corruption and cop-scamp relations reflect the real situation in the Swedish society, but is is entertaining to follow and feel them.

As for the cast, the leading roles are given those widely seen in similar series, and they are all memorable here again, often without typical approach when more famous performers would be present to the very end, "they do not die in the middle". I would particularly highlight Adam Pålsson who won Kristallen 2017 for his role in the category of Male Actor of the Year in a TV production.

Thus, 8.5=9 points from me. I wonder if Season 2 is created as well - the very ending left many doors open...

PS Season 2 is a bit "thinner", but yet with interesting twists and turns, excelling performances... And Seasom 3 may follow.
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Compelling Series
welkineye7 March 2018
I enjoyed watching this. The basic plot has been seen before but there was a freshness and some originally to this series. The acting and overall production is good. The script is well paced and in the last episode we learn something that refers us back to opening episode. A satisfying finale.
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Contrived but well-worked
paul2001sw-128 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Swedish crime drama 'Before We Die' starts from a faintly ridiculous premise: a female policeman runs her own son as an informer on a criminal family. But as the plot unfolds, it gets more interesting: the criminals also have an informer, it's increasingly unclear who knows what, and in trying to keep their activities secret (and thereby safe), the heroes are soon playing a high-stakes game in which nothing short of total victory will suffice. The climactic plot twists are mostly nicely handled, except perhaps for the last of all, which relies on the old trope of the perfectly reliable bullet-proof vest. It's by no means a perfect series, but by the end, I was gripped.
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Keep watching
heronimos3 February 2018
It is a series you keep watching. But it is full of plotholes.
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You'll soon notice how boring the whole thing has become
rabbitmoon27 February 2018
Before We Die starts promisingly. but soon descends into endless threads of soap-opera style pointlessness. The central idea (sort of like The Departed with a strained mother/son relationship) is spun out for all its worth. The problem is that each episode feels like its treading water, occasionally throwing a little idea in here and there to keep you from noticing how boring it actually is. The bad guys are not at all interesting in how they're written or acted, the only notable thing is how contrived they are - e.g. a villain seeing his wife having an affair, then keeping it to himself, being normal with his wife and the guy in question. Its simply not plausible, and another fault of the show treading water because it doesn't have the balls to move any of its pieces in a way that would corner the options. There is no emoting from the actors - just concerned faces, monotonous conversations in police rooms, corridors and kitchens. The young guy playing the mole, which the show really pivots on, comes across as far too gormless for the drive and motives of his character.

As a show, it just doesn't work, and I feel like it could have been told in two hours rather than an extremely boring, unfulfilling and unengaging ten.
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skip the last 15 minutes
marcel-haagen4 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Good acting, scenario about how far do you let your own son infiltrate in an Croatian gangster family. But there are to many loose ends to give the show more than fife stars. Spoiler the happy end of the infiltrant and the daughter of the gangster leader. Most injured people have to stay for a long time in hospital, spoiler but here they recover within hours and are even fit enough to set up a trap, and when they shoot they never miss. The last episode was over the top , not a crime serie but a feel good show. With an open end it could be a 8. For real live look at gomorra!
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susansundaisy1 March 2020
Typical and could have been ok if it were 6 episodes...
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I do not appreciate you using Croatians as the bad guys
bibikatusic5 September 2019
These series are okay but the fact that you use Croatians as the bad guys is WRONG.. Serbians are usually the bad guys or Bosnians but not the Croatians ...I was really insulted
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