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"Kingsglaive" creates a gateway for fans and audience into its visually fantastic world, yet the muddled plot can be exhausting despite the effort to make it accessible.
quincytheodore19 August 2016
There's no denying the graphical barrage "Kingsglaive" constantly throws for nearly two hours is brazenly stunning. The vistas are absolutely marvelous, its characters look eerily lively and the fights are utterly unworldly. With all of these mighty productions, it's still vexed by occasional choppy pace and sporadic hop in screenplay.

The story is delivered in a sci-fi fantasy realm. It's a very politically focused tale and it does try to deliver many subplots and characters, no doubt a foundation for the game's world and its splendor. The problem lies as it often skips from one scene abruptly without giving the audience much sense for the flow of time or the clarity of vital motivation. It's all dramatic in presentation, yet it can feel a bit muddled, more so since it's quite the lengthy showing.

Characters are relatively well done, especially the ones with famous names. Usually the dubbing in English for such production looks jarring, but here Lena Headley's or Aaron Paul's voice is implemented properly. The lip sync is fine and there's a boon on having fantasy oriented voice for the cast. A minor flaw would be the dialogues or sound effect don't convey the sense of urgency at times, but it's mostly understandable.

The visual ramps up as the battles progress. These are very hectic occurrences, the fast cut can leave audience wandering on what transpires on the screen since there are many effects and motions cramped into brief composition of scenes. However, when it retains the focus or follows the action, it is arguably one of the most eye-popping spectacles from animated movie.

The sheer graphical prowess produces an entirely captivating world, even though it stumbles on overly complex narrative or overly fast editing.
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A Masterpiece In Pixels
RinoTheBouncer5 September 2016
Video Game-based movies do not often turn out as good as they promise to be, and this always made me think that CGI is always the best way to bring video game stories to the big screen.

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV is great example of how CGI does a brilliant job in capturing the world of Final Fantasy XV in the best way possible. The cast is what's most remarkable to me. Most Final Fantasy games present a cast that is very much inspired by Japanese culture and Anime. For the first time, we see a diverse cast that feels rather universal than from one specific culture.

To me, the cast surpassed the ones presented in the video game by miles and miles. I wasn't really into the cast of Final Fantasy XV from the beginning, except for Gladio. But here, the cast was wonderful by every mean.

The world is absolutely amazing, the CGI is top-notch, the story is very interesting and sets the foundation of what could be a brilliant trilogy, or more.

My only complaint would be that I was hoping to see more of the world, instead of being restricted to few places, but I believe the game will handle that.

All in all, the movie is a brilliant work of art that critiques couldn't be more wrong about giving it such low scores. Try it for yourself and judge.
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Amazing, simply amazing. Must watch for fans of CG and game-based movies
Sabre-El3 September 2016
Wow! Just wow! There was a time when I thought Resident Evil and Beowulf were good CGI makes. But this just takes it to a new level. This is what superhero movies and co. should look like. It gives a lot of license to use reality with graphics.

I must also say that I know nothing about Final Fantasy games, so I can't say if the story is coherent with the games or not. But I still liked it and the story wasn't so difficult to follow. Everything is fully explained.

This movie was not just CG, it had the story, the heart. You could feel what the character was feeling, and everything made sense. Have to give a 10/10 for direction as well.
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Perfect Fantasy!
macorinu19 July 2016
※I saw Japanese dub version.

Uncompromised graphic makes you feel that the world is really exist.

Combination of magical fantasy and 21st century earth is very simple to understand the world and people. So you can concentrate to enjoy the action and story. You don't have to have any knowledge of Final Fantasy game.

Action sequence is EPIC! Warp action is very new and SUPER COOL! You never saw this kind of battle before. I believe that Hollywood is going to use this action idea in many hero movie within few years.

Storyline is touching. Some Japanese audiences shed tears as I did. Every characters are so impressive and feel be detailed. It's not happy ending. But it makes you want to go to adventurous trip to save the world.

Trailer is just an introduction. I strongly hope every fantasy movie fans have chance to watch this in big theater.
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SE out did itself!
royalxkarizmacs12 July 2016
I really loved the movie's revolutionary Graphics, sometimes it doesn't feel like CGI anymore.

The story is a mature story, liked the twists and the darkness it.

The action is incredible and the movie is full of it.

The only downside is that the Japanse VA weren't lip-synced with the movie. As the movie seems lip-synced with the English version of it. But I am pretty sure that with the English VA cast the experience Will be even better.

I am awaiting the Movie English release, will love to hear Sean Voice I give themovie a 10/10 Good job SE!
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Highly underrated
beckyanca28 December 2018
I have seen several movies regarding or based on video game, yet none not even close of Kingslaive. I also saw the other two Final Fantasy movies and neither of them is even half good as this one. This isn't a masterpiece overall, has its own flawes, but nonetheless it's a great and solid movie, worth watching and rewatching. The CGI is spectaculos, so realistic and well-made, carrying you truly into a story, a fantasy. We see new power additions to the word, the eye-catching warp magic forged by the blink dagger of the glaive which is a pretty cool thing to watch. But above all are the character, many of them very interesting -I really wanted to know even more about each of them- and the story itself. Some said the plot is not coherent enough. I think those people did not paid enough atention, especially at the prologue. Kingsglaive is not just a story about battles and special effects, it's a story about duty, about courage, about sacrificies and responsabilities. You care for those characters and their fates. It tells a good and engaging story, something that movies nowadays completly lacking. It has soul and sentiment. It has a message. Don't mind the critics and the low-rated reviews. Give it a try, you may be pleasantly surprised.
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From a non player perspective
athena2419 September 2016
I wanted to see Final Fantasy XV solely because of the graphics, without any prior knowledge of the game, the plot or its characters. I love 3D graphic animation, and I found the previous FF movies to be the best examples of it. The closest to reality. So seeing this installment was a must.

Graphics has certainly evolved since Advent Children. Kingsglaive is much more colorful and there is much more going on at the same time. The resolution of shading is better and it is seen on the faces of the characters. On the down side of it, it is still not as lively as I would have wanted it to be. It's as if the game graphic engine was used to generate the animation using complex algorithms. It is seen in the movement of the body parts, which are still a bit robotic and less human.

The plot is convoluted, but it is something I had expected, seeing the previous Final Fantasy movies. But the ending is quite blurred, and a big 'What's now?' question hangs in the air.

The action is all over. The battle at the beginning is amazing. It's ingenious, tense and full of occurrences. The battle at the end, on the other hand, is overlong and more superficial. Moreover, I didn't always understood what's going on.
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Perfect graphics, a lack of story
vnmilen854 September 2016
Overall: Perfect graphics, a lack of story and scene-realization. I gave 5/10 because of the graphics.

The battles - almost all battles are with 1-2 heroes, type "one man army". I can't find a single battle with defense towers, patrols, battle groups of soldiers, electric fences, military mines, or etc. No thermal-cameras or night vision.

The story - a lot of ideas, but without a full realization. I can't understand what's going on, because there is no information about the fractions (I've zero idea about the story in the FF games and I don't know if there is some connection between them and the movie).

The people on the street are low-rendered, the main heroes - fully rendered. This makes me think that the movies wasn't fully made.

At the end I waited the end of the movie. Sure - it's a movie made for fans and to present a future game.

P.S. Final Fantasy: The spirit within is one of my favorites.
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Really falls off.
dexmaster-1512714 September 2016
Great graphics.

Great animation.

Great presentation.

The characters are rich as always.

The world is very immersing. Very mature story up until the plot twist( very expected one). Really childish story to follow trough to the end. I could tell 99% what would happen next past half of the movie.

Maybe the beginning set the bar too high for the rest of the movie.

So Im sorry But I enjoyed only half of the movie thus only half a score.
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Lost opportunity
baresarkslayne30 August 2016
There are many positive things about this movie. Graphically the movie is really great. Sometimes you catch a character in the right light and you think it's live action, or the facial expressions will be spot on. The voice acting is also really well done with the main characters being voiced by some great and recognizable actors. They had amazing composers for the music, as anything Final Fantasy related tends to have some of the best composed music in the industry.

The movie fails in the writing department, however. I titled this review as a lost opportunity. The opportunity was to tell a good story as a prequel to the next game and accomplish some world building. In this they failed. They decided that world building was the only reason for the movies existence. This means the story they could have told is not there. They opted instead to write boring characters with lousy motivation. They decided to tell a long drawn out story that is essentially boring that is punctuated at parts with good writing or is at least fun to watch. They opted to set up the next game rather than write an interesting story that made me interested in the world and the characters therein. They opted for a poor conclusion that felt just plain disappointing.

The most egregious thing the movie did, however, was make me less interested in the next game. I don't think this was the intended reaction they were going for.
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Pleasantly Surprised
a_ar_andrew20 August 2016
I didn't expect the story to go really deep for an animated movie. It dared go into politics and plot twist which animated movies seems to avoid. 10/10 for Plot.

Pacing was OK, long introduction but it helped us get the background story.

One thing I didn't like was the shaky cam + dark (as in night) scenes. It makes action hard to follow and you just almost only see the sparks.

I was already excited for the game but the movie got me even more excited.

Kingsglaive > Warcraft.

Warcraft is good but Kingslaive is 10x better and more relate-able.
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Incredibly Disappointed
vadimyuryev30 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
First off I a huge Final Fantasy fan with my favorite games being FFX and FF7. After watching this movie I am worried about FFXV. Based solely on this movie, I am considering waiting a week to buy FFXV to see it's true colors. For example, No Man's Sky was hyped to be an amazing and epic game, only to fail so badly that many players requested full refunds. The only thing I liked about this movie was the realistic looking CGI and imagery. I can't imagine how anyone other than a FF fanboy could even sit through this movie.

I actually created an account just to make my first review, which is for this movie. I am just so incredibly disappointed that I felt I had to warn people not to watch it.

There is no character or story development. It just throws you into a futuristic time with random characters and random people. It shows random scenes that don't make any sense relative to the "Story", you're forced to go along with the ride and accept all these random things going on. It talks about all these different things without explaining or giving backstory to them.

There are scenes where characters die and they play sad emotional music in the background to try to make you feel sad, but I could not relate emotionally at all. I would feel more sad watching a random dog die in this movie over one of these characters. It completely fails trying to engage you into the story, half the time I was trying to figure out what the point of this movie even was. Halfway through the movie I was regretting even watching it, I even felt bad that I dedicated 2 hours to watch it.

The ending was horrible, the main character defeats the main villain and all of the sudden the war ends and the princess is free to walk into the city and all is happy and well, I don't even know, it was so boring I was fighting to stay awake. Please don't spend $15 on this movie, because you can't get it back.
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Best animation for a full feature length movie to date.
s-3397323 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Its very hard to look at this from my already biased view since i am a final fantasy fan, but hands down, this movie was incredible. The graphics had me so confused, i was unsure whether they were CG or if they were real people. Story was dark and the characters all had a strong presence on screen despite their short screen time.

The soundtrack was also amazing,it really helped set the scenes and create a very powerful tension in all of the scenes and it really brought it home with the fights and the incredibly realistic world.

Two minor flaws i found with the film with 1 being because i saw it in Japanese.

Voice acting was superb in Japanese, but the acting was originally made for English Voice acting. It didn't ruin anything as i got used to it after the beginning and didn't notice it afterwards.

The second one being Shaky cam. I understand it helps action scenes feel more intense, but for a CG film it made some of the action scenes hard to follow. Advent Children felt rather smooth in comparison, but it did not detract from the combat and if you blinked there are some things you could miss.

All in all it was a awesome movie and even for my friends who know nothing about the universe could still sit and enjoy the film.

It truly felt as if it were a fantasy based on reality.
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Could have been better
calvinxy30 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I had high expectations for the film given the fact that I am a fan of the long running Final Fantasy franchise.

While it excelled in the graphic department with stunning visual that puts it on par with the works of Square Enix, the mediocre story eclipsed this momentary allure.

Its unfocused plot is to blame for this. It featured a stereotypical "hunky hero saves the day" story line, with female characters as damsels in distress. The women in this testosterone-loaded film are depicted so weak that a bee sting could kill them.

Curiously, this is a far cry from the appeal shown in the FFXV promotional material whereby the female lead, Lunafreya takes on a water elemental monster Leviathan on her own.

In this film however, Lunafreya did not displayed any of such willpower. The film utilized her as a helpless plot device to justify the screen time for the male lead, Nyx.

Another lamentable plot device is Crowe, Nyx's friend who was killed off before she was given substantial character development. Predictably, her death sets off a chain of reason that catapulted Nyx into action to save another helpless lady.

Not even the top notched cast starring Sean Bean as voice actors can save this mess. The climactic fight scenes were a feast to the eyes, but it gets numb from watching it after a while.

The suspense build up was just too late for the satisfying release of the battle between good guy vs bad guy in the finale.

The graphic was spectacular, but the story wasn't. It is hard to develop attachment to the characters you are not fond of.

Overall, this is a good effort from Square Enix, but let's face it, it is just am overjoyed 110 minutes of advertisement for the real gem: FFXV the game.

I'm calling it out now, the Kingslaive characters seen in the film are unlikely to be referenced to in the real game. There cannot be two heroes in a game.
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Great movie introduction for the video game!
theelementalflow22 August 2016
Despite reading some of the other reviews, I'd say Square Enix did an amazing job on this movie. As a Final Fantasy fan, I have a little bit of a bias, but I can understand where other people are coming from when they say that the plot was a bit lacking. I don't necessarily think it was lacking a it is a prequel introduction to the video game, I just believe people wanted a bit more out of the story, but did not realize that the continuation lies within the video game and that the story isn't finished yet. Final Fantasy as always has been on point with its CGI animation and leaves you wanting more. I believe this is one of the best CGI film to date when comparing the Warcraft movie as its competition. Final Fantasy I can definitely say for sure, they did a good job when transitioning scenes through the movie.
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Intro to the FFXV game, for gamers ONLY
amichnea5 October 2016
The film is great, amazing graphics, amazing actor rendering, amazing everything except a decent story for anyone that is not going to play the FFXV game.

I would really give it a 10 however they just left it open for the game (hence the video at the end of the credits), quite a few questions unanswered too (for example what were the demons, how were they summoned, where did they come from?). I had no idea what was happening half the time, why were they fighting, why were some characters so important. All I can say about this film is that it is a introduction to the FFXV game, if you don't own a PS4 or an Xbox One are a gamer or have no intention of purchasing FFXV then this will be just a mediocre very nice polished CGI.

I have no intention in buying the game and I feel duped, like a marketing ploy. I won't be buying a console and the game just because of a movie.

I think by making the movie an introduction to the game they are alienating anyone not playing the games (at least previous movies were stand alones). The only thing I can suggest is to start reading more on Wiki and once the game is out hunt around on Youtube to see all videos from the game to understand the story better. Obviously this is what I will be doing as they left me wanting more. I wish they would make a sequel once the game has been out to tie things together.

By all means, watch it, it is well worth it for the animation, amazing, however bear in mind that it is just an introduction to the FFXV game. If you are someone that has played the previous FF installments, loves the FF universe, pre-ordered and is looking forward to the new FFXV game then this is exactly for you and I highly recommend it. For everyone else...
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Square Enix and Stage 6 managed to make this movie Standalone and provided an excellent story for newcomers and fans of the game alike!
jagatpatel199523 August 2016
I'm going to keep this short because it's better that you read this quickly and go see the movie as soon as possible. Like me, if you've been waiting 10 years for FFXV, then this movie is obviously just as important to watch, along with the anime. Now the movie itself, holy f***ing s**t the cgi and animation is phenomenal. I have to say these guys at Stage 6 really raised the bar when it comes to the photo-realism and the motion capture aspect. All actors did a wonderful job and the voice acting was excellent, well for the important characters anyway. The story takes place during the game so you can watch this before or after you play, same thing applies with the anime. This gives a lot of people a chance to get into the FFXV universe and in my opinion this is how you do marketing right. The movie exceeded all of my expectations and I cannot wait for the games release. It was delayed and that's going to sting a little, but hey if you waited 10 years, 2-3 more months won't bother you. Seriously though, fan or not go see this movie, download it or buy the bluray, it's going to be worth the watch.
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Great Graphic (Great Story, If you are Fan of FF and know some story)
kaewsriphan5 September 2016
As many say the story is weak, yes sure it weak for non-ff fan without based knowledge on ff world but once you knew why they do this and that it will link to the some reason of action in main game and also in anime series too

10/10 for graphic 8/10 for story ( 5/10 for story non ff fan) 9/10 sound

action scene is best for the moment the warp action is incredible even story line is weak to understand why it is like this and that it still pretty fun to watch for pure action scene

I really great watched this one, can't wait for game to release.
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Brilliant Setting w/ a Slightly Lackluster Cast
Broshi4 September 2016
FFXV: Kingsglaive is unmistakably the most beautifully animated film I have ever watched, bar none. At some points, it was hard to determine if animated scenes were replaced with real life film takes.

The movie keeps you intrigued all the way through and is topped off by an exhilarating final encounter. All of the action sequences are thrilling and, at times, humorously fluid.

The only downside to the movie is the cast. While the main characters are brilliantly portrayed (Regis, Lunafreya, Nyx), they are hindered by the poor acting of other cast members. It's easy to spot who is forcing it and who is not. Some characters became quickly obnoxious, and I know I am not alone in this opinion.

All in all, 9/10 worth watching all the way. I'll be adding this to the list of movies I frequently watch if for only the final action sequence.
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joecho4 September 2016
I've played FF3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,10-2,13,13-2. And Tactics, Crisis Core and Dissidia.

I really wanted to like this film.

There were some notables. Ultros was depicted very well. And while I'm not crazy about the product placements, the presence of real world cars actually turned out nice.

But I have to say, this movie is quite a disappointment.

Graphics - yes, awesome. But the character development, the story - so very disjointed, seems overly rushed and unfinished. Hard to follow, not very deep, and not very FF.

It's barely watchable as a FF fan. If you aren't a FF fan, I don't see how you can even sit through this.
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Tolerable only for the graphics
Snootz4 September 2016
This is the kind of movie and storyline that appeals to those who enjoyed Transformers 2 and the follow-ups. The animation is admittedly incredible. All the way through the video I kept wondering how they did this. As an example of animation, this is hard to beat.

But the action, "choreography" and timing is the film-maker's equivalent of throwing a bunch of parts into a transparent plastic bag and shaking it up. At several times throughout the action sequences, the direction and focus are so haphazard and disjointed one cannot even tell what is going on. There is such a thing as "too much action". Action junkies will have a face feast on this fare. Don't expect anything beyond that.

The storyline is amateurish. The characters are two-dimensional and cliché, the plot line predictable to anyone who has ever watched mega-battle Japanime. It is an obvious marketing-ploy script aimed at fans of Final Fantasy-- and misses the thinking portion of those by miles. If you enjoy films that have some kind of resolution at the end, give this one wide berth.

Anyone who has ever watched a Samurai flick where more talking occurs between the combatants than actual fighting, will see the trend continuing here. The Japanese are great fans of disaster drama. There is no lack here of warriors on both sides exposing their souls to their enemy, explaining their every motive and emotion while concurrently beating one another to death.

Throw any threshold of belief out the window. If viewers enjoy watching the hero and female lead surviving the un-survivable again, and again, and yet again, this is going to be a gourmet meal.

Plot, substance, recognizable climax and resolution-- who needs such things in movie development? Just throw in another unstoppable mega monster to keep the heroes occupied and the viewers glued to their chairs. This movie is a train wreck filmed from every angle, then wrecked again and again, adding more trains to the pile. Then add to that a super-armored madman bad-guy who seems to fight just as well when that armor is scorched red-hot and half of it torn away-- well, that describes Kingsglaive from beginning to end.

If you enjoy watching endless action and violence and require no actual plot, this will be a highly-appreciated movie. If on the other hand you are a viewer who enjoys a little substance in your story, this will be disappointing. All stars I give this are for animation. Beyond that, the continual-climax, pointless storyline and "what were they thinking?" ending is sure to drive critics to give this a double-thumbs down slamfest.
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Only worth it if you play final fantasy 15
Riktur18 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Graphics were perfect, voice acting dead on, and overall a good story. The plot is not confusing, although critics and otherwise seem to think. It is not hard to follow. The problem and the reason for such a low rating on my part is the fact that this is nothing more than an extended trailer / introduction for ff15 the game. This may be considered a "spoiler", but this movie has absolutely no resolution. It leaves everything open and only a few things answered. I don't have a console to play ff15 so i just watched what feels like an unfinished movie i will never have the chance to finish. I paid 15$ on amazon for this movie and now i gotta pay 400 dollars an xbox one or ps4 and the game to finish it... Totally ticked off.
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Awesome is understatement
ursokind-116 August 2016
I managed to get a premiere invitation in Indonesia. I totally lost words. Simply beyond my imagination.

The animation is extremely details, except for the civilians in the background. I hardly differentiate this with a live action movie + special effect.

Do we have Oscar for best costume design in animated movie ?

Sound effect is detail.

What amazed me was the story line. I didn't expect that the story line would be quite heavy for animated movie and consists of a bit plot- twist here and there.

I grew up with both Final Fantasy and Warcraft series but I have to admit that Square Enix made Warcraft-movie looked like a B-class movie.
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ksak-4021031 August 2016
such a a glamorous characters and unexpected script

it wasn't expected at all i didn't see that plot twist coming it had me on the edge of my seat

many things didn't make sense at first but later everything will be explained (maybe you will need another run to understand everything)

the visuals were something out of this world probably the best CGI movie to date it felt so real

i had a hard time to believe they are not real actor their acting and facial expression voices were so real. the music is outstanding.

i never played any FF game before but this movie did its job and made made me want to play the actual game asap

i want to know what will happen next to Insomnia/Lady Luna, Noctis and his friends next __________________________

there was only one thing i didn't like some action scenes were hard to keep track with the camera moves a lot and too fast but that didn't bother me too much

not sure why would anyone rate it at least less than 7

good Job SE and the other team behind it
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bad bad bad film, don't you buy it
oukak24 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
well well well. new FF film. what we got here? great details in little things, a lot of gold and shiny sh*t. idiotic clothes design for warriors, but its okay, as it is FF series. but plot... cheeses forking crust, what an idiotic story we have here. "good" mag-es versus "bad" technology. really... powerful sheet, i mean crystal, which can be used only by forking king, who have brains as amoebae, which is no-brains at all. dumb emperor who wants this last piece of sh*t, Insomnia city, so badly, that he destroy it to pieces with demons (dont forget, emperor is TECHNOLOGY apologist, but yes, they have demons as weapon). this film is full of b/s. its literally only sh*t in plot, phrases and action scenes. my eyes and brain was screaming whole film. epic scenes, where one "sword" team (basicaly, assassins with magic) attack ships where princess is hold. f*ck physics, f*ck movements possible for human beings, we see SUPER HEROES WITH F*CKING KUKRI?! and this super team dies one by one, just because they stupid. they no soldiers, this crap team contain only one soldier, which is, surprise surprise, HERO, literally called hero whole film even by enemy.

full of sh*t: princess (typical damsel in distress, with suicidal actions), king magi (typical idiot with blue blood, but with magic impossible for other idiots around), hero (clynical idiot fighting for future, when only place left for conquer is this city, Insomnia), team "sword" (fighting for idiot kind, who pay money, but as all mercenaries, they betray him for their homes, which is impossible to understand by imbecile called HERO), robots (wow, it was like... um... 4 of them in whole film, which is ridiculously low for technologically advanced empire), magical ring (one ring for rule them all, them f*ken dead kings of kingdom of magic), political idiocy ("bad" make truth and peace with "good" and then kill em all with demons (@dont forget, TECHNOLOGY IS DEMON THING!@) from behind, and they use revolutionaries for it too, yep), flying Oct-pussies (FF yeah), . . so many sh*t in this film. who want to but it, except fans of FF? f*ck this. i burn my copy with torches in deep night in a cave, in hope, that nobody see me with this sh*t in my hand.

good luck friends with better movies around. and Don't BUY THIS PATETIC SH*T.
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