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Gone Girls

When three women from three different decades meet their death or go missing under mysterious circumstances, authorities are forced to examine the one thing they had in common: they all fell in love with the same man.

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Murder Among Friends

In the summer of 1980, a popular teen goes for a run around her hometown in Maine. Days later, her savagely beaten body is found. But what happened remains a mystery for years, until her mother intervenes and forces ...

Season 1

7 Nov. 2016
The Long Island Serial Killer: The Lost Girls
When a vivacious young escort, Shannan Gilbert, vanishes on Long Island's south shore in 2010, her disappearance leads police to discover the bodies of ten other victims dumped by a serial killer.
7 Nov. 2016
The Long Island Serial Killer: New Revelations
The discovery of four women's bodies on Gilgo Beach was just the beginning. But who is the Long Island Serial Killer? Investigators uncover multiple suspects and shocking theories, as they race to capture this prolific killer before he strikes again.
14 Nov. 2016
What Happened to Baby Lisa?
In 2011, a 10-month-old baby girl goes missing from her home in Kansas City. The family fears she's been kidnapped by a drifter, only to be accused by the police of being responsible for her disappearance.
21 Nov. 2016
Stranger Than Fiction
Outgoing Jackie Galloway is found strangled and bound with ritualistic knots. Police investigate suspects in her inner circle but are shocked when a chance encounter with a prowler leads them to discover the murderer is a budding serial killer.
28 Nov. 2016
Cabin 28: Horror in the Woods
A mother and three teens are murdered in the remote town of Keddie, California. Despite a trail of suspects and illicit activity, no one was ever brought to justice. But recently discovered evidence may be the key to finally cracking case.
5 Dec. 2016
Hollywood Horror Story
In 2012, hikers in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills discover the severed head of Hervey Medellin, a retired flight clerk. The cast of suspects includes former lovers, drug cartels and a murderous porn star, in a tale of lust, greed and butchery.
12 Dec. 2016
In the Name of Love
In 1995, 16-year-old Adrianne Jones is found shot to death in Grand Prairie, Texas. A model student and athlete, there seems to be no reason for her death. Police investigate boyfriends, neighbors and local troublemakers, but don't have any strong suspects. The case grows cold, until nine months later when a game of Truth-or-Dare leads to a startling confession and an over-achieving relationship that went murderously awry.
26 Dec. 2016
The Grim Sleeper
A lone survivor is the only witness who can help police track down a serial killer known as the Grim Sleeper, who preys on women in South Central Los Angeles. After decades of searching, police hone in on an unlikely suspect.
19 Dec. 2016
JonBenet: The Untold Truth
Six-year-old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey is found murdered in her Boulder, Colorado home in 1996. Investigators try to unravel if she was killed in a kidnapping-gone-wrong, by a home intruder or by one of her own family.
2 Jan. 2017
The Darkest of Nights
In 2004, the small town of Craig, Alaska is shocked when police discover the charred body of beloved mother and wife Lauri Waterman. People have no idea who would want to kill her, until an unlikely witness reveals a sordid story of secrets and lies.
9 Jan. 2017
Jeffrey MacDonald: The Accused
An army surgeon, Jeffrey MacDonald, is the lone survivor of a brutal 1970 home invasion that claims the lives of his wife and daughters. But authorities doubt his story of murderous hippies and believe MacDonald is the culprit.

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