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You take a deep breath and you walk through the doors
Horst_In_Translation21 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"Siebzehn" or "Seventeen" is a new Austrian movie that hit cinemas in spring this year and it quickly turned into the most known work by writer and director Monja Art as this one here is even an award-winning film already. It runs for 100 minutes approximately and is mostly defined by the portrayal of the main character by Elisabeth Wabitsch, definitely one to watch from what we see here. She plays a 17-year-old girl/woman who is really good at school and who explores her sexuality for the first time realizing women are definitely more interesting to her than men. Now that is a problem as her male fellow students and even a teacher keep falling for her, but the girl she desires seems worlds away. I enjoyed the watch here a lot from start to finish and while Austria keeps coming up with really good and really dark comedies on a regular basis, here we also have an example of a coming-of-age drama about sexuality that is working really well and you keep wondering what is going to happen next, which is always a good sign. And this statement comes from somebody who may be a heterosexual male, but also somebody who has seen really many films about same-sex relationships and many of them got harsh criticisms from me as they were very bad. But this one here is not bad at all. It feels realistic most of the time and all the production values are on a level where I would say that this work really deserved a big-screen release and I would't be surprised if it gets some more awards recognition in the coming months, maybe at the Austrian Film Awards. Also it makes me curious about future works by Art as the name seems to be true here. She's still relatively young and we may be in for some more quality movies hopefully in the coming years, if not decades. I give 17 a thumbs-up of course. Positively surprised here and the film is evidence that a good story is more important than big names in the cast. Go see it.
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spookyrat119 February 2019
One might see Siebzehn (17) as an Austrian version of Dazed and Confused with an emphasis on sexuality identity and the achieving and not always achieving of one's desires. It's interesting that the film appears mainly set in a regional setting, rather than one of the bigger cities. It does however contain many of the familiar tropes from teenage films (drugs, bullies, three-sided relationships, school competitions, dance/concerts, fights and barely an "adult" to be seen. Even the 2 teachers who have some involvement in the narrative, only appear to be in their twenties.) The film is anchored by a fine central performance from Elisabeth Wabitsch as Paula. I wish I could say the same about all the other supporting roles, but in all honesty, some were fairly amateurish. Being a teenage film too, be prepared to watch a lot of the characters lie around various rooms texting away on their phones. Yes, it's reality I guess, but doesn't always make riveting viewing. It's fair to say too, that many may find the conclusion somewhat anti-climactic.
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Lost and Delirious
kcdee21 December 2019
One reviewer here mistakenly compared this to Dazed and Confused, when in fact it's nothing like that - I'm sure the reviewer meant Lost and Delirious (2001) with Piper Perabo. Anyway, it is still no comparison, Lost And Delirious is an outstanding film and one I find difficult to watch because of the raw emotion it evokes; but I'm digressing. This film is quite engaging some of the time, a little confusing, and a little strung out to the point of tedium. But, overall a fairly interesting movie.
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slow and boring
isabellaschultzwild9 February 2020
Plot is sometimes good but the whole movie no background music and a lot of unnecessary scenes that make the plot slow and boring
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Seventeen: Body Language & Identity
babyjaguar7 October 2020
Monja Art shows promise with this film's camerawork, emphasis on body language. It's subtle, but great at the right spots. Whether its hetero or homo situations, creates an erotic tension between characters.

The story is on a regional Austrian location, showing teens in their mundane school activities plus their social life. It is slow moving drama with a matching, moodful, almost "Neo-Emo" feel soundtrack.

Its cast works fine, but doesn't hit those dramatics, if it means to show teen angst, it's just not there. Art's does have a stylish flair, future film work will mature with this superb debut.
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