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Sex & Nudity

  • Four instances of kissing.
  • Pidge is shown wondering to use the women's bathroom or the men's bathroom, she decided to not go at all.
  • Lance and Keith are seen shirtless wearing bathing suits in one episode because they were going to the pool.
  • In "Taking Flight" a female character is featured whose outfit exposes her midriff.
  • "The Depths" features several mermaid characters, including a queen whose markings resemble a revealing outfit.
  • Some instances of the characters' clothing being shown as somewhat form-fitting.

Violence & Gore

  • Multiple on and off screen character deaths.
  • Many scenes of arena fighting is shown. Many of the human fighters are shown with scrapes & blood on them as their fighting monster aliens that are way bigger than them.
  • A main character looses his arm. Not gory.
  • Many spaceships blow up, killing many people off screen.
  • A sick woman dies in bed onscreen. We see her lifeless hand drop.
  • There are intense instances of science fiction action in the series, but it usually involves the protagonists fighting against robots or beings they are unable or not required to injure. On occasion living characters face each other in combat, but typically it ends with the hero restraining or being restrained by their opponent or the character being stunned. Little to no blood.


  • "Quiznak" is used to replace profanity.
  • Uses of shut up, crap, stupid, poop, and other potty words are used frequently.
  • Hell and damned are both used once.
  • Some potty words.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Coran makes a alien drink at a party and gives it to human characters. It's never specified what's in it, but it's hinted that's theirs alcohol in it. The human characters spit it out because they don't like it.
  • Characters walk into alien bars and they are seen drinking alien alcoholic drinks.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There is a flashback where a women is very sick and dying, and she's loosing her sanity. They show her lying in bed, gripping the sheets and only saying two words. She is skinny and her bones can be seen through her skin.
  • Keith yells at Pidge saying that her family is not as important as saving thousands of people. It can be upsetting for younger viewers to see two main characters (who are friends) yelling at each other.
  • The Galra are depicted as a much scarier and more serious threat than their counterparts in previous incarnations of the franchise, and various scenes with them might be scary for young children. At least one character suffers in various scenes from post-traumatic stress disorder; various action sequences are fast paced and may be frightening to younger children as well. Several characters die or are implied to be dead.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • At the very end of the series, two men (one of which being a main character) are shown getting married and they kiss.
  • Pidge finally admits to being a girl after she pretended so long as being a boy.

Violence & Gore

  • A main character (Allura) sacrifices herself and dies an offscreen death, very upsetting especially because we have known her since the first episode.
  • A woman turns on Lotor and shoots him in the back of the head as others stand by and watch. No blood is seen, and he returns a few episodes later, but it's very shocking to watch.
  • Lotor kills one of his allies in pure evil right in front of all the victims friends. No blood is shown but the scene is very unexpected.
  • Lotor killed almost killed a whole species of aliens.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In a flashback, Pidge is talking to her family at the dinner table, saying how she wants to go to space with her dad & brother, but she's to young. She says goodbye to her brother at the space station as he goes to space. Later that night she's seen secretly watching the news with her mother when the news says that her brother & father died in space due to unknown reasons. Her and her mother cry.
  • Lotor turns on Allura and all the paladins then tries to kill them. It's sad to watch because we all started trusting him.

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