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What are you?
nogodnomasters4 October 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Henry Parsons (Logan Marshall-Green) is a successful architect and has build a large remote home for him and his wife Meera (Freida Pinto) a breast cancer survivor who doesn't where a pink ribbon. After they experience several break-ins, Meera begins to snoop around.

I didn't like how the story went. Characters were weak and boring.

Guide: No swearing, sex, or nudity.
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Can see them/it coming
kosmasp23 September 2021
Yes if you have seen a thriller (or two or more), you probably will get where this movie is heading. So there won't be too many surprises story wise, but I like the actors (doing a great job). And even when I knew what this was going to be about, it was well told. Especially with another almost twist before the third act.

So yeah this is quite flawed and predictable for many, but it is well made and edited. It lives off the actors and their charisma mostly - which is at least something I'd argue.
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It was an intrusion, all right
blanche-21 October 2021
I did not realize this was a Netflix production, although God knows some of their movies have been dreadful. I actually thought it was one of those independent films that went straight to video.

Intrusion had the look - I wish I could describe it - kind of antiseptic, where you suspect the house on the hill was placed there by a computer.

A married couple, Meera and Henry Parsons (Frieda Pinto. Logan Marshall-Green, have moved from Boston to a small community I think in New Mexico, where they have built a large, beautiful home. It is in the middle of absolutely nowhere - we're talking desert. They have no alarm system. They have a generator outside that anyone can get to.

After a break-in while the couple is out, the cops are called. The burglars didn't take much. Henry then gets an alarm and tracking devices for their phones. The next time the burglars enter the house, it's in the middle of the night when Henry and Meera are home asleep. Meera then finds out that Henry is hiding a gun in a plant, and he shoots all three people. Two die right away, one later.

The police are concerned because the criminals have the last name of Cobb, and their sister has been missing for some time. They think the brothers are somehow involved.

Meera starts snooping around, using the GPS in her husband's car, which leads her surprisingly to the Cobb's residence. There she breaks into their house and looks at their mail before she's caught and escorted out. It really takes some nerve to wander into someone's home, open their mailbox, and look around like you have all the time in the world.

I won't go into the rest of the movie - it was a joke.

I have seen maybe 6,000 movies in my life - maybe more. I've never seen anything as stupid as this. Maybe I have, but I blocked it out.

Awful acting, awful dialogue, slow-moving. Flat atmosphere, awkward pauses. A mess.

I was told that screenwriters, producers, etc., can't get an appointment to see anyone at Netflix even if they have a relative in an executive office. I also read it took ten years to get Queen's Gambit on the air.

It's obvious Netflix has a need for product. It's a popular streaming service and they are behind many great shows. It would seem to me Netflix would seek out originality and excellence, whether it came from someone who knew the secret handshake or not.

This film is an appalling insult.
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A stunning house
Gordon-1117 October 2021
The house is absolutely stunning, I wish I could live in it! The story is quite suspenseful, and I could not see the twist coming. I find the film engaging and interesting.
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Be sure the garbage collector doesn't leave it in the can...
searchanddestroy-123 September 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Yes, be absolutely sure that, after the garbage truck came by, this nasty junk has been cleared out. Nasty, predictable ; so predictable and especially pulled by this unbearable music destined I guess, to terrify you. We have seen this scheme tons of times before and here, nothing new. Evil husband who slowly shows his real face. Netflix junk that we may find from time to time, we have to deal with it.
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its nearly there...
ops-5253522 September 2021
But when it comes to making a great and spectacular overwhelming finale to it, they really fail dramaticaly. Its a small cast , man and woman, fleeing the big city to calmer and more isolated living, when things get strange after a breakin to their new house.

The acting aint bad, neither the use of filmatographique techniques and really good use of sound effects to scare you up, and the ominous music that follows the plot does its work

the one to blaime is in my opinion the screenplay and storywriters, they give a caracter build up and makes a plot that is seriously loose and hidden in the drizzle, and the end sequence that should have had 20 more minutes of action, is made in a more or less lifetime sunday night tv drama fashion.

But the grumpy old man knows that his spouce wouldve moved her nails by this kinda flicks so itll be a hit for some, and a small recommend comes in the end. Its just not fully developed.
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Another worst film! Full of boring conversation, and annoying overuse scene! Not recommended!
kwenchow7 October 2021
Warning: Spoilers
This film start with a woman "Meera" jogging, and she back to her house showering scene! As turnout, this film is about Meera need to save a woman "Christine" from the abduction of her husband "Henry"! Entire film full of boring conversation, and annoying overuse scene! Such as, overuse of the walking scene, overuse of the searching scene, overuse of the staring scene, overuse of the slow motion scene, overuse of the arguing scene, overuse of the calling names scene, overuse of the watching video scene, overuse of the sleeping scene, overuse of the driving scene, overuse of the eating scene, overuse of the talking on the phone scene, overuse of the song playing at the background scene, overuse of the shouting scene, overuse of the texting scene, and overuse of the changing camera angle scene! Make the film unwatchable! At the end, Meera saved Christine! Meera moving away from her house at the very end! That's it! Wasting time to watch!
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Chris & Adam
yusufpiskin23 September 2021
My favorite director, my favorite screenwriter, and Logan Marshall-Green.

I don't understand why people rated it low. However, it's a Chris Sparling and Adam Salky job.

Logan Marshall-Green is again very good.

Chris knows tight spaces and solitude very well. His pen is no stranger to these matters.
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It worked for me
TdSmth51 November 2021
Warning: Spoilers
A couple moves into their recently built mansion out nowhere in New Mexico. The husband who is an architect designed and built it. One day they go on date night and leave their phones at home. The wife is a child psychologist who went through and recovered from breast cancer. She recently felt another lump. After they return they realize someone had broken in, made a mess, and stolen just the phones and a computer. So now the guy realizes he should install some type of security system. There is something wrong with the pipes too that keep making a noise occasionally.

Another night, again someone breaks in while our couple is at home. The guy pulls out a gun hidden in a plant much to the outrage of the wife. While she tries to escape the guy ends up shooting all the 3 intruders. Police tell them the 3 were a family of known criminals, one of them survived and is in the hospital and also this family had a daughter go missing. One night when the husband goes to buy something in a store, forgets his wallet so the wife drives after him to try and catch up and notices he makes a turn away from the city...toward the hospital. She later is involved in a minor crash. So now, driving his car she notices an unknown address in the car's GPS and drives there. It's the trailer park where one the intruders lived. She finds an envelope with the logo of the husband's architectural firm as well as an envelope with a digital camera addressed to the police which she takes with her. On the damaged camera she sees the guy talking about someone staring at his daughter.

She starts going through the husbands stuff in his office room and finds pictures during construction and it turns out the intruder guy worked on their house. The couple has been debating having a party for a while and eventually goes ahead with the housewarming party. At some point again she goes to the office and finds a hidden button that opens a hidden door and leads downstairs to a room. Eventually she has to confront the husband about what she finds there.

Intrusion is a fairly minimalist movie about this couple and the secrets they harbor and their attempts to make the relationship work despite things that happened in the past, but then there are intrusions in the house that change everything. A movie like this could have been botched easily. I thought it might go the way of Trespass or the standard movie that takes place in one night and of course with the lights gone. But this movie is different. The setting in New Mexico is great, the mansion looks fantastic, I wish we would have gotten to see more if it, the cinematography is nice, and most of the movie takes place in daylight. Freida is of course easy on then eyes and that helps. Missing is a sense of dread and more involvement by the police. At the end the explanation of it all doesn't satisfy all that much. For everything to work out the script wants to, the characters have to take a lot of odd decisions. But overall, it's a short movie worth watching.
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gianmarcoronconi15 October 2021
Warning: Spoilers
This film is very banal for its plot and tries in vain not to be by offering you plot twists that are very predictable, you understand from the beginning who is the real villain and even if the film tries to mislead you it fails. Apart from that, however, the film manages to maintain a good atmosphere of tension.
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Henry: Potrait of an architect
elliotjeory25 September 2021
Warning: Spoilers
This is a decent thriller and I enjoyed it, it's suspenseful and has a solid production. The husband gives an excellent and often unintentionally funny performance as a psychotic architect. Overall an above average film from Netflix.
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Average psycho thriller
Luigi Di Pilla24 September 2021
Actually Intrusion is ranked third on Netflix. So me and my wife tried to watch it. The critics here are so negative but you have to make your own opinion. Then we saw the thriller and we thought it must not be so bad as written in the reviews.

Finally we spent surprisingly an entertaining evening. It's a solid psycho thriller.

The main actors did a good job. The atmosphere and the landscapes were creepy done. The story was not boring and this is why we give an average of 5.5 out 10.
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Thriller indeed
btreakle11 October 2021
Personally, I loved this film. Sure easy to predict but none the less enjoyable.

Highly recommend this film to anyone who likes thriller movies.
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Poorly written thriller.
Horror_Flick_Fanatic25 September 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Poorly written thriller. Heavy-handed foreboding by lead detective ala Colombo. Antagonist with slick back hair that yells out I'm a bad guy. No red herrings no diversions no mystery and comical cliches of keeping a young defense girl locked up in the basement. The sisterhood against the patriarchy male. Made for over-the-air TV detective thriller template with filling in the blanks characters names. Is there any creativity left in Wokeywood? Do they even know how to write a mystery thriller anymore?
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One of the Dumbest Netflix
bshaef20 January 2022
Efforts yet. Terrible story, bad acting, no continuity and boring from beginning to end. I hope Netflix paid all participants minimum wage. Thats what its worth. Shame on you Netflix.
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Completely caught me off guard
nathanmanson29 September 2021
As my header says it did completely catch me off guard. I was expecting just a standard home invasion thriller that you see a lot of, but it wasn't that at all. When the the home invasion happened so soon into the film it confused me how the film was going to go. I'm seeing a lot of bad reviews and people saying it was too predictable but that is complete lies. Unless they can see into the future there's no way they predicted how the film would go. In my opinion it's a really good thriller where you're on the edge of your seat and with quite a lot of jump scares, if that's your thing you will love it. Don't believe the bad reviews and give it a chance.
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mmthos26 September 2021
This starts out as an original twist on a home invasion theme and effectively keeps up the "Did he--Didn't he?" till the Big Reveal when it instantly turns into a comic romp to an appropriately wacky ending

fun enough to waste time on.
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Pinto, Marshall-Green and the house are very good looking but...
apryla-5879525 September 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Aesthetically beautiful but content has been used too much. You can figure out what's going on pretty quickly. I'm sorry but there's no way you couldn't know your husband is half a bubble off. I don't know about anybody else but my husband and I share everything with one another I would think it weird if we didn''re gonna tell me he built this whole house and not once did she do a walk-through and see this hidden room?! Not possible. Also she goes into this trailer park completely sticking out like a sore thumb and breaks into a trailer undetected? What exactly is the deal with this guy? Has he done this before? How he gonna act one way all this time and then do a 360 halfway through. Also we never found out if HE killed that guy in the hospital. Highly unlikely he'd be able to do that yet that's what they were implying. And then it ends with her looking at the house and driving away. Original. Not. This could have been so good but it turned out to be a dud. LMG is hot though so it wasn't a complete waste.
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Potentially good premise, but total lack of realism and logic.
johannes2000-130 September 2021
Warning: Spoilers
There's not so much wrong with the premise, which could have made for a reasonably entertaining thriller. But as to realism and logic, there's really a whole lot amiss!

Why should a couple want to live in a newly built house in the middle of a totally barren and isolated nowhere, apparently at first without even the remotest safety-precautions? Why this complicated healed-from-cancer background, that doesn't add anything to the story? How come this highly intelligent wife (a psychologist no less) doesn't have any idea of their financial situation or the way they financed this house? And then letting her drive alone to a trailer-park that apparently is notorious for its criminality, and there break into a home and steal mail out-of a mailbox, committing one felony after another?! Or letting her impulsively follow a hunch (one that I personally failed to grasp, but that's probably my simple brain), and go look for hidden rooms in the middle of a housewarming party and right under the nose of the one person that she suspects?! (I mean, why not wait till the next day when he's gone out?). I could go on like this, it's one stupid decision after another!

After the final showdown we get a totally superfluous epilogue scene, making the movie go out with a puff. Well, it suits the whole project.
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Predictable but watchable
Draysan-Jennings23 September 2021
Warning: Spoilers
I got the creeper vibe instantly from the husband. You could tell something was sketchy about him right off the bat. Good actor. I remember him from The Invitation. The story was fairly predictable but I definitely didn't expect him to have the girl tied up in a hidden basement. I can understand why some people don't like this film. But a 1 star rating? Lol come on, it wasn't that bad.
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I Liked It
gab-6759927 September 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Even though I could definitely guess he was the killer. His underground room was a bit of a shock. Nicely done because the main guy gave off a REAL serial killer vibe and it made for a simple thriller. The wife was beautiful, just wish they would have told more about her. I honestly thought he stuck around because she had a drug problem until he said cancer at the end. This felt like a knock off version of Inheritance, but less interesting. I loved the movie Inheritance! I recommend this movie if you like good mysteries, because I do feel like this story (Although done before) was very interesting solely due to good actors.
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Very predictable
drpainters10 October 2021
Very predictable but still kind of entertaining. If you've got nothing to watch and want a few scares without much blood, give it a try. Not something you'd watch more then once.
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Another unoriginal movie
MovieCriticOnline28 September 2021
Warning: Spoilers
It starting interesting but quickly began to fall apart.

Here there was clearly something off with the husband from the get-go. It was so obvious he was up to no good. I just wished the director didn't make it so obvious. So this fragile shaken-up woman decided to become a detective and go on a fool's errand putting herself into dangerous situations. PLEASE make stuff believable. She of course has to play the worst liar ever even when she clearly got caught lying. She couldn't even answer a straight question and then expected him to believe her? What? This film was ridiculous.

The worst part is he just let it go, despite her clearly lying. I hate directors that tell their actors to look guilty when they are supposed to hide their guilt. And of course Pinto couldn't wait until her husband left the house before rummaging his office. It was ridiculous.

I HATE movies where characters are written to make one dumb decision after the other. How many movies have we seen about a couple where the husband has a dark secret and sinister past? They are endless and unfortunately, this didn't bring anything new. The dramatic music sure didn't help. I just didn't care about anyone and quite frankly I found Pinto annoying.

The plot was frivolous and the end unnecessary. The direction they took it in was annoying. The film didn't know if it was remaking Sleeping with the Enemy or the Girl With The Dragon Tatoo.

This movie was just unbearable. It's a copycat of the 100s of other similar movies like this. NOTHING new, like ZERO. SKIP THIS! Hell to the Naw ah!!
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Mehki_Girl26 September 2021
This is one of those movies where people make stupid mistakes/decisions and you find yourself screaming at the TV - stab him until his dead, pick up the knife, don't drop the gun, close/lock the door, wait until he's not home, take the damned bat, hurry up!

You get the picture.

We've all been there.

Oh, and the house was ugly AF.
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What's with the bad reviews??
Just-A-Girl-1423 September 2021
Why are people always looking for something fresh and original? Ok, so it's not an Oscar winner but it's a decent thriller. So what if it's predictable? So what if it's been done before? Not every movie can be the next big thing. With the amount of crapy movies out there (and I mean real crap) it's just not that bad! Definitely doesn't deserve such low ratings! I enjoyed it. It was fine. Decent acting, good pace and an interesting (even if predictable) storyline. Yes, it's been done before but so what? If you're looking for the next big thing, don't watch it but if you want to kill an hour and a half and watch a decent thriller, give it a try.
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