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Truly Eye-opening!
mmusibay16 January 2020
Truth is out! What a great film. You guys are heroes for speaking up against Big Pharma and exposing the corruption!
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Make Vaccine Manufacturer's Liable Again!
yesitsmaureen16 January 2020
Top W.H.O Scientists were caught on video questioning vaccines on Dec 2/3 in a Vaccine Safety Summit. Why? Because they know what Del and crew are saying in these documentaries is true. Youtube Dr. Stanley Plotkin's (Leading Authority in Vaccinology) 9 hour deposition on vaccines. It's eye-opening. To say the least.

VAXXED I & II are a must watch.
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Well presented and researched with real accounts!
tamarakbutton16 January 2020
Amazing journalism with scientific evidence, and accounts of people harmed by lack of science. Thank you so much for this work, because of this I'm am prompted to continue my research, thank you!!! I suggest this film for anyone alive, as well all are asked to get vaccines throughout our lives.
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Eye Opening
fschlott16 January 2020
This is a must see! Everyone will learn what is really going on in the industry. An amazing documentary!
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natashademimelgar16 January 2020
This movie is what saved my family!! I had my son who I lost at full term, he was still born. So when I became pregnant with my daughter I lived in a lot of fear of loosing her because they never found the reason why i lost my son. I came across vaccinations and started to look into what they were and what they consisted of, because who doesn't question what is put into YOUR body! Well I found this documentary Vaxxed. Well let me just tell you it changed my life for the BETTER. My daughter is almost 3 and healthier than MANY kids i know. I don't live in fear. I am happy. Thank you Del Big Tree and everyone else for this seriously.
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What goes on in the dark shall come to light
hweebers16 January 2020
So good I watched it twice. This is a truly well done documentary. You can't unknown what this doc reveals about the CDC and pharma industry. Many won't want to believe its true.
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Good for it's purpose
lmay-8472115 November 2019
Good doc to shine light on vaccine injury. Makes good points even if you choose vaccinations for your family it's a good watch.
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A Film Exposing the Corruption in the CDC
proverbsv-8805215 November 2019
This film presents you with William Thompson's evidence of fraud within the CDC. Many questions are asked in this film that we should be asking. Why is autism increasing at alarming rates? Why aren't more rigorous longterm studies done on vaccines? Why are those who ask questions villified and condemned without clear evidence? Why did the former head of the CDC get a high paying job at Merck after making sure their product stayed on the pediatric schedule? Testimonials from parents whose children were harmed are also shown so you can see what they are going through. I highly recommend watching it before you write it off.
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hannahgandara15 November 2019
It's a great informative film. I don't understand why anyone wouldn't like it. These films bring insight for people who have not woken up yet. I hope more people realize what they are up against. It's well worth seeing.
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Children's Adverse Outcomes Following Vaccination:
ten-9873429 April 2016
Before you submit to the powers-that-be and subject your baby to a terrible gamble which may cost your child her life, please see this film and find out exactly what they put in these so-called "life-saving" vaccines.

Do an online search for this title as well: "Hear This Well: Breaking the Silence on Vaccine Violence"

You will then view countless videos of mothers testifying that their children were wiped out by vaccines.

I also suggest you do a search for: "Parents Voice:Children's Adverse Outcomes Following Vaccination"

This is a HUGE movement to stop this evil.

My hope is that this barbaric practice of injecting toxins into our children and ourselves will end before it is too late. We are facing a tremendous health epidemic for our children, one in which the longevity of our children is now predicted to be less than for living adults. Quality of life is seriously endangered with the multiple health problems children now much more commonly endure.

At the very least, I hope that we can maintain and regain our health freedoms to decide whether we want to have this medical procedure done. The fight will be a difficult one and has been fought since the very first vaccine.

There have always existed groups of people, worldwide, who KNEW of the dangers inherent in vaccines, although they have remained the minority. I believe that with the growing number of vaccine-damaged children and adults, the anti-vaccine movement may grow in strength.
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The truth is coming out!
clara_gutierrez17 April 2016
Great documentary! Our stories never get seen on T.V. or on any news channel. Autism is just one of the side effects. My daughter ended up with a terrible seizure disorder after her two months vaccines. Her case isn't even on the Vaers database even though it was reported by her pediatrician and about five different hospitals. How can that be? There's something very wrong going on. These are just some of the stories, there are so many more. This movie might be a small victory but it feels so good to see more people learning about how our kids are being harmed and how these corporations are getting away with it while our kids are left suffering. I hope people can see that more clearly after watching this film.
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See it and decide for yourself!
Arl-1617 April 2016
It's a shame that IMDb allows reviews without verifying if one has actually SEEN the movie. And it's obvious by a few 1 star reviews here that's the case....this movie hasn't been shown in Europe yet. But maybe those reviewers lied when entering their location. If that's the case, why consider their opinion anyway?

Now, on to a review from someone that HAS seen the movie. Don't let anyone tell you this is an "Anti Vaccine" movie, because they're lying to you. All I can say is, GO SEE IT for yourself. Make your own decision whether or not the information presented is worth considering. Ask yourself why the the unmitigated attempt to ban this movie? Critics would have you believe that seeing this movie will do more harm to society somehow. That you aren't capable of critical thought. That you will magically become an anti vaccine zombie. Just go see it and decide for yourself. The more pro vaccine you are the more I urge you to climb out of your bubble and see this movie.
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Corruption at the CDC is the order of the day!
christinehbot2 April 2016
I thought this movie was going to be about bashing vaccines, but it wasn't.

It was a well researched documentary on the fraud that was committed by the CDC regarding safety studies on vaccines for children in America. A lot of information comes to light- Vaccines are not properly tested, the people who oversee the system are the ones making money from the product, the Pharmaceutical companies basically own mainstream media, also that there are some good people in this world who will stand up for children!!!! Bravo to everyone involved, from the producer to the director to all the families. I hope every person in America takes time to see this film. Just like cigarettes were pushed for years for being safe... so too are vaccines. And only a matter of time before the truth is accepted.
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VaxXed is an eye opener.
yunker-9593517 April 2016
VaxXed is about the ultimate corruption at the CDC. It's about greed over our children's health. Just check out the CDC recommended childhood vaccine schedule. Hep B vaccine within 24 hours of birth! 25 vaccines in the first 6 months of life. 49 vaccines before they enter Kindergarten. Do ya think it's too many too soon? Yet this vaccine schedule has NEVER been tested for safety. Has a baby ever contracted Diphtheria, Tetanus, Rubella, Hep B, Rotavirus, polio, influenza and Pneumococcal ALL at once naturally? IMO doctors injecting 7-9 viruses into our babies all at once is negligent. Perhaps even criminal. Almost all doctors have not read the vaccine package insert or done their own independent research. Wake up doctors, parents and lawmakers. Please watch VaxXed. It will open your eyes.
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The horrid Reactions to These Vaccines is Not One Big "coincidence" !!!
acousticality20 April 2016
Vaccination is a medical treatment administered to an otherwise healthy individual. Virtually all other invasive medical interventions occur only once someone has fallen ill. Vaccination, like most medical treatments, can involve some risk. And therefore it should be undertaken only after careful consideration of its risks versus its benefits.

The dangers of vaccines are real, can be substantial and life-long, and for some, life ending. Additionally vaccines:

* have not been subject to toxicity studies for many of the ingredients such as aluminum and mercury, which are known neurotoxins

* have not been studied for adverse effects in the combinations in which they're given (multiple shots in a single day for infants and children)

* cannot be guaranteed to provide the benefit of immunity for which they are given

* are used to "prevent" benign childhood diseases, diseases which actually "teach" the immune system how to work properly

Vaccines are "unavoidably unsafe" and contain "unavoidable" viruses, phages (viruses that infect bacteria), and contaminants. No other drug or medical product is similarly manufactured – if contaminants are found in them, the product is recalled. The FDA even recalls food when contaminants are found.

Some of the viruses contaminating vaccines have a known effect, as in the case of the simian virus SV-40 that causes cancer (see Cross-Species Contamination below). Other effects are unknown. In 1975 Gena Bari Kolata wrote an article in the journal Science in which scientists at the FDA admit that all live virus vaccines are "grossly contaminated with phages," even though it was against FDA regulations at that time.

Rather than recall the vaccines, the FDA changed the rules so that a recall wouldn't cause undue concern for parents. In 1987 the FDA decided this about vaccines: "seed virus used in manufacture shall be demonstrated to be free of extraneous microbial agents except for unavoidable bacteriophage."Bovine (cow) serum is a frequently used vaccine growth medium and the most frequently contaminated animal serums with bacteriophage.

Vaccines have many other agents as well as the viruses and contaminants that can cause significant injury (see the full list below) to a child or adult. These injuries include brain swelling and permanent brain injury, seizures and convulsions, blood disorders, and even death. Since 1988 over 3 billion dollars in compensation has been paid by the federal government to vaccine victims. And yes, they have paid for autism.

Studies have definitively shown that vaccines can result in autism, a disease that has increased from 1 in 10,000 in 1990, to 1 in 150 in 2000, to the current rate of 1 in 68 children. According to the CDC, the most recent numbers breakdown to 1 in 42 boys and 1 in 189 girls diagnosed with autism.

Enough is enough! Support this film.

Society is finally waking up! People no longer believe the lies from these corporations, the media and the govt., all in collusion to suppress the truth about the dangers of vaccines.
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If you are a parent or you care about children you must see this film
brittneykara-7653518 April 2016
WOW!!! You must see this film if you are a parent or you care about the well being of any child. The CDC can not be trusted to protect our health and safety any longer. This film is not anecdotal but shows actual hard facts that the CDC lied and covered up critical data regarding the link between vaccines and brain damage in children. This is not an Anti-Vax film like most of the pharmaceutical run media is trying to lie to us about. Just go see if for yourself and you will be shocked, horrified, and wanting to help change this very corrupted system. I also highly recommend really researching the background story of Dr. Andrew Wakefield. That cover up will shock you as well. He was totally framed by the pharmaceutical industry as he was working hard to create safer vaccines and that would have cost them more money so they destroyed his career and reputation so he couldn't' call them on their BS. If you only see one movie this year go see vexed. If you believe the freedom of being an American then you need to know what the CDC does not want you to know
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A must see for everyone!
lpianos3 April 2016
As a mom of a vaccine injured child, I have waited a long time for their to be some truth about vaccines and how unsafe they are to reach mainstream media. As a mom who has been on an autism journey for a while I did know some of the facts talked about in the movie but also learned a few new things. I had read the book "vaccine whistle blower" which this movie is based on but was very impressed by the way the director and producer presented the information. They took you to the brink of tears and then added humor. I think this movie was very well made and will touch thousands of lives. It has already deeply moved me and all the people who have seen it thus far.
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Must watch for every parent and future parent
RPrasaad24 December 2018
Vaxxed is a must watch for every parent and future parent.
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Excellent Documentary! A must see!
moyalma18 April 2016
What a film!! The producers did an excellent job presenting this explosive documentary. I was full of so many emotions. Sadness, anger and guilt are some. I was in tears throughout the entire film. This is a documentary that everyone needs to see. Every parent, grandparent, doctor, teacher, scientist, just everyone! If you are even thinking of becoming a parent, you must see this. You will leave in shock if you have never heard of William Thompson before. This is absolutely not an anti-vaccine film. It's well done and sticks to facts. Hard facts. This documentary is going to be HUGE! I can't wait to go see it again and take along a few more friends! Go watch Vaxxed! You will not be disappointed.
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A Must See!!
jetmartin18 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Thank you for opening our eyes and exposing the truth. This documentary is a must see for everyone. It is sad how greed and profits are placed before children's lives. What happened to the oath of 'first do no harm' Vaccines are not safe for all children. We must make our vaccines safe and continue to educate and allow parents to make informative health care decisions for their children. We must continue to research why some children have more severe reactions than others. We must make our vaccines safe and get rid of the combination vaccines all together or at least give options for single shots. Thank you to all who worked on this film.
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SEE this film!
CherriesOnTop19 April 2016
Over 175 Peer reviews have clearly shown how dangerous Vaccines are!

Decades of studies published in the world's leading medical journals have documented vaccine failure and catastrophic adverse vaccine events, including death.

Dozens of books written by doctors, researchers, and independent investigators reveal serious flaws in immunization theory and practice. Yet, incredibly, most pediatricians and parents are unaware of these findings.

This has begun to change in recent years, however, as a growing number of parents and health-care providers around the world are becoming aware of the problems and questioning mass mandatory immunization.

"Safety testing of many vaccines is limited and the data are unavailable for independent scrutiny, so that mass vaccination is equivalent to human experimentation and subject to the Nuremberg Code, which requires voluntary informed consent; and the process of approving and "recommending" vaccines is tainted with conflicts of interest; Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Entire professional organizations are speaking out.

Criticisms of vaccines are being sounded by an increasing number of credible and reputable scientists, researchers, investigators, and self-educated parents from around the world.

Dr. Wakefield is one of these brave people! Instead, it is public health officials and die-hard vaccine advocates (many of whom have a financial stake in the outcome of the debate) who are beginning to lose credibility by refusing to acknowledge the growing body of evidence and to address the very real, serious, documented problems.

See this film and support the brave people exposing these organizations who no longer deserve our trust or blind submission any longer.
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Must see....write to your senator to subpoena Dr. THOMPSON
v_marcial17 April 2016
Had the honor of watching the Vaxxed documentary tonight and felt an array of emotions. yet,nothing I was hearing was new to me or surprising with the obvious exception of not knowing about the fraud committed by the CDC...I became a mother 9 years ago and I now have 3 healthy smart children... and based off of my own research of the studies that have been done on vaccines and autism and after analyzing the vaccine ingredients themselves and hearing parent testimonies, I decided I was going to raise natural children. If i could not trust one vaccine....i had to question the integrity of the entire line up....and I did and I still do... now more so than ever because of this brilliant documentary.

During the course of my journey for truth and safer vaccines, I connected the dots...and I started to see the holes in our health care system and government (that we have been conditioned to trust above all else...even our own instincts and intuitions) and these holes were swallowing children whole into an autistic abyss never to return to their normal selves again....The evidence is alarming (and there is plenty of it) in the documentary just as it always has been...I don't see how this is not plastered all over the news right now. You must see this movie! The CDC LIED to an entire nation of parents who put their trust in their studies and scientific findings and putting their own children at risk....when the CDC knew ALL ALONG that the MMR vaccines cause autism. I sat in the audience tonight and felt the ripple of truth pierce the hearts and more importantly the MINDS OF THE BLINDED AND MISLEAD....I am proud to be a part of this movement. I feel even more confident in my decision to raise natural children and to know that i am not alone and that many many more will question the CDCs vaccine studies, is just the beginning of a huge awakening. Safe vaccines. Thank you to the parents who shared their stories in this documentary and to Andy Wakefield and Del Bigtree for having the courage to stand your ground for those who feel bullied or intimidated by the put the facts out there that we all deserve to know!
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A Must See
juliewalehwa17 April 2016
I'm guessing the low reviews are from pro-mandate people who are staunch supporters of vaccinations for all in the face of evidence (a vaccine court that has paid 3 billion to date) that vaccines harm some. Unfortunately, holding such a position and not being open to hearing anything else only stalls the process of improving vaccinations that are admittedly "unavoidable unsafe." There is also the rising rate of autism in this country. I'm wondering when people are going to stop arguing long enough to pursue answers. This movie was well done. It made it's case. Not only were the stories compelling but it also addressed some common misconceptions and blatant lies that I've heard circulating for years on this issue. No matter how much one repeats an untruth or half truth it is still untrue. This movie was well done. It made it's case. Now it's up to the general public to step up.
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Important film, the first of many
Terry-248 April 2016
From the 1970s to today, parents have been reporting damage to their children after vaccinations. Given the sheer numbers, the videotaped evidence, the corroboration of pediatricians, the Vaccine Injury Court payouts, it's not even a question any more that kids have been harmed, and will continue to be harmed.

The point that the film makes --

What we need to know NOW is how often, and how many kids are harmed, and in what manner. Vaccines work, to some extent, and vaccines harm, to some extent. So it's time for a double blind study between the vaccinated and unvaccinated, that includes the entire range of vaccines. Incredibly, this has never been done.

What parents need to know are the rate and severity of all side effects, vs the rate and severity of possible diseases. Then an informed decision can be made.

Having no answer to that question is not acceptable.

Naysayers to this film have an almost religious faith in vaccines, and ignore the data points of harmed kids, and even the key data point of the documentary: a top scientist says they not only forged data, the data shows a connection between the vaccine and autism. The more scientific approach would be to include these key data points in building an overall perspective on the issue.

Don't rely on religion. Rely on science and logic.

Naysayers also seem to get caught up in what they've read or been told or read regarding Dr. Wakefield. For example, they will say he authored a study that claimed a link between MMR and Autism. They can't even get that right (but it's understandable, if you get your information solely from wikipedia.) The actual study -- yes you can read it -- states the opposite, that no link was proved. (Surprise!) (One should also note that the study was designed by 14 scientist, not one scientist with an agenda, and also that the data was not faked or forged, only the process was criticized.)

It's bizarre that mis-reported criticisms from a case series from twenty years ago should have any relevance to a current documentary on a CDC whistleblower, but that's what people do.

The documentary is eye-opening, hard to watch at times, shocking, and makes no scientific claims that haven't been vetted as true.

The beauty of the documentary is that it represents a turning point -- there will be many more to come, as concerned parents demand answers, real studies, and ultimately (in the very long run) individualized vaccines that can be given with confidence, rather than the current system of roulette, some percentage of children will be irrevocably harmed, but that's all right, because there will be too few to matter.

It's not too few to matter if it's your child.
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Important Information
lsjarvi17 April 2016
Where there's smoke, there's fire. Efforts are being made to limit your ability to see this movie. A journalist had his account blocked when trying to post an article on Huffington Post. Robert Deniro was forced to withdraw it from Tribeca. Andrew Wakefield, this movie's producer, has had his professional career and reputation viciously trashed. Why? Because this movie offers proof of falsification of research data on the part of the CDC. What are the CDC and the pharmaceutical corporations they serve afraid of? See this film and discover the conflagration that billions of dollars in profit can create. Where there's smoke, there is indeed fire.
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