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Vaxxed From Cover-Up to Catastrophe: The film they didn't want you to see? No, the film that shouldn't have been made
Platypuschow7 August 2017
Documentaries are notoriously bias, often have agendas and are best watched with a comparable documentary from the opposite side of the argument. Some documentaries though are just plain ludicrous in their subject matter and this is one of them.

Promoting a message like this is legitimately dangerous and simply should not have been allowed. The message is as rational and as educated as advising people that prayer is a better choice for ailments than actual medical care. There are people out there who will believe this nonsense and their children will suffer and by suffer I mean very likely die! I often question why people cling to conspiracy theories. My belief is a combination of paranoia and a desperate need for life to be that little bit more exciting than it actually is.

Vaccines have saved countless lives, eradicated ailments and do not have any connection at all to autism.

The earth isn't 6000yrs old, the LGBT community have no "Gay agenda", chemtrails aren't a thing, the planet isn't flat, Area 51 contains no alien spacecraft and evolution is proved. Pull your collective heads out of your collective rears and don't put your children at risk over this ridiculous hysteria.
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Important film, the first of many
Terry-248 April 2016
From the 1970s to today, parents have been reporting damage to their children after vaccinations. Given the sheer numbers, the videotaped evidence, the corroboration of pediatricians, the Vaccine Injury Court payouts, it's not even a question any more that kids have been harmed, and will continue to be harmed.

The point that the film makes --

What we need to know NOW is how often, and how many kids are harmed, and in what manner. Vaccines work, to some extent, and vaccines harm, to some extent. So it's time for a double blind study between the vaccinated and unvaccinated, that includes the entire range of vaccines. Incredibly, this has never been done.

What parents need to know are the rate and severity of all side effects, vs the rate and severity of possible diseases. Then an informed decision can be made.

Having no answer to that question is not acceptable.

Naysayers to this film have an almost religious faith in vaccines, and ignore the data points of harmed kids, and even the key data point of the documentary: a top scientist says they not only forged data, the data shows a connection between the vaccine and autism. The more scientific approach would be to include these key data points in building an overall perspective on the issue.

Don't rely on religion. Rely on science and logic.

Naysayers also seem to get caught up in what they've read or been told or read regarding Dr. Wakefield. For example, they will say he authored a study that claimed a link between MMR and Autism. They can't even get that right (but it's understandable, if you get your information solely from wikipedia.) The actual study -- yes you can read it -- states the opposite, that no link was proved. (Surprise!) (One should also note that the study was designed by 14 scientist, not one scientist with an agenda, and also that the data was not faked or forged, only the process was criticized.)

It's bizarre that mis-reported criticisms from a case series from twenty years ago should have any relevance to a current documentary on a CDC whistleblower, but that's what people do.

The documentary is eye-opening, hard to watch at times, shocking, and makes no scientific claims that haven't been vetted as true.

The beauty of the documentary is that it represents a turning point -- there will be many more to come, as concerned parents demand answers, real studies, and ultimately (in the very long run) individualized vaccines that can be given with confidence, rather than the current system of roulette, some percentage of children will be irrevocably harmed, but that's all right, because there will be too few to matter.

It's not too few to matter if it's your child.
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The TRUTH Shall Set us Free!
comehereoften18 April 2016
No matter where you stand on this issue, you deserve to see this film and make up your own mind. Censorship of a well documented, insidious tragedy occurring within our medical system, creating unfathomable suffering for babies, children and adults as well, is only adding insult to injury.

If you have ever doubted the power of the pharmaceutical industry to silence those who dare to question vaccine safety, this example of squelching the truth should change your mind.

With all the blow back this film and its creators have received, it's not surprising that the massive bombs of truth exploding in this groundbreaking documentary is inciting such rage from those who seek to protect viciously corrupt billionaires that exist at the highest levels of modern society.

Unfortunately for the powers-that-be, the world will not be denied the truth.
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A known fraud is trying to scare parents and clear his name
arsic_sasha23 August 2016
Bunch of pseudo scientific fear mongering based on an thoroughly debunked conspiracy theory. The author of this film is a known fraud who lost his medical license, this is his pitiful attempt to clear his name. He is also counting on parents seeing this movie and being afraid for the health of their children. I want to give explanations and proofs for those not familiar with this story. Andrew Wakefield is a guy who falsified his research to show that the MMR vaccine is causing autism. He was payed handsomely by lawyers suing the government on that case and so he published a report in 1998 to give them scientific base. It backfired, everyone reacted, scientists tested his research and tried to reproduce his results. It was proved deliberately falsified so he lost his license. The Dr.Thompson story is covered on the "scienceblogs" site, here in short: there was no cover-up, Hooker did a very bad study that was later retracted and the story of this movie is proved false.
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What we've suspected for a long, long time
GoRangers723 January 2019
So you think the CDC is out to protect you? Watch this film with an open mind and then decide. And one very important thing to remember about the doctors interviewed - why would any doctor speak out against the status quo and risk retribution from their licensing boards if they weren't absolutely confident that the CDC has lied to us?
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Vaccination: Identifying problems and suggesting solutions
MC1-121 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This is by far the best vaccination documentary so far.

It's certainly not anti-vaccine. It highlights one problematic vaccine in particular but suggests how it could be taken safely. Where it identifies problems with vaccines... it also suggests solutions.

An scientist who works at the CDC, wrote one of the key articles on the safety of vaccines, says he mislead the public. This seems like a credible witness? Furthermore he produces a lot of evidence (original documents and emails) to back up his version of the truth. He seems to have archived a lot of stuff. He seems to have worked within the system to provide information to an external scientist in a legal fashion.

The CDC scientist concerned is yet to appear in front of a government committee... despite indicating that he is willing to do so.

The CDC appears to be at the very least guilty of destroying relevant documentation: in breach of laws requiring such information be archived.

It's a good example how data manipulation can take place. Anyone who works with data will realise that often numbers can be manipulated in such a way that you aren't lying but the results don't fairly represent the findings.

The film concludes with very reasonable suggestions which include removing legal indemnity from prosecution from vaccine manufacturers. This indemnity allows the manufacturers to get away with bad behaviour while the public has to foot the bill. It also means that the consequences of poor vaccination practises aren't clearly documented... and contribute to the perception that no vaccination injuries exist (yes some people claim this).

The documentary could be fairly described as a call for improved vaccination practises. It's also a documentary about very well qualified people who are calling out attention to problems in our vaccination practises.

It's an enjoyable documentary in its own right.

Do yourself a favour and watch it?

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This is actually criminal activity from Netflix
valipod6 August 2020
Spreading this kind if s#!~ is literally criminal, and surely hundreds of people will die as a direct consequence of them believing what they see on TV.
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Must watch for every parent and future parent
RPrasaad24 December 2018
Vaxxed is a must watch for every parent and future parent.
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Calling this a documentary is wrong
sami-279503 September 2020
This isn't a documentary. It's an attempt by a discredited charlatan to make people think there's conspiracies and whatnot about.

Don't bother. Or at least don't believe anything they say.
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Be wary of the Attack of the Anti-Vax Wall of Shame Facebook Page
dwdarby20 April 2016
Andrew Wakefield presents a case that is not anti-vaccination, but instead exposes corruption and cover-ups by the CDC.

A group of misinformed alarmists who seek to discredit anyone who questions vaccinations, and are taking aim at this movie by signing up for IMDb for the specific purpose of lowering the rating of the movie. These people have NOT watched the movie, and are simply attempting to spread their miss-directed anger and fear to those interested in learning more about this movie.

So these people, who THINK they are protecting their children, instead are doing the opposite.
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truth will always be a threat to lies
lydiadovecry9 October 2021
Excellent stuff, I love Del Bigtree's work.....he's fantastic and such a wonderful lion among the sheep. Very eye opening doc isnt it funny it got 'banned' from some hollywood film fest? I wonder why.

Truth is censored more and more because its a direct threat to lies.
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SEE this film!
CherriesOnTop19 April 2016
Over 175 Peer reviews have clearly shown how dangerous Vaccines are!

Decades of studies published in the world's leading medical journals have documented vaccine failure and catastrophic adverse vaccine events, including death.

Dozens of books written by doctors, researchers, and independent investigators reveal serious flaws in immunization theory and practice. Yet, incredibly, most pediatricians and parents are unaware of these findings.

This has begun to change in recent years, however, as a growing number of parents and health-care providers around the world are becoming aware of the problems and questioning mass mandatory immunization.

"Safety testing of many vaccines is limited and the data are unavailable for independent scrutiny, so that mass vaccination is equivalent to human experimentation and subject to the Nuremberg Code, which requires voluntary informed consent; and the process of approving and "recommending" vaccines is tainted with conflicts of interest; Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Entire professional organizations are speaking out.

Criticisms of vaccines are being sounded by an increasing number of credible and reputable scientists, researchers, investigators, and self-educated parents from around the world.

Dr. Wakefield is one of these brave people! Instead, it is public health officials and die-hard vaccine advocates (many of whom have a financial stake in the outcome of the debate) who are beginning to lose credibility by refusing to acknowledge the growing body of evidence and to address the very real, serious, documented problems.

See this film and support the brave people exposing these organizations who no longer deserve our trust or blind submission any longer.
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The horrid Reactions to These Vaccines is Not One Big "coincidence" !!!
acousticality20 April 2016
Vaccination is a medical treatment administered to an otherwise healthy individual. Virtually all other invasive medical interventions occur only once someone has fallen ill. Vaccination, like most medical treatments, can involve some risk. And therefore it should be undertaken only after careful consideration of its risks versus its benefits.

The dangers of vaccines are real, can be substantial and life-long, and for some, life ending. Additionally vaccines:

* have not been subject to toxicity studies for many of the ingredients such as aluminum and mercury, which are known neurotoxins

* have not been studied for adverse effects in the combinations in which they're given (multiple shots in a single day for infants and children)

* cannot be guaranteed to provide the benefit of immunity for which they are given

* are used to "prevent" benign childhood diseases, diseases which actually "teach" the immune system how to work properly

Vaccines are "unavoidably unsafe" and contain "unavoidable" viruses, phages (viruses that infect bacteria), and contaminants. No other drug or medical product is similarly manufactured – if contaminants are found in them, the product is recalled. The FDA even recalls food when contaminants are found.

Some of the viruses contaminating vaccines have a known effect, as in the case of the simian virus SV-40 that causes cancer (see Cross-Species Contamination below). Other effects are unknown. In 1975 Gena Bari Kolata wrote an article in the journal Science in which scientists at the FDA admit that all live virus vaccines are "grossly contaminated with phages," even though it was against FDA regulations at that time.

Rather than recall the vaccines, the FDA changed the rules so that a recall wouldn't cause undue concern for parents. In 1987 the FDA decided this about vaccines: "seed virus used in manufacture shall be demonstrated to be free of extraneous microbial agents except for unavoidable bacteriophage."Bovine (cow) serum is a frequently used vaccine growth medium and the most frequently contaminated animal serums with bacteriophage.

Vaccines have many other agents as well as the viruses and contaminants that can cause significant injury (see the full list below) to a child or adult. These injuries include brain swelling and permanent brain injury, seizures and convulsions, blood disorders, and even death. Since 1988 over 3 billion dollars in compensation has been paid by the federal government to vaccine victims. And yes, they have paid for autism.

Studies have definitively shown that vaccines can result in autism, a disease that has increased from 1 in 10,000 in 1990, to 1 in 150 in 2000, to the current rate of 1 in 68 children. According to the CDC, the most recent numbers breakdown to 1 in 42 boys and 1 in 189 girls diagnosed with autism.

Enough is enough! Support this film.

Society is finally waking up! People no longer believe the lies from these corporations, the media and the govt., all in collusion to suppress the truth about the dangers of vaccines.
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Can't be thankful enough-THIS IS A MUST SEE MOVIE FOR EVERYBODY!
yunonah17 April 2016
Why is it usually we start paying attention to those sick with some particular disease only after we ourselves have it, or our loved ones? Why are people so ignorant to look at the facts and make up their own minds instead of following somebody else? If CDC is destroying data and covering it up, what else are they doing at our own expense? This movie is about fraud and lies, but at the end of the day everybody has to live with conscience, and thanks God it wakes up people to come out and admit lies! If you ever relied on any scientific data, you need to see this movie! And ask everybody around you to see it, because we will have higher rate of autistic children and each person in US will end up caring for one or paying taxes for care of another one!
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All Wrong
ogrejob26 January 2020
If any of this"documentary" was true, everyone would be autistic.
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What a sick world we live in, profit before health.
deloudelouvain27 November 2020
Well after watching this very informative documentary I can come to some conclussions, pro-vaxxers will rate it the lowest possible and that even without watching it, and anti-vaxxers will score it high because of the content of the documentary. Saying this documentary lacks of scientific evidence and experts in the field is probably the dumbest thing I read in a long time as the number four from the CDC is witnessing himself. If he's not an expert then I'm the pope. I don't know what is more disgusting about this whole situation, the cover-up from the pharmaceutical compagnies and the CDC or the fact that somebody very important is ready to witness but nobody from the government wants to listen? They are afraid it will cost them trillions in lawsuits, so it doesn't matter we are being lied to since decades and that whilst there is definite proof we are heading towards a brick wall at 200mph and nobody wants to do anything about it. Whistle blowers are the new heroes and should be untouchable, instead they go to jail now. Does nobody think that is just wrong? What do they have to gain telling the truth but problems? Too much money involved, too many corrupt governments, too many greedy people only caring about their career and wallet. This world is sick and there's no cure as long those people are not brought to justice. With the current situation in the world most of the people will run like headless chickens to get their new vaccine. Be my guest, do whatever you want but leave people alone that don't want your vaccines. My body, my choice! Vaxxed should be a mandatory watch, and only then people could make up their mind, chosing who they trust and who they don't.
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Compelling info
wildman0228-111 October 2018
This film is so important for people to see/know about regarding the content. I wanted to rate it 10, just for the fact that it was made - I went lower, as in my opinion, the editing could have been a lot better. It seemed so LONG, and was only 91 mins. For me, the beginning dragged and seemed scattered, and I almost stopped, except that I just new the info was so important. The second half moves better and is the real meat. I plan to buy copies to share with friends. Bless the courageous film makers for this absolutely important film!!!
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Truth on fire....
CheshireCatalyst19 April 2016
Courts in Italy have made attempts to stop mandatory vaccination. The first case involved 50 brave families who took their complaints to the appeal court in Ancona.

These families refused to give vaccines to their children and won their appeal.

What happened to these cases and why the news was buried remains a mystery. It appears that something far stronger than court decisions plays an extremely important part in keeping vaccines mandatory in Italy and other countries around the world.

Vaccines should be a personal choice.

It is clear that these cases parents fought a legal battle and won but despite their efforts, diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis, and hepatitis B vaccines are still mandatory in Italy.

In other words these court cases have proved futile and the only way to avoid mandatory vaccination in Italy is to move to a country where vaccines are not mandatory....unless we spread the truth and fight this toxic, dangerous nightmare being perpetrated upon our children! SEE this film and found out exactly why you DESERVE real information and a right to make your own choices for yourself and your children. Interestingly enough, all we hear about is a woman's "right" to abort her baby, yet, parents no longer have the right to actually PROTECT their children. What a twisted world we live in!
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Trash from a fraud
trolliyama17 March 2021
Andrew Wakefield is nothing more than a discredited fraud who faked his data for his already disproven papers.

Nobody took him seriously on his native country. Only in the United States (A goldmine for snakeoil salesmen) this clown would be given a tribune and taken seriously.

If you are an anti-vaxxer, there is a strong chance you are also a flat-earther.
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We are Witnessing the Ugly and Tragic Truth
ApolloMoon30 April 2016
To witness the intense suffering portrayed in this film, which could all have been prevented if the medical system were not so corrupt, greedy and void of conscience, was a very emotional and life changing experience for myself and the rest of the audience.

So very many parents of vaccine injured children were present at the screening.

There were audible sobs throughout the film, something I have never witnessed at any other film viewing. I would GIVE ANYTHING to return to these suffering families their once healthy, happy children.

My heart will forever hurt after seeing firsthand what they have endured, as they watch their babies and toddlers struggle to get through each day. Banging their heads, screaming in pain, many unable to eat, to speak, to see, to function at any level of a quality life! :-( Story after story, all documented, all witnessed, all completely TRUE, will hold you spell-bound with shock, sadness and disbelief right to the very last moment.

This is precisely why this film is being censored.

It's all right there, for the world to witness....the ugly truth about the dangers of these abhorrent medical weapons injected into our children! In the minds of the mainstream medical cartel and their PAID OFF buddies in the media, the TRUTH, when it's inconvenient must be squelched. There's a name for that and it's called called fascism.

It's also, in this case of countless lives destroyed, a crime against humanity.
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What happens when people no longer remember polio or smallpox
AnusPresley27 November 2020
Director: Andrew Wakefield - A "doctor" stripped of his credentials far too late in the piece who spent years experimenting on toddlers with lumbar punctures and chelation therapy to support unsupportable theories based on voodoo science and statistical psychedelia is taking a dive into documentary film making to spin some more money from his credulous and superstitious groupie-villagers.

This flick needs to be captioned with the logical fallacies being displayed at every step with which it presents its case. It is an A-Z - and at least it has value as such for students of fallacious reasoning. Beyond that, it needs a big red warning label and should be stripped of its "documentary" category.
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Dont vaccinate, just take a gamble with your child life
chrisloveskitten12 March 2020
Let's bring back polio and allow measles etc to become epidemic again. When people start dropping from this pandemic watch the anti vaxxers change their tune. I dare anyone who gets bitten by an animal with rabies not to vaccinate- you will die a slow horrible death with only one chance to live- vaccinate.
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Please Watch!
sermilox-233637 August 2021
Everyone must watch this documentary and make their own decision!
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Definitely trying to clear any good reviews of this...
laurenscullionxx12 August 2021
This was a good watch... I would have gave it 8/10 but seems as the government etc removing this of the face of the earth(it's so hard to find online now) and making all the reviews bad it gets a 10 from me. These reviews are either 1 fake or 2 from people stupid enough to vaccinate.
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Takes honest reliable truths and distorts to fit its narrative.
hungmosquito19 April 2016
I was intrigued by this film as lets be honest it has had a lot of publicity, not a lot of it positive. After viewing the film I had a long and serious discussion with several friends and I did a good bit of research. people had given me links to web pages and groups..healthyliving pages, you know the type. What annoyed me was those pages proclaiming truth, honesty and honest info were as honest as this garbage film.

The film lies, not small lies, those lies that are done to prey on our irrational fears for our kids..if you are considering going to see this movie then at least be forewarned and get "real info" not from pseudo health practitioners. This film should be made to pay a fine for every piece of fear mongering it throws out at it's viewers.
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