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Vaxxed is an insult to actually autistics
susanelizabeth315 June 2016
Actually autistic here and NOT damaged by vaccines. Also living with the lifelong effects of rubella exposure in the womb. But that's just it. Rubella exposure in the womb can kill or disabled children and affect their entire lifespan. They want to damage the autistics more by making people think we are damaged which makes it even harder for those might be more on the mild or moderate scale to become gainfully employed. Their hate speech against autistics and those who were harmed by the vaccine preventable diseases themselves is beyond disgusting. And they are using a man's opinions that were proved thousands of times over to be blatantly FALSE. Oh, and if you want to create a for-profit "film" that is full of lies, expect the backlash from those who are most harmed by it - the autistics themselves. Those who have beat all odds through intensive therapy and intervention to get to where they are - smarter than you think and aware that their autism is not damage. We must change the rhetoric of hate.
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This film is dangerous to society
tbarjr26 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This film is one of the worst propaganda pieces I've ever seen. It's "message" is that one of the greatest medical feats of mankind, vaccination, is making our children Autistic. The "scientific evidence" this film has is one poorly done scientific article done by the creator of the film in 2001. This article has been disproven more times than necessary to show that there is no basis of truth in it. Despite all of this, the worst part of the film is not it's basis for it's argument, but the effects this message has. The proliferation of anti-vaxxers is a legitimate threat to the continuation of society. If enough of the population is not vaccinated then diseases that vaccines have put on the brink of extinction will come back and cause suffering, crippling, or even death of, not only children of anti-vaxxers, but those who have legitimate medical reasons to not be vaccinated. In addition the more cases of a disease that exist the greater chance that there will be a mutation that will cause the disease to not be killed by vaccines. Such a disease let loose on an unprepared society would make the black death look like a joke. I can therefore state in all seriousness that this film is bringing our society closer to the apocalypse. Don't watch it.
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If you think your doctor has been poisoning you, this is your movie
Mikey300014 September 2016
The premise is that people at the CDC, and ostensibly, the pharmaceutical companies and all doctors who administer vaccines, are all in on a giant conspiracy to kill you. But not just you. Since pharmaceutical company executives and their families, and doctors and their families, and politicians and their families, and the CDC and all its employees and their families, all get vaccines, apparently the conspiracy is one of mass-murder suicide. So, yeah. If that makes sense, enjoy, this one's for you.

If however, you think "teaching the controversy" is bunk, and that it just might be the case that not all stories have two equal sides, and that everyone is not, in fact, out to kill everyone, then congratulations, you've earned the right to propagate and you should spread your genes so that those who believe the first paragraph above become extinct.
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See it and decide for yourself!
Arl-1617 April 2016
It's a shame that IMDb allows reviews without verifying if one has actually SEEN the movie. And it's obvious by a few 1 star reviews here that's the case....this movie hasn't been shown in Europe yet. But maybe those reviewers lied when entering their location. If that's the case, why consider their opinion anyway?

Now, on to a review from someone that HAS seen the movie. Don't let anyone tell you this is an "Anti Vaccine" movie, because they're lying to you. All I can say is, GO SEE IT for yourself. Make your own decision whether or not the information presented is worth considering. Ask yourself why the the unmitigated attempt to ban this movie? Critics would have you believe that seeing this movie will do more harm to society somehow. That you aren't capable of critical thought. That you will magically become an anti vaccine zombie. Just go see it and decide for yourself. The more pro vaccine you are the more I urge you to climb out of your bubble and see this movie.
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A Must See
juliewalehwa17 April 2016
I'm guessing the low reviews are from pro-mandate people who are staunch supporters of vaccinations for all in the face of evidence (a vaccine court that has paid 3 billion to date) that vaccines harm some. Unfortunately, holding such a position and not being open to hearing anything else only stalls the process of improving vaccinations that are admittedly "unavoidable unsafe." There is also the rising rate of autism in this country. I'm wondering when people are going to stop arguing long enough to pursue answers. This movie was well done. It made it's case. Not only were the stories compelling but it also addressed some common misconceptions and blatant lies that I've heard circulating for years on this issue. No matter how much one repeats an untruth or half truth it is still untrue. This movie was well done. It made it's case. Now it's up to the general public to step up.
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Corruption at the CDC is the order of the day!
I thought this movie was going to be about bashing vaccines, but it wasn't.

It was a well researched documentary on the fraud that was committed by the CDC regarding safety studies on vaccines for children in America. A lot of information comes to light- Vaccines are not properly tested, the people who oversee the system are the ones making money from the product, the Pharmaceutical companies basically own mainstream media, also that there are some good people in this world who will stand up for children!!!! Bravo to everyone involved, from the producer to the director to all the families. I hope every person in America takes time to see this film. Just like cigarettes were pushed for years for being safe... so too are vaccines. And only a matter of time before the truth is accepted.
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A must see for everyone!
lpianos3 April 2016
As a mom of a vaccine injured child, I have waited a long time for their to be some truth about vaccines and how unsafe they are to reach mainstream media. As a mom who has been on an autism journey for a while I did know some of the facts talked about in the movie but also learned a few new things. I had read the book "vaccine whistle blower" which this movie is based on but was very impressed by the way the director and producer presented the information. They took you to the brink of tears and then added humor. I think this movie was very well made and will touch thousands of lives. It has already deeply moved me and all the people who have seen it thus far.
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Excellent film! A MUST SEE!!!!!
Andrew Lee17 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I have been following the story of fraud at the CDC ever since the whistle blower, William Thompson, confessed to scientific fraud back in 2014. He explained that the 2004 study of the MMR vaccine showed it caused autism (264% increase in African American boys) and the CDC fudged the data to show no link. They did this by eliminating children from their study who did not have a Georgia birth certificate, so that their findings would not be statistically significant. They were told to destroy the evidence. William Thompson knew this was illegal, and he saved hard copies which got sent to Brian Hooker and eventually the government. This is the story of scientific fraud at the CDC.
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Profound and poignant film for the next generation
jacquelinet3 April 2016
A poignant film about the health of our future generation. It's a must see for those who can think for themselves and not just follow along whatever the mainstream media dictates. Full of information that can take years of research if interested in the topic/ is a parent. The producers did well on comprising everything in 1.5 hours. Del Bigtree mentions that it is the story of his career- I think it's the story of our future. People need to be informed and take back their health. This a movie that can start a revolution. Follow the money trail and it will reveal itself. Passionate, riveting, moving and emotional. Andrew Wakefield deserves a Nobel Prize. Eye opening movie! If you want to have healthy children get informed!
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VAXXED Is A Must See Movie
spare-addy118 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
VAXXED was a real eye-opener for me. Disregard anything you've read about this movie, if it's labeled "anti-vaccination". VAXXED is not an anti-vaccination movie. Anyone that labels it anti-vaccination hasn't seen it. The call to action at the end of VAXXED is for safer vaccines, more stringent testing, and for congress to subpoena Dr. William Thompson of the CDC -- the whistle-blower that came forward about omitted data and potential fraud committed by the CDC during its vaccine / autism link study. Dr. Thompson WANTS to be subpoenaed and his admissions are RECORDED -- they are not conjecture.

If you're a parent living the consequences of a vaccine-damaged child or child on the autism spectrum, that regressed after receiving the MMR, prepare to be shocked.

Approach VAXXED with an open mind. The documentary is very well made and the data presented is heartbreaking. Go see this movie if you can.
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It drove me to tears.
sierrarose-2030819 April 2016
As a Parent whose perfect, bright happy baby nearly died and became unresponsive after his one year old vaccines, I was told it was "Normal" by the Doctors. He has never been the same-non verbal, easily upset, unable to do most simple tasks..... and we have several hours of therapy every week to keep him from hurting himself and others at the age of 10. He will never be the same. To see this movie and realize that this travesty could have been prevented if I had done more research before I blindly trusted the Doctor brought me to tears. Very well written. Very compelling. Horrible what corruption has done to our children!
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The truth is coming out!
Clara Gutierrez17 April 2016
Great documentary! Our stories never get seen on T.V. or on any news channel. Autism is just one of the side effects. My daughter ended up with a terrible seizure disorder after her two months vaccines. Her case isn't even on the Vaers database even though it was reported by her pediatrician and about five different hospitals. How can that be? There's something very wrong going on. These are just some of the stories, there are so many more. This movie might be a small victory but it feels so good to see more people learning about how our kids are being harmed and how these corporations are getting away with it while our kids are left suffering. I hope people can see that more clearly after watching this film.
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Important film, the first of many
Terry-248 April 2016
From the 1970s to today, parents have been reporting damage to their children after vaccinations. Given the sheer numbers, the videotaped evidence, the corroboration of pediatricians, the Vaccine Injury Court payouts, it's not even a question any more that kids have been harmed, and will continue to be harmed.

The point that the film makes --

What we need to know NOW is how often, and how many kids are harmed, and in what manner. Vaccines work, to some extent, and vaccines harm, to some extent. So it's time for a double blind study between the vaccinated and unvaccinated, that includes the entire range of vaccines. Incredibly, this has never been done.

What parents need to know are the rate and severity of all side effects, vs the rate and severity of possible diseases. Then an informed decision can be made.

Having no answer to that question is not acceptable.

Naysayers to this film have an almost religious faith in vaccines, and ignore the data points of harmed kids, and even the key data point of the documentary: a top scientist says they not only forged data, the data shows a connection between the vaccine and autism. The more scientific approach would be to include these key data points in building an overall perspective on the issue.

Don't rely on religion. Rely on science and logic.

Naysayers also seem to get caught up in what they've read or been told or read regarding Dr. Wakefield. For example, they will say he authored a study that claimed a link between MMR and Autism. They can't even get that right (but it's understandable, if you get your information solely from wikipedia.) The actual study -- yes you can read it -- states the opposite, that no link was proved. (Surprise!) (One should also note that the study was designed by 14 scientist, not one scientist with an agenda, and also that the data was not faked or forged, only the process was criticized.)

It's bizarre that mis-reported criticisms from a case series from twenty years ago should have any relevance to a current documentary on a CDC whistleblower, but that's what people do.

The documentary is eye-opening, hard to watch at times, shocking, and makes no scientific claims that haven't been vetted as true.

The beauty of the documentary is that it represents a turning point -- there will be many more to come, as concerned parents demand answers, real studies, and ultimately (in the very long run) individualized vaccines that can be given with confidence, rather than the current system of roulette, some percentage of children will be irrevocably harmed, but that's all right, because there will be too few to matter.

It's not too few to matter if it's your child.
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A must see for everyone!
lauraepperson19 April 2016
We are at the crux of something big. A turning point in history. And this film brings so much truth to light and causes us to pause for a moment and ask questions. A film everyone should see, and then ponder after to decide what exactly it is they believe in. Important data was omitted to the American public, all for the sake of money and who know what else. There was a cover-up, and not only do we need to be aware of it, we need to fight against it. No more sheep following the herd. Doctors take an oath to do no harm.... It's time even doctors are held accountable for their part in the Pharma game and research themselves into the testing of these vaccines they administer daily. Doctors have 1 course in medical school regarding vaccines.... ONE course. And it consists of them learning the schedule that the CDC has come up with, and why these vaccines need to be given. There is zero talk on the actual research (or lack of research) that is done on them. Vaccines do not undergo the intensive testing that any other pharmaceutical drug endures. Why is it that vaccines are the least tested of them? Why are pharmaceutical companies not held liable for reactions and injures that follow a routine vaccination? Why are more and more vaccines being added to the list, yet our nation has the sickest kids than any other industrialized country? Vaccine injury doesn't just mean death or autism; it also comes in the forms of autoimmune diseases, chronic illnesses and allergies. It's time the curtain is pulled on these people and their deception is exposed. Listen to the stories of our brothers and sisters in humanity. They need to be heard. Questions need to be asked, and we need to be answered. The American public needs to see this, and then decide for themselves.
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A must see film!
R E18 April 2016
This documentary is NOT anti vaccine. It is disturbing when the media and obvious internet trolls review it as such. This film reveales documented proof of a cover up at the CDC regarding vaccine safety research. The "overwhelming evidence" that the media refers to when they say vaccines don't cause autism is the case study in question. That is a red flag right there and when a film in America is being censored that is also a red flag. Why don't they want you to see it? Because there are MANY people that will face EXTREME charges of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY once the American public learns the truth. The CDC, the United States Government and the Mainstream Media will ALL be held accountable for this cover-up that spans over a decade. Watch the film and make up your own mind, don't let the talking heads on TV influence your own ability to think for yourself.
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Must see....write to your senator to subpoena Dr. THOMPSON
v_marcial17 April 2016
Had the honor of watching the Vaxxed documentary tonight and felt an array of emotions. yet,nothing I was hearing was new to me or surprising with the obvious exception of not knowing about the fraud committed by the CDC...I became a mother 9 years ago and I now have 3 healthy smart children... and based off of my own research of the studies that have been done on vaccines and autism and after analyzing the vaccine ingredients themselves and hearing parent testimonies, I decided I was going to raise natural children. If i could not trust one vaccine....i had to question the integrity of the entire line up....and I did and I still do... now more so than ever because of this brilliant documentary.

During the course of my journey for truth and safer vaccines, I connected the dots...and I started to see the holes in our health care system and government (that we have been conditioned to trust above all else...even our own instincts and intuitions) and these holes were swallowing children whole into an autistic abyss never to return to their normal selves again....The evidence is alarming (and there is plenty of it) in the documentary just as it always has been...I don't see how this is not plastered all over the news right now. You must see this movie! The CDC LIED to an entire nation of parents who put their trust in their studies and scientific findings and putting their own children at risk....when the CDC knew ALL ALONG that the MMR vaccines cause autism. I sat in the audience tonight and felt the ripple of truth pierce the hearts and more importantly the MINDS OF THE BLINDED AND MISLEAD....I am proud to be a part of this movement. I feel even more confident in my decision to raise natural children and to know that i am not alone and that many many more will question the CDCs vaccine studies, is just the beginning of a huge awakening. Safe vaccines. Thank you to the parents who shared their stories in this documentary and to Andy Wakefield and Del Bigtree for having the courage to stand your ground for those who feel bullied or intimidated by the put the facts out there that we all deserve to know!
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VaxXed is an eye opener.
yunker-9593517 April 2016
VaxXed is about the ultimate corruption at the CDC. It's about greed over our children's health. Just check out the CDC recommended childhood vaccine schedule. Hep B vaccine within 24 hours of birth! 25 vaccines in the first 6 months of life. 49 vaccines before they enter Kindergarten. Do ya think it's too many too soon? Yet this vaccine schedule has NEVER been tested for safety. Has a baby ever contracted Diphtheria, Tetanus, Rubella, Hep B, Rotavirus, polio, influenza and Pneumococcal ALL at once naturally? IMO doctors injecting 7-9 viruses into our babies all at once is negligent. Perhaps even criminal. Almost all doctors have not read the vaccine package insert or done their own independent research. Wake up doctors, parents and lawmakers. Please watch VaxXed. It will open your eyes.
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Why are non-vaccinated children not getting the autism symptoms?
Chloe_7029 April 2016
Why aren't truly scientific studies being done comparing vaccinated to non-vaccinated children?

I quote Dr. Leo Kanner:

"The following symptoms are typical: inadequate verbal and social skills, impaired speech, repetition of words, bizarre behavior patterns, uncontrollable head banging, screaming fits." The list goes on and on, ending with "an inability to care for oneself."

My friends, these are the key words.

If every child born by the year 2041 has autism, who will take care of them? Where will they live? Who will pay for them? We are heading into a world where head banging and arms flapping maybe the norm. Where up to a young age, every child would need a caretaker.

Then what? For how long? There are not enough people, enough resources to handle this human onslaught of day-to-day neediness.

Children with autistic behavior, from what I gather, need to be in a safe, caring environment on a 24-hour basis. In terms of dollars and cents, the cost is beyond doable—or even feasible.

Can you imagine that every child born will need this type of care? Something must be done! We are all truly indebted to those going up against the ruthless, monolithic medical industry to save us all.
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Fantastic Truth!
sekmhr18 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Absolutely amazing! Finally truth is spoken. This movie made me cry with the reality that CDC has lied and damaged children ON PURPOSE! Thank you filmmakers. Parents in all countries from all walks of life will be finally told the truth. Not an anti-vaccine film for sure, but certainly a film that raises questions as to the "science" that the CDC has used that is intentionally flawed! Bless the Children who they have so far destroyed with their lies. My mind has been completely changed on this issue. I once listened to the doctors and the CDC, but after seeing this film, no, I will do my own research thank you! Coming from a Science family, let's all realize the real truth. Science evolves. Just as we were once told smoking was fabulous (by doctors and advertisers alike). Look where that led us! The filmmakers of this masterpiece speak truth.
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Important Information
lsjarvi17 April 2016
Where there's smoke, there's fire. Efforts are being made to limit your ability to see this movie. A journalist had his account blocked when trying to post an article on Huffington Post. Robert Deniro was forced to withdraw it from Tribeca. Andrew Wakefield, this movie's producer, has had his professional career and reputation viciously trashed. Why? Because this movie offers proof of falsification of research data on the part of the CDC. What are the CDC and the pharmaceutical corporations they serve afraid of? See this film and discover the conflagration that billions of dollars in profit can create. Where there's smoke, there is indeed fire.
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A dangerous game of Russian Roulette
Rhonda D.22 April 2016
Here is a list of the side effects that can happen post vaccination, provided by the vaccine manufacturers themselves: (this is not a complete list):

Swelling at injection site, Rash Fatigue, Headache, Nausea, Chills, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Fever, Seizures, Autism, Guillaine-Barre Syndrome, Brain swelling, Shock, Anaphylaxis, Cardiac arrest, Ataxia, Drowsiness, Insomnia, Narcolepsy, Myalgia, Arthralgia, Urticaria, Edema, Upper respiratory tract infection, Diarrhea, Paralysis, Infertility, Death

Side effects mean that the body is reacting. It shows that the body recognizes that something's been injected or inhaled. The body's trying to figure out what to do with these toxins that make up the vaccine. It may show that the immune system is responding. As the body responds, some might say that the side effects are part of the vaccination process.

A response from the immune system means that the immune system works, right? We want our immune system to work.

What does that mean, though, when the vaccine kicks the immune system into overdrive which may lead to complications which then leads to death? The vaccine did something.

It may not have guaranteed immunity or helped prevent a disease, but instead it elicited a different response: permanent disability or death.

When considering vaccines, there is much to consider.

See this film, do your own research and make an informed decision before subjecting your child to what amounts to a dangerous game of Russian Roulette.
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Truth on fire....
Rose Blue19 April 2016
Courts in Italy have made attempts to stop mandatory vaccination. The first case involved 50 brave families who took their complaints to the appeal court in Ancona.

These families refused to give vaccines to their children and won their appeal.

What happened to these cases and why the news was buried remains a mystery. It appears that something far stronger than court decisions plays an extremely important part in keeping vaccines mandatory in Italy and other countries around the world.

Vaccines should be a personal choice.

It is clear that these cases parents fought a legal battle and won but despite their efforts, diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis, and hepatitis B vaccines are still mandatory in Italy.

In other words these court cases have proved futile and the only way to avoid mandatory vaccination in Italy is to move to a country where vaccines are not mandatory....unless we spread the truth and fight this toxic, dangerous nightmare being perpetrated upon our children! SEE this film and found out exactly why you DESERVE real information and a right to make your own choices for yourself and your children. Interestingly enough, all we hear about is a woman's "right" to abort her baby, yet, parents no longer have the right to actually PROTECT their children. What a twisted world we live in!
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This movie is ridiculous
kinkemam6 May 2016
It is an outright lie that there is any link to autism and vaccines. To say otherwise is downright disrespectful to those with autism and only serves to ruin the progress made by vaccinations preventing horrible diseases in modern times. The "doctor" that has published the results of a link to autism is a fraud, a crook, and a terrible human being. He would be the laughing stock of the scientific world if his writings were not so incredibly dangerous. The claims that this movie makes about any cover up are also false, along with the notion that vaccines have not been tested. Vaccines for children are quite literally the most tested chemicals on the face of the earth with an astounding amount of evidence indicating very, very few complications while preventing some of the most vile and deadly diseases.
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This Film Speaks For Those Wihout a Voice
angelameadows21 April 2016
Above and beyond the hundred of studies proving the harmful effects of vaccines, there are the virtually countless lives of babies and children that have been altered and sometimes destroyed.

Those are the painful topics the pro-mandate shills avoid talking about at ALL costs as they callously claim it's all a big coincidence.

After seeing with my own eyes, the absolute torture and guilt these parents go through after the deadly mistake of allowing their child to be injected with poisons, I can only hope there is a special place in hell for those that DARE deny this direct, extreme and immediate injury to the human body.

Health freedom - freedom of speech - freedom to share crucial, factual information - it's all at stake here.

Standing up against this evil, speaking up for those who have not consented to this dangerous medical intervention and ending this epidemic of autism and auto-immune diseases run rampant is not for the faint of heart.

In the powerful words of veteran journalist, Jon Rappaport, you must be willing, with your bravery, "to melt the spines of those arrogant cowards who want the public to obey and keep their mouths shut and submit to wall-to-wall surveillance and march all the way to their graves without a whimper in the land of the free and the home of the brave."
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Can't be thankful enough-THIS IS A MUST SEE MOVIE FOR EVERYBODY!
yunonah17 April 2016
Why is it usually we start paying attention to those sick with some particular disease only after we ourselves have it, or our loved ones? Why are people so ignorant to look at the facts and make up their own minds instead of following somebody else? If CDC is destroying data and covering it up, what else are they doing at our own expense? This movie is about fraud and lies, but at the end of the day everybody has to live with conscience, and thanks God it wakes up people to come out and admit lies! If you ever relied on any scientific data, you need to see this movie! And ask everybody around you to see it, because we will have higher rate of autistic children and each person in US will end up caring for one or paying taxes for care of another one!
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