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What a wonderful movie
Shadow244220 June 2021
First, this is not Aladin... this is based partly on chinese mythology and represents the gap between poor and rich in China pretty well and how people behave in China, comparing more like what people own and represent instead of their live experience and happiness. Life in China during these times is pretty hard if you are poor and have nothing to show and it's very rare that a couple coming from a poor and rich side, can come together and are "allowed" to fall in love. Some wealthy families will not allow here daughter / son to marry someone poor. That's a fact.

Back to the movie.... i was very pleasantly surprised of all the work which was put into this, story, characters and of course the special effects... this movie has more spirit (pun!) than most of the Disney stuff of today.

Heartful, enjoyable storyline which concentrates on the good in people. The Wish Dragon is not only for kids, every adult should watch it as well and let the spirit capture you. I loved the movie personally 10/10

btw. Long is so cute :) and so is Li Na.
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If only you know China, you will get the story so much better..
Pingelingeling11 June 2021
First of all: it is not a Chinese copy of Aladdin, but a modern-day Chinese version of the story. The main character is literally named 'Din', after Alladin, Din is't even a Chinese name.

And second of all: why is nobody talking about how the movie adresses the gap between poor and rich and the fast developing Chinese society (namely Shanghai)? Not only that, but also about how the Chinese society is nowadays all about money and material?

This movie has so many depths, but most people will never know this, because they don't know China. They only see another thing that the Chinese has copied, and made into a cheaper ripped off product. Sigh.
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More than just an Aladdin story
jacobmatthewbrammer11 June 2021
Warning: Spoilers
I keep reading reviews that claim this movie is just Asian Aladdin, and for a moment there in the movie I would've agreed and to an extent, yes, but it is so much more. These are completely different characters that are more relatable than street rat and sultans daughter. The villain isn't some Wiseman magician with a parrot, and the female lead's father isn't a doting sultan but is instead a busy man that hasn't the time for his daughter because he wants to make a future for her. The only true similarity is the 3 wishes and the jade teapot which could be replaced by a lamp in Aladin and that the wish dragon like genie assumes the only thing someone would want is wealth. This movie is not just a boy winning a girl's heart, but a moral journey that teaches that there are more important things than wealth. It is more wholesome of a story and if people only look past the similarities between this an Aladin, they might actually like this more. Sure there aren't any snazzy songs and dances, and yes, it has its similarities, but even if this were just Aladin retold, it is done tastefully artistically and has more wholesome value. Every character is likeable, the context and characters are more relatable, the visuals are stunning and the messages are beautiful. (Yes, im aware this a moderately unorganized review)
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"Chinese Aladdin "
shashipol11 June 2021
It's good 👍 different touch. Chinese version of Aladdin with modern touch.
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Even though it would look somewhat familiar, The movie still has its own lovable and enjoyable identity ...
Aktham_Tashtush14 June 2021
The movie is as some reviews say a modern era Chinese Aladdin .. and there were actually a lot of similarities in the story of the Dragon/genie but still it felt so enjoyable and the story does feel promising and purposeful with an adequate amount of genuinity.

The animation is very well done ,, not like some of the last animations I've watched last year ,, it does look professional, glamorous and easy on the eye.

The plot is familiar but again entertaining and put in a modern way, the script is very quick, very connected and definitely very funny which what added that bit originality of movie.

The movie is very recommended.
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Aladdin coming to China
Movi3DO13 June 2021
Aladdin has come to China, sort of.

Based on its own folk tale that is similar to Aladdin, a young man trying to reconnect with his childhood friend acquired a cup that spawned a dragon that could grant him 3 wishes.

Even though the premise sounded like an Aladdin copycat, the style and tone were completely different from the classic Arabian tale. The best aspect was the humor, which came mostly from the dragon, voiced by John Cho, experiencing the modern world. For the first half, I was laughing at the silly moments. The jokes weren't fancy or elaborated, but I'm a simple man, so goofy jokes were enough to get my facial muscles going.

The animation was pretty typical like the modern Disney animations. The dragon was fluffy and pink, which looked goofy.

The relationship between our main boy, Din, and the wish dragon was also another fun part. Again they were goofy and annoyed each other, which provided more funny jokes.

The weakest part was the story, which followed many tropes of a Disney-like animated movies. The theme follows a common yet valuable lesson that money can't buy happiness, and that people should cherish those around them. I did like the theme, but I didn't feel a lot of impact because of the predictable storyline and the theme itself, which was told a hundred of times before (but it's still important and relevant).

Overall, a simple, enjoyable, and funny story despite the predictable story and theme. 7/10.
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Great movie! One of my favourite!
natskywalker11 June 2021
Good Asian presentation of the Asian culture, family values and friendship. I think it's easily one of the best movie of 2021. Don't want to spoil anything for anyone so just give it a go, you will not regret it.
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atractiveeyes16 June 2021
Its main idea is taken from Aladdin and his genie so it has nothing original or special to deliver but it's still a very good enjoyable family movie. The story is beautiful, emotional and has a nice important message. The animation is so beautiful and characters are so likable. Wish Dragon is somehow a modern version of Aladdin, that kids and adults would enjoy.
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META! (Stories within stories)
daisyisabaker12 June 2021
A lot of audience members will unfortunately only see this as a "knock-off Aladdin".

But the only similarity is that the story involves a boy who finds a "genie".


I'm so happy that Chinese culture is finally getting mainstream representation.

There's a lot of hidden jokes that "laowais" won't understand, with lots of fun nods towards what you could typically find, whilst roaming through the districts surrounding the Pudong area of Shanghai. There's also Easter Eggs and references to other tales & myths such as the story of King Midas. The main plot point shares a similarity to Boys Over Flowers (amongst many other Korean Dramas too).


Fabulous voice cast, including those attributed to Crazy Rich Asians. Produced by the legendary Jackie Chan! Amazing soundtrack. Beautiful animation.

I wish a very well deserved Congratulations, to all of the cast, crew & supervisors who were involved in this production! I will definitely be watching this again!
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Its beauty is in the details. That's real China!
alicefontana-9743225 June 2021
I loved this movie! Everything is so real!

If you've ever been to China and Shanghai you can see that city, those people, that food... even the ads were the copy of real ones! I think Din is actually wearing Feiyue (a popular shoes' brand in China).

Plus, the story is amazing. For me, it's not a copy of Aladdin. It has some important lessons to teach about the inequalities among rich people and poor people. It shows the importance of friendship and family. It's the picture of modern China but has something to tell to Western countries too.

Needs to be seen: 10/10!
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One of greatest
dizielx12 April 2021
This is one of the best movies with a truly with deep meaning of live, love and money.
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Go watch it!
johanna-de-bellio16 June 2021
Absolutely loved this movie! I hope it gets the attention it deserves!!
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Harmless fun but could've been more profound...
sirwillisiv13 June 2021
Wish Dragon is serviceable, middle-of-the-road fare. The story is highly derivative of Aladdin but also mocks it and I found a handful of the jokes to hit, surprisingly so. I respected the more platonic take on that type of story. It's about someone who just wants to see their best friend again after so many years apart and I find that much more relatable and endearing than "love at first sight."

I enjoyed the animation. It's snappy, colorful and the environments are stylish and welcoming. With that said, I don't think the characters were strong enough to deliver its familiar but essential message about life's importance in a thought-provoking fashion.

I was really into Wish Dragon for the most part, like almost on a Pixar level. About 70% of the film is effectively character-driven but sadly it goes a formulaic, exposition-heavy route upon the third act and it ultimately works against the message it's trying to convey. With a redundant villain throwing a wrench in the works, too, it was kind of a letdown.

At the end of the day, though, despite its missed opportunities, Wish Dragon is harmless. The message is still relevant even if it wasn't told in the most profound manner. See it if you'd like, but I'd recommend watching Soul for a more grounded "meaning of life" story.
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It's fine
KristineHaase30 June 2021
It's fine, I felt the retelling of the exact same jokes from Disney's Aladdin kind of cringy but I guess either I'm a bigger Disney nerd than most others and they didn't catch that or they don't care. I'm all for retelling of same stories and myths, that doesn't bother me it was just the recycled jokes that bothered me. Needed better writing for sure.
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Surprisingly original and funny
alfredolepine12 June 2021
Going into this film I was worried it was going to be a soulless piece of entertainment for babies but after watching to the end it's quite funny and has a personality with a likeable array of Characters and with jokes for all ages. It's a good family film and if you have nothing to do I suggest you go give it a watch. It doesn't shake the industry and it's a bit predictable but it's a good time.
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This will teach life lession to our upcoming genration
partha-mahanta11 June 2021
Love it. Just love it. Must watch movie. An Asian Alladin.
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Magical: Visually Stunning and All-Around Enthralling!
chawk-7662316 June 2021
Sony has done it again and it has created another CGI animated Masterpiece in the same mold as Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse! I really liked the colors in this movie and the visual effects were stunning! This movie was a feast for my eyes! This was a very feel good family-oriented movie that also had a lot of Asian folklore and mythology in it which I love! Do yourselves a favor and watch this movie if you want to have fun! Very entertaining and this is what a movie is supposed to be like! Shear Magic and very Charming and whimsical! Apparently Jackie Chan produced this movie so expect great action scenes, of which there are many and this is a fun adventure! What a rush!
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Dragon wishes
legobuilderpro11 June 2021
The animation was really pretty and has really funny scenes involving Long the wish dragon, also a good voice cast.

I liked the main character and his funny dynamic with Long the wish dragon.
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Come on guys, this movie is not that bad after all!
electronictealfuzzy17 June 2021
Why is this movie an Aladdin ripoff? Well, the only reason why they say this movie is an Aladdin rip-off because of the plots being the same and copied everything. But for me, this movie is pure amazing and a blast! I saw that 3:09 am in the morning when it came out and I was surprised! Not only that, but the plot sure has a lot of detail and action into it. And learning to be realistic is the important lesson.

The movie has the perfect protagonist and antagonist also. Ever since I watched Aladdin when I was a kid, it was so inspiring for three wishes. So, I don't think this is an Aladdin ripoff at all, which means it's a modern-day version of a Chinese fairy tale.

It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, you are who you are. Money like between those two words are not important. What's important is believing in your heart and yourself top the whole world. The soundtrack is anime-like and the fighting scene was surely anime-like too such as "My Hero Academia" and "Dragon Ball Super". And Sony. Keep up the good work to your films!
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Quite an interesting film
crazychainsaw15 June 2021
I don't usually enjoy kids movies as much anymore but this one felt a bit different than a lot of them. The writing was a bit unique despite the plot seeming a bit simple and overall a good movie. Also, it taught a bit of a different lesson than most kids films.

My only complaints would be that some moments were a bit predictable and the animation could've had a bit more detail, not to mention in a few scenes the lip syncing was a bit off.

But at the end of the day, it's a nice family movie that your kids will love. So I recommend at least giving it a shot.
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I feel like I've seen this before....
gromit-3699911 June 2021
It's Aladdin. I mean, it's almost word for word Aladdin. Without songs.
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A well executed Aladdin inspired story - Just watch it.
ediyang12 June 2021
I was skeptical about this movie being so obviously similar to Aladdin. Whoever watch the trailer of Wish Dragon will immediately think of Aladdin and be like "now Chinese copying Aladdin. So original".

To be honest, it's really hard to find anything original nowadays. And who cares about originality when they can execute the story very well into something different?

It's a simple story about the meaning of life. Another reminder of what truly matters in life. Wealth isn't always the answer but being realistic is important too.

I love how they created this character Long Zhu. The dragon is so lovable. It gave me a good impression.

I really enjoyed this movie. Everything is predictable but in a good way. Very enjoyable. Watch this with your family and kids.
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Nice film with a familiar storyline from Disney
lisafordeay11 June 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Wish Dragon is a 2021 Sony Pictures Animation and Netflix animated fantasy starring Jimmy Wong and John Cho. The film is about a young boy named Din who's best friends with a girl since he was a kid. But when Nina and Din part ways,a few years later he decides to track her down. However all is about to change when Din stumbles across a mysterious teapot that unleashes a magical dragon who helps Din with his wishes.

Will Din find Nina and romance may spark between them or does he have to pretend to be something his not.

Now I know what your thinking hey this is Aladdin only set in China. And your correct it is a knock off of Aladdin. We've got a boy who's somewhat poor,we have him falling in love with a rich girl,he gets help from a magic dragon Long (voiced by John Cho)instead of a genie,and we have an evil dude who wants the mystic teapot. Oh and did I forget to tell you that dragon used to be a human(just like Will Smith's Genie from Aladdin 2019)who was transformed into a dragon.

Overall if you love Aladdin and How To Train Your Dragon then do check it out. I liked it despite the unoriginality of the plot.
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Best Movie of 2021
debnathchetan22 July 2021
Forget Raga & last dragon after watching this movie,,,Best movie of this year,feeling good & really enjoyed.
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Yes, it's an Aladdin ripoff
h-62007-2688819 July 2021
Warning: Spoilers
But does that make this garbage? Well, it certainly ain't good, but it didn't do enough to make me cringe, so that's a blessing in itself.

The film is about an amatuer poor boy named Din, who lives in modern day Shanghai in the poor homes. After coming across a magic teapot that contains a wish dragon, he and the dragon are on a personal mission to fulfill their destinies and the boy to win the heart of the girl. When people look at this story, many suspect that this is a ripoff of Aladdin, as it does have a similar plot structure to that story. However, since the folk tale is speculated to have originated from China, this could be considered as an Aladdin adaptation more than a copycat. But does that mean calling it a ripoff is inaccurate? NO. In fact, this film copies SEVERAL plot elements from the original source material shamelessly. Think about it. The guy with a crush on the rich girl. He finds a guardians who can grant him three wishes. There's also villains who want control of the teapot that try to kill the boy to get it. The girl has feelings for the boy before discovering he was lying about his identity. And more. Before you ask, no. I did NOT come into this movie trying to search for these similarities. I tried as HARD as I could to look at this as its own thing instead of a copycat of someone else. But these similarities are so noticeable that it's just MIND-BLOWING how an executive would think that this script was passable! Anyhow, there are good things this story did that make it work. For one, it does have some solid pacing, moving quickly to make sure it can effectively get out as much as possible in such a short running time, on top of also having some surprisingly effective action scenes in order to help elevate the intensity. Also, the heart is in the right place, especially when Din (Aladdin) wants to get together with Li Na (Jasmine) in order to reconnect with his childhood friend after years apart. So there is a touching side to things despite the lack of originality.

In general, I'll admit that what Sony did with the animation is pretty good. It's kind of like what Sony is known for doing mixed with a hint of a Dreamworks style, but it does look good and does use rubberhose effectively for playful moments. On top of that, I'll give credit to the scenes with Long that do look very nice, playing a lot with colors and giving full life onto the effects and his moments whenever they would occur. It's kind of like what they did with Soul but otherwise with a more pink color nature instead of a turquoise-blue mix. Nonetheless, even if it does have generic backgrounds and the style can feel more like it's taken off of Aladdin, but the animation still does a good job on its own.

Another credit I'll give this movie is the voice acting. At least for the most part. In general, most of them did fine like Jimmy Wong, Will Yun Lee, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Aaron Yoo, and John Cho. They do try their best with the materials they were given and it is nice that the film does have an all asian voice cast. Despite this, the others are clearly problematic. Some I guess are trying but are also having problems with the microphone quality, and others clearly needed TRAINING to be better. That and there's also Constanance Wu who I guess is not used to being in a recording studio.

Conclusion? Story that copies from Aladdin + terrible comedy + very nice animation + meh voice acting + China + a teapot + Sony Pictures Animation + Netflix = Wish Dragon.
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