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  • Part VI. 2008. The legalization of same-sex marriage has had a roller coaster of a ride. The latest victory was the California Supreme Court ruling that it is a constitutional right for people of the same sex to marry each other. That led to Proposition 8 on the November ballot in California, that proposition which would overturn the Supreme Court of California ruling if it passes, which it does by a narrow margin. While the younger generation of the LGBT community have a renewed energy in taking up the fight following the Prop 8 defeat, Cleve, who saw what happened during the AIDS crisis in gay and lesbian partners having no legal rights when it came to issues of their significant other, sees a bigger picture in that there should be civil liberties for all, a fight which he sees at the national congressional level. Chad Griffin, who entered the Prop 8 fight late in the game and who is aware of Cleve's intention, tries to confirm an unfounded rumor in taking a meeting with who would traditionally be seen as the enemy, conservative lawyer Ted Olson. Confirming that rumor, Chad enters the fray with a riskier but more expeditious idea to get to Cleve's end goal. Roma, a Board of Health commissioner in San Francisco, meets one of Diane's poor cancer patients at the hospital, she unable to receive health care because she can't pay for it. As such, Roma's new civil liberties fight is to work toward universal health care in the city, and not only have subsidized health care on a disease by disease basis which is currently the case. Annie, who now has a good relationship with her mothers, has just given birth for the first time, to a daughter named Justice. Annie and her long term boyfriend Jandro are finding that they are facing financial pressures which leads to a request by Annie which she would not even have considered ten years earlier. And Ken long ago rediscovered God in his life, the church which saved him during a crisis. The City of Refuge Church, which rents out space once a week in the church Ken attends, leads Ken to what he feels is his next mission, as much for himself as for the people on the receiving end: providing meaningful support to the trans community. Part VII. 2010. "Words have meaning" is stated by a few characters which will play specifically into Cleve, Diane, Roma and Annie's lives. With David Boies and Ted Olson at the legal helm, the fight to bring the results of Prop 8 to the US Supreme Court first has to be fought in a front of a judge at a California District Court. If that fight is lost, their journey ends in failure. If that fight is won and is successful in the US Supreme Court, it would mean civil liberties for the LGBT community in all fifty states, and not just California. As the pro Prop 8 side has hired a powerful and astute lawyer in Charles Cooper, Cleve is concerned that he has only called one marriage expert to testify, Cleve who cannot help but believe there being a surprise twist in their argument. Boies has his more knowledgeable theory on Cooper's reasons for having only one expert witness, which may be confirmed or refuted with the testimony of that expert, Dr. David Blankenhorn. David, Ted, Cleve and Chad's fight takes an unexpected turn when Roberta Kaplan enters the fray, she representing Edie Windsor, who was presented with a $363,000 estate tax bill upon the death of her female spouse. Windsor's case aims to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act itself. In the fight, David, Ted, Cleve, Chad and now Roberta know that they have to win the hearts of Americans, most specifically the one occupying the White House, he who they hope will make a public statement in support, which may be their most difficult challenge. Meanwhile Roma seems to be in a funk despite she having won the fight for universal health care in San Francisco. Annie is the one who can see what Roma needs. That result leads to Roma and Diane being even more invested in the fight at the Supreme Court. And Ken is dismayed that many of what he would like to accomplish at the City of Refuge Church, such as the provision of food and shelter, cannot happen within their limited funds. He turns to some old friends for help in that matter, and hopes to bring his new and old churches together in that fight for more comprehensive supports for the marginalized in the name of Christian love and acceptance.



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