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Season 2

Action Replay
Astra Force face a new villain Rok Tok who has the power to manipulate time. Our heroes must take care of this villain and his rag tag gang before they run out of time.
Pipers Payback
Kids all over the city are falling prey to a new app on their phones and tablets. Astra Force must find out who is behind this in order to save the kids.
An alien ring with evil powers crash-lands on Earth. It is then discovered by Vigyaani who uses it to don the alter ego of a villain calling himself Angoothilaal.
The Sticker Stickup
Astra Force come face to face with an ancient monster Azreal, who enslaves the warriors and beasts after defeating them in the battle. And this time he has his eyes on Astra Force.
My Friend Mullu
Astra Force find themselves tending to the heir of an Alien Royal family after he crash lands on Earth. But this cute little alien prince takes a special liking to Tara and becomes her invisible guardian.
When Natasha gets unlimited powers by finding the Gamma Stone, Astra Force try their best to both stop her and not to make her mad.
Dancing Turtle
A giant dancing Turtle lands in Megapolis and starts destroying the city with its funky dance moves. Astra Force need to put both their heads and dance moves together for this one.
Astra Force face off an evil alien villain who can control other people's bodies using Voodoo dolls.
Monster Ink
A popular ink brand is turning kids into monsters, and Astra Force have to diffuse this situation while doing their own homework.
Jabra Spider, a special alien arachnid can make its prey become a fan of the first person they see. Unfortunately, it bites Neal and he starts worshiping Natasha.
The Storyterror
A strange villain is kidnapping children only after sending them in their favorite fairy tales.
Red Dragon
A new restaurant in town is turning its patrons into fire spitting zombies.
Viral Fever
Vigyaani introduces two new villains - Pappa G and G-tes; two giant bugs with powers to spread viral fever.
Brocolli Invasion
Alien villain Broco-Lee is turning humans into cabbages and broccoli. Astra Force must defeat him before Neal is permanently turned into a vegetable that he despises.
Sumo Football
A strange furry alien lands on earth and with it come a team of giant aliens that look like Sumo Wrestlers. Astra Force are now stuck between Sumo like aliens who have decided to play a football match on Earth.
Villain School
A new villain The Headmaster opens a new school in the city that guarantees to teach tricks and tips to beat Astra Force.
They look like regular shadows but are deadly. Astra Force fight Grahano Aliens, the villains who could hide themselves in plain sight.
Vigyaani vs Vigyaani (Duplicates)
Vigyaani creates his own clone, but it backfires on him and the new and smarter Vigyaani sets out to dominate the world for himself.
From Hero to Zero
Kids are vanishing after playing a particular video game. Astra Force decide to find out the villain behind this.
And Chubbies
A crazy alien named Al Chubby is kidnapping humans to make them his slaves.
Jiiggy and Lolo
Vigyaani kidnaps a baby alien who has the power to decimate the whole city, and he uses it to attack Astra Force. But our heroes have a compassionate trick up their sleeves.
Shadow Adventures
With his new invention, Vigyaani can break anybody's shadow free from their body and make it do his bidding. This time Astra Force are fighting to win their shadows back.
No G
An alien who can control all the gadgets is attacking the Earth, and Astra Force are the only thing that stands between him and humanity.
Arrest Warrant
Two Space Officers are after Astra Force after they are seen looting and plundering various planets. But when our heroes face the charges, they have no idea what is going on.
Jail House Rocks
After learning about a power that could make him the strongest, Zukaan escapes the space prison. But Astra Force take the help of an unusual ally to bring him back in.
Furry Current
The Cats from Biloori Planets are back and this time, they are kidnapping all the cats of our planet for their devious and electrifying scheme.
Hot and Cold
Vigyaani sends Astra Force into the future where Earth is too hot and the humanity is about to be scorched. How will they save themselves and their home planet this time?
Spelling Bugs
The alien bees are again looting the city, but this time there is more than what meets the eye.
A shape shifting alien Roomo is out to get Astra Force and turn them into his personal henchmen.
Remote Control
Captain Zukaan controls Astra's body using a special device and makes him commit crimes for him.
What Happened to Astra Force?
Astra Force are no more, and the villains fight to take the credit of their destruction.
Rok Tok returns with a device that could freeze time, but is double crossed by his minions, the Baawla Brothers. Now he seeks Astra Force's help to put an end to Baawla Brother's reign of terror.
Clone War
Tara accidentally gets cloned, but the real problem arises when the clone decides to take real Tara's place and eliminate her.
Pet Attack
The humans are behaving like cats before mysteriously disappearing into thin air. And while Astra Force look all over for the culprit behind all this, the agent of evil is right under their nose.
Prison Break
Bada Ulra gets his hands on the Alpha Particle, that could help him dominate the world.
Lost & Found
The Go Go Aliens are back and this time they are stealing music from Earth.
Statue Game
The Collector returns to get even with Astra Force, and he wants them to be in his collection or the whole humanity will take their place.
To Be Deleted
Vigyaani invents a special computer that he could use to delete real things from the comfort of his chair.
Eye in the Sky
Astra Force are targeted by a UFO that is making them see things that aren't really there.
Pangoon gets his hands on a stone that brings bad luck who is holding them, and then he sets out to defeat Astra Force.
Breaking the News
Astra Force faces a new problem when their local news channel starts demonizing them.
Super Natasha
Vigyaani's attempt to make himself super smart backfired when his 'smart ray' accidentally hits Natasha. The newly turned genius Natasha then starts resolving all of Earth's problem and she thinks Astra Force is one of those.
Food Fight
The alien Ninja twins Bobu and Nobu are back and this time they are stealing all of Earth's food in ninja style.
A Whale of a Time
A big problem lands in Megapolis, a 100 tonnes big to be exact. And now Astra Force need to deal with this before Daaku Daddy and his gang of space bandits wreck havoc.
The Collector
An alien is collecting all the interesting species from all over the universe and his next target is Earth.
Epic Warrior
Vigyaani creates a Time Warrior Machine that could bring out the warriors from ancient and medieval times. And like any other of his inventions, he uses it against Astra Force.
No Fear
The city of Megapolis drowns in terror when everyone's worst fears start coming true to life. Astra Force will now not only have to save the city but also face their deep hidden fears.
The Earth Encounter
Astra Force wake up one day and find that their whole planet is missing. With their house floating in the dark infinite space they now have to find a way home.
The Haunted House
During a trekking competition, Astra Force and their friends find themselves in the middle of a ghostly invasion of strange aliens. Our heroes now have to save their friends, defeat the aliens and win the competition.
What's on Your Mind?
A strange device falls on earth from the deep space that could translate the hidden meaning behind a person's thought. Astra Force end up giving this device to Vigyaani before they learn how dangerous it is.
Happy Birthday Astra - Part 1
In the season finale, Astra Force face their most sinister villain and darkest fears. With several dreadful villains aiding the mysterious big boss, our heroes are joined by some of their trusted super friends.
Happy Birthday Astra - Part 2
In the season finale, Astra Force face their most sinister villain and darkest fears. With several dreadful villains aiding the mysterious big boss, our heroes are joined by some of their trusted super friends.

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