Surf's Up 2: WaveMania (Video 2017) Poster

(2017 Video)

Vince McMahon: Mr. McMahon



  • Mr. McMahon : I just wish you could milk a fish.

    [we go inside his mind and see him doing this] 

  • Mr. McMahon : [laughing]  You're afraid of heights?

  • Mr. McMahon : Alright, here's how this works. Don't panic, work as a team, and keep an eye out on each other. And we'll all make it through this.

    Tank 'The Shredder' Evans : Whoa!

    Hunter : Here we go, Tank. This is your last test. Mr. McMahon thinks you're a yellow-bellied coward.

    Tank 'The Shredder' Evans : But I told him...

    Hunter : What?

    Tank 'The Shredder' Evans : You were the real deal.

    Hunter : Don't let me down, Tank. Or we'll all die.

    Tank 'The Shredder' Evans : Do not...

    Mr. McMahon : I repeat, do not go rogue out there. We're all counting on each other. Got it?

  • Mr. McMahon : Come on, guys. We've got a lot of ground to cover. Remember what we talked about last night. After all, this journey isn't just about getting to the Trenches. One of you will be replacing me on the Hang 5. Those are some big shoes to fill, so show me you've got big feet.

    [raises his foot and wiggles his toes] 

  • Mr. McMahon : We'll be there in four, three, two...

    [a lobster grabs his head] 

    Mr. McMahon : Oh! Oh!

  • Mr. McMahon : This is the moment we've been waiting for!

    Paige : Whoa, this is amazing!

    Mr. McMahon : [laughing]  Let's ride!

  • Mr. McMahon : My friends, we finally made it. Behold, the Trenches.

  • Mr. McMahon : I told you from the start this kid's trouble. He almost got the chicken killed. That would have been on you, J.C.

    J.C. : Cody's not like that, Mr. McMahon. He just got carried away competing with Tank. That guy's been acting like a jerk the whole time.

    Mr. McMahon : I wanted to know how Cody deals with problems since you thought he was special. And now I know. We're a team, J.C. That kid doesn't care about anything other than winning. And he doesn't give two sand crabs about who gets in his way. Maybe that's what you saw in him back at Pen Gu. Have you thought about that?

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