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Good old fashioned T&A horror!
tobiasklaye20 May 2019
Reminds me of the schlock B grades i used to watch as a teenager...Don't expect any Oscar nominations, but well worth a watch when the wife is gone and you have pizza and beer...!
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Much better than I expected
kevinbielitza12 December 2018
When I met Ruggero Deodato at a film convention and we talked about his movies I thought that this one couldnt be that good just because of his age. And of course this is worse than Cannibal Holocaust by far. But his own style and sense of humor in this movie was actually good in my opinion. Many times I was surprised about absurd-seeming plots, but espacially these where what made the movie funny and interesting.
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Awful Screenplay Ruins Movie
Michael_Elliott4 March 2018
Ballad of Blood (2016)

* (out of 4)

It's the night after Halloween and Lenka (Carlotta Morelli), Jacopo (Gabriele Rossi), Duke (Edward Williams) and Elizabeth (Noemi Smorra) have been having sex and a wild time. Duke wakes up and discovers the dead body of Elizabeth but none of the three survivors know what happened. Pretty soon they try to uncover how Elizabeth ended up with a slashed throat but the tension begins to make all three crack.

CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST director Ruggero Deodato is back in a film that is being sold as a horror movie but it is in fact a murder mystery and sadly a very bad one at that. It's clear that Deodato was working with a very small budget and I must admit that the film looks a lot better and a lot more professional than 99% of the digital movies that I watch. With that said, there are some deadly flaws in the picture with one being the screenplay itself. This film was obviously inspired by the Meredith Kercher murder but that's a whole 'nother story.

The main issue with BALLAD OF BLOOD is the screenplay, which is just downright confusing at time and it never really grabs you and holds your interest. The fatal flaw of this film is that you've got three characters constantly talking, fighting and losing their minds and yet, as the viewer, you just don't care. You don't care about the characters. You don't care how Elizabeth died. You simply don't care about anything you're watching and it's impossible to stay focused on the film because there's just nothing there that makes you pay attention to what is happening.

Out of the cast I'd say Williams and Morelli come off the best. All of the actors are okay in their roles and I'd argue that they are good enough for a horror film but I don't think they're convincing enough for a murder mystery like this. Of course, the lack of anything to work with probably also played a factor. Deodato at least filled the movie with a lot of full frontal nudity as well as some bloody violence at times but this certainly didn't save the picture.

BALLAD OF BLOOD should have been so much better but sadly everything is lost in the screenplay and there's just not much in the film that actually works.
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Directed by Rugger-oh dear-odato.
BA_Harrison25 March 2017
If you thought that Cannibal Holocaust was the most traumatic film from director Ruggero Deodato, think again, because Ballad in Blood is far more upsetting, albeit for a very different reason: it marks a career low point for one of Italy's most infamous exploitation directors. In fact, it's so excruciatingly terrible that it even makes Dial: Help (1988) look good.

The film revolves around three wild revellers, Jacopo (Gabriele Rossi), Lenka (Carlotta Morelli) and Duke, who wake up following a heavy night of drink and drugs to find the dead body of friend Elizabeth (Noemi Smorra), her throat cut. Unable to recall the events of the night before, the trio try to work out what the hell happened, their frayed nerves slowly stretched to breaking point.

What sounds like a decent premise is told in such a disjointed manner, with zero attempt to explain characters' motivation, that it all proves extremely irritating. The central trio are all obnoxious, as are the supporting characters (which include a midget and a camp bloke wearing angel wings, and four cartoonish punks), and with the international cast mangling the English language, I frequently had the urge to give up and watch something else instead. Like a fool, though, I watched to the bitter end hoping it would get better; it didn't.

Deodato throws in plenty of gratuitous T&A—there's full frontal female nudity from the word go—and chucks in just a bit of splatter towards the end, but none of it helps. Ballad in Blood is a complete and utter mess of a movie from a once great director. Sad, really.
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alchemist20122 April 2017
I absolutely loved this film... Bonkers but Brilliant! I did not know quite what to expect when I started watching it, but from start to finish I was 'totally' hooked! When I saw that it was made by a famous Italian director (Ihave seen several of his horror films) I knew from the start this was going to be interesting. Great looking actors, good acting, beautiful scenery and a story-line that keeps you guessing. It has made me want to watch more of Ruggero's films and also to visit Italy! This film is 'never' dull. I will definitely be adding it to my DVD collection. If you like horror films you will love this...
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It's like a bad Scooby-Doo with Crack Heads and Mr. T
vampture8 March 2020
Black guy bullies white European kids with a super annoying Sam Jackson from Pulp Fiction impression, but isn't funny. Maybe it's more Mr. T?

Crack.. some poorly portrayed goth kids... gypsies... lots of boobs. However, all the boobs are really good. I'd be remiss if I didn't give Rugger props for really finding actresses with fantastic boobs.
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mjsreg16 June 2019
Right from the very beginning this is total trash. The only reason I gave it three stars is because the cinematography is quite good - apart from that, this film is bad in every respect.

The majority of the acting is some of the worst I have ever seen. Every character is way over the top to an irritating extent.

The story is pointless and really doesn't flow. The ending soon becomes obvious with no suspense or red herrings to keep you thinking or engaged in the story.

This is nowhere near the standard of Italian horror directors of the past - which is what Deodato seems to be trying to aspire to - he is a long, long, way off.

Not worth watching.
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Could be worse.
mig-4771821 January 2022
Usually directors coming back after such a long break looses a lot of their touch but this isn't the absolute worst case about it. It's shot relatively well and there's surprisingly no usages of CGi gore(looking at you Dario) and the t & a is nice. However the story and dialog suffer the most even for genre film standard and it does have long stretches of boring "whodunnit" moments. I would only recommend this if you're so ever curious or have no better use of your time, otherwise, seek other sleaze gore fest. 4.5/10.
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