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A pill that's easy to swallow but difficult to enjoy
Stay_away_from_the_Metropol17 September 2019
My primary thought is that I'm happy someone made a film that shines a spotlight on a very serious problem currently becoming more common amongst sex workers. As a sex worker myself, I am exposed to the perspectives and activities of a wide array of sex workers on a daily basis. I have observed an increasing amount of sex workers who feel validated in their decisions to become con-artists, bragging proudly about robbing their own clients. While I'm happy that this is starting to be discussed in the mainstream media, that doesn't mean it's a pleasant thing to observe. It's tragic that in an era when sex work does seem to be getting to a place where it's more openly accepted, we have unabashed behavior like this which is going to make people second guess any progress we may have established thus far - it's heavily counterproductive. Overall, the movie mostly just made me feel frustrated, sad, and worried for the future - but it was the correlation to reality that I couldn't get off of my mind. I wasn't very enveloped in the world of the film itself - mostly just reminded of my worries regarding the industry and the way it's pupils and society will carry on being effected by on another from here on out.

As a film alone, it was okay. The performances were sufficient but nothing that stood out, which is more a result of the writing. Uninteresting characters caught up in uninteresting events. Overall, the plot FEELS like it should be entertaining, but the movie is a bit redundant - once you get into the thick of it, you're basically watching a repetitive cycle with not much movement to it. And as it goes on, you kind of like the characters less and less, with no real conflicting energies - so it kind of just gets worse as it goes. The movie could have use some cutting - there's not enough depth or complexity to it to validate a nearly 2 hour run time, unfortunately.

The movie did have a handful of very amusing moments, but it was not enough to redeem the thing as a whole. It's not a bad movie, but it's also not a good movie...
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Lopez Steals the Show but Solid Acting and Camaraderie Makes Hustlers Entertaining
CANpatbuck366414 October 2019
When you're watching a movie about bad people doing bad things (gangster movies, financial crime pictures etc.) its naturally hard to sympathize with the characters. The movie has to do the extra work so you can picture walking in their shoes so you can see why the characters are doing what they're doing. My blueprint for accomplishing this (or the best template to follow) is the Martin Scorsese comedy The Wolf of Wall Street. Jordan Belfort (the protagonist played by Leonardo DiCaprio) and his buddy are TERRIBLE human beings, they're criminals, they're bigots and sexists and they don't care whose lives their ruining to get what they want (bigger parties, more women and most of all more money). But the ride is so crazy and watching them just splurge on anything and everything, its so fun that you let go of your morality just to join them on this journey. This is something that Hustlers manages to do and if this hadn't been accomplished, the movie would have dropped like a stone. The actions of Ramona (Jennifer Lopez), Destiny (Constance Wu) and their partners in crime are awful, sure their victims are @$$holes, but they're still drugging them, stealing all of their money then using their positions as strippers to shame them into not reporting them. If the genders were switched, this would be a horror movie. Luckily, the camaraderie between the girls is so strong and its so fun to watch them enjoy the fruits of their labours, you can put the morality of their actions aside and just follow them. I enjoyed watching this movie just for the performances and the vibe it exudes with these women pulling one over on "The Man."

I try to never count actors or actresses out, you never know if they're going to get that rebound role that suits their talents or if they just haven't been pitched on that movie that will make their career. Maybe they're taking gigs just for the paycheque? For example, I really disliked Robert Pattison and then I saw him in Water for Elephants and The Lost City of Z and I realized that maybe he wasn't a hack after all. Jennifer Lopez is another performer who falls in this category for me. She's always been beautiful but I've never liked her work as an actress or as a singer. Hustlers was that movie that changed my mind about her. The movie highlights how stunning she is but I thought her performance in this was excellent. She commanded the screen, she exuded power and confidence whenever the camera was on her and she made you want to believe in Ramona even after she turned the corner. She also had really good chemistry with Wu and the rest of the cast. I applaud her for her work here, I don't know if she'll win an Oscar but this is the best work I've seen from her and I wouldn't be surprised if there's some award recognition her future.

This is not to sell Wu short either, this is a big departure from Crazy Rich Asians and Hustlers shows she has a lot of range. I already mentioned that Lopez and her work well together butWu helps carry the viewer through this wild ride. She manages to be funny but she also digs deep in the more serious moments. This is solid work for sure. The supporting cast was really good across the board. I want to credit Keke Palmer, Lili Reinhart, Julia Stiles (who is good but very low key) and Mercedes Ruehl for performing capably and they all had their moments. The only one I'll single out is Cardi B, she isn't bad but she's playing it up really hard and she could have toned it down just a little.

This movie does have some minor hurdles to get over. The first is the aforementioned morality problem which the movie both addresses but also sweeps under the rug. I didn't have a problem with it but it is a present issue. The next is that if you take a step back and look at the arc of the plot, this is also the generic rise and fall gangster story. Its filmed beautifully and its a lot of fun, but if you need something wholly original, this movie doesn't cut it. My final point is that they really rush the segment where the girls get their comeuppance. The movie ends like someone skimming the last few pages and then slams the book shut. I don't know if they thought it was running long and they needed to wrap it up or if that just wasn't the focus but it ends pretty abruptly.

I enjoyed this more than I expected to. I did get to the movie 5-10 minutes late, I saw this with a friend and we entered right when JLO was doing her first dance (it was an awkward moment to enter when you're seeing this with a female friend). It does follow the same beats as a lot of other stories but I credit director Lorene Scafaria and her creative team for finding a new angle on this type of story and the cinematography is noteworthy for a movie that just takes place in the city. Hustlers isn't flawless but it more than does enough to get the job done. If the subject matter doesn't make you squeamish (which it shouldn't... maybe don't watch this with the kids though) check it out on your preferred streaming service. I would tell you to see it in the theatre but I'm late getting this review up and its probably gone by now.
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One Big Surprise
imjaredross13 November 2019
I've seen this film getting constant hate before it's release and I honestly did not understand why and upon watching it for myself, I really don't understand. Hustlers is one of the most surprising films of the year with an intriguing true story and stellar performances with a possible career best performance from Jennifer Lopez.

The film follows a group of strippers as they hustler their way to the top to get back at Wall Street men that frequent their club as they try to make their lives better. It's a simple story, there's nothing particularly flashy about it and that's what works about it.

Hustlers settles for something interesting, but never goes into the gritty details and that's perfectly fine. It's just trying to have a lot of fun with itself and that is brought out by these performances. Constance Wu continues her great work in this film and truly is the heart of the film and her friendship with Jennifer Lopez's character is phenomenal. Speaking of Lopez she is excellent in this film. She gives an unhinged performance that only she could have pulled off in this way.

The film manages to be fun and enjoyable while also touching on ideas of poverty and the 99%. It's never super deep, but it doesn't seem to be going for that. It's unhinged at times and can be a funny film as well. It just manages to work and flow into a very entertaining ride.
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HotToastyRag23 March 2021
The beginning scenes of Hustlers show an un-sugar-coated view of strippers at a low-class club. In a crowded "dressing room", the girls talk about their bodies as the pieces of equipment they are, they aren't shy, they look used and beaten down, and the clientele and atmosphere are so sleazy, it makes you feel like you'll catch something merely by watching it. Then Jennifer Lopez shows up. She's beautiful, sexy, confident, savvy, entitled - basically, she's Jennifer Lopez.

There was such a buzz during last year's awards season, claiming she'd been snubbed by not getting a Best Supporting Actress nomination. But she didn't do any acting! She's been an entertainer for thirty years, so for thirty years, she's been beautiful, sexy, confident, and savvy. She may not feel entitled on the inside, but her outward persona certainly isn't humble. In Hustlers, she may not be the same character she was in The Wedding Planner, but she's not any different than the entertainer giving concerts since the 1990s. And although she had all the moves and said all her lines correctly, she was out of place. Constance Wu, the actual lead of the movie despite the lack of buzz about her performance, had a constant self-hatred in her eyes that showed she didn't think she was worth anything more than the life of a stripper. Several girls in the supporting cast looked completely filthy, like they've been through the wringer every night for twenty years, and they had a deadened look in their eyes. Girls who become strippers don't believe they're worth a different life. They aren't beautiful, with sensational figures, and they don't live a glamorous life. Before Jennifer Lopez entered the picture, Hustlers was on track to showing it like it really is, but she didn't look like she'd spent a single night in such a dive bar. She seemed like a high-class call girl - and there's a huge difference.

While most female viewers will find the glamorization of the featured strippers disgusting, I was more sickened by how they chose to spend their money. Did they save it for a down payment on a house, invest it, start a college fund? No, they spent it on expensive clothes, shoes, handbags, and fur coats. I wouldn't really recommend this movie for female audiences. It was clearly only made for men to drool over practically naked women bumping and grinding against a stripper pole and on clients' laps. There's a shocking lack of character development to show that the women who would choose such a life would have massive problems. Instead of an actual story, there's a quick caper of dropping drugs into men's drinks and robbing their credit cards, mixed in with scantily clad, titillating stripteases by beautiful women. Was there any man who watched this movie who thought badly of Jennifer Lopez and her gang? Or did they think, "Gee, I'd give up a few thousand dollars to have a fun night with those girls"? My money's on the latter.

DLM Warning: If you suffer from vertigo or dizzy spells, like my mom does, this movie might not be your friend. There's a bit of handheld camera in some scenes, and that will make you sick. In other words, "Don't Look, Mom!"

Kiddy Warning: Obviously, you have control over your own children. However, due to language, nudity, and sexual content, I wouldn't let my kids watch it.
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Expected more
muamba_eats_toast25 September 2019
After seeing some of the big praise the film has had including talks of Oscar nominations for Lopez I expected a lot lot more from the film. It was still ok but reasonably good rather than anything exceptional with multiple flaws.
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Mediocre at best
DylanMcChillin16 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This movie wasn't the worst one that I've ever seen. That being said, it certainly wasn't the best. The problem is that the director tried too hard to make the actresses look sexy and shied too much away from character development. Each character ended up being a shallow figure whose biggest strengths were her dance moves. In this day and age I would've expected something far better.
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J.Lo shines in gritty yet funny stripper drama
paul-allaer21 September 2019
"Hustlers" (2019 release; 110 min.) is "Inspired By a True Story", we are reminded at the beginning. As the movie opens, it is "2007" and an Asian-American girl named Dorothy is getting ready for work at a strip club. Then a Latina woman named Ramona makes her grand entrance and does a spectacular pole dance as Fiona Apple's "Criminal" blasts from the speakers. Duly impressed, Dorothy reaches out to Ramona for some dancing tips, and the two hit it off. We then go to "2014" where we see Dorothy being interviewed by a journalist... At this point we are 10 min. into the movie, but to tell you more of the plot would spoil your viewing experience, you'll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out.

Couple of comments: this is the latest movie from writer-director Lorene Scafaria, whose "Seeking a Friend For the End of the World" some years ago was one of my favorite movies of that year. Here she takes a New York magazine article and turns it into a wild, wild movie. Beware: not much is left to the imagination. The grand entrance of Jennifer Lopez in that opening scene's pole dance is nothing short of stunning. In fact, the same can be said about Lopez's overall performance, which should be Oscar nomination-worthy, and certainly is a career-best performance. Lopez turned 50 this year, and looks about 35. She takes control of the movie, and requests, makes that demands, your attention. You are more than happy to give it to her. Constance Wu, Keke Palmer, and Lili Reinhardt round out the primary performers. Check out Cardi B and Lizzo (part of the strip gang). When a movie's principal set is a strip club, you can expect a lot of fist-pumping music, and the movie more than delivers on that level. In addition to the aforementioned Fiona, there are songs from Britney Spears, Janet Jackson ("Control", of course), Fat Joe, Queen She, 50 Cent, and many, many more.

"Hustlers" premiered a few weeks ago at the Toronto International Film Festival to immediate acclaim, and was released wide last weekend (outperforming expectations at the box office). The Saturday matinee screening where I saw this at here in Cincinnati in its second weekend of release was attended very nicely (a good 30 people in a small room). If you have an interest in seeing a gritty yet funny stripper drama starring an Oscar nomination-worthy Jennifer Lopez, I'd readily suggest you check this out, be it in the theater, on VOD, or eventually on DVD/Blu-ray, and draw your own conclusion.
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The Cinematic Equivalent Of Getting A Lap Dance
CinemaClown5 December 2019
Crafted with passion, told with compassion & exhibiting a finer understanding of the subject matter to catapult itself above its counterparts and into the spotlight, Hustlers brims with an infectious charm & unbridled energy that makes it a fun & entertaining delight, and earns huge tips on the strength of its charismatic ladies.

Written & directed by Lorene Scafaria, the film is as flashy & fleshy as one expects it to be but there is also an emotional sincerity to it that adds depth & richness to both its plot & characters. There's a whole lot of stripteasing in here yet all of it is captured in a manner that advances their arcs while strengthening the sisterhood bond they share.

Looking past the skimpy dress & erotic moves, Scafaria shows these women as no different from employees in any other profession, all trying to make a living. Also, the premise of them robbing the people who caused the global financial collapse is one that makes it easy for us to invest in their schemes, however it isn't allowed to continue without repercussions.

Another aspect that stands out is the ideal chemistry between the leading ladies, for it's got an authentic vibe to it that makes them believable as a crew, and their collective interactions are very interesting as well. Jennifer Lopes steals the show with a strong, sensual & scintillating career-best performance that towers above all while Constance Wu does enough to hold her own.

On an overall scale, Hustlers takes its viewers on a backstage tour of strip clubs & all that unfolds there, and also attempts to dismantle the stereotypes society has regarding strippers. Though there are times when the film gets repetitive, Lorene Scafaria's confident direction, Jennifer Lopez's charismatic rendition, and its teasing, invigorating & boisterous aura makes Hustlers a thoroughly entertaining delight that none should miss.
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'If we don't do it someone else will'...
Xstal21 April 2020
Tables (and poles) well and truly turned with not altogether unpredictable consequences.
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Expected more
nichelsearobinson-1855217 September 2019
Given that I read the article written by Jessica Pressler and seen the 20/20 The Hustler documentary, the movie left me unfilled. By any means not saying what these women did was right but three women hustling rich Wall Street men out of their money was fascinating but the way this movie was told was too hollywood. Here's what I thought was missing and didn't make sense. The 20/20 documentary gave me more insight than the movie. I had more respect for these women. They were like the wolf on Wall Street, three women hustling Wall Street men out of their credit cards. But watching the movie I didn't see that. There were good laughs here and there but I walked away without a complete story. This movie had too many big names and wasn't focusing on the storytelling. If this film had did more research and took more time, this could have been bigger than wolf on Wall Street. Their story was in a continuous loop of the crime rather than getting to the root of why it really started in the first place. Working at gentleman's club is not all glamours and these women don't go after their money because of the stock market crash. This film did not have a lot substance for me to want to see again. Second movie JLo has produce that I was disappointed.
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Dorothy in the Land of Oz
lavatch14 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
In one sense, the word hustle implies extra effort like an outfielder diving for a ball. But in another sense, a hustler is someone who uses trickery and deception for personal gain. This film tends to glorify a group of women who are denoted primarily by the second inference of the word hustle.

In the commentary track of the DVD of "Hustlers," the film's director, Lorene Scafaria, recalled that she insisted that the dance scenes be filmed in a real strip club in Long Island. The director's goal was for a gritty realism to tell the story a small group of women working in the nightclub, inspired by a true account. But the film lacked an essential objectivity on the part of the filmmaker, who takes a partisan view in support of women who committed felony offenses and basically got away with them in the end.

The film is told through confessions of Dorothy (Destiny), one of the dancers, in conversation with a female journalist. But even the writer is anything but impartial in her coverage of the story. The journalist did not even feel sorry for the men whom the women drugged, rolled, and robbed of hundreds of thousands of dollars. One scene depicts a man staggering from the effects of his spiked drink. While unaware that he had been slipped a roofie, the wobbly man falls on a glass table that shatters, leaving the viewer wondering if he was cut and potentially bled to death after the incident.

Any viewer would have empathy for the women hustlers in the film, based on their hardscrabble upbringings and the pressures that resulted from broken families. But there are limits to our compassion when the film takes a turn into the dark area of crime. The ringleader Ramona (Jennifer Lopez) comes up with her "recipe" for success to manufacture a drug out of her home that will be laced into the men's drinks. When the men pass out, the women use their personal and corporate credit cards to rob them blind. The women are confident that the guilt-ridden and humiliated men will be unlikely to go the police under these circumstances.

The film sought to portray the women as a sisterhood, as we see them bond, go on shopping sprees, and have wild and costly celebrations. A memorable moment is when Dorothy curls up with Ramona under her large fur coat. How adorable! When the client base takes a hit after the 2008 recession, Ramona decides to create a "side hustle" using her special recipe. Under the spell of the charismatic older woman, the gullible Dorothy falls for the plan and becomes enmeshed in a never-ending cycle of crime.

The cycle finally comes to an end with the case of Doug, who was robbed blind on his corporate credit card, fired from his job, divorced by his wife, and finally took his case to the police. One of the more shocking revelations of the film is that the women on whom the story is based spent virtually no time in jail for their transgressions. In the aftermath of the sisterhood, it appears that Dorothy will be entering the pharmaceutical field! Heaven help us all with Dorothy moving into the area of pharma after spending a good chunk of her adult life in the Land of Oz.
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Form your own opinion
dani_pekar3 November 2019
I don't understand the reviews on this site. This movie is definitely not a 1. I came out of the cinema loving it.

At no point during did I feel like the main players were hero's, but neither were they villains. And I feel like that was the point. You were meant to feel uncomfortable with the decisions they made. It's not a movie about girl power. It's about these women reacting to the circumstances they were put in.

The great thing about it is that it is solely focused on the women and their stories. All the men in the movie are background pieces. They are there to play a specific role but that's all, they don't particularly matter except for what they add to the women. For me, that is what is "girl power".
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We Were Hurricanes
ThomasDrufke6 October 2019
Fair or not, Hustlers is very much Goodfellas with strippers, but that's not a criticism necessarily, but more of just a comment on the structure and tone of the story. When following main characters that are criminals, more often than not the film shows the rise and fall, and Hustlers is no different as the rise is far more captivating than the latter. I haven't seen a ton of Jennifer Lopez performances, but Hustlers is far and away the best she's ever been. The sequence on the pole that everyone is talking about just goes to show you how impressive she can be as a presence without saying many lines. Is she good enough to warrant a nomination? I'm not sure about that, but it's worth the discussion. The bottom line being that Hustlers is a story that should be told and I'm thrilled it was.

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A truly dreadful film with very few redeeming features
coombsstephen24 September 2019
I have to put my hands up and say as a 50 year old man, in hindsight, maybe I was completely the wrong demographic for this film although the trailers didn't lead me to think that.

The film has very little story and no twists, in fact if you saw the trailer then you just about have it. There is little depth to the characters and some of the scenes are just ridiculous.

If you love a scene where girls walk towards the camera in slow motion and perfect synchronicity, then you in for a treat, it happens about 10 times!
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rnixon-1566319 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Hustlers 2019 15 director: Lorene Scafaria starring: Jennifer Lopez,Constance Wu,Keke Palmer,Cardi B,Lizzo,Julia stiles,Lili reinhart etc

overall rating 91/100

Hustlers is based around Destiny ( Constance Wu) who is trying to make a living at a strip club for her grandma. And When Ramona ( jennifer lopez) gives her an opportunity to make more money by getting money from the men who wronged them in the past they form not only a friendship but a business. Hustlers really surprised me at the quality of the film. It was not just a film about strippers. There was depth,importance and a certain cleverness in the plot and script that makes this film important lets talk about this.

First of all the film was actually really funny in multiple places. The humour felt more natural instead of forced due to the connection all the characters had there humour was like any other close friendship in real life so it made the characters more relatable and easy to connect to. Plus i would definitely say Cardi b and Jennifer lopez definitely bought the most amount of humour to the film despite everyone doing a good job.

Next i thought the acting performances here were fantastic. Particularly highlighting cardi B,Jennifer lopez and constance wu. Cardi B despite her lack of screen time went all out in displaying her bubbly and wild personality and for this type of film it just worked and due to her past career she would of been in her comfort zone so this kind of role really suited her. Next constance Wu. She was fantastic in Hustlers. She really sold the emotional moments of the film,but yet also had a very likeable charm throughout that made you like her character and respect her decisions. And finally for Jennifer Lopez undeniably the best performance in the film and in her career. she oozed leading women material as soon as she set on the camera and this kind of attitude stayed throughout the whole film. She was somebody that all the characters could look up to and go to for support. This should really give Jlo a lot more respect as an actor and more movie roles should be coming her way. However i do have to say that some characters in my opinion were underused. Cardi Bs character was so likeable that i would of loved to of seen her in the film more as well as Lizzos character they unfortunately were only used in about 2/3 scenes and i just thought they could of been used more frequently.

Next i loved i loved that the film had diversity and its soundtrack was fantastic. I just liked that there was a nice diverse cast which should be the norm in films these days but unfortunately is still a rarity so i am glad that there was cast members from multiple different countries and races. Next the soundtrack was fantastic. The music fitted with each scene and just made the film more entertaining in places.

My last slight negative would be that there was a really random cameo from Usher. It just didn't really fit in with the film and felt very out of place for me but i can get how it works in other peoples eyes.

But now for my last few big positives. First of all they had a good balance of having dislikeable characters vs having sympathy for the victims. Having the inhabitants of the strip club being rude old rich people really made you dislike them and not mind what the women would do to them so therefore there characters were more likeable. But also the film shared a good message of karma always comes back around to you. The gang got to power hungry and started stealing money from sweet innocent men that had families so it had a healthy balance of them both. And finally the film had really good character arcs. All the strippers actually had personalities and wasn't just used for meat as they didn't allow the men to manipulate them. It just was a fresh change and i think gave women that perhaps aren't viewed highly a voice. The characters did there jobs to feed there families and to look after them. Like Destiny ( Constance wu) had her grandma and eventually a child to look after and Ramona ( Jennifer lopez) also had a child that she loved and was willing to get extra cash. So the film did really well with going against gender stereotypes and it really worked for me.

Overall Hustlers is a hilarious,surprisingly clever and different type of film filled with excellent performances that deserves all the positive attention its getting.
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Great performances, decent directing, amateur writing, terrible editing
Top_Dawg_Critic15 September 2019
J-Lo was amazing in this role, as was Constance Wu, but novice writer and director Lorene Scafaria did an ok job directing, but the screenplay was garbage, with many plot and technical issues, especially towards the end. The pacing was too slow for the story, and the 110 min run-time felt like 3 hours. And the abrupt scene cuts by editor Kayla Emter... a kindergartener with plastic scissors could've done a better job. Aside from this being based on real events and (surprisingly also cast) Cardi B's acknowledgement she's done this, I do agree that this "girl power" garbage has got out of hand. I wasn't impressed with all the gal's playing victims and none of the men they robbed weren't. Clearly a one sided opinion coming from an entirely all-female production. That alone lost points from me. This film is not even close to the fake 10's - it's barely at best a 7/10, but also not worthy of all the 1's and 2's (production value alone is at least a 4). It's an honest 6/10 from me, most points for the leads performances.
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JoBloTheMovieCritic14 September 2019
10/10 - I've been waiting a while for this one and it did not disappoint: these ladies absolutely killed it both behind and in front of the camera in creating sympathetic characters with an awesome story to tell
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Film Review: Hustlers - A stylish saga about the cost of greed.
onesixtyreviews19 October 2019
Lorene Scafaria absolutely kills it. Hustlers is a well written, tremendously directed film. The co-leads in Constance Wu (Crazy Rich Asians) and Jennifer Lopez (Jenny from the block...) act their asses off. For a $20 million production this film looks huge and glossy. It's everything you want your trip to the movies to be. Worth the price of admission and engaging enough to justify the large coke and popcorn.

I felt like for a portion of the film that some characters were forgotten about. They felt key to the character's motivations but went missing. These threads were picked up again however and it resolved my biggest gripe. The cast is quite large especially during the films first act. More and more cast members are added as the film progresses and the initial ensemble is made redundant by the plot. The girls were so charming at the start that I wish they'd found their way back into the story. This isn't a criticism so much as a wish for more of a good thing.

My experience seeing this movie was my main takeaway. I'm a self-professed film geek. Often when I head to the pictures I'm flying solo because my One Sixty cohort Shane is busy or finding like minded film fans is hard to come by where live. It's not uncommon to see a few other guys watching the film by themselves as well. What I saw during Hustlers was sort of unprecedented out in the 'burbs where I live (at least in my experience). I saw many women, by themselves, in the cinema seeking this film. Young and old alike.

It's no great mystery that movies are made, at least marketed, with men/boys in mind. Great inroads have been made in changing the opinion that they are solely for men and Hustlers seems like a huge leap forward in defeating this stigma. Whilst I was watching the movie the sense that this movie wasn't trying to appeal to my more basic man-brain became increasingly apparent. The movie wasn't exploitive of its female cast. It told the story as it was, it didn't fantasise.

I felt refreshed seeing a movie that I wasn't the target audience for. Seeing a movie that could easily have fallen into the trappings of becoming a male fantasy movie. Instead it was a female story. Told as it was. I am absolutely here for more mature movies that aren't just about the white male experience. As his history shows in order for anything to survive becoming stagnated it need diversity. We need more stories from more people. We need more stories from Lorene Scafaria.

A film about greed, told with grace:

4/5 Stars
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I thought this was just gonna be another oceans movie. Boy was I wrong
blazesuncaster18 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Man. I went into this movie thinking that it was gonna be a heaping pile. I was wrong. This is the story about a group of strippers who don't agree with the work that Wall Street is doing and that there stealing peoples money, so they take it into there own hands by "Hustling" people and stealing there money by drugging them. This movie explains how hard it really is to get a job out in the world, they show the characters trying to find work but fails and then goes back to stripping for a living. This was a sad movie, and it was just heart breaking at some parts. Just like. Think of your worst day ever. And then just keep adding worst things to it. That's what these people feel. Heart break is the key aspect of this movie. And also stripping. The one thing I didn't like about it was that they put Cardi B in it. The only reason I could see them doing that is because she used to be a stripper before she became a rapper. I just thought her acting was bland. Good for Cardi but bad for acting. Over all this movie was honestly really good, I had a blast watching it with my friend.
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A Brilliant Slice of Life of Female Survival
tabuno16 September 2019
Constance Wu who shot to fame for her starring role in the American Asian breakout film Crazy Rich Asian (2018) appears to have the lead role in this movie even though Jennifer Lopez has a starring role and the possibility of her receiving an Oscar nomination that has been talked up. This female directed and written movie by Lorene Scafaria along with co-producing credits going to Lopez and interestingly enough Will Ferrell displays on screen an edgy and authentically, finely balanced mood and tone film imbued with both sharp drama and a genuine comedic humor rarely enveloped into one movie. While there are a lot of titillating suggestive scenes, this movie avoids the glamorization of the striptease unlike that overly stylized in the musical and Oscar winning Chicago (2002). Instead Hustlers focuses on a raw look at women living a life that is both hard and reflective of the struggle that every woman faces, including the responsibility of caring for one another and their children. This amazing and compelling experience of a slice of life is powerful and sensitive portrayal of the connections and the travails of the lives of what seems to amount to be essentially single women living in a high-stakes life in an effort to survive. The only weaknesses that stand out are the absence of a more descriptive understanding of Wu's interaction with her boyfriend and their evolving relationship and Lopez's apparent willingness to retain a connection with one of her more questionable hustlers.
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I can't say I enjoyed this movie, even not with all those goodlooking women shaking their bits.
deloudelouvain5 February 2020
Hustlers, inspired by true events if you have to believe them, but the truth is that I have serious doubts that this all happened like they showed us. Men (pathetic ones) losing big amounts of cash by watching women (goodlooking ones) shaking their ass and flashing their boobs, all that without having intercourse, that's just really hard to believe. Other than the story, that is pretty boring and repetitive, the only thing you get to see is a bunch of women being full of themselves, having giggling pajama parties by themselves, rather boring to watch if you ask me. As for the acting, it is what it is, Jennifer Lopez isn't and will never be a good actress, she has a killer body, certainly for her age, but acting is just not one of her skills. As for the moral of the story, if a bunch of men drugged women and stole all their money they would all be in jail, in this movie you just get the feeling the law isn't the same for both sexes.
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jboothmillard22 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This film, inspired by a true viral New York Magazine article, was getting a lot of attention, including talks of Oscar nominations, and being described as something like The Wolf of Wall Street, so I was really interested, written and directed by Lorene Scafaria (Seeking a Friend for the End of the World). Basically, former New York City-based stripper Dorothy (Constance Wu) is being interviewed by journalist Elizabeth (Julia Stiles), a journalist working on a story involving her former friend and mentor, Ramona Vega (Jennifer Lopez, also producing). In 2007, Dorothy, known by the stripper name Destiny, is working at a strip club to support her Grandmother (Wai Ching Ho) but is barely getting by. Dorothy watches a performance by popular stripper Ramona, they meet on the rooftop and hit it off. Romana takes Dorothy under her wing to teach her all the moves and to recognise the three different types of customers. The first type are stingy insecure men who can be for weeks if not months can be strung along, the second type are frequent regulars at the club, and the third type are CEOs, bankers, and hedge funders ready to spend thousands for a good night. Together, Dorothy and Ramona make a formidable team targeting their third type of clients, with Dorothy learning to enjoy her newly acquired wealth. In 2008, the financial crisis strikes, the club loses business and Dorothy and Ramona find themselves short on cash. Dorothy's boyfriend abandons her, and she is unable to find a new job. With no other options, Dorothy tries to return to stripping, but her old club is now used for prostitution, which she is unwilling to enter. Ramona, with fellow strippers Mercedes (Keke Palmer) and Annabelle (Lili Reinhart), introduces Dorothy to a new scheme: targeting rich men at bars, getting them drunk, and then escorting them to the club where the girls steal their credit card numbers and charge them to their limit. Dorothy joins them and learns that Ramona has also been using drugs like ketamine and MDMA to give their customers memory loss and impair their judgements. Dorothy argues that drugging the men is worth the risk since none of their victims will not want to be humiliated, admitting to being robbed by strippers or going to the police. The scheme seems to work, but some of the targets prove to be too aggressive, so they bring in other girls, who are carefully trained to avoid drinking or using drugs. Ramona's partnership with the club makes the credit card fraud lucrative for them, all workers are given their cut of the profits. But cracks start to form in the operation, when other strippers start copying them. A furious Ramona cuts business ties with the club, and the group service clients in hotels and their homes, they split the earnings between themselves. Following Christmas, the girls become increasingly unreliable, so Ramona brings in strippers with drug problems and prior criminal convictions to replace them, something Dorothy feels is extremely risky. Dorothy's fears prove true when a client nearly dies and she is forced to take him to the hospital while another girl, Dawn (The Handmaid's Tale's Madeline Brewer), needs bailing out of jail. Dorothy returns home one day and finds her grandmother has died. At the funeral, Ramona promises to take care of her from now on. In 2014, Dorothy becomes uncomfortable when Elizabeth insists on talking about Ramona and stops the interview, telling her to leave. Elizabeth returns home, but Dorothy calls her and agrees to finish their conversation. Ramona's callousness creates tension between her and Dorothy, who finds that she can no longer justify her crimes. Dawn is arrested and grasses on her partners, while investigators manage to locate several victims and identify the other girls. Destiny, Ramona, Annabelle, and Mercedes are arrested, but only Dorothy takes a plea bargain. Ramona manages to avoid jail time, while the others serve short sentences before being released on probation. A year later, Elizabeth goes to see Ramona, who now works a retail job, and she muses that Destiny was the only person she trusted to have her back, and that she treated her like one of her most valued possessions. The article is published, and Elizabeth encourages Dorothy to reach out to Ramona and make amends. Also starring "Juice" singer Lizzo as Liz, rapper Cardi B as Diamond, Mercedes Ruehl as Mama, the club's den mother, rapper G-Eazy aka Gerald Earl Gillum as Johnny and singer Usher as himself. Wu is splendid as the sympathetic protagonist, trash-talking Cradi B is memorable in her brief screen-time, Lizzo is likeable as well, but this film belongs to Lopez, strutting her curvaceous figure and with her fantastically swaggering diva performance. It has a fantastic soundtrack, featuring Sean Kingston - "Beautiful Girls", Britney Spears - "Gimme More", and Usher feat. Young Jeezy - "Love in this Club". The script is very witty, the themes of friendship, female empowerment and hustling are clever, and the club sequences, many being glamourous montages, are full of lavish colour, obviously there is titillation, with the sleazy men (most from Wall Street) being just fodder for the women, it a fresh and most impressive crime comedy-drama. Very good!
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Most fun movie of 2019!
phd_travel12 September 2019
Delightfully funny and well written story. From the beginning it gets your sympathy. When Wall Street suffers, it trickles down, all the way down! The effect of the 2008 financial crisis on lap dancers is hilarious and rings very true. Jennifer Lopez looks and dances terrifically and not just for her age. She acts well too just hard nosed enough yet likable. Lili Reinhart of Riverdale and Cardi B are good supporting cast. Constance Wu shows she can do something really different from Crazy Rich Asians. She is sweet and a sympathetic central character. Love the score - a highly original use of Chopin Etudes as a soundtrack. It's quite a feel good story for a crime story. Bit of a Pretty Woman / Mayflower Madam vibe. Of course they do show when they cross the line it is wrong. Wall Street hot shots can be victims too!

Hilarious and touching from beginning to end. Better than those done to death crime heist caper movies.
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The previews made it look more fun-filled & exciting
mango-5706113 September 2019
It was more drama than I thought. The scenes also were repetitive. There was so many of the same drugging men and getting their credit cards moments. I need to feel an emotional connection to the characters to like a movie. I didn't like or feel bad for any of these women.
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A 1 Hour 49 Minute Strip Show.
itsactuallyamanda13 September 2019
I was very excited when I first heard of Hustlers and I got even more excited when I saw the trailer. But when it came to the actual movie, I was shockingly let down. As a fellow journalist myself, I did admire the idea that they took an real life article and turn this into a inspired-fictional movie. But, the whole story behind the "taking down the wall street giants" was not that presented in the movie as most of the movie was just strippers dancing and strippers poisoning drinks and getting money which to me, did not match the movie description which was disappointing. I will give props to the actresses for their acting as they did do a good job with their roles but overall, Hustlers could have shown the main parts of the article and the story and for me, this isn't one I wouldn't go see again.
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