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A fresh, engaging & original Brit-drama tinged with surreal & supernatural elements that doesn't quite tie up all it's threads.
danieljfarthing13 September 2022
In surreal / supernatural tinged Brit-drama "The Drowning Of Arthur Braxton" miserable titular teen James Tarpey (terrific) is bullied at school (by Keith Rice & Ben Hawkey) & neglected at home (by alcoholic single slob dad Johnny Vegas). His only solace is an abandoned old public baths building (set for demolition) where he meets girl 'ghosts' Sophie Wright & Rebecca Hanssen (falling for the latter) and their 'dad' Malcolm Freeman... but is something sinister behind the girls, Freeman and/or the building? Director / co-writer (with Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou) Luke Cutforth doesn't wrap it up totally satisfactorily, but it's still a fresh, engaging & original tale.
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The crowning of Arthur braxton
karlevans-7568212 October 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Saw this completely by accident on amazon prime and I must say that it is very endearing, part social drama part fantasy watching the Bullied at school Arthur is a hard watch especially when after school he must look after his alcoholic father played by the wonderful Johnny Vegas, Arthur is called to a old run down swimming pool due for demolition and meets the fantastic water nymp delphina.

Their love affair is very engaging, but there is also a dark tone here with the lurking in the shadows 'Mr silver' who sacrifices children to the water gods in return for his lost daughter.

It all pulls together nicely in the end but hoping for a sequel would be foolish, this is a standalone movie in its own right with excellent acting by all concerned especially the Bullied Arthur and rather charming water nymph delphina, all in all a rather lovely movie well worth a look!!
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The Drowning of Arthur Braxton
CinemaSerf7 November 2022
James Tarpey is quite good as the eponymous young man in this slightly super-natural drama. Bullied at school and largely ignored by his dipsomaniac dad (Johnny Vegas) at home, he seeks solace (and safety) in a disused public swimming baths. It is here that he encounters the young "Laurel" (Sophie Wright) and "Delphina" (Rebecca Hanssen). Neither girl will ever get out of the water nor can he get in! As he becomes a regular visitor, he gradually falls for "Delphina" but is all as it seems? Malcolm Freeman's "Mr. Silver" is also a regular at the pool, but what is he doing there - and what hold has he over the swimmers? Vegas is also good as the negligent father and as the story gently unfolds, it has a simplicity - young love - to it. The ending isn't maybe the best, the story does tend to dart about a bit, but it cannot have had much of a budget and Luke Cutforth manages to develop just enough of the characterisations to keep it interesting. Maybe "Arthur" ought to have invested in a pair of Speedos?
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Heartwarming, Real and Brilliant!
xMiaBear6 September 2022
The Drowning of Arthur Braxton (based on the book by Caroline Smailes) is a film I first found out about around five years ago and backed on Kickstarter! I avidly followed each update, awaiting the day director Luke Cutforth would announce the release of the film and was not disappointed when it finally happened!

Winner of Best UK Feature at the 2021 Raindance Film Festival, The Drowning of Arthur Braxton is best summed up by director Luke Cutforth: "An unflinching account of the pain of adolescence and how first love can transform the most unhappy of lives into something miraculous."

The Drowning of Arthur Braxton centres around the life of a teenage boy, Arthur Braxton (James Tarpey). Arthur is relentlessly bullied at school whilst dealing with the challenges of being a young carer for his alcoholic depressive father (Johnny Vegas). Along the way, a siren song leads him to discover Delphina (Rebecca Hanssen) swimming in an abandoned bath house that's scheduled for demolition. Arthur's life starts to spiral dangerously out of control and Delphina becomes his escape. There's something mystical at play.

Luke and his team captured the essence of the book perfectly, blending the real world experiences with the fantastical. Born out of a lot of love, dedication and hard work, the film is a definite must see which I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone!
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Hadn't a foggiest what was going on
MikeWright7511 October 2022
Warning: Spoilers
The whole movie drowns in a bad script, terrible plot and turgid attempts at being a bit scary. None of it made much sense to me, though you're able to pick out that the main character is getting bullied but then suddenly the bully is his best friend and the girl in the swimming pool is the daughter of the other girl who is scared of some bloke called Silver who we never know who he is or what he wants or who or what are the water goddesses, and and they all die at the end? Not sure. It's never made clear. Don't hold your breath for a supernatural riveting movie. It's a puddle.

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Pretentious tosh...
martinfrankcom9 September 2022
Dear oh dear! Very disappointing indeed. This film really doesn't know what it wants to be - one minute it's all teenage angst, then it's coming of age, modern mystery, Victorian ghost melodrama, morality lesson about the dangers of drink... and probably a few more besides. It starts confusing and ends just as bad - the key character and hiss arch protagonist suddenly change attitudes 180 degrees but it is never properly explained why. Despite the negatives though I must say it was well cast, well shot and well directed - it's the story line which lets it down so badly. About the only thing I enjoyed were the location shots in the old, abandoned swimming baths which I believe to be in Manchester - I well remember learning to swim in a near identical baths in Bury.
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Its not surreal its utter nonsense
krisztinaobrien19 October 2022
This is one of those that keep you waiting that something will happen. Bad script even worse directing done by the same person Luke Cutforth.

James Tarpey who plays Arthur Braxton is too good for this film.

I suspect this was Cutforth first realisation because he spends half the movie focusing on Tarpey, and his teen misery being bullied.

Cutforth next realisation must be the fact, that a good actor itself doesn't make a good story so he introduces a girl, without much personality or even a body (a fin would just be such a cliche! Wouldn't it?) a love story without conversations or chemistry (unless swimming lessons turn you on) and a mystery that makes absolute no sense.

He must have hoped that the disjointed, fragmented events and undeveloped characters together somehow will make sense, bringing meaning and conclusion to the film. Or if not, at least it will make this film an indie art movie by leaving the audience guessing.

I am not spoiling anything if i say that the film indeed left me guessing. If Cutforth had ben better to become a train driver?
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