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Season 1

19 Aug. 2016
A stalled married couple, Chris and Sylvére, temporarily relocate from New York City to Marfa, Texas. Tensions rise when the couple spends an evening with celebrated artist and mysterious cowboy, Dick, launching them into an unusual sexual fantasy.
12 May 2017
The Conceptual F**K
Chris' growing obsession becomes a fun and fueled marital pastime.
12 May 2017
Scenes from a Marriage
Sylvére demands Chris undo the damage she's done though it may be too late. Chris' letters bring Devon and Toby together. Determined to clear the air, Chris and Sylvére devise a plan.
12 May 2017
Chris and Sylvere proceed with their questionable scheme but Dick throws them for a loop that their marriage can't handle. Toby and Devon go their own way.
12 May 2017
A Short History of Weird Girls
The women of Marfa expose their history of desire.
12 May 2017
This Is Not a Love Letter
After a grand gesture, Chris grapples with a Dick-less existence. Toby goes viral with a provocative project that Devon takes issue with. Pushed beyond their limits, Dick and Sylvére broker an unlikely truce.
12 May 2017
The Barter Economy
Dick questions his role at the Institute, creating new opportunity for Paula. Toby sets boundaries and Devon takes her work in a new direction. Chris and Sylvére come to an impasse.
12 May 2017
Cowboys and Nomads
Sylvére writes his own letter while Chris explores a new reality with Dick. Devon's performance awakens the people of Marfa.

 Season 1 

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