Deadpool 2 (2018) Poster


Zazie Beetz: Domino



  • Firefist : [trying to get the collar off of Deadpool's neck]  We need a code.

    Domino : Try, uh... seven?

    Deadpool : Settle down, Captain Lucky, it's not gonna be one number.

    [Firefist presses the number 7 and unlocks the collar] 

    Deadpool : God, that's lazy writing.

  • Domino : They're headed into the tunnel.

    Deadpool : I'm that kid's only hope, so sit tight and wait for my word.

    Domino : Whatever. We're gonna lose 'em. I'm dropping in.

    Deadpool : Uh, that's a negative, sole survivor. Luck is not a superpower! We are so fucked!

    Deadpool : No, we are most certainly not fucked.

    Deadpool : Seriously, I don't get it! What, you shoot luck lasers out your eyes? It's just hard to picture. And certainly not very cinematic. I mean, luck? What coked-out, glass pipe-sucking freakshow comic book artist came up with that little chestnut? Probably a guy who can't draw feet!

  • Deadpool : So, what exactly do you do in the future, anyway, huh? Some kind of soldier?

    Cable : Yeah, something like that.

    Deadpool : I was a soldier. Special Forces. I bet fifty years from now we'll be bestest buddies.

    Cable : Fifty years from now you'll be very dead. Your entire generation will fuck this planet into a coma.

    Deadpool : Boom!

    [makes exploding sound] 

    Deadpool : Spoiler alert. Ha ha! Ah, planets.

    Domino : [whispers to herself]  Next time Uber.

    Cable : Here's a spoiler alert. You're not a fucking hero. You're just an annoying clown dressed up as a sex toy.

    Deadpool : Well, I got news for you, my heart is in the right place. Russell's not gonna kill anyone. Because of me, he's gonna know what real love is.

    Cable : Because of you, I'll always know what a grown man with baby balls looks like.

    Deadpool : I'm a grower, not a shower.

    Domino : I should've finished college.

  • Deadpool : And that's why "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" is pure pornography.

    Dopinder : Wow!

    Domino : I really should have stayed in college...

  • Deadpool : As a former X-Man...

    Bedlam : Trainee.

    Deadpool : Thank you, Bedlam. I was always appalled by the blatant sexism in the group's name. X-Men? *Men*? The point is, our group will be forward-thinking. Gender neutral. From now on, we'll be known as... X-Force.

    Domino : Isn't that a little derivative?

    Deadpool : I don't recall asking your opinion, Peter.

    Peter : ...That wasn't me.

  • Domino , Weasel : I only do over the pants mouth stuff!

  • Domino : Lady Luck, take the wheel.

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