Deadpool 2 (2018) Poster


Julian Dennison: Firefist



  • Firefist : Stay back or Justin Bieber dies!

    Deadpool : [to Negasonic Teenage Warhead]  Ha! Justin Bieber. He called you Justin Bieber.

  • Firefist : [trying to get the collar off of Deadpool's neck]  We need a code.

    Domino : Try, uh... seven?

    Deadpool : Settle down, Captain Lucky, it's not gonna be one number.

    [Firefist presses the number 7 and unlocks the collar] 

    Deadpool : God, that's lazy writing.

  • Firefist : How do you know what I want?

    Deadpool : Because I've been inside you. That came out wrong. I've been inside your shoes, which is also off-putting.

  • Firefist : What do you say we go fuck some shit up?

    Juggernaut : Let's Fuck Some Shit Up is my legal middle name.

  • Firefist : [in their cell]  Tomorrow, we find the biggest guy in here... and we'll make him our bi...

    [hears loud noise] 

    Firefist : What was that?

    Wade Wilson : That is the biggest guy in here. Fun fact about the Ice Box, no one's ever seen it, they keep a monster in the basement. Right next to a

    [looks at the camera] 

    Wade Wilson : huge, steaming ball of foreshadowing.

  • Colossus : Come quietly, or there will be trouble.

    Firefist : You stole that from Robocop!

    Deadpool : That's from Robocop! Just stand down! You're embarrassing me.

  • Firefist : Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta!

  • Firefist : [to Sluggo]  You're about to get dick-slapped!

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