Deadpool 2 (2018) Poster


Stefan Kapicic: Voice of Colossus



  • Colossus : We have rules. You are not judge, jury or executioner.

    Deadpool : Fuck your rules! I fight for what's right, and sometimes you gotta fight dirty.

  • Colossus : [charging at Juggernaut]  Pick on someone your own size!

    Deadpool : That's such a you thing to say. Go get 'em, tiger! Big CGI fight comin' up!

  • Deadpool : Say fuck for me. Just once. Come on, we'll do it together. It's no big deal. Here we go, 1-2-3. Fu... fu...

    Colossus : Fuck.

    Deadpool : Wow. Enjoy hell, smut mouth.

  • Wade Wilson : The asshole who killed Vanessa got away.

    Colossus : Wade, whoever they are, we'll track them down, and bring them to justice.

    Wade Wilson : It was me. I'm the asshole who got away. I've killed every last one of them, except me. I couldn't kill me.

    [Wade starts breaking down] 

    Wade Wilson : We were going to start a family. We were, uh... We were gonna be a family...

    Colossus : Wade, Vanessa is gone. She's not coming back. This might not be the family you want, but it's the family you need. You have a good heart. It belongs here, where it can grow.

    Wade Wilson : What did you say? About my heart?

    [Wade hugs Colossus] 

    Wade Wilson : I think I'm in the right place.

  • Colossus : What are you doing?

    Deadpool : My job. You're the one who said I was ready, and I frankly disagreed with you. But here we are, trying to overcome our differences. Like Beyoncé says: please...

    [puts his hand on Colossus' chest] 

    Deadpool : please stop cheating on me.

  • Colossus : Come quietly, or there will be trouble.

    Firefist : You stole that from Robocop!

    Deadpool : That's from Robocop! Just stand down! You're embarrassing me.

  • [Colossus is reading a book when he hears music outside. He sees Deadpool playing Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" on his smartphone before covering his ears] 

    Deadpool : I made mistakes! I wanna take them back! You trusted me. I took that trust... and turned it into a glory hole in an airport bathroom. The one in Minneapolis. You know the one.

    [Colossus walks out of his room and looks at Deadpool] 

    Deadpool : But even you know I'm not a complete piece of shit! I was once an X-Man!

    Negasonic Teenage Warhead : Trainee!

    [Negasonic Teenage Warhead throws a food container at Deadpool, knocking the smartphone off his hand. Deadpool turns around and picks up the container] 

    Deadpool : You're still using my Velcro labels. Aw.

    Negasonic Teenage Warhead : They do stick better than tape.

    Yukio : [waving at Deadpool]  Hi Wade!

    Negasonic Teenage Warhead : Please don't.

    Colossus : Say whatever it is you're here to say. Make it quick.

    Deadpool : Right. Quick. It's the kid. Just like you, I let him down. And just like me, he's never had anyone sacrifice anything for him because the whole world wrote him off as a piece of shit a long time ago. Look, he's teamed up with the Juggernaut!


    Deadpool : The Juggernaut! Who's, like, my favorite Marvel character ever-

    [looks at Yukio] 

    Deadpool : And hi Yukio! That was really nice of you to say hi, so I'm gonna say hi back. You guys make a super cute couple. Yeah. Where was I?

    [looks back at Colossus] 

    Deadpool : Oh, yeah. You should never meet your heroes because, honestly, he's a bit of a dick! And like most dicks, he's hard as a rock and causes nothing but problems! Look, you can stop the Juggernaut. I know you can!

    Colossus : Do you know what would happen to me if I helped you? I would be disgraced. You are a criminal, a fugitive. But worst of all, you broke my heart, Wade.

    Deadpool : Then, you know what? Your heart's in the wrong place, big guy. Doing the right thing is sometimes messy and fucked up, and not particularly convenient! So stay here in Chateau de Virgin while we go get our fuck on!

  • Colossus : [chuckling]  We should go before Fuckernaut wakes up.

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