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2 Jun. 1995
The Secret of Roswell
June 2, 1947: an UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) crashes in the small town of Roswell, state of Nex Mexico. US Air Force and staff military reported has recovered an alien ship with four dead bodies inside it. 24 hours later they changed the version of the history, saying that in true it was an meteorological globe probe for experimentation and observation of the weather. The later events about it created the first conspiracy about UFOs and extraterrestrial life. But where is the truth? Was it a real alien starship, or simply an experiment of the government that its ...
9 Jun. 1995
Pyramids: The Alien Connection
One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and the only one to endure along the millenniums, the Gizeh's Pyramids are the most perfect constructions made by an old civilization, with a complete alignment not only with all cardinal points, but Alnitak, Alnilam y Mintaka, the three stars of the belt of Orion's constellation. How the men of 5,000 B.C. to acquire the knowledge and capable enough to create these wonderful objects? Or perhaps it was made by not human hands?
16 Jun. 1995
The Bermuda Triangle
1492: Christopher Columbus, close to discover new world, affirmed to watch with his crew a weird flying objects in the zone that centuries later should be called The Bermuda Triangle. In 1945, the Flight 19 of the Ft. Lauderdale Naval Air Station in Florida have disappear while they did practice with his planes. Located between Miami, Cuba and the own Bermuda Islands, the Bermuda Triangle is a place of mystery where the compasses made crazy and strange energies can be seen by sailors and other witnesses. What happens in the triangle to make vanish all which enter ...
23 Jun. 1995
Message from Space?
In the 70s years, along the entire United Kingdom started to appear symbols and perfect figures drawn in the wheat fields, with a ability apparently out of the human capacity. Later two farmers affirmed who did it as a joke taking advantage the fame of the UFOs sightings in those times, making the circles and figures with ropes and little woods. Then, why in some circles exist signals of high radioactivity?, how a farmer can to curve a caring of wheat not breaking it?. And most important: if it's confirmed as fraud, why Crop Circles follow appearing around the world? ...
30 Jun. 1995
Area 51
Apparently an US base as any other, Area 51 is one of the most protected and secret military installations across the world. In 1989 a former employed called Bob Lazar declared that inside it exist an alien starships and corpses investigated by engineers and scientists, creating a polemic that it continues nowadays. Are there really in this place alien bodies and starships inside responsible of the fast evolution of the human technology in the 20th century? Lazar is simply a liar looking for fame and fortune? Which of the two is lying to the world?
7 Jul. 1995
The Mystery of Kecksburg
December 9, 1965: the little town of Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, was invaded by military troopers a few hours after the fall of a sky object which were seen by several neighbors and villagers. Witnesses were forced to keep silent and journalists found that the people with who they talked told a version different of their first declaration. What fell in Kecksburg? Was it an secret experiment created by U.S. Government, a nuclear satellite called Cosmos 96 launched by the USSR in the threatening times of the Cold War, or really was it a real ship from another world?
14 Jul. 1995
Project Blue Book
1952: US Army creates Project Blue Book in order to investigate several UFOs sightings and aliens' apparitions across the USA. Closed in 1969, the conclusions of Blue Book made by the army displeased ordinary people, convinced that they wanted to keep the people and witnesses far away of the truth that they seen. Were the UFOs in true meteorological satellites and globe probes that the people confused with alien ships, or they where real alien ships and the US Army tried to discredit all cases and witnesses for its own benefit?
21 Jul. 1995
UFOs: True or False?
Since the beginning of the UFO's phenomenon at 40's and 50's years, thousands or perhaps millions people claimed to be abducted by aliens and submitted to medical experiments by them. How to know if a witness is joking to laugh of the people to really believe in it? Could be he a total skeptical in the UFOs that he tries to destroy any possible credibility about it? What if really this person suffered an abduction and aliens implanted microchips in his body? How differentiate between truth and falsehood?
28 Jul. 1995
Cydonia: The Mars Connection
In 1976 and after almost a year of travel, space probe Viking I arrived at Mars, taking several photos to send them to planet Earth. In the Mars zone called Cydonia scientists and NASA staff found in the photos a possible and giant face looking to the martian sky and a pyramid a few times bigger than Gizeh's Pyramids. The match of the Face or Mars with the Sphynx of Egypt disturbed scientists, experts and common people around the world. Are these photos the definitive evidence of a martian civilization disappeared millennium ago, or just was it a game of lights and ...
4 Aug. 1995
The First UFOs
In 1945, in the end of the World War II, Kenneth Arnold saw some UFOs above Mount Rainier, Washington, while he fled in his airplane. It was the birth of the modern UFO's phenomenology, but this is older tan anybody can imagine. Ancient cultures as the Mayans in Mexico and Sumeria in Mesotopamia made sculptures and all kind of hieroglyphs and depictions as a symbol of a possible contact with an alien civilization. How those tribes millennium ago would to build places as Chichen-Itza or Gizeh's Pyramids, with an extraordinary about night skies? What if the actual human...
11 Aug. 1995
What Are They Like?
If the extraterrestrial life is more tan a simple dream of the Sci-Fi writers, how are they like?. Several reports of UFOs and strange alien beings across the world seem to confirm the evidence that the human race there isn't the only one in the universe. In these terms: what they want of the humans? Why abduct people to experiment with them? Is the secret group known Majestic 12 an organization created to study aliens or collaborate with them in their plans against his own species?
18 Aug. 1995
In November 1957 the former USSR launched the first artificial satellite, Sputnik I, starting the Space Race which culminated in 1969 when Apollo XI landed on Moon's surface. It was the big hit of the NASA, short for National Administration Space Agency, an organization created to explore the space and looking for life beyond our world. Then, why NASA discredited any declaration of their own astronauts and tried to delete videotapes of strange objects exiting from earth atmosphere and traveling at the side of all NASA's missions? What try they to hide to the public ...
25 Aug. 1995
In 1961, Barney and Betty Hill turned unwittingly in the first people to report to suffer an alien abduction and taking inside of a alien star ship, being submitted to medical examines by these beings. After them, thousands or millions people across the world have repeated the same history with the same details. Are real the alien abductions? If these events happen in true, why the aliens kidnap pregnant women to take their unborn babies? Why they implant microchips inside the body of the abductees? Which is the ultimate purpose of these actions?

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