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Nothing good came out of this movie.
koolrahul-228498 April 2019
Still can't figure what message came out of this movie. Hotel Mumbai doesn't add anything new to the sad and tragic event. Basically, it opens up old wounds. We can only wish that Indian government will learn from this and train their local police while their trained fighters take days to arrive to save humans. I couldn't figure if I should hate the fact that terrorist got into the hotel or should I get upset with the Indian fighters to take days to only arrive by the hotel. The movie was just useless.
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A boring Indian Movie.
cafuyimin26 March 2019
I wasted my time in watching a cliche movie that is so boring and is a remake of other films. The Indian actors did not act well and the action in the movie is only for minutes. Hotel Mumbai is based on the 2009 documentary Surviving Mumbai about the Mumbai attacks in 2008 at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in India. If you wanna waste your time,see this movie!.
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Boring and dull
syedhaid24 March 2019
Super slow paced and boring. It was hard to keep my interest in the story or the characters. May be okay to watch on streaming when there is no options available.
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Intense film
cakecum3 April 2019
Not sure why some people found this movie Boring, it's a very intense, realistic and gritty film to watch. The acting was done well. Kudos to the director !!
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Major Major Loophole
mrifqi-485519 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
If you watched this you maybe wondering why don't everyone in the hotel just go out of the hotel in the first place instead of moving to chambers lounge, they have about 2.5 hours (movie time) or 12 hours (time that took place in the movie).

At the end, they finally decided to go out from emergency stairs to outside, by then, again, because of plot, a stupid guest manages to call a news staff (how?) and reveal everyone's location.

Everyone's death in this movie is either by their own mistake or just simply misfortune. The American lady that got shot by the emergency stair, she went out herself after badly injured just to get herself killed.

Everyone could have just go outside in the first 30 minutes in the movie, instead they lock themselves on chambers lounge on the sixth floor, don't understand why.
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Gratuitous violence
martinstulpner22 April 2019
Went to see the movie expecting a dramatisation not a gore fest. Ma15 rating not appropriate for this gratuitously violent movie, should be R18 IMHO.
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Mental Hospital Mumbai
eliaemil14 April 2019
What a waste? Not even a single good scene. Not even single good character. Not even a single normal personality. Not even a single message.......
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Unoriginal film lacking depth
lyndalfannigan15 March 2019
HOTEL MUMBAI is one of multiple films covering the subject of the November 2008 Mumbai Attacks. Other films include Attacks of 26/11 (Bollywood), Taj Mahal (French) and One Less God (Australian). Hotel Mumbai doesn't add anything new to the sad and tragic event. You won't walk away with a deeper understanding of why these sad tragedies continue to occur.

I have a personal connection to these attacks and while I'm not against films being made on the subject, I feel that there should be something good coming out of them instead of making money and opening up old wounds. The acting was decent and the production values impressive, but the film lacked one important thing - a heart.
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brentjones00912 April 2019
If you're looking for a film where a bunch of terrorists run around a hotel shooting people, this is it. Seriously. That's pretty much it.
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When is it too soon to exploit a recent tragedy?
Michael Fargo3 April 2019
Throughout my life I've always been bothered by films--particularly fictional--that use historical events, like the Holocaust--to prop up an entertainment and not earning or giving the respect due to living survivors. "Hotel Mumbai" is a good demonstration of why it bothers me. The incident has been the subject of many documentaries that keep their distance from exploiting the sensationalism of seeing innocent people slaughtered in a mass murder. This film jumps right into the horror of the situation and never looks away at the terror and mayhem.

It's a combination of the 1970's disaster films like "Towering Inferno" gathering an all star cast in the "Grand Hotel" model, and then setting it aflame and blowing it up, all the while murdering people nonstop between the more traditional disaster film explosions.

Even if you can resolve the moral dilemma this raises for the viewer: Getting a thrill at the cost of reconstructing a live terrorist attack, we're both invited to marvel at the luxury of one of the most famous hotel in the World and then have to witness the guests and staff summarily slaughtered. I'm not an opponent of explicit screen violence. I do mind watching "what it was like" for the victims of this massacre for no other reason than being a voyeur..

There's an attempt to weave a narrative thread that intersect or "hook" us emotionally into identifying with certain members of the cast. But it all unfolds so quickly we don't time to really gain an attachment to the "characters" we're given. The film wastes no time into getting down to what we're there to see, tacking on the devotion of the staff to their rich clientele, in a self-sacrificing manner that raises the point the terrorists are there to make. It's a very mixed bag of compromised values and motives that in there repetition give the viewer time to ask why you bought a ticket and is this something that is edifying or exploitive.

The filmmaking itself is mainly set in a soundstage in what we know is actually a famous spatial paradise that the soundstage can't recreate. So we feel boxed in and claustrophobic, but we also can't ever get our bearings on where we are or what's happening where. The use of the actual dialogue between the terrorists and there handlers is chilling. And raises, unintentional sympathy for the perpetrators because they're brain-washed and naïve, being promised payments to their impoverished families for their self-sacrifice. If this was done purposefully, I question whether or not the survivors from the incident would find much solace.

Despite the effort to make this a "nail-biting thriller," anyone even cursory familiar with the incident knows the outcome, and due to the repetitiousness of the killing, my interest flagged several times and I found myself looking at my watch. I suppose I was waiting for the filmmakers to give us a reason they did this project other than to market a recent, actual tragedy and turn it into an action movie.
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Real and terrible: A modern parable of international mayhem.
jdesando4 April 2019
"The guest is God," motto of the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai.

Based on a series of terrorist attacks in Mumbai in 2008, Hotel Mumbai captures the siege of a city besieged by gunmen doing an efficient job of killing at least 100 people and shutting down a modern metropolis. The focus is on the fabulous Taj Mahal Hotel, a fitting symbol of modern depravity for these four Pakistani Muslims bent on doing Allah's vengeance.

Director Anthony Maras, along with other writer John Collee, give s personality to a few of the staff and guests: head chef Hemant Oberoi (Annpam Kher) is courage personified as he guides guests out of the mayhem; head waiter Arjun (Dev Patel) has the smarts and valor to do the same; rich American guest David (Armie Hammer) is fearless defending his family. Throughout, class distinctions between guests and staff are preserved, lending another level of accuracy.

Beyond these notable participants are the other usual stereotypes such as the shady but redeemable Russian, the conscience-stricken terrorist, and the scared sister protecting David's baby. However, the use of real news footage on TVs keeps us grounded in the reality.

While these formulaic victims are unavoidable in any disaster film, the filmmakers create tension by cutting between the terrorists randomly and coldly dispatching anyone in sight and the besieged hotel denizens. When David's baby cries in a closet, we fear the terrorists will hear. That's real tension, real terror.

It's hard not to place ourselves in that situation and not empathize with the helpless victims and wonder what courage we would show. Although the women too often cry and many men are cowardly, no way can you leave the theater and not be a little more aware of the vicissitudes of travel abroad and the marvel at your courageous fellow human beings.

Here's a successful, scary thriller and cautionary tale: Danger is out there, no matter where you go.
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Saw this because of Armie Hammer
sinnerofcinema23 March 2019
And he did not disappoint. However, during the film, not sure how much creative license was taken -apparently this is based on a true life story, but as I watched I could not help to notice the ineptitude of the masses that lead to the continous carnage. First, one can't help to wonder how with such a crisis, the local law enforcement was not equipped or trained to handle something like this. These men went around with gun all over the place killing, and it took what seems to be a day before armed forces arrived. So it was a free for all for these killers taking people out like a video game. Then we get to Hotel Mumbai where many poor choices lead to even more deaths. There were so many bad decisions being made, it made it hard to care for any of the characters. It felt more like watching a video game as the assailants cleared rooms with their guns. The Russian businessman seemed like to one who might have fared the best to live until he himself made some poor choices. Now, it is easy to look back from a movie theatre perspective and judge whats going on without actually being there for real in such a situation because the camera let you into every angle of where everyone is - both the good guys and the bad guys. I could go on and on, but it would be futile. There was a gentleman sitting in front of me and he kept yawning the entire time. Not sure if he was just tired, or the movie was boring him to tears. Anyhow, I made it till the end. That's all I can say.
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Same old limited worldview
samiulh29 March 2019
This movie followed an old script, Islamist terrorist, heroic efforts, melodramatic moments. Shoddy acting, fragmented dialogue, and poor making. It was a huge disappointment at the end.
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At its core, Hotel Mumbai is a celebration of human resilience and courage in the face of overwhelming evil
DJKwa4 March 2019
On the 26th November 2008, a group of young men armed with explosives and AK-47s stormed the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, the result of a terror spree sweeping across key locations in Mumbai. With instructions being fed to them through an earpiece, the amateur terrorists succeeded in laying siege to the hotel, spreading a trail of chaos and destruction across each floor, in a tragedy that remains seared in the minds of all those who survived.

In capturing the intensity of the siege, director Anthony Maras effectively splits the film's focus between the staff and guests of the hotel in their fight to survive and the role of the perpetrators in co-ordinating the attacks. With the Mumbai police forces completely unprepared for an attack of this magnitude, the reign of terror lasted three days and the film is relentless in its display of gratuitous violence. Near the beginning, bullets scatter across a packed lobby as bodies drop like flies and the attackers continue their march to the upper floors where, room by room, they shoot unsuspecting guests. Thirty-one individuals lost their lives during the chaos and by not shying away from the ugliness of the act, Maras paints an unnerving picture of the callous disregard the terrorist showed their victims.

However, the film's perpetual forward momentum means that the violence slowly becomes desensitising and at times teeters on the edge of exploitative Hollywood action territory. The film uses a fair amount of dramatic license to keep events thrilling and sometimes it seems to paint a real-life event in very broad action strokes. Luckily, any detour into action hero territory is quickly dispelled by a screenplay that presents heroes in all shapes and forms.

Indeed, what stands apart, is the strength of the character portraits that emerge amongst the violence. Dev Patel and Anupam Ker play hotel employees who stand by their colleagues and guests at all costs, while Armie Hammer and Nazanin Boniadi play a married couple who risk it all to protect their child. While the characters may be fictional, it's not hard to imagine numerous stories just like theirs having occurred in real life. Moreover, by interspersing their stories with first hand news footage of the siege, Maras injects an extra element of realism that convincingly ties the film together.

At its core, Hotel Mumbai is a celebration of human resilience and courage in the face of overwhelming evil. By focusing on the humanity amongst the carnage, Hotel Mumbai honours all those who risked, and lost, their lives in the attack.
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Wow what a movie
ross-547-58575417 March 2019
I have just visited the local Mosque to show support for Muslims after the horrendous attack in New Zealand. Then I saw this film! Wow. Powerful, frightening and a testament to the terrible times we live in. I was gripped from beginning to end. A film that lays bare the terrible things people will do in the name of Allah, or white supremacy or what ever extreme view they follow. A must see, but it is gruelling.
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Amazing and realistic movie
user-1515929 March 2019
I applaud the courage of the makers of this movie. The film is gripping and depicts realistically the gruesome events of the terrible attack on Mumbai by islamic terrorists in 2008. I didn't know much about the attacks, for some reason they didn't get much coverage in the US. Thanks to the makers of this movie for educating me.
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steve-dawkins20 March 2019
Be prepared. This movie is a little too close to reality. People were leaving the cinema as it was so brutal. Really not sure why this movie was not pulled after what happened in New Zealand
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Testimonial of a terrible world we live in
User_review2 March 2019
The acting and directing is good, tension is there from the first till the last minute. Great way to keep the memory of such a tragic days and pay respect to the victims, but also spread the story across the world. Please keep in mind that this movie will leave your mind and body in a terrible state, reminding you of the worst possible human side there is, and that will be again shown who knows where.
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Profoundly moving
jtkirk16129 March 2019
This is not an easy movie to watch but everyone should see it. Too easy to dismiss terror attacks in some foreign country because you are not invested. This movie will change your view of the World.
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Brutal, realistic film worth of your time
theromanempire-127 March 2019
This film is depicting true events happened in india like 10 years ago. the brutality of the murderers killing innocents in the name of...."god" showed in this film in all it's glory. there is character development, action, suspense and emotion. if u can take the brutal scenes then don't miss this movie which is not for the faint-heart people.
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Terrorist or CIA Agent? Yes both!
hilaryswank201118 May 2019
This Australian-Indian-US coproduction film HOTEL MUMBAI (2019) cinematically depicts the 2008 Mumbai Terrorist Attacks and inspired by the Indian docudrama action thriller The Attacks of 26/11 (2013; Dir.Ram Gopal Varma).

In general, the entire production quality is higher than any Hong Kong action thrillers today in spite of its slow pacing that caused by overly conscious effort to add some official narrative of US and five eyes mainstream media to this terrorist film.

First, the terrorists of the coordinated attacks in Mumbai are played by unknown actors who are not kung fu stars. Instead, the antagonists are more real than any kung fu stars. Typage is successful in cast.

Second, the main issue of this kind of terrorist film after the insider job 911 is that the terrorists are terminator-like robots which seemed as emotionless killing machines. This is what main stream media depict ''terrorist villains'' in WAR ON TERRORISM ''a terror fraud.''

The most important scene is when one of hostages Muslim Iranian-British heiress Zahra (Nazanin Boniadi) recites the Muslim player, the paid terrorist, Islam extremist Imran (Amandeep Singh) resists the executing order from the unknown employer via phone. This is an exaggerated anti muslim bias that expressed by the filmmakers on the ''anti terrorist'' propaganda effort. Paid terrorists are not religious saints. They are just doing the job as ''terrorist roles'' in the terror fraud which ordered by mysterious employers in religious covers.

It proves that this film's positioning on the interpretation of the incident is still a bit unstable, and its hesitation resulted in this mixture of different explanations about the back ground of the terror attacks.

Although Zahra plot line is unnecessary and slowing the pace, it still embodies the core of this film.

The official narrative is that evil Muslim terrorists ordered from Afghanistan or Iran or Iraq massacred the Indians in Mumbai and occupied the hotel to get hostages for money. The fictional narrative of this film basically followed the official line however the identity of the employer of the terrorists is vague. This vagueness is the most important point and difference from the official narrative. However, this vagueness does not serve revealing the entire background context which completely out of this film's storytelling.

The truth is that these paid terrorists are double agents of CIA who conducted the terror fraud in India to threat India and demonise oppositions of US imperialism, such as great muslim countries, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan at the same time. The true narrative of this Mumbai attacks is far from the official narrative and fictional reality of this film.

The most trusted media of Russia RT already published the amazingly profound analysis on this issue in 2009.

US citizen David Headley, who was arrested in connection with last year's Mumbai terrorist attacks, may have been a double agent for the CIA at the time of the incident, according to US journalists.

More than 160 people were killed in the financial hub of Mumbai in three days of attacks by a group of 10 gunmen, beginning on November 26, 2008.

Headley had allegedly helped plan the attack by conducting reconnaissance missions in Mumbai.

More than two months after Pakistani-American jihadist David Headley was held in Chicago, India's intelligence services are divided on whether they were told the whole truth about the Lashkar-e-Taiba clandestine agent's operations. Many in the intelligence services even suspect that the United States is less than committed to letting the whole truth be known.

Public debate has focused on claims that Headley-who served as a Drug Enforcement Administration informant after being arrested with two kg of heroin in 1988-may have been planted by US covert services inside Lashkar after his release in 2002.

"If this David Headley was working for the CIA all along, which is a very plausible conclusion," says writer and journalist Webster Tarpley, "It means that the CIA implicated and was running and masterminding the Mumbai terror attack of 2008."

Thus, the employer of Imran must be CIA. In reality, the 2008 Mumbai Terrorist Attacks were CIA's terror fraud job like other US-Israel-NATO backed IS terrorist attacks world wide. Anyway this film is really a good action thriller despite its political centralist vagueness.
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An intense, unrelenting look at this cowardly act of pure evil and the selfless heroism of those who tried to help
MrDHWong14 March 2019
Hotel Mumbai is a crime thriller film based on the Mumbai terrorist attacks of 2008. Starring Dev Patel, Armie Hammer, and Jason Isaacs, it is an intense, unrelenting look at this cowardly act of pure evil and the selfless heroism of those who tried to help.

In late November 2008, a group of ten terrorists arrive in Mumbai, India by a small boat. Upon splitting up, the terrorists travel to various locations around the populated city to massacre as many innocent people as they can. After taking out several civilians in smaller locations, the surviving members of the group meet up at the luxurious Taj Mahal Palace Hotel to finish their act of terror. While they shoot their way through the hallways, the hotel's staff put their lives in the line of fire in an attempt to save as many guests as possible.

As unflinching as it is jarring, Hotel Mumbai is an edge-of-your-seat thriller that successfully showcases the heroism of the titular hotel's brave staff members in an earnest, collected manner. Despite the film's two hour runtime, not once is it ever boring thanks to the creative direction of Anthony Maras, who puts his audience right at the forefront of the conflict. The film's violence, while not too graphic, is extremely intense as no one is spared from the terrorist's gunfire, not even small children or the elderly. If one can stomach enough of the bloodshed to appreciate this otherwise well-made movie, then it is certainly worth at least one viewing. However, being that this is not for the faint of heart, viewer discretion is strongly advised

I rate it 8.5/10
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A very strong movie from beginning to end.
timjohnson-102018 April 2019
Unfortunately, these comments are coming after having seen this totally brilliant film some weeks ago; I report this because it may have an impact, good or bad on all that I type.

I thought the movie was superb from beginning to end and I urge any person who has an interest in contemporary history to see this beauty. Hotel Mumbai is incinerating from start to end. You must know so many movies lead the viewer to the edge of a pit, leave the viewer there and then resolves the tension with the movie ending soon after. This film, however, leads the viewer to virtually innumerable pits from beginning to end; the stress is never relinquished.

My dear wife tolerated this film; it is not precisely a "chick flic" and she endured it only because we were together. She disliked it for all the reasons I enumerated above. Diane thought that it was too violent-actually nonstop with very few quiet points in between.

Regardless of these two very divergent opinions of Hotel Mumbai, I think it is well worth seeing. As I mentioned earlier if you have any interest in current events you owe it to yourself to watch this brilliant film.
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Surprisingly Fabulous!
pblossom3 April 2019
Was worried this would be a bloody/gory typical action pic, but was immediately struck by the early scenes with visual storytelling & cinematography to set up the disparity between the horrific urban slums & over-the-top wealth. Acting was wonderfully believable - the jihadists really believed in their cause but knew it was really a 'pay to play' cash reward to their families for their ultimate sacrifice.

Dev Patel's humanity had the audience rooting for his character. He was strong, sensitive, humble and shrewd. He'd make a great modern sensitive take on the next James Bond actor!
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Hits you in the gut
dbrown1793-325-1350509 April 2019
We never heard of this movie until we needed a rainy day diversion. It is a gripping story that avoids all the usual cliches in the terrorist/hostage drama. It's based on true events and if anything will make you wonder if organized religion is more a curse than a blessing. A must-see....but NOT a date night movie.
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