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Mixed feelings
danielcereto10 July 2021
I was a teen that grew up in the 90's listening to some big Moby's hits. I really enjoyed the documentary from 80's to late 90's, where Moby was on the top of his career. Great to know details like he was diagnosed with mental health problems at that time.

On the other hand, the last part of the documentary was boring and get out from the main point. So, overall mixed feelings because of the inconsistence.
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Somehow makes trauma feel like vanity
WePerished29 July 2021
As a big Moby fan back in the day I was really excited to see it. But what a bizarre documentary. Very contrived interview set up with fake conversations with fake psychiatrists and with people on the phone. Stylistically it jumps around and is very inconsistent. The story leaps around and doesn't link together and huge periods of his life are just left out. There's very odd b-roll choices and over-use of space and rockets. The humour feels awkward and makes the deeper stuff seem like it wasn't to be taken serious.

But the most disappointing thing was how insincere it comes across. For a story with so much trauma, sadness, suicide etc it comes across more as vanity than vulnerability. I appreciate bold creative choices, but boy did they make the wrong ones here. It just completely undermined the themes of the film. It's a mess that makes Moby less relatable. This is exactly how NOT to make a documentary about this subject matter.
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SnoopyStyle27 January 2022
Moby is making bio-doc about himself. One must always be weary when a famous person is doing their own biography. Is he willing to go dark? Is he willing to go deep? The answer seems to be maybe. It boils down to the poop story. It's disgusting, degrading, and it's a low-key brag. It doesn't get more rock n roll than waking up from an orgy. The poop is the extra cherry on top to out-do even the most extreme stories. Sure it's not snorting human remains but it's the next best thing. That's this movie. He's telling us about his alcoholism, his hedonistic lifestyle, his dysfunctional family, and his redemption into activism. It's Moby as told by Moby. At least, he has enough crazy stories to keep this interesting.
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Usually when watching a documentary
iraava20 November 2021
About an artist it deepens your perspective and view of them and it makes you connect and like them a bit more irregardless of your previous emotions. I actually had a pretty neutral perspective on Moby, having even liked some of his songs but this documentary made me detest him and really understand why he was so hated. Never have I seen someone come across at the same time quite as whiney, pompous, pretentious, boring and condescending. I'm really trying to think of something good to say. The quality of the camerawork and the animations are fine I guess? But this documentary was a waste of time to be honest.
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Strong start, weak ending
nrgigaba1 December 2021
The first half of this documentary is amazing. You're instantly hooked and wanna see it to the end, but it anticlimax in the end. He failed to carry the vision through. It's as if the second half of it was spent on psychedelics trying to make something which would blow our mind but fails to explode.
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Lost so much admiration after watching this
boydwalters20 December 2021
What can I say ... Love some of the mans music ... But I wouldn't want to meet the person ... Then or now ... He puts himself down for being arrogant and out of control in the past ... Then appears as a complete a-hole now too ... Bad strategy mr Moby ... I've lost all respect for the person, but still love some of his older music How he can think he has processed as a person into his later stage is beyond me ... And this sort of arrogantly seems to praise him up in his new alter ego ( emphasis on ego !!!! ) Don't watch it if you don't want to spoil the music ... The guys a pain.
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The story of Moby as told by Moby (the movie edition)
DeadMansTrousers29 May 2021
At this point fans of Moby who are interested in seeing this documentary have probably read at least one of his books. If not then I would definitely recommend this doc as a starting point. While it mainly focuses on Moby telling his story first person it also heavily features new interviews from David Lynch which I found interesting and worthwhile. For longtime fans of Moby I'm sure some of the information in this will be rehashed material but I still found it enjoyable to watch and I would recommend it if you are a fan.
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franckpourchet1 November 2021
What a load of self centered, ugly, contradictory and disconnected stuff. It seems like he wants to tell a big message to the world like some kind of who knows what cult messiah. It seems to tell he and his friends created the very simple fact of nourishing yourself without the help of meat. It seems to tell amazing rock star decadence that obviously didn't wait for Moby or rock or tekno to be alive through humanity. It seems, it seems, it seems ... It is probably like many works honest but without any kind of interest. It's 1 life among billions. So what?
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The documentary is consistent with it's star.
mike-466286 July 2021
The documentary is at least consistent with it's star. They are both self indulgent and overrated.
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Moby Doc Covers All The Bases
rcutler-1696028 May 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Moby Doc, the new film by multi-millionaire "musician" Moby about himself, has pretty much anything & everything one could ask for: Intense narcissism, complete pretentiousness, drama, lightness, darkness, animation, cuteness, a rags to riches story & yes, music, although that last one could be debated.

Moby commissioned the film to be made. (That'll give you a glimpse into the narcissism). Needless to say, no director would be interested enough to approach him to do it.

His story isn't that unique or spellbinding.

He narrates his tale of a child with abusive & mostly absent parents who, although poor, manage to move to one of the wealthiest towns in Connecticut. Here, he paints a picture of a child being a loner without many friends who ultimately finds his salvation in music.

He goes on to speak of moving into an abandoned warehouse where he begins to search for musical expression. Although constantly restating how poor he was, somehow, he's able to purchase electronic equipment including FX boxes, a cheap keyboard, records & turntables. He talks of doing gigs as a DJ where he made $25 per night. Even if he DJ'd 3 nights a week, $75 isn't nearly enough to buy equipment, let alone enough food to survive on. There's something a little off here, a feeling that recurs throughout. He becomes an alcoholic but not addicted enough to be able to afford to move into Manhattan where his notoriety as a DJ grows. Still, he insists of his alcoholism to the point of staging a scene where he's lying face-down on a NYC street, having a couple of girls pass him by saying, "Hey, that's Moby."

All through the film one is struct by, through every period of his life, there are tons of photos & videos that were made capturing his narcissism from childhood to the present.

His life progresses & he becomes successful as a "musician" making mostly EDM records. His musical prowess consists of playing guitar & piano at a level that any serious student could attain in 3 years of study. Still, one must admit that he's very good at operating musical & music-related devices to create his sound.

As he continues to profess his woes, even through success, he has no problem drowning the viewer in endless videos of his performances, appearances, videos & interviews, as well as what he considers more artistic shots such as him just standing on a mountaintop over looking a Grand Canyon type area. A king overseeing his minions. But even with his massive success, he's not completely happy. He shows scenes with a "therapist", most likely played by an actress, where he speaks of how hard it's been for him to deal with every album after his huge hit "Play" selling less than the previous one. Poor guy. I know musicians with more talent in an atom of their little finger than he has who would be thrilled with just a tiny speck of the status he's achieved.

As for the music, this is where the film becomes pure comedic joy. His songs usually consist of 4 or 8 bar melodies repeated ad nauseum over an electronic dance beat (although there are some ballads but still using the 4 or 8 bar structure). This reaches its pinnacle when there are videos of him rehearsing & performing his material with a symphony orchestra (also commissioned no doubt). It's laugh-out-loud funny to see him hunched over a grand piano with an intense look while the orchestra makes its way through his 4 & 8 bar repeated phrases. Whoever arranged these pieces must've had quite a time trying to find ways to use the orchestra differently with each repetition. Moby's no dope, though. He recruits excellent vocalists to give some emotion to his phrases which salvages any musicality there is to be found there.

In just about any documentary about a musician, you're bound to find interviews with a number of his associates singing praises about the subject. There's none of that here. I can't imagine that he didn't try to recruit some but, alas, no luck. The only outside interview of note is with filmmaker David Lynch who Moby's been kissing up to for years. Abandoned factories are one of Lynch's loves & Moby makes no mistake in bringing that up when speaking with him, giving the viewer pause to think that, just maybe, he's stretching the truth.

Still, overall, I enjoyed the film, especially when he speaks of his dedication to animal rights & veganism. I also actually enjoyed his narcissism & pretentiousness. That someone can think so much of themselves to lay it bare for all to see is great comedy & very entertaining. Have you ever heard a rock star refer to himself as a rock star? Well, Moby does here.

I've always said that I like everything about Moby except his music & that holds true here although, especially with the addition of the orchestra, I totally enjoyed it for its comedic value. I'll continue to follow him, if only to see what new forms his love of himself will take. He is very creative in that way. Recently, he photoshopped himself onto the cover of Rolling Stone. In your dreams, Mobes, in your dreams.
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Felt unfinished
LLgoatJ18 December 2021
As you would expect, a documentary about Moby was never going to be straightforward and standard. It starts out really well and there are some deep moments but half way through seems to lose its steam.

It does tell you about his childhood and the pressures of fame in an unique and interesting way. There are insights. Also as you'd expect there is plenty of his music and looks of beautiful shots. Stories are told with wooden models, actors and while he is on the phone. You need to give it your full attention as there are little bits its easy to miss.

It just really felt unfinished. Maybe that was intentional. It just really felt like it was 3/4 there but never quite got there.
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This is not your father's documentary
philserve30 May 2021
Warning: Spoilers
There are many ways to look at this work. And I call it a 'work' because it not only tells the life story of Moby, but it does it in such an imaginative and creative way that I would call it a work of art, an extension of Moby's quirky creativity.

Of course, if you know anything about Moby or rock stars in general, you will anticipate a "Behind the Music" arc in Moby Doc- star is poor, star make it big, star becomes a star, star hits rock bottom, star cleans up and finds transforming meaning and purpose. But how he tells this story is quite entertaining, explaining the lows of his lows and the highs of his highs through various art forms. And his meaningful passion towards animal rights is inspiring, and in Moby Doc, you will understand the roots of that passion.

Moby sets the tone of Moby Doc in his first scene: looking right at you he explains how successful he has become and much more importantly, how empty that success was for him. It reminds of an old adage: "There are two forms of suffering, not getting what you want, a getting what you want". Woody Allen, another nerdy New Yorker who like Moby, has attained success beyond his wildest dreams, stated at the of his documentary that he "still feels screwed".

Basically, If you like Moby's music, you will like Moby Doc. Definite recommend.
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Not your basic doc
lholmes-4507829 May 2021
This film is incredible. Moby Doc is fresh (and welcome) approach to the documentary genre! I wish more docs were this interesting, well done, and creative. HBO, Netflix, and Hulu take note!
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