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tragic inspirations
SnoopyStyle22 September 2018
Kelley Fliehler (Erin Moriarty) and Caroline "Line" Found (Danika Yarosh) are lifelong best friends on their Iowa high school champion volleyball team. Line is the outgoing captain and a real leader. Kelley is struggling to be one of the starters. When new cutie Alex moves into the neighborhood, it's Line who introduces Kelley to him. Kathy Bresnahan (Helen Hunt) is their obsessive coach. Line has her own personal difficulties as she and her father (William Hurt) struggle with her mother's illness. When Line dies in a tragic accident, Kelley and the team have to bring themselves back from the darkness.

This is an inspirational film about a tragedy-turned-inspiration true story. It's very standard and very inspirational. As a movie, it's inspiring although it has a few flaws. The volleyball sequences lack drama. It's also a flaw to concentrate on Line instead of Kelley during the early scenes. Line may be the star of the story but Kelley is the emotional vehicle through which this story is told. When Bres finds Kelley in the library, she needs to give permission to the rest of the team. That is the most profound scene and that section represents the emotional climax of the movie. Everything after that is anti-climatic. Overall, this is a nice little film about a community dealing with a devastating loss but not much more.
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High school girls volleyball, based on a true story.
TxMike15 January 2022
Somehow I missed this movie when it came out in 2018 & 2019. But now I was able to view it on streaming movies.

It was 2011, an Iowa girls high school volleyball team had won the state championship the prior year. They had high hopes for this year but a tragic event caused them to lose their team captain.

The movie is about kids and parents handling grief, about the kids getting the desire to play volleyball again, and "Live Like Line." Most of the actors are unknowns but anchored by Helen Hunt who plays the coach and William Hurt who is the heartbroken dad.

Overall a fine movie, few movies bring a tear to my eye but this one did. Very well done. (My wife skipped, she was busy with her book.)
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Inspirational true story but the movie failed to capture that miracle inspiration.
cruise0117 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The Miracle Season (2 out of 5 stars).

The Miracle Season is a drama based on a real story of a high school student who was the captain of her volleyball team and the heart that drives every one to be the best. Until, she was killed in a moped accident. Yes, the real story is sad. Caroline Found was an every day down to earth kind of girl. Were every one liked her in school. She was always energetic, happy, and always motivating others to be the best. There was barely anything to not like about her. The film lacked in delivering a character depth with her and the rest of the cast. The story of the real event was incredible. But the film lacked in the inspirational theme.

The plot follows Caroline (Danika Yarosh) the volleyball captain of her high school team. She is well loved, caring, and inspirational to others. They have been undefeated. She has a best friend Kelley (Erin Moriarty) since childhood. She has a loving father Dr. Ernie (William Hurt). And her mother who was diagnosed with cancer. Caroline inspires her to get better and that she will be there to watch her graduate high school and see her get married. When Caroline takes off in a moped. She was killed in an accident. Which caused everyone to grief including her team and friends. And the team struggles and loses several games. Coach Kathy (Helen Hunt) has trouble trying to inspire the team. She ask Caroline's best friend Kelley to help motivate the team to do what Caroline would want them to do. After a few tough practices that causes the team to run plenty of laps. They find their winning streak again.

The real true story was probably more inspirational and sad than the film tries to be. The film lacks in a better script. The characters are flat and one dimensional which makes it hard to believe that they were inspired. Caroline played by Danika Yarosh was more obnoxious with her loud, annoying, and attention seeking behavior. Sure, the direction could have tried to rearrange the performance. Danika Yarosh was decent in Jack Reacher movie but in this movie she was energetic and a bit irritating. Erin Moriarty was also okay but the script did not give much detail for her to work with. Helen Hunt's character was underdeveloped as well. As we know she was struggling going through a divorce and trying to get her team back on their feet. William Hurt is a talented actor but the character was very flat.

For an inspirational movie, this one was a little disappointing. The team was going through grief. They were unmotivated in practice. But the film flies by so quick with Kathy putting them through some tough training drills and they are all back on their feet instantly, and ready to play. It just was not believable and cliché.

Overall, The Miracle Season is a bad film. The real story was sad and inspirational. Sadly, the film lacked in delivering that story with the script, flat characters, tedious acting, and a cliché direction.
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The Miracle Season
JoBloTheMovieCritic4 August 2019
7/10 - an enthralling high school sports drama that effectively translates an uplifting true story for the big screen
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The Miracle Season : Melancholy but will touch your heart .
robfollower8 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I did not know the film was based on real life events till the credits rolled. This film is melancholy . It has two Hollywood veterans William Hurt and Helen Hunt . Both do a fine job . But it is the young Erin Moriaty that shines in The Miracle Season . And tragic death of star volleyball player Caroline "Line" Found Danika Yarosh acts with such joy and passion that you feel very connected emotionally . Even if the story line while predicable a tear will run down your face . Excellent emotional film making 9 out of 10 well worth this true story being told in in the art of cinema.
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mattkratz27 March 2021
This was an outstanding sports movie based on true events. A teenage girl and captain of her volleyball team is killed in a moped accident, and her teammates have to overcome this to repeat as state champions with help from their coach. I liked the cast and the characters facing tragedy and adversity. I loved the volleyball game scenes, the practice scenes, the inspirational talk and just about everything else. As close to perfection as a movie can get!

*** out of ****
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ks-6050015 May 2020
Same script but changes the details of the story. I totally fine if it films good and different from the original but this one definitely not. I rated 4 already very generous.
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Bump, Set, and Spike to Drama, But Only A Dig At Sports
rgkarim7 April 2018
It would not be American Hollywood without a little sports motivated movie to ring in the Spring season. Tonight, yours truly starts his double decker review with a film that looks to be an inspiration to... high school volleyball players and their younger counterparts. Based on true events, tonight's review starts with a move that will hopefully bump, set, and spike your way to scoring high-points fun. Tired of all the sports puns? Yeah me too, so let's get started with yet another Robbie Movie Review on:

Title: The Miracle Season Director: Sean McNamara Writers: David Aaron Cohen, Elissa Matsueda (screenplay) Stars: Helen Hunt, Tiera Skovbye, Erin Moriarty


-The Pace: Movies like this strike a chord for their key demographics, but to the rest of the world it can fall on deaf ears. Fortunately for those who accompany tweens and teens, the movie isn't that long and the pace is decent to keep things on point. The editing was able to tighten what could have been a drawn-out film and as such gets you into the games/drama quick and then gets you right back out.

-The Inspiration: Miracle, Remember the Titans, even Million Dollar Arm have proven effective in motivating the audience members (primarily aspiring athletes) to go an accomplish their dreams and goals...well some of us anyway. The Miracle Season is yet another win on the board of motivation, utilizing a polished script, great visualization, and tailored acting to deliver the messages within. Hope, remembering, inner strength, and will power are just some of the qualities that audience members can soak up, and no matter how many times I see portrayals like this I get the feelings all over.

-The Musical Score: I've said it before and I'll say it again, but a good musical score can really drive the point home for movies. The Miracle Season rings strong in this category, bringing a powerful orchestra score to the game sequences to amplify the effects of an already high stress scene. While the Katy Perry songs are cute, cuddly, and well-fitting for empowerment, it's really the drum infused, high school spirited instrumental work that brings the full power of the movie.


Predictable: These movies seldom have big surprises, and this movie is no exception. The trailers have already given away the major events, and given it is an inspirational sports' movie, you can pretty much guess what will happen. No surprises, no major twists, not even suspenseful's just one predictable montage.

Preachy: Movies are famous for crossing the lines into this territory, it just depends on how powerful the monologue and speech are to provide the message. Where Disney fueled movies have accomplished the dramatic delivery, this movie only managed to hit 50% in regards to the power of delivering the message. Instead, the simplistic lines, overdramatic camera angles, and obvious direction take the movie down a semi-cheesy preach fest that eventually feels like it belongs on a day-time soap opera. It delivers the message well enough but fails to deliver the magic that Disney has made famous.

Shotty Character Development: Again, a good effort, but does not quite reach maximum work the movie could have really used. The main characters of Kelly, Brez and Ernie (Moriarty, Hunt, and William Hurt respectively) get the most in terms of evolution, but past these characters the rest are very simplistic in regards to growing. Most of the team are simply extras to fill in the team and allow for some volleyball shots, while others have a few lines that show promise of deeper involvement, but then taper off. In a movie all about the players and the miracle they experienced, I was hoping for more depth in the team as a whole.

Editing Disproportionate: While the movie is fairly tight, I felt that the editing took out the wrong material of what I wanted to see. The Miracle Season focuses on the slower parts of the journey, taking more time to show practice, talking, and preparation than the actual games. When the big moments come up you might expect a few decent sequences of awesome volleyball action. However, the movie instead traded these potentially exciting bouts for more tear-jerking moments of sulking, girl talk, and some unneeded detours that added little for me in the movie. Sentimental? Yes. Hard hitting, sports prowess? Not even close.

Anti-Climactic: All of these dislikes sum up to one things, anti-climactic. The Miracle Season may be motivating, but it really lacks the exciting climax I was hoping to get in the movie. Even in the final games, the montages experience a drought of any dramatic tension, presented as just a bland spectacle of spandex wearing warriors doing some cool choreography. I do admit, there are some awe inspiring plays, but as a whole needed more to get the full effects.


The Miracle Season is certainly a public service announcement about the power of hard work, hope, and teamwork. It will serve as the fuel for future young females (especially athletes) to have a fantastic season, and push their limits. As a collective work though, it needed to add more pizazz overall and really add the magic to their moments to create the tension they wanted. In addition, more development of characters and team relationships could have taken this movie farther, but still it's got the gusto to appeal to its demographic. While an enjoyable movie, this film is best left to renting than the theater in my opinion, unless you need it for the big game to inspire the troops.

My scores: Drama/Sport: 6.5 Movie Overall: 5.0
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Inspiring account of a true story
rannynm12 April 2018
The Miracle Season is an inspiring account of a true story. The acting and narration respectfully accommodate the actual people involved. This is sure to be a worthwhile watch for any sports movie fan.

The story follows talented volleyball team, The Women of Troy, as they seek to win the championship. However, a tragic accident results in the death of team leader Caroline Found (Danika Yarosh). As a result, the team disbands in mourning, with coach Kathy (Helen Hunt) trying to lighten and reunite its hopeless members. Caroline's best friend Kelly (Erin Moriarty) chooses to become team leader and respect Caroline by espousing the championship. This results in a grueling training season where all team members must put aside their grief and work together to compete. With extreme stakes at hand, the team must win in order to fully respect Caroline's legacy and rectify their losses.

Helen Hunt, as Kathy, incredibly presents her tough-love attitude towards her team and their determination to win the championship. She performs wonderfully in depicting Kathy's attempt to imbue the team with a purpose in the most hopeless of circumstances. Erin Moriarty, as Kelly, excellently portrays her growth from novice volleyball player to motivating leader. Danika Yarosh, as Caroline, exceptionally characterizes her teenage friendship with Kelly, including some recklessness at times. This allows her accident to have an emotional weight to it. William Hurt, as Ernie, is my favorite character due to his character arc through his grief of his daughter's death, as he slowly pushes people closest to him away. His friendship with Kathy allows for a humanizing and emotionally charged redemption from his self-pity.

Sean McNamara directs the movie with a scenic chronological representation of the events that happened in real life. My favorite scene is one where Kelly and Ernie talk about their regrets, resulting in Ernie asking Kelly to stop being so harsh on herself. I love how it portrays a relatable aspect of life. The flaw with the movie comes in the first act, when it feels like another cliché teen drama. Fortunately, it improves once the more humanizing aspects of the story come into play. However, there is an overuse of mainstream music during much of the movie, which results in a few of the most emotional scenes being completely nullified.

The message of this movie is to always remain as a source of hope for others. Despite the extreme pressure the team faces, Kelly always finds a way to assure her teammates. I give this film 3.5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 6 to 18.

Reviewed by Arjun N., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic. For more reviews by youth, visit kidsfirst dot org
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Emotional, heartwarming, delightful
muamba_eats_toast20 May 2019
Didn't expect much from this film stumbling across it on Netflix this evening but my god what an emotional rollercoaster such lows and highs tears of sadness and joy the most emotions a film has made me feel in a very long time. Loved every second.
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Win it for you
jon.h.ochiai9 April 2018
If you're lucky as the kid growing up, you have that friend who inspired you to be greater. And if you're present at the time, you get the gift then. Before you're old and distinguish its value in retrospect. For me that was my friend John from high school. In Director Sean McNamara's "The Miracle Season" that soul is Caroline, played by Danika Yarosh, who inspired greater in Kelly, played by Erin Moriarty.

17 year-old Caroline or "Line" is the star volleyball setter for the Iowa State Champion High School Trojans. Line sees the strength within her best friend and teammate Kelly. Caroline sees the hero within Kelly that she has yet to discern. Along with their Coach Kathy "Bres" Bresnahan, the Trojans commit to win the 2nd consecutive State Title, something no other school had accomplished.

Spirited pretty Yarosh as Caroline is the radiant light who grants everyone friendship. Her Dad Ernie, played by William Hurt, is the surgeon and team mentor. Her Mother Ellyn, played by Jillian Fargey, suffers from terminal cancer. Caroline holds out hope that Mom will see her get married someday.

Caroline tragically dies in a traffic accident before the season starts. Her Dad and Kelly, along with the entire community are devastated. Initially, strong stoic Hunt as Bres dedicates along with the team to winning the State Championship for Caroline.

Sounds predictable or formulaic? Perhaps. However, unique poignancy emerges in the screenplay by David Aaron Cohan and Elissa Mastueda, whose story is based on real life Iowa high school volleyball star Caroline Found, who passed away in 2015. The movie is the homage to the Trojan's "Miracle Season" to the State Championships.

At times Cohan and Matsueda's narrative succumbs to wallowed sentimentality. Clumsy dialogue occurs especially in Coach Bres's inspirational sound bites. Perhaps, the mourning for the girls over Caroline's death indulges a tad, yet there is the sense of authentic loss. I think that authenticity of loss and looking at what someone's true legacy endears "The Miracle Season" even in its frailties.

Erin Moriarty is a star. She has understated strength and vulnerability as Kelly. She and Helen Hunt have savior chemistry and partnership. In the great scene Kelly quietly sets the volleyball up in air with her fingers, while Coach Bres closes her eyes and listens. She knows Kelly is the one. William Hurt is beautiful humanity as the grieving father, who like Line sees the greater within Kelly. "The Miracle Season" is about letting go.

So what is legacy? I've gotten that legacy shall be defined by others we touched in life. Yet, legacy can't be confined to the memory of the past. Legacy has value only when it is about those remaining moving forward and becoming greater. It's about regenerating the joy of those we love be it: making snow angels in the middle of nowhere.

Legacy is about others, them becoming greater than they know. Toward the end, Bres tells her players that she loves them, and couldn't be prouder. She says, "Win it for you!" "The Miracle Season" touches in reminding us that we honor someone's legacy in pursuing our own greater.
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All Should Live Like Line
KalKenobi832 January 2021
Watched The Miracle Season with Erin Moriarty (The Kings Of The Summer) as Kelly Fiehler, Danika Yarosh(Jack Reacher:Never Go Back) as Caroline "Line" Found, Tiera Skovbye(Summer Of 84 ) Brie, William Hurt (Captain America:Civil War) as Dr.Ernie Found And Helen Hunt(Twister) as Head Kathy "Brez" Breshnan .

I Really Enjoyed This film in sports movies although predictable like i said we are given positional perspectives as well there life outside the field this was no exception but this was a loss to the Community of Iowa City when Caroline "Liner" Found was Killed in Moped Accident it was great to see the 2011 Iowa City West High Trojans rise from the Ashes if you seen "We Are Marshall" both trajectories but this on smaller scale but equally emotional we all should follow Liners mantra of Live Like Line also i will be tuning to watch Team USA Volleyball in the Upcoming Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Great Music By Roque Banos(In The Heart Of The Sea), Cinematography By Brian Pearson(Drive Angry) , Direction By Sean McNamara(Soul Surfer)We All Should Live Like Line 8/10
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inspiring, but overwrought
dave-mcclain8 April 2018
"The Miracle Season" (PG, 1:41) is a drama directed by Sean McNamara (who directed the 2015 true-story high school drama "Spare Parts") and written by David Aaron Cohen (2004's "Friday Night Lights" film) and Elissa Matsueda ("Spare Parts"). This movie is based on the true story of the tragic death of a high school volleyball team captain in Iowa in 2011 and the season in which the team struggled to overcome their grief, push forward without their best player and try to repeat as state champions.

Caroline "Line" Found (Danika Yarosh) is the effervescent captain of the West High School girls volleyball team and life-long best friend of Kelley Fliehler (Erin Moriarty, looking like a slightly younger Kate Mara). Caroline encourages Kelley when she doubts her volleyball skills and even manages to stay positive and try to boost the spirits of her mother (Jillian Fargey) who is dying of cancer. Caroline's father, Dr. Ernie Found (Oscar winner William Hurt), also seems to draw strength from his daughter as he deals with his wife's condition. All this makes for an especially devastating tragedy when "Line" dies so unexpectedly.

Caroline's teammates have a hard enough time dealing with losing such an important person in their young lives, let alone getting back on the volleyball court. The team's coach, Kathy Bresnahan (Oscar winner Helen Hunt) encourages Kelley to step up, become a team leader, and get her teammates back to practice. The coach feels that returning to the game they all love will help the girls heal and be the best way to honor Caroline's memory. The players slowly come to agree, but still find it very painful to play volleyball without Caroline - and just as difficult to win without her - but they keep on trying.

"The Miracle Season" is a touching and inspiring story. It may be predictable and have an "After School Special" vibe to it, but the excellent cast and strong performances raise this film to another level. It would've done better to wallow in its sad backstory a little less and feature the game of volleyball a little more, but the movie is still entertaining. It also serves up some valuable lessons, not just about overcoming adversity and never giving up (as important as all that is), but it also shows teenagers how fragile life can be and reminds us all to live every day to the fullest. "B"
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Documentary would've served this story far better
akcenat23 August 2018
The real story behind The Miracle Season was made for the silver screen, but as result this film becomes mediocre melodrama that brings nothing new to the conversation while, at the same time, offering a slow paced story full of cliches and rushed character development. Helen Hunt's (as Coach) divorce wasn't addressed beyond introductory scene. William Hurt (as dr. Ernie's) loss of spirituality is dealt short shrift. The romance between Erin Moriarty (as Kelley) and handsome new neighbor doesn't amount to much. It's actually distracting how misguided a "love" interest is here, since the focus should be on Line's grief-stricken inner circle. Worse, the sense of this community coming together, treating the volleyball games as a safe space to grieve and support each other is noticeably lacking. The matches are far from exciting and narrowly add up to this "sports" movie. Towards the end, the film does get repetitive. Sadly, The Miracle Season lacks the depth and while the team might be rooting for "Line", then, maybe you will not for this movie, no mater how real story sad is. Too much missed opportunities here. 4-/10
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True sports story from Iowa
djfrost-4678618 August 2018
Awesome a true sports story from Iowa. Going into it I thought it was gonna be a chick flick like Bring It On. Nope. More like a chick flick version of We Are Marshall. Women enjoy, ur man will see right through it.
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Like to Spike the Ball
Intermissionman_16 April 2018
Granted, this is not a real popular Sport, but I still very much enjoyed this Movie based on a real Life Iowa Girls High School Volleyball team. The Lead Actors and Director really do a great job of telling this tale. It is Emotion filled, and Inspiring ride throughout. Pretty sure you will walk out of theatre wanting to Spike A Volleyball or remember back to when you Could ? Recommend watching Trailer prior as it's kinda Sad,or better be sure be in Good Mood before Seeing.
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Beautiful film
helenahandbasket-9373416 October 2018
Living in the area, I was well aware when this tragedy occurred. My nephew was also an assistant coach on the team (but not portrayed) so I know from him how accurate the portrayal is, as well as knowing Kathy for decades. Bres is very matter-of-fact, and suffers no fools, but she's not quite as calloused as portrayed on screen. That being said, it's understandable to create drama to perpetuate the story with a sort of antagonist. The timeline is a little 'off', and the difference between semifinals & finals is only a day- but again, plot development, so it's necessary. Other than these very small details, I found the film to be very good, Helen Hunt absolutely nailed Bres' wardrobe to a T! I recall the ICW football team also honoring 'Line' during their season, and the entire state really did rally around these kids who suffered so mightily. It's a wonderful portrayal of events, and how drive and determination really can propel you to the top, and honor those left behind.
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A Touching True Story
itsbobr2 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This is based upon a true story.

In 2011, a star High School volleyball player Caroline - aka Line - Found (Danika Yaroush) dies in a scooter accident before her senior year and coach Kathy Bresnahan (Helen Hunt) must pull the team together to overcome their loss and go on to hopefully win the Iowa State Volleyball Championship for the second straight year.

The movie opens showing the close relationship between Kelly (Erin Moriarty) and Caroline - Line.

For the girls on the team this is most devastating as Line - as she was called - was loved by all. Her best friend Kelly blames herself for the accident because she was the last one to see her and didn't tell Line's father Ernie (William Hurt) about the scooter. Ernie says there are too many "ifs" in life and it wasn't her fault. Ernie tells Kelly the other girls look up to her to get the team practicing again.

Bring a box of Kleenex to this because you will need it. You will feel like you knew Line and you miss her too. Coach Kathy - also called Bres by the girls - has a tough job ahead of her and she knows it.

You will see a lot of good volleyball as the team climbs to get to the finals.

This is a good production and the acting by all is very good. Yes, it gets a little sappy and that is why you are asked to bring a box of Kleenex to the show. It is truly heartbreaking.

Stay when the credits run to see the real Caroline - Line - Found and her parents and what happened to everyone. (7/10)

Violence: No. We don't see the accident. Sex: No. Nudity: No. Humor: Yes. Language: No. Rating: B
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Extraordinarily good
beachy-384317 April 2018
The only other review here as I write this wrote a good review. However, they reviewed this as a fictional movie. This is based on a true story and real life often does not have the makings of a well-written fiction. Normally I do not enjoy anything about sports if it is not local sports and does not involve someone I know, especially family members. If I wanted to watch sports I would turn on the news since that is over half of what the news material includes. I am not Mike Heck who thinks the answer to everything is "SPORTS". The coach reminds me of my boot camp T.I., tough as nails, hard on the troops, but in her heart very caring. Other than Helen Hunt, the outstanding actor in this film was Erin Moriarty. I researched her when I got home and it seems prior to this she has not done much work of significance. Too bad. I think with good material like this she could do well and go far. I was surprised to see Tiera Skovbye listed in the cast. I don't even remember seeing her in the movie. IE. she did not make much of an impression.
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Score! Great movie for the family to enjoy...
LiveLoveLead21 April 2018
Yes, it's saccharine sweet and predictable, but still, an enjoyable, inspirational, heart-warming family-friendly story (sorry for all the adjectives) Don't know why some critics trash this movie. Yes, we've seen this type of "rally around the painful loss, and win for our deceased sports hero" movie before, but it is based on a true story, and all that sticky sweet stuff really happened (as you can see by the real pictures and videos during the credits... Caroline truly did make an impact on her school/town). Yes, the characters could have been fleshed out a bit more, but overall the acting was good and the story was touching. No cursing or sex. A good, clean, emotional, family film In My Humble Opinion! 4/2018 *7.5 stars*
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I loved it.
jimvandemoter-502362 August 2021
It would be so easy to pass this off as just another sports movie but it's much more. It's a movie about love, loss, tragedy and ultimately triumph. You need to understand these girls were children, high school students, teenagers. They had to deal with great loss and the pressure of winning a state championship. They are all hero's and should be an inspiration. I love this movie.
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Caroline Found
rajnot5 August 2018
Good movie based on true story of Caroline Found. Worth watching once if you are interested in a true life stories. Emotions vise ,, forget my eyes.. Their was no Tear in my Ear.. Should have put more effort in bringing a goose bumps.. Sports movies based on true stories.. which actually killed it..
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From loss to overcoming.
jabandrade6 December 2020
Beautiful story of loss, pain, acceptance and overcoming. A film that deserves to be watched by anyone in need of redemption.
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TheTruthDoor7 May 2018
"The Miracle Season" is a wonderful, loving, perfect film. I went to see it on a whim and I am SO glad that I did.

It is the most touching film I have ever seen. Go see it, you will fall in love with all of the people in this movie, I promise.

Be sure to stay for the credits, you will see the real family and learn more about their story.

Amazing story, amazing film.
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Every Point Every Game Every Match Was For Her.
FandomFanatic2125 August 2018
The Miracle Season, based on the inspiring true story, follows a high school volleyball team in pain after losing one of their star players, Caroline "line" Found. After the tragic loss they must work together to win state championships while battling the loss of their star team member, friend, and family member. The Miracle Season is really a great movie with relateable characters and a powerful story. The acting is great, the music added in the movie is perfect, the funny heartfelt momentsand the story doesn't lose it's power. I truly enjoyed a film like this which we don't see so often. So I am very grateful for a film like this and highly recommend!

"Live Like Line..."- The Miracle Season
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