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Season 3

3 Jan. 2020
A Secret Which I Desired to Divine
Anne's sixteenth birthday inspires her to learn more about her genealogy.
3 Jan. 2020
There Is Something at Work in My Soul Which I Do Not Understand
Anne's search takes her back to the orphanage, where she's forced to confront new realities. Meanwhile, Elijah pays a visit to Avonlea.
3 Jan. 2020
What Can Stop the Determined Heart
As Easter approaches, Mary's illness brings change to Avonlea.
3 Jan. 2020
A Hope of Meeting You in Another World
Ka'kwet travels to school, while Anne embarks on the next phase of her quest.
3 Jan. 2020
I Am Fearless and Therefore Powerful
A dance rehearsal generates sparks (and tension).
3 Jan. 2020
The Summit of My Desires
The Cuthberts gain a new perspective on Prince Edward Island
3 Jan. 2020
A Strong Effort of the Spirit of Good
Anne rallies the town to speak out against injustice.
3 Jan. 2020
Great and Sudden Change
The students sit for the Queens entrance exams.
3 Jan. 2020
A Dense and Frightful Darkness
Matthew and Anne journey to help Ka'kwet.
3 Jan. 2020
The Better Feelings of My Heart
Anne steps into the next chapter of her life.

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