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A solid dark comedy
mjsreg1 March 2019
This film is a brilliant watch. The story is interesting and you never quite know which way it is going.

All of the actors did a brilliant job of portraying their characters, and it was nice to see such an interesting mix of international skills.

There is nothing I can say to the detriment of this film. Every aspect was spot-on and professional.

Well worth a watch.
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Highly recommended!
whitemanfromtowne22 February 2019
Let me first start off by saying to all of you ass clowns voting down on the other reviewers comments that say this film is good is absurd, bizarre and all out fraudulent. This film was by far one of the best made films that I have watched so far in 2019. I haven't giving a 9 rating to no other film I've downloaded this year, because my 9's are exclusive for the the best of film making, and Toy Gun is definitely worthy of it. I so enjoyed this movie from the beginning, the middle and end. I highly recommend this film. It was refreshing and enjoyable. Julian Sands and Anthony Lapligia were superb. Disregard the down votes on the good reviews. They're jealous trolls on assignment trying to stop you from watching something very decent. I bet that haven't even watched the film.
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A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing
lavatch10 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
"Toy Gun" is a fun and quirky little film with a set of characters that are a bunch of lovable losers!

The film's focus is on a young, despondent man whose wife has left him. In an act of desperation, he decides to rob a bank with a toy gun and miraculously gets away with the perfect crime. Everything comes together in the way that the surveillance cameras were turned off and another set of characters divert attention from him as the primary suspect.

The most interesting character in the film is a gangster named Gaetano Lolli, played with great gusto by Anthony LaPaglia. Gaetano becomes friends with the young bank robber, whose name is Ruggero Levati. He is played by an actor with a American accent, yet the settings of the film and the characters have Italian names. But who cares about such details with such a fun film!

Gaetano is a gourmet chef who wants to start a restaurant in Brazil. After robbing the bank, Ruggero becomes Gaetano's good luck charm, making withdrawals from a number of safe deposit boxes where Gaetano stashed stolen cash before going to prison.

The film also includes an incompetent police detective, who actually starts to figure out the bank robbery story when he is stymied by his police commander. Everyone in this film is incompetent!

There is also love story involving Ruggero and his wife Giulia. But the wise old con Gaetano tells Ruggero a memorable slogan: "Act as a sheep, and the wolf will eat you." The young, passive man really appears to need this advice, and he takes it to heart.

Some of the best scenes in the film are the brief conversations between Ruggero and Gaetano. The latter is forever cooking up scrumptious meals. The food looked so good that it surprising that Ruggero did not put on weight in the course of the ninety-minute film!

There was much silliness in the unraveling of the crime story, which included multiple strands. But Gaetano is always ready with a witty expression for the moment. And the best one to describe the essence of this film is: "Full bellies and full wallets!
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I am your sheep, no more.
nogodnomasters23 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Ruggero Levati ( Luke Allen-Gale) is sad, depressed and pathetically still in love with his ex-wife (Hana Sofia Lopes) who is now hooked up with a married banker (John Hannah) who has bought her a business and apartment. In order to straighten out his life and possibly get back with the ex, he gets a toy gun and robs a bank. And as luck would have it, everything falls in place for him to get away with it.

As it turns out the banker is dishonest and had the bank robbed in the past, making him a suspect. There is a man in the apartment next to his who has crime connections to said organization. Everything neatly ties together in a reasonable misdirection. There is also a detective investigating the case.

This was an amusing film as we watched how things developed and tied together is such a way to aid the protagonist bank robber.

Guide: No sex or nudity. No swearing as I recall.
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Very charming little film.
thedonedwardsbutterfly2 January 2018
Uncovered this nice little gem on Amazon US. Movie starts a little slow but it's got lots of layers for a small budget, great cast, really pleasant photography, and fantastic script writing: the story keeps giving you little snippets of fun to chew on and it comes together really nicely. Most low budget comedies I've seen these days are either trying to be funny and are not, or introspective fluff. The film is simple but fun and I ended the film feeling quite happy, and turned to my partner nodding. We both nodded. Yeah, it grew on us to the point where we considered watching it again. Sure it has a couple downers (music in a few areas that make it feel a little TV) but the chemistry between Luke Allen Gale and Anthony LaPaglia is awesome, John Hannah is really entertaining, and the script is fantastic, not too over the top, it's light and fun. Plus the music composer won a Best World Album Grammy and the DOP is the same guy who did Cinema Paradiso. The film won't win an Oscar, so don't expect to be blown away, but it's incredibly charming and a great way to spend a weeknight or weekend :) Worth your while. 10/10.
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Baffled by the low rating
hyrumsmith-3367014 April 2019
With all the superficial garbage that is produced on low budgets, I thought this one knocked it out of the park. It kept me thoroughly entertained for 90+ minutes, it was simple but engaging, whimsical and lighthearted. If you're expecting the second coming of the Godfather on a Pirates of the Caribbean budget you've come to the wrong place, but if you want a fun little low budget gem then I'd HIGHLY recommend it.

There are a couple of things I'd change (Julian Sands has the acting range of a brick, and the music was meh) but I really enjoyed the interaction between Anthony LaPaglia and Luke Allen-Gale (who I'd never heard of or seen before), and the story kept me going.

Cute little film - nice work.
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Redbox delight!!!!
barfieldatl28 March 2018
Boring Tuesday night. No plans, kid free, no work obligations. Needed a get a way. MAN did this pay off. No big names, directors....YET. Great movie. Awesomely written,cast,acted,directed and just everything. Not going to be for everyone, But if you like : Fargo, Usual Suspects,There will be blood, Taxi Driver...Yes that goes WAY back, you will LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie. Don't miss it.
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Finally a movie with a plot and interesting characters!
nacking28 March 2018
This movie deserved a better budget. It has characters that are easy to get attached to and a story worth following to the very end. Filled with great actors with hints of sub-par acting, but it doesn't take away from the film. I think they could easily make a great sequel. Watch it
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Very Linear, below ordinary
sergioumuaythaibox28 February 2019
Let me start with what is the best thing about this movie. The Ending. It's boring and flat. The story is so straight, without any suspense, although apparently that was intended. The actors some have accents some don't. Acting is mostly plain and expression less. Even if there are any emotions involved it appears robotic. Even the set looked cardboard thin.
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Crime film where woman aren't exposed
angelafalcamo23 April 2019
I watched this on amazon in the US, it was a really good film. A dark gangster comedy with a smart script, but what I really appreciated was that there was no nudity - most films like this just cater to men with guns, but this was fun from a women's perspective too.
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Fun movie
samalbrecht4 May 2019
This film proves when a story is well crafted and the acting is great, budget doesn't matter. I'd recommend it.
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