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Sex & Nudity

  • Archie and Betty briefly kiss. LOL
  • Lots of implied sex. Not that much nudity and not very explicit.

Violence & Gore

  • A building is set on fire.
  • Bully occurs like pushing and shoving into lockers.
  • Overall violence is moderate and infrequent. But there is a few instances of R-rated violence


  • Ragamuffins, idiot and dumb are heard. Hell is also heard

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Archie has an affair with his teacher. They are only seen kissing.
  • Jughead and Toni kiss in one episode
  • Betty and Archie are seen making out in a shower for lengthy amount of time. Facial expressions show orgasms. No nudity is shown.

Violence & Gore

  • Archie punches a patch of ice to free Cheryl from the water she's trapped in. Blood is seen on the ice. The most violent moment in season 1.
  • The "Black hood" terrorizes the town of riverdale, sending threatening letters to civillians.
  • The Black Hood kills two teachers. In one instance, he attacks a female teacher with a cello bow. She chokes and is lifted off her feet as she is strangled with the bow and blood drips from her neck. In the other instance a male teacher is shot in jail, but no blood is shown.
  • Jughead and the serpents gang up on Penny Peabody after she scams and threatens them. They kidnap her and drop her off in a forest. Jughead orders the serpents to hold her down as he uses a knife to cut the serpent tattoo out of her arm. The screen turns black before a cut or blood can be shown, but we see Jughead's knife press into her arm as she screams.
  • A character is shown hanging on a board with multiple wounds and blood behind her. This is shown in front of an audience. This is the most violent moment of season 2.
  • A main character is attacked by a bear. Blood is seen on his chest and he's found by two cops supposedly dead. However he does survive.
  • A video is shown on Jugheads laptop from a usb of Clifford Blossom shooting Jason Blossom but the scene changes before the gunshot is heard so no blood or gore is shown
  • Clifford Blossom hung himself in the barn of maple syrup
  • A character is shot in the chest. He falls to the ground and blood is seen soaking through his shirt. Reactions to this depend on how you see the character.
  • A girl repeatedly bashes her head into a locker. Some blood is seen on the locker and she's foaming from her mouth.
  • Edgar is shot dead by Alice. His body is shown but at angle that makes it very difficult to see any wounds.
  • In the Season 3 Finale, Penelope shoots a man in the head in front of his daughter
  • A guy is shot in a house and the family have to clear up the body. The body itself isn't really seen, but there's a lot of blood and later flashbacks of bloody towels.
  • A boy's dead body, beaten and bloody, is shown.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A man hangs himself after being convicted of murder.
  • The Black hood calls Betty on her phone multiple times and threatens her, making her cut everyone out of her life or else he will kill them. She cries often due to this treatment. What's more disturbing is that someone close to her is behind all of it.
  • There are many instances where teenagers have nightmares about the Black Hood. A girl has a dream in which she is playing the piano and is attacked from behind by the Black Hood. She chokes as her throat is slit. She wakes up choking in her bed. In another instance, a girl has a dream that her family is celebrating christmas and the Black Hood is dressed as santa. He climbs over the couch like a spider to attack her but she wakes up before he does.
  • The Black Hood shoots archie's dad in the side and blood pours from the wound. Archie takes him to the hospital covered in blood.
  • When Archie and Veronica are at the "devil's house" We see black and white flashbacks of a man murdering a family. The man smiles as he shoots the family. We don't see blood but we hear gunshots and we see each family member drop to the ground and writhe.
  • We see security camera footage/flashbacks of a man shooting his own son in the head. This scene is very hard to watch.
  • Intense and potentially frightening throughout. The second season is much more intense and frightening than the first. While the first season is a whodunit murder mystery, the second season takes the form of slasher horror/ thriller. Season 3 introduces a storyline involving a game called Gryphons and Gargoyles, which is a twist on the popular strategy game Dungeons and Dragons as well as a cult that is actually an organ farm.
  • A major character is struck by a car and dies from his injuries (off-screen). Viewers are not aware of what has happened until it is discussed.
  • The main focus of season 4 is finding out the mystery behind Jughead supposedly dying. This however turns out to be a ploy and he ends up being fine.

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