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movieman_kev17 January 2018
A bickering couple take a trip to a weekend trip to a cabin in the woods in a vain attempt to save their crumbling marriage.unaware that someone is out there with malicious intent

I wouldn't want to spend 3 minutes with these two characters much less almost an hour and a half. It's grueling and moves at a snail's pace. And the 'action' or what passes for it, when it does come, it's not even worth it. A poor film on all fronts. Avoid it
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WTF have I just watched???????
waynehackett630 December 2017
I cannot believe that I actually sat through this! The writing, direction and acting was abysmal; I don't even know if it was trying to be funny but it failed here as well as every other level.

I suppose the fact that it was filmed in 10 days should tell a story; to be fair it would be a better story that was portrayed in the film!

Just avoid this pathetic attempt of a horror at all costs, unless you want to relive the makeup from The Evil Dead; yes the first lot of makeup that they threw in the bin!
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Totally different and outside of the box movie. I loved it.
pxf44617 February 2018
Ok so I'm not going to lie it started out slow. The sound is not great and some of the color matching between scenes is bad. However for some reason this film hooked me just enough to make it to the end and I'm SO glad it did! The dialog between the couple is funny and different. At first I was expecting this to be a run of the mill story that has been done over and over again. ITS NOT! It ends up being a great movie by the end. This movie really does try to break the mold and do something different and it does! The story was great and I loved the ending. Totally worth the watch and I would love to see more by Kamal Moo.
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Ken Foree's the only reason to see this
Leofwine_draca8 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
THE MIDNIGHT MAN is one of two recent horror flicks starring old time horror actors; this one has a briefly-seen Ken Foree, the other features Robert Englund. Unfortunately, this one's an independent feature shot on the cheap over the course of a week, and it's another case of a relationship drama masquerading as a horror film. A bickering couple head off to a mountaintop cabin to work on their relationship issues, but instead end up being victimised by a remorseless psychopath. You have to feel for poor old Foree, who was so great in DAWN OF THE DEAD but has been reduced to appearing in mainly pitiful films ever since.
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A bit unpolished and hurried, but still entertaining and funny.
johannes2000-11 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
You won't hear me say that this is the best movie ever! But such a low score as 4.3 (at the time that I wrote this review) is in my opinion a bit too harsh. There are certainly things to say against it, but there is also a lot to enjoy and all in all I found it quite entertaining. To begin with, it sure is different and original, which in itself is something to praise, taking the nowadays tsunami of cloned and interchangeable second-rate horrorflicks into account. The acting of all three main characters is excellent. Wendie Weldon and Tommy Day Carey as the bickering but underneath loving couple are very funny, and Ken Foree was very convincing as the civilized but menacing hit-man.

So far for the good things. It seemed to me that story and script did not mature enough, as if they went ahead with the whole thing from scratch. Were they meaning to make a horror flick or a screwball comedy? They didn't seem to have made a real choice and both aspects turned out a bit insufficient. The comedy-elements (very funny, by the way, I really loved the silly altercations between the couple) were stretched too far and got a bit repetitive, while the horror-elements from the moment the real Midnight-man appears seemed to pop-up out of nowhere, it was at times as if the editor put his scissors too soon in the film-reel and we missed a logical introduction of the scenes in question. And there were too many loose elements scattered through the movie. Like what is the thing with this Midnight-man? It's apparently not a real monster or person but anyone can turn into him. But why, how? And why can people turn back again into their normal being? Or like the drunk local they repeatedly meet, what is he supposed to be? He at one time says that he may become the next victim of the murderous evil that he constantly rambles about, but in the end it is suggested that he's already a ghost. The fearful collector slash hitman is rather ambiguous about his assignment to collect the money due. At one time he seems to be contented with just a severed toe, at another they have to get the offered money from Rebecca's parents and in the end he even settles for nothing. How plausible is that, doesn't he have a boss he has to give account to?!?

Anyway, for a movie that was made in 10 days it came out as unpolished and as insufficient as you can expect, but still with a very promising entertainment-value. Maybe director Aitor Uribarri in the future should settle for comedy, that part came out the best!
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