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Pretty damn good
roller823-46-84975517 January 2022
This Kid, Alex Wolff- whoa. When you're acting and the audience forgets you're acting this is your goal. You nailed it. It's hard and anxious I think but you're killing it seemingly effortlessly.

After viewing saw he wrote and directed.


Keep going.

Co-stars could do no wrong in this film.

Direction - editing is spot on.
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A very solid film
latinfineart7 August 2021
No idea what all the hating is all about with these reviews. People offended by real life stuff?

None of these characters felt fake or contrived. The writing was good as well as some excellent performances. Watch it. It is very good work.
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Worth every minute.
Moviehound33326 October 2019
Was this movie perfect? No. Great films are rarely perfect, and yes this movie is great. It is a bit of a roller coaster ride,but one that keeps you interested from one scene to the next. There are all too familiar situations of reckless youth -and the terrible anger and despair of manic depression that often goes with it. I often thought of my own youth during this film,and how lucky i was to live through the more foolish times -when making stupid mistakes was a daily occurence. Performances are brilliant and inspired and the screenplay is excellent. Yes this is a film about a bunch of rich,selfish New York City kids, who are finding out who they really are; warts and all. IMO it should at the very least have a critic rating of 7.5, you should see it for yourself- you might agree.
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self indulgent RWA's
cekadah11 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
There really isn't much to say about this flick. It's basically a trip to hell during winter in NYC. Four teens boys - all RWA's - spend their time going out to party, take drugs, fight, and sex-it-up with a convenient girl.

One teen - Nick - is 'the new guy' and he brings a boat load of emotionally damaged baggage and anger with him. But to party is his passion along with the other three guys. This goes on for two hours!!! And then the movie ends.

This flick is the poster child of 'boring'.
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A true indie film to see *spoilers ahead*
memily6627 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This film definitely has some indie film vibes to it. There was a lot of questions that I had in my head throughout this whole film but the chemistry between the cast members; young and old, was good. Was it a perfect movie? No, not at all. But for Alex's very first film that he directed, wrote, and starred in, it was definitely good. I've seen my fair share of indie films that weren't good at all, even being the said director's first or second time directing.

The chemistry between the cast was phenomenal. You could feel the friendship, the love, everything. Alex did a good job with the cast. Even through some of the tough moments, you could really feel for the characters. Each character, you got to see a small inside of who they were, even if we didn't get to see their whole world like we did with Nick. I seriously can't get over the chemistry through all of it.

There were moments where I wasn't too fond of it, some moments that felt they didn't need to belong or moments where I wanted more. Whether that was Alex's intentions or not, it was still good. It had raw emotions and let you in with who Nick was, even if we never got to meet his mother, you still managed to love and hold onto Nick and even have your own personal moments through it.

The emotions were raw and the acting was amazing. Even through the tough scenes such as ( spoiler ) when Russell was in too far over his head with the drug dealer. Despite the annoyance you felt for Russell before that moment, you still felt anxiety or felt bad for him, though you knew he was in the wrong for what he did and said to the male. The emotions with Nick sharing how he felt with his dad ( spoiler ); it can definitely hit home if you ever lost someone you loved or cared about, you can definitely feel for Nick and make it personal. I cried during that part because that's exactly how I feel with my mother. I wish I could smell her again, hear her laugh, or voice. The pain of knowing you can't have that back, it definitely pulls you in with his emotional response to it because earlier, you saw that he was trying to be tough and not talk about it much with the guys. Raw emotion like that, is hard to portray in a true manner and not in a Hollywood way.

You also got to see the rage and anger from Nick because of the loss of his father and knowing that deep down, Nick knew most were right when it came to his mother, that maybe it wasn't the best thing to do but of course, it's his mother and he's all she had. Also, getting to see Nick going through a spiral with the drugs and the alcohol. You can see that he was heading towards a path of destruction, just as we knew his mother was and his father had gone down.

Anyways, enough of adding on that. This movie wasn't perfect, it was a little slow but it had a thoughtful process and had a way of making you want to keep watching it. As Alex's directorial debut; this movie was and is a true indie film to see. It won't disappoint!
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Brilliant and Entertaining
abbyworm27 October 2019
This movie was absolutely amazing. I enjoyed the story so much, it made me both happy&sad, made me laugh& cry and also feel so many different emotions/connections with each character. Alex WROTE AND DIRECTED this movie and he did a damn good job. He's a convincing and captivating storyteller. Definitely a fun movie to watch and most definitely worth every penny. You won't be disappointed, in fact you'll want to see it again and again.
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An honest review
kiragrahanm24 November 2019
I didn't really like this movie, it's not a bad movie but there are movies that do it a lot better.

The movie is about love and loss but you never really feel empathy for nick and the situation he is in. A main reason I feel this way is because there are no consequences for his actions he effects other with no sense of consideration for others and their well being maybe that was intentional but still it could have been portrayed a lot better.

What I liked -The characters weren't all predictable -The actors and actresses in this film did fine overall ( it wasn't great acting just decent)

Alex wolf did a good job with the character nick's self destructiveness and violent behaviour.

But at the end of the day I feel like the movie takes too long to get there and by the end you are just unsatisfied and some people may not care.

I certainly wouldn't give this movie a 10 no it's not great and I agree with another reviewer it's horribly paced and I do think some of these reviews are fake but it's fine I've seen worse would I watch it again ? No I wouldn't the movie is forgettable to put it nicely.

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More than just a film.. pulled from the life of Alex Wolff himself.
TuesdayThe17th18 April 2020
Let menjustvstart hy saying Alex Wolff is the brightest upcoming star working today.

There are several fake reviews on here trying to raise the overall rating of this movie but there is no need for this. This is what will turn more people off than on to what turned out to be one of the most amazing directorial debuts I have ever seen. "The Cat and the Moon" is a passion project if I ever saw one. Actor Alex Wolff treks into unfamiliar territory as writer/director AND actor to give us the truest and his most visionary take on his "back pocket" script. A great cast, great music, good locations and design, good direction..this movie is near perfect.. I am 29 years old but if I saw this movie when I was 18 it would have changed my life... Like the director, I am also a Scorpio and was born on Nov 2nd so I can fully feel where Wolff is coming from. It's like this movie was catered to me..His character reminds me of myself at that age. I can feeel his passion seeping through the screen. This is a deeply felt film from the heart and it made me, A grown man, cry through out. I have never quite seen anything like it. I grew up in a similar way to Nick.. I can relate with some of his emotions.. I had a very similar type of friend group and just so much of it hit home for me. I give Alex Wolff a lot of credit for stepping up and making this movie happen. He is young but clearly has the drive. He is handsome, very talented and fun to watch and he is going to blossom into an even more unique artist as time goes on. This movie isn't for everyone but once it truly finds its audience it will shine bright like the city lights.
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thank you
klararybicka8 November 2019
Thank you Alex Wolff. i loved it :-)
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Greatest movie I have seen in years
seamusjwalsh25 October 2019
When it first started I didn't know what to expect. The emotional depth explored in this movie is magical. It has hints of some of the best New York directors. There were so many great parts of this movie I could rewatch a thousand times. I highly recommend you watch it and experience something absolutely unique. Spectacular.
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Blew Me Away
jackemet25 October 2019
This film is truly one of a kind. I haven't experienced this sort of emotion and relatability in any movie I've ever seen. Wolff captures the true intensity and nostalgia of your most beloved/confusing teenage years in the most organic and least predictable way imagined. This movie is for anyone and everyone. Period.
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you need to see this film
ninathinks26 May 2020
The cat and the moon is a film you need to see. Like it or dislike it it is a masterclass in performance and film making.

The movie is a beautiful look at lives of teenagers from their perspective. This is, in my opinion a rarity, whilst copious movies exist dealing with the emotions and the mental state of teenagers few bring the raw complexity of them to forefront. And few productions feel as real as this feature.

I attribute this to our lead and director Alex Wolff. This is Wolff's directorial debut (hard to believe) and you're left wondering is there anything this guy can't do. The movie ebbs and flows through happiness, nostalgia, love, heartbreak and betrayal - the ease at which Wolff can conduct these emotions is what makes him a first class actor and now, director.

Wolff has a unique ability to allow his costars to shine in their performances and bring their characters to life. In one scene with a drug dealer on Tommy Nelson's character finds himself in a situation he didn't anticipate. His tough man exterior is broken and we the audience can see a shift in his personality not just figuratively but physically too. Nelson has a wonderful way of expressing his fear and embarrassment by merely changing his physique. It is rather fantastic to watch. Another performance that makes the Cat and the Moon one of those movies that lingers in your mind long after it has ended is that of Stefania Owen. She is an example of a performance that is effortless. Her entire character feels unrehearsed. Perhaps it is her on screen chemistry with Wolff, their ease of working together or her pure talent but either way she is one of a handful of actors with whom you can lose yourself in. Owen brings the story to life.

You could go into this film thinking it is an Alex Wolff movie and the supporting cast are merely a backdrop for an ego boost for Wolff, how wrong you would be. This movie is more than an Alex Wolff credit. It is a story of real people.

People we can all relate to with emotions we have all felt. It deals with the complexity of human life the intricacies that make us who we are. It is a snapshot of early adulthood in the hardest of circumstances. This movie is rambunctious and fast paced at times and that I think was Wolff's intention. The true story, the real story lies not in the party scenes but scenes but in the quiet moments of his characters grief. It is then we see his vulnerability. Cat and The Moon is the story of being lost - lost in grief, life, love and uncertainty. There is no miracle ending or sunset beauty. There is just the characters moving along no knowing what comes next and to that I think we can all relate. Alex Wolff is a mesmerising story teller let's all hope that his next original is in the works.
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Best Movie of The Year
ryjmet25 October 2019
This film sits on the idyllic line between a gritty, raw, New York snapshot and simplistic, honest, teenage love story. Alex Wolff is an auteur in the truest sense of the word: he has a gift of translating the world around him into a gripping, empathetic indie-film.
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Great first effort from Alex Wolff
Horrorlover19938 November 2019
Very emotionally honest and well written. A real heartfelt and relatable story.
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Finally, a film about teens that feels real!
jbrwn-3545528 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
"The Cat in the Moon," which began as Alex Wolff's effort to distract himself from 9th-grade studies, is finally here and is definitely worth the wait. Wolff takes care to let each character shine, and doesn't feed us easy answers. The film is so refreshing on many levels, and is a corrective to the play-by-numbers teen movies that we have all seen and are tired of.
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Beautiful film!
midnightkarma17 February 2020
Absolutely blown away by this film! It has been a long time since I've been moved by a film to this extent. It is so raw and real, I felt like I was living right in the middle of Nick's turmoil from start to finish. His rage and sorrow were so palpable, but I also found the banter among him and his friends entertaining. It brought me right back to that period in my life in high school when I was walking a line between trying to find myself and also being carefree. Even now in my 20s it still hits close to home!

To anyone who has experienced loss, been through a difficult season of change, or just to those who can relate to the trials and tribulations of youth, you will find a kindred spirit in Nick.

With moving performances, beautiful jazz compositions, and NYC as the backdrop - this movie really was beautifully and artistically done. You can tell that Mr. Wolff put his heart and soul into creating it, and I hope we get more films from him in the future!
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Youth in New York
austincauldwell25 October 2019
Love this movie! This expertly crafted movie is such an accurate and lively portrayal of youth, particularly youth in New York. As Nick (Alex Wolff) struggles with loss, he takes us on a journey to find acceptance from new friends, girls, and his father's old friend Cal (Mike Epps). It is hilarious, and heartbreak, and painfully real.
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Love the cast! So authentic feeling
dannyo777724 October 2019
I love the entire cast in this film. Reminds me of films with great ensemble casts like American Pie. Alex is incredible in this and he's a star to watch for sure. He's got a Pacino-esq quality.
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you definitely need to watch this
adeleviot26 May 2020
Alex Wolff is one of the most talented and brilliant young man of my generation and damn this film was so great. The Cat and the Moon feels so personal and real and it portrays teenagers and their feelings in a way wow I felt that. Adding to this that the soundtrack was incredible, and the cast was chef's kiss. Thank you for this one Alex.
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an extremely visceral and emotional experience
emmamacklin25 December 2019
It has been three days since I watched The Cat and The Moon and I cannot stop thinking about it.

I was excited to watch a film about young people, as I always tend to watch a lot of movies that involve plots revolving around teens and young adults. I didn't want to spoil anything for myself so I didn't watch the trailer, so I went into this movie completely unaware of what I was going to experience. What I got was something so close to my heart and my stomach that I could feel them reacting as the plot unfolded. It's hard to explain how I feel about The Cat and the Moon without using the same words over and over again but raw, real, visceral and emotional is how I describe this movie.

The least I can say is that I am genuinely excited to see what comes next from Alex as a writer and director. He is an incredible actor as well, but I have now seen his writing come to life and it is beautiful (raw, real, visceral and emotional, too!).
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