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This show is about the process of recording idea what other reviewers watched when they wrote their reviews
cpinkerton7 April 2018
There are a couple of other reviews here that have clearly reviewed a completely different show and given it really low scores, so I wanted to put this here so there was no confusion.

This is an 8 part series about the process of recording music. It stars with the role of a record producer, then moves onto the crafting a record during the recording process, the crucial role of a vocal recording, the introduction of electric guitar and synthesisers etc etc etc. it's a fantastic series. I learnt so much from each episode, and I'm a definite music tragic. There are some amazingly big names from the music industry and excellent references to groundbreaking albums that changed music forever. All styles of music are covered so there is something for everyone. Everyone person interviewed is so passionate about their subject matter.

Highly recommended
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Best music Doc I've seen in a long time, maybe ever
myersei-165-435026 June 2017
First of all, I'm not sure where the 232 of the 574 votes that gave this a "1" on a scale of 1-10 came from, but it's clear someone had an axe to grind.

This was hands down one of the most interesting documentaries I've ever seen. I initially thought 8 one hour episodes of music recordings would become boring, but the story just got more interesting as it went on.

The series follows the technology, people, and styles of the music recording industry over the last 60 years or so. From Elvis to Adele and the evolution of sound recording.

This is a treat for any music nerd but even those with just a faint interest will find it extremely interesting.
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Remember the music industry?
BlobbyLight10 June 2019
Ahh.. the nostalgia... Thanks to Obama, not only allowing, but endorsing (on the white house website no less), the likes of Daniel Ek and Sean Parker, two of the worst offending non-musician internet crooks (Napster/uTorrent = Spotify) in their thievery empire endeavors, we now have no truly independent creative professional industry left today. Its the 1% major label sponsored poser child clicks for ad cash regime running things today. Creative groundbreaking musicianship is a thing of the past... such a sad story. So please do indulge in your all-you-can-eat for free streaming today folks! And dont complain about the constantly worsening music that follows in the years to come as more and more artists, studios etc etc etc. are robbed of royalties, go hungry, bankrupt, out of business, kaput, gone for ever. The fruits of your labors... ENJOY!
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didn't like really
lokoxxzz23 June 2017
After 10 minutes my wife and I had to shut it off. This has nothing to do with politics, or women's lib, or freedom of expression, or whatever excuse for poor is just plain terrible to watch. Man, woman, monkey....whichever species show would writhe in agony as the poor reviews flooded in. Part of putting yourself on stage is realizing you are subject to criticism, and the honest truth is this was a zero- talent required waste of time. I honestly wouldn't have taken the time to review had not tried to shirk responsibility, but this is plain awful.
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