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Sex & Nudity

  • A man watches pornography, however, it's never shown. Only moaning is heard in the background. This scene is fairly lengthy but contains no on-screen detail or nudity.
  • A poster of a topless female model is briefly seen twice, the only nudity in the entire series.
  • A man and woman are shown making out in a bathroom after he unbuckles his pants off screen. This doesn't lead to anything sexual as the woman begins to strangle and claw at the man urging him to stop. Mentions of the man thinking about her sucking him off, masturbating to her, being hard and asking her to suck it. It's implied the man has been harassing the woman. No nudity.
  • A sex tape is shown briefly. No nudity lots of movement although the footage is grainy. Only sex scene in the show.
  • Implied sex such as people kissing and in bed together under the covers. No nudity this is about as bad as it gets. Some mild sexual harassment themes in season one and in one episode in season 4.

Violence & Gore

  • Infrequent but strong levels of violence.
  • Several instances of gun violence, though not excessive nor stylised.
  • We see two clips on YouTube of kids getting injured in baseball. In the first, a girl is shown breaking her neck after running into a fence. In the second, a boy is supposedly killed by a line drive ball to the face, which we see. No blood is shown, but could be hard to watch.
  • Two fist fights between the same two men. Fairly lengthy and brutal. A little girl is involved in the first one and she stabs and scratches the man.


  • "Fuck" and it's derivatives are used throughout each episode along with several other milder profanities.
  • "Cunt" is used 12 times in season 3.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Alcohol is seen being consumed during meals and at bars.
  • Passing references to drug use.
  • Two or three brief instances of smoking pot
  • It's mentioned a woman has a drinking problem, she is seen drinking wine a few times.
  • Characters are drug dealers. This is never shown.
  • Cigarette smoking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The show highlights various heavy topics such as PTSD, depression, murder, organized crime, domestic violence, family estrangement, and suicide.
  • Season 4 is extremely dark with a bleak ending.
  • Season 3 and 4 are incredibly bleak despite being comedic the show gets progressively darker.
  • Suggested MPA Rating (US Viewers only): Rated R for Strong Bloody Violence, Language, and Sexual Content.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A deranged man very suddenly shoots a woman in the head, causing blood to spray and the bullet to exit out the back of her head. He then goes on a violent killing spree and murders at least twenty gangsters by shooting them in the head. Lots of blood spurts and splatters onto walls and pools beneath their corpses. Very bloody and disturbing.
  • Barry is shot in the shoulder by Gene, this is mostly off-screen but blood is shown seeping through his shirt after he collapses onto a couch. He is then shot directly in the head and his neck is shown snapping backwards before the camera goes black, nothing is shown but this is very sudden and unexpected. Later his dead body is seen for an extended period of time with blood and brain matter leaking out of his wound.
  • A showdown between a major protagonist and antagonist is halted when one very suddenly shoots the other. The henchmen open fire on each other, killing most of them while blood is shown spraying; one of them throws a grenade which kills the remaining henchmen before dying himself. Their dead bodies are seen with intestines hanging out of their torsos and several limbs missing. Very grounded and realistic.
  • One of the main protagonists of the series is shot in the chest with a revolver, this is extremely sudden. He later bleeds to death while convulsing in a very realistic manner.
  • The dead body of a man is seen sitting in a car with a bullet hole in his forehead. After this, two men who attempt to shoot the protagonist are shot to death; no blood is shown but this is very intense, one is shot in the chest and one in the head.
  • Two men driving a car are shot in the head, no gore is shown but blood sprays onto the windshield. This is a very shocking and sudden.
  • Barry forces a major protagonist to kill a man in self defense by shooting him in the back, blood is shown spraying from his stomach. Later, Barry executes the protagonist in a car with a handgun, the camera cuts away and blood is shown splattering. This is a very saddening and disturbing scene.
  • A man attempts to shoot another only to be shot in the head, part of his exposed skull is shown from an open wound while blood sprays from the wound before his bleeds out and dies. Several other men are then shot to death while blood sprays.
  • A man enters an apartment and shoots a man in the chest with a shotgun before shooting a second in the leg. He executes the second by shooting him in the head. No blood is shown but this is very sudden and realistic with the way that the wounds are shown.
  • A man is shot in the face, blood sprays from both cheeks before he collapses. He later gets up and kills his attacked by kicking him in the head, causing his neck to break, before being shot repeatedly by police officers. Blood is shown splattering briefly from every wound.
  • Several people are strangled to death and burned alive in a sequence. Intense but no blood is shown. The lone survivor is forced to sit and is then shot directly in the face while blood sprays, this is extremely sudden but played for comedy.
  • During a long and brutal massacre, a major character is shot twice in the head; no blood is shown but this is very sudden and unexpected. Additionally, a man is shown being shot in the neck and violently bleeding to death while another is shot in the head after being fatally wounded, causing blood and brain matter to spray onto a white cardboard box.
  • A man strangles a woman for an extended period of time and seemingly kills her, this is extremely disturbing and realistic. She doesn't die and instead stabs him in the neck with a steak knife which causes blood to spray out of his eye socket before beating him to death with a baseball bat. Although the final beating isn't shown, this is a very brutal and shocking sequence.
  • Two characters are brutally ripped apart by a panther off-screen, the sounds of their screams and bones & flesh crunching and ripping are heard. This is a very nauseating and disturbing scene. The panther is shot to death off-screen and the gunman goes on to shoot two more people in the head; one is shown on-screen but no blood is shown although this is sudden.
  • During an assassination attempt, a faulty weapon explodes in a man's hand and blows off most of his fingers in a very sudden but comedic way. Although this is played for laughs, several people are immediately shot in the head while mild blood sprays; very shocking and unexpected. The gunman is then shot to death off-screen and his body is briefly seen with no blood.
  • The dead body of a major character is shown briefly after he was shot in the head off-screen, some mild blood is seen splattered on the ground. This is extremely disturbing, upsetting, and sudden.

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