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Stellar Performances Rule This Dark-Thriller!
namashi_113 April 2017
Munish Bhardwaj's 'Moh Maya Money' is a film, that you may have missed or in a worst case scenario, must've not even heard about it. But this is a film, that you should give a chance. Reason? Stellar Performances & A (mostly) Well-Written Screenplay.

'Moh Maya Money' Synopsis: A young real-estate broker (Ranvir Shorey) tries to pull off a huge scam, which goes horribly wrong. To fix everything he involves his begrudging wife (Neha Dhupia) leading to an end neither could imagine.

'Moh Maya Money' is a gritty-thriller, that involves heinous crimes & moments of unexpected cruelty. Munish keeps the narrative going on a strong pace all through its first-hour, building up a story that's a lot more than what you might expect out of it. The characters are mean, greedy, deceptive & their world is undeniably engrossing. BUT, only in the first-hour. In its second-hour, 'Moh Maya Money' loses out its unpredictable nature & even the sequences that follow one after the other, lack excitement. Even the culmination, looks hurried & cramped. Munich & Mansi Nirmal Jain's Screenplay begins excellently, but fails to sustain its momentum. The Writing plays a spoilsport towards the latter hour & how one wishes if the Writers opted for some better material. Munish's Direction is well-done.

'Moh Maya Money' is a triumph as far as the acting is concerned. Ranvir Shorey is fantastic as the calculative, conniving protagonist, who's impossible to like, but hard to hate either. Shorey brings depth to a part, that zeroes on being bad. Neha Dhupia is brilliant too. Dhupia enacts a complicated yet meaty part, with unmistakable conviction. And the on-screen chemistry between the two, is as real as it can get. Seriously, why don't we get to see Shorey & Dhupia more often on the big screen?

On the whole, 'Moh Maya Money' isn't perfect, but it's worth a watch nonetheless, thanks to its superior first-hour & faultless performances.
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A weak script that appeals only to a person who has written it
ankitcom29 November 2016
A weak script that appeals only to a person who has written it. Some work on few more thrills could've improved it a bit. A sloppy direction with average acting performances makes it a dull flick.

Director: Munish Bhardwaj Actors: Ranvir Shorey, Neha Dhupia Writer: Munish Bhardwaj

Rating: 2 / 5

Storyline Rating: 2 Content: 2 Commercialization: 2 Entertainment: 2

Acting Rating: 2 Ranvir Shorey: 2 Neha Dhupia: 2

Direction Rating: 2

Music Rating: 1

Cinematography: 2

Editing: 3
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udhavpunjabi17 July 2019
It's one of the best screenplays i have seen in the longest time. Thanks to Netflix I watched this. Brilliant writing. Don't miss out on this one. Don't go by the General rating.
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Flutter by
sesht30 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
1st, the good news: Film noir is not dead. This neo-noir, released without fanfare of any kind, & perhaps destined for a week's run at best, is a very good reason to be a fan of good cinema, & optimistic about the state of independent cinema locally.

& what started, imho, for Ranvir Shorey, ages ago, with him making for a most unconventional lead, especially in local fare, seems to be in his comfort zone anyway with each new carefully-chosen flick of his, including this one, which could be classified as a spiritual sequel of sorts, to the magnificent 'Mithya' (& no, I'm not forgetting his powerful turn as 1 of the darkest characters he's player in lady year's neo-noir classic, 'Titli'). Not just because of his reunion with his costar from that one, the always magnificent-yet- understated Neha Dhupia (who, in addition to Mithya, was also fabulous in 1:40 ki last local, another neo-noir, but 1 that combined oodles of dark humor within the same structure).

So, other than this being a neo-noir, what it does well, is in terms of providing consistent characterization even for its smallest characters.

Another thing it does well is in highlighting minor things as well, like the comment about almonds at a point. Normal, day- to-day people talking, or voicing their inner monologues, subject to interpretation.

Also the way it unfolds it's minimalistic twists is subtle. The director, Munish Bhardwaj, is definitely 1 to watch out for.

The production/set design, cinematography and other technical values remain in the background, serving the narrative well. The score, on use other hand, imho, seemed a tad too understated for my preference. The makers would've done well to take a page from the (excellent) recent Bengali neo-noir work, 'Saheb Bibi Golaam', in this regard.

The flaws are few (see above, plus, for example, 1 of the leads' spectacle frames is diverting in 1 scene, the title also is too on the nose & not too memorable, imho), & never detract from the main tale, which, for all its predictability, packs a surprise or two, &, what's most important, it never takes its audience for granted.

The characterizations are also augmented by depictions of real relationships, mostly in the grey zone, with an underpinning of very real romance, which, to me, was as refreshing as manyof the other good things about this, along with being completely unexpected.

Definitely not to be missed, & worth multiple viewings.
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Good movie
sunildaswaney-6364216 August 2019
A good movie with competent performances by everyone. These type of movies,although above average will fail miserably at the box office as firstly there is no star appeal and secondly for such a basic script,It's better to watch same at home.
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