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mleesouth8 January 2017
after reading reviews on here, i am just totally flabbergasted. the first review that came up was horrible. this show is amazing. it is hilarious, and heart wrenching. the comedy is well timed and funny, the serious parts are meaningful and relate to my childhood. i can say that this show is worth watching and beautiful. i don't understand why anyone would discredit it. i cant wait for more. it is so meaningful and soulful. it shows love and family and a hilarious humor. i can only imagine that if someone gives this show a bad review, that they don't understand its underlying meaning and that makes me sad for them. it is one of the best shows i have seen in a long time and i will be anxiously awaiting the next season.
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Love this show
emorri-8284610 January 2017
I started watching this show because I was bored and wanted to just have something on TV while I worked and found myself overcome with emotions. This show is amazing and I can't wait until the next season debuts. It kept me laughing, thinking, and even crying. It is a great series and the only negative thing I have to say is that there weren't enough episodes. Netflix could help me out a lot by adding 26 episodes a season instead of their typical 13. I watched the entire serious in a few short hours and now want to make sure that this show continues. In all honesty this show was more intriguing to me than many other Netflix sitcoms as well as some other shows like George Lopez.

Keep up the great work Netflix!!!
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Won't win any awards for innovation, but will surely entertain you and warm your heart!
WeyounsLastClone8 January 2017
Sure, this isn't the most ground-breaking series ever. But it has a lot of heart, and I loved the cast and their interaction.

I don't like laugh tracks , and sure this series has one as well, but it doesn't really take the upper hand. I liked Fuller House from a nostalgic point of view, but this series is more genuinely funny and doesn't overuse the laugh track that much.

Without getting gushy or over the top, it also had some very touching moments, which was good to see. So all in all a very entertaining series to watch, which exceeded my expectations before I started watching this.

I really hope this will get a second season, great series to fill 30 minutes of your time and be entertained and have your heart warmed!
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For a sitcom, it's brilliant!
kayleighmorganmusic9 January 2017
I think the negative reviews here are thinking about Netflix's general output instead of the genre this show is meant for. I personally have never seen the original, but I find this to breathe new life into the typical family sitcom genre. It's tackling modern issues but is steeped in traditional family values and I think that's a very important aspect for a modern sitcom. It's styled in a very old school way, but thematically it is embracing all factors of humanity without pandering or talking down to the audience, and I value that as a viewer. If you compare it to say House of Cards or OITNB then yes of course it won't stack up, but put it against 8 Simple Rules or Fresh Prince Of Bel Air and it does very well.
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For the modern latinx
kelseymolina14 January 2017
As a Latina, it's incredible all the different ways I can see myself and my family in this show. The show is funny but also progressive. It's exactly what a Latinx show needs. These ideas aren't often portrayed in Latinx media and the fact that the show hits just about all the major topics on the head deserves so much credit. Feminism has such a bad rep, but this show puts a good face to it. It's finally a reboot that does exactly what it needs to do; It keeps the love of the original show, but adds modern changes not only physically, but also in their plot lines. It brings to light social issues that modern, popular shows don't touch upon. Truly worth the watch and features fantastic actors who take on their characters like themselves.
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New version, still love it!
odalyvictorio8 January 2017
I'm surprised to see negative reviews. I'm only two episodes in, but thus far I love it! I would have given it a full on 10, but the actors portraying Cubans aren't Cuban.

In keeping with the original, the strong female lead is a divorcée and Vet. I love her interactions with her mom and daughter. It's very accurate in Cuban families. Her struggles at work are common among us Latins. In general, we want to impress and don't do too well at 'asking' or (demanding) more money.

I realize if you aren't Latin, this may not be your cup of tea, but I have enjoyed many shows based on other cultures.

I hope I enjoy the rest of the episodes as much.
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Really great show
valyinagyerzsi13 January 2017
I think in the last couple of years this was definitely one of the best sitcoms I have watched. The show found a great balance between being funny, and yet tackling serious topics such as PTSD, sexism or coming out, having really great heartfelt moments, while handling the transition between light and somber very smoothly. The actors' portrayal is all amazing, and so are the characters and their arcs, especially the main three women.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this show. While I agree with previous reviewers that the laughtracks are outdated and unnecessary, they are far from being as annoying, as some people make them out to be.
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A different kind of relatable sitcom
josejaviersaritmontalvo10 January 2017
Every once in a while a sitcom comes around that really catches audiences attention. I think One Day at a Time is one that's really needed at this point in time. I was raised with a mix of Puerto Rican and Dominican culture and I grew up with a lot of the same customs used in this show. I think the characters are relatable regardless of race or ethnicity and a lot of the issues surrounding them are broad and multicultural. Sure it has its cliché moments, but what's a sitcom without them. I would be really disappointed if Netflix were to cancel this one. Regardless of who watches it, I believe everyone can find something in it that's relatable to their own lives. It's a win for me.
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Very good for a sitcom, but too preachy
grandmasterpra21 September 2017
Honestly, this show was better than I expected it to be. The characters are funny and the writing is really well done. You have to judge it on a "sitcom" scale and in that spectrum this show is very high quality. It can get cliché sometimes but that is to be expected.

Now for my only complaint...It's too preachy!!! I'm all for political statements here and there but this show is chalked full of them. Even if I agree with most of the political statements covered, it still comes across as very elitist with constant lecturing. To the point where one of the white male characters is on the show only so the entire cast can preach to him and put him in his place all the time. Are there men like this? Of course, a lot actually. But for some white men this show can be pretty insulting.

If you are the kind of person who can handle politics ingrained in your entertainment, then go for it! It's a really good show worth watching. If you are the kind of person who is looking for an escape from the constant politics engulfing our country right now and just want some laughs, I don't recommend this show. But that shouldn't take completely away from the quality of the show which is very good.
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One day at a time
mirna_puente8 January 2017
One Day at a time esta muy buena me gusto mucho, muchos temas tratados y bastante entretenida. Dia a Dia this is a very good TV series, love the way that it shows a lot of things like the way that veterans are dealing with medical service, about therapy, homosexuality, immigration, about the situation of veterans in civil life so crude and sad, i just like this TV show !!and wishing that i can see another season The actors are great, Penelope and Lydia so fantastic the way that they interact with everyone else, Schneider is so cute! even Victor is so cute, Dr Berkowitz so naive. It really makes me laugh and cry, most of all the last chapter, the final when Elena's family surround her with their support.
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I wanted to like this, but couldn't get interested
severe_td223 February 2018
I'm a big lover of '70s and '80s sitcoms. Many here have complained about the laugh track on this show. That didn't bother me a bit, as I've been used to that as a fixture of sitcoms for more than 40 years.

Unfortunately, this remake of Norman Lear's 1970s classic of the same name just isn't very interesting, or funny for that matter.

The first problem is the characters. They start out well, with the legendary Rita Moreno playing the old-school traditionalist widowed grandma, and Justina Machado in a very believable role of a frazzled, but mostly upbeat 40ish Cuban-American mom.

Unfortunately, the rest of the characters are terrible. Elena, the teen daughter, is an insufferable "social justice warrior" type, and not even in an entertaining way. Elena isn't there for comic relief. We're supposed to like her and take her politically correct obsessions seriously, which is incredibly hard to do. She comes off as a bratty, entitled, know-it-all teenager, and not in a compelling or interesting way. She's just unlikable.

The son, Alex, is around 14 years old, and is a one-note metrosexual character. There is nothing particularly interesting about him

Compare these two to the cute and spunky Barbara (what teenage boy in the '70s didn't have a crush on her?) and charming troublemaker Julie, of the original series. Lear's original featured two flawed, but likable teens who were easy to relate to. The ones on the current show range between insufferable and boring.

But that's not the worst part. The original series had delightful and humorous Schneider, who was slightly creepy and intrusive, but harmless. He pretty much made the series. Mention the original show to those around during that era, and their first thought will be, "Oh, the show with that funny Schneider guy!"

In the politically correct 2010s, the edgy, somewhat lecherous Schneider has been changed into a clueless buffoon living off Daddy's money. Even worse, the new Schneider simply exists to fill the "white privilege" role -- where he constantly tries hard to be a good liberal, but is constantly taught lessons that he's too dumb, white, and rich to understand the plight of the Hispanic working class. Oddly, while we are supposed to chuckle at his well-meaning ignorance (and notice the lessons he's constantly taught about class and race), somehow we're supposed to repeatedly overlook that he's also a womanizing jerk.

The irony is that "old" Schneider was a street-smart letch who purposely made inappropriate sexual comments, but in reality was harmless. New Schneider seems like a clueless-but-innocent dweeb on the surface, but in reality treats women like walking sex objects.

Oh, the politically correct hypocrisy!

Even beyond the characters, the show just isn't very interesting. The plots just aren't very compelling. It feels like they're trying really hard to be edgy and present a realistic view of the Cuban generation gap, but none of it held my interest at all. I couldn't continue watching after 4 episodes.

Norman Lear was quite left-of-center politically, and worked this into most of his shows. Even though I don't agree with Lear's politics, I found him to be a sitcom genius, and thought that his work was both hilarious and thought-provoking. I was able to look past the political preachiness because the rest of the product was such high quality.

Here, the show seems to exist solely to preach, and they've stripped everything from the original show which made it memorable and groundbreaking.

I'm giving it 3 stars because Moreno and Machado's characters were well drawn, and I liked what Gloria Estefan did with the theme music, transforming it from a whitebread Indianapolis theme to a Los Angeles Cuban version, while keeping the same lyrics and tone

I have no clue why so many people rated it 9-10. I feel like we're watching a different show.
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Not so Cuban
outtheseries10 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
For the most part, the show is funny and hits difficult topics. I see the attempt to stay true to Veteran problems and the family is pretty good at keeping Cuban culture in the house, though i believe none of the cast is Cuban. Some episodes (scripts) don't seem to stay true to the character. Rita Moreno does a fantastic job playing the Cuban grandmother, but in the episode "Roots" she lacks on keeping to who she should be. Majority of Cubans are proud to be in America and equally be proud to be American. Difficult decision to renounce citizenship of Cuba is valid but they could have changed it up. The episode left you not knowing who Lydia or Penelope voted for which was fine with me, in this Trump voter bashing culture, I can see why this show doesn't go as far as Tim Allen's 'Last Man Standing'. Lydia would have been the perfect pro-Trump Cuban in the house, and this would have brought better conflict on the show between characters. Cuban's are not Puerto Rican's or Mexican's, you cannot base their character's in that light. If the show continues, (which i hope it does, I am a fan of all the characters) I hope the writers do a better job researching the politics of Cuban's. There is a huge reason why Lydia's generation of Cuban would have voted for Trump. I think the show should be a bit more bold in this political climate and it should stay true to that.
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Refreshing and hilarious
annettecorzo15 January 2017
Netflix did it again, this show was heartfelt, funny and hit today's real issues. Rita Moreno is a magnificent actress. She makes her character a real Abuela. All the cast has great chemistry, they did a great job. The best sitcom in years. It is very well written, warm and funny. I don't agree with the other reviews on the negative feedback on the laugh track, it was not overdone and it was not to much. I truly enjoyed watching this show, I hope they make more seasons, and more than just 13 episodes. I think they did the reboot of the show justice, so far Netflix as not disappointed me with they original shows. Great job!!
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Do the Naysayers Even Know What a "Laugh Track" Is?
dizexpat11 April 2017
A "laugh track" is when a sit-com, not filmed in front of an audience, employs a machine to artificially add laughter to the show.

"One Day at a Time", as with "I Love Lucy" "The Honeymooners" "The Dick Van Dyke Show" and most of the sit-coms of the 70s and 80s (including almost all of Norman Lear's output, including the original "One Day at a Time"), is filmed in front of a live audience. The laughter is not "canned". It is real. Real people laughing at what we are watching. No one is "telling us when to laugh".

Try attending the theater sometime. Maybe you'll understand.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest...

I love "One Day at a Time". The whole cast is great but watching 80- something legend Rita Moreno is a true joy. She is a force of nature, both when she performs and when she gives interviews. For those who complain of her accent, this is the woman who created Googie Gomez in "The Ritz".

Rita Moreno still loves to joke about her mother's accent. When she once chided her mother for her embarrassing mispronunciation of the word "beach" her mother replied "You know I always have trouble with my bowels."

This is the first sit-com I've gotten into in some time. It's smart, funny and often sad.

As others have said "Bring on Season Two!"
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liked it
maximumbets8 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I started watching this, expecting it to be tacky, but quite liked it. They dealt with some sensitive issues, things I could relate to, even though I am not Latina. Didn't really notice the laugh track others mentioned and certainly think it is better than Fuller House. This isn't a remake of the old show, its a new show with the same title. As for the reviewer who said the characters or actors don't seem to connect, I disagree. I think they did great for a first season with a new show...take a look back at some of your favourites, compare the first year to the last...even Friends in the beginning seemed like random characters pulled of paper and forced unto a set. I didn't love every episode, but it stroked my curiosity enough to keep watching and to hope for new episodes.

Victor the dad really is a jerk
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One Laugh Track At A Time
anoceanroars7 January 2017
One Day At A Time, a classic Norman Lear series of the 70s and this Netflix reboot have one thing in common - the laugh track, and that is all. The politically correct Cuban American series desperately needs the laugh track to let the viewer know that i joke is supposed to be at the moment it is not happening.

The original version was about a mother and her two daughters which was very progressive at its time. It was a series about women and their struggles, a single mom trying to make ends meet and the love of a family. There was a connection with the casts.

The reboot feels like a bunch of people who are supposed to be a family, yet they have no chemistry. It all felt awkward. All the jokes and touchy moments fell flat. I could not wait for it to end.

And worst of all, Schneider in the new version is a rich hipster living on daddy's money and spending nights with women whose name he does not care to remember. Netflix really jumped the shark with the series. I have lost hope in Netflix. I am terrified to see what they have done to A Series of Unfortunate Events.

In conclusion, this series is not worth your limited binge hours for the month. Spend that time watching something else or watching the snow melt, it would be more pleasurable. 3/10
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Trying way too hard
ronadams-305818 January 2017
I admit, I've only watched two episodes now, so perhaps it get better. But so far it hasn't. I would tend to agree with a previous reviewer who mentioned the laugh track. It really does seem like it's there, much like the old generation laugh tracks, to tell you that you're supposed to laugh. Unfortunately, I haven't found much to laugh at. Don't get me wrong, there are a couple of small chuckles here and there, but nothing I'd call funny.

I think what they are attempting to do is try to do what Normal Lear accomplished so many years ago. Unfortunately, they don't come close to what he did. These days it's not really groundbreaking to have a minority family as the focus of a show. Just the fact that it's a Latino family doesn't automatically equal good writing. They are also trying to tackle issues such as PTSD and sexism and inequality in warm and fuzzy moments. Those same warm and fuzzy moments fall just as flat as the jokes. They come off as melodramatic and feel like something out of a "very special episode" of the 80's. They're trying too hard to include relevant issues in a sitcom the way Lear did. But it doesn't quite fit.

Overall, it's just not evenly, or well written. They could take a cue from "The Ranch" on how to deal with real issues in a way that mixes humor with heartfelt. Or just put on "Jane the Virgin" if you're really interested in getting some fun and positive images with a Latino family. That show is many heads and shoulders above this effort from Netflix. Then again this is still better than that Fuller House garbage they're trying to pass off as entertainment.
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Great approach to serious issues
ebutlin14 January 2017
I have really enjoyed this show. The characters are well developed, it's pretty funny and I love the way it approaches serious issues. The show does a great job telling a personal story while weaving in issues such as equal pay for women, veterans services and struggling with sexuality. All of these issues are current and important and this show brings them to the forefront to get us all thinking. My favorite character is Abuelita, she is hilarious and fun to watch. The show is very relate able, as there is at least one issue that all of us have been impacted by. Great job Netflix on picking up an original show with some depth. Highly recommend!
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What's with the lame laugh track?
kenalbertson14 March 2017
New TV shows with laugh tracks don't seem new at all. I am not sure why laugh tracks were ever popular with the show producers, but the better shows have long since cast them aside. Shows with laugh tracks seem crippled somehow, as if they can't get you to laugh at their jokes, they will laugh at their own.
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Thank Goodness For the Laugh Track
maysondavid10 February 2018
This isn't a sit com at all. It's just a platform for a bunch of scriptwriters who are clearly better social justice warriors than they are writers. Each episode takes an issue - racism, gender dysphoria, homophobia, etc, etc - and proceeds to simply preach the writers' point of view, dividing a very stilted lecture up into supposed dialogue. Very rarely is it in any way funny, but the canned laughter will at least tell you when it was supposed to be. Barely even tolerable as background whilst doing something else. As a show to actually sit down and watch it's a non-starter.
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Touching, Poignant, and Thoughtful
The-Doll-Face14 January 2017
Netflix has a good reputation in my house for producing great original shows. This remake was entertaining, and it expertly updated the original plot to address modern concerns while maintaining the original charm. Penelope is a wonderful lead as a military veteran, nurse, and mother. She's in charge of caring for her two children with the aid of her mother and some help from the building landlord.

One of my favorite things about things about this show is that when they address controversial topics, the shows is careful to present different sides of the argument. It is rare to see this done on television. Overall, it does what it is meant to do very well.
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Amazing and funny show!
imsowo31 August 2018
I binged the first two seasons and l expected not to like this show because it's a revamp of one of my most favorite childhood shows but it won me over. Its fresh, funny and relevant. It's the perfect revamp. I loved the Cuban flavor but anyone can identify with this family. It reflects todays families with current issues infused with so much humor. The actors are great comedians from the teens all the way up to the refreshing veteran actress Ms. Moreno. I say to everyone in there they are in a masterclass of acting if they can just learn and soak up a tiny bit of what she does or whatever advice she imparts to them! Everyone keep your eyes on her effortless performance. (Yes I maybe a bit biased from my childhood days of watching her on the Electric Company but I digress!) I had the best time watching it and was almost sad when l finished because now l have to wait for season three! It will make you laugh and cry and laugh until you cry. I enjoyed this show so very much. It's well worth the time spent. Watch it!!
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Netflix please Stop!
NexusMHTH9 January 2017
Growing up with 60s,70s,80s & 90s TV sucked because 1 reason why bring it back? Your supposed to be fresh and new, setting the bar higher, not taking steps backwards. Even if the show could have had legs you made me watch something else the moment your forced laughs on me... sorry. Learn from past mistakes don't embrace them. PPL don't need to be told when to laugh. Netflix has been nailing it with so many great new shows,Narcos,Stranger Things, Black Mirror etc.. so why put your name on something that obviously failed with television? ......(I'm done putting my two cents in but IMDb is making me write a review with a minimum of 10 lines, ALSO annoying:)
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So Wrong
fellixdiaz11 January 2017
A Puerto Rican-Mexican family living in Los Angeles are supposed to be Cuban? Since when do Cubans celebrate Quinceañeros like Mexicans? Since when do Cuban women refer to themselves as "Latinas"? Where are the situations a Cuban-American family would encounter?

Really?? As a Cuban-American I do not relate because the situations are not authentic. Call them Mexicans and it would probably work.

Rita Moreno is fantastic, though. The 3-camera and laugh track are so dated and annoying.

If you want to see a Cuban American family situation, watch Que Pasa USA? It is from the 70s, but as I watched it recently, the situations are still what they should be for Cubans.
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Sick of politics
doziesmom21 February 2018
I just started watching this show tonight and really liked the first episode so I binge watched a few but I won't be watching any more. I'm sick to death of politics. I am inundated and drowning in the constant barrage of news and opinion politics and I just want to be entertained and I was... at first. I don't want a message of a writers opinion on anything I just wanted to watch a fun show and laugh and you sucked me in and then you ruined it. I was having a great time. The cast is funny and Miss Rita Moreno never disappoints but no thanks.
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