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The end of the story does not disappoint
siderite5 February 2017
To me the fifth and final chapter of Mythica was the best. It didn't need the comic relief bits, the sideline stories were kept to a minimum and the actors and probably the whole production team have reached their maturity and made a decent film throughout. Considering this is a five movie Kickstarter series, it is nothing less than amazing.

This doesn't mean Godslayer is a perfect film, but it was the perfect ending for the series. All the characters came together in an epic finale that left everything explained and brought closure to every hero's journey.

To me, the worst part of the series was the villain, who had everything: power, a good actor to portray him, armies of undead, but lacked the one thing that would have made him interesting: a story. I feel Mythica would have been a lot better with a villain one can empathise with. This became clear near the end of the final film when there was a sort of seductive quality in his attempts to corrupt Marek. With a fully grown character, this could have worked wonders, not only at the end, but throughout the series.

Bottom line: it is a fantasy story very reminiscent of Lord of the Rings. There is a hero that has to choose the fate of the world and resist temptation from a magical yet evil artifact, while her friends must lend their support and strength to keep said hero on the right path. While not the very best of film making, it was entertaining and refreshing and I am glad to have seen it all. I can't wait for more stuff to come from Arrowstorm Entertainment.
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Good, but not perfect
fig-752754 June 2017
Mythica: The Godslayer continues where Mythica: The Iron Crown left off. The first half of the film is brilliant and I was completely immersed in the story.

I felt it lost its way though when they were trying to retrieve the Hammer of Tek. I just wish that part had made more sense and Tek's character had been given more to say and do. The story begins to make sense again once we leave Tek and the Underworld behind.

I didn't like the ending at first, it reminded me of another film with a similar ending, but I had another think about it and I realised that it was much smarter than I had first thought. Overall, Mythica: The Godslayer lived up to my expectations, 8/10.
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A satisfying swords-and-sorcery fantasy flick for a rainy night
blisterpeanuts28 April 2018
It's not high art, but in my opinion this pentology is a worthy effort and well worth watching. It starts off slow with part 1 (A Quest for Heroes) featuring a slave girl (Melanie Stone) gradually coming into her power as a necromancer, or sorceress wielding dark magic.

Although the first movie has a satisfying ending, you may still thirst for more adventures in the Mythica universe. Fortunately, there are four more, queued up and ready to roll!

The movies gather steam, and darkness, culminating in The Godslayer, the high-stakes finale of the series. There is enough magic, and swords, and evil sorcerers, and good sorceresses, and even a couple of gods, to satisfy everyone.

Some people call it some kind of B-grade kickstarter movie, but in my opinion it's a captivating and charming series, B or C or whatever. The actors are sincere and skillful, the writing moves the story along, and the special effects (where they even exist) are minimalist but effective.

Now I wonder if there will ever be a sequel, but really, five movies is plenty, and in 2-3 years I will definitely be watching this one again!
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Great ending to wonderful series.
paulclaassen10 June 2018
It is difficult to believe the same director who turned Mythica 4 into a comedy made Mythica 5 the incredible film that it is. This is the fifth and final film in the series, and by far the most serious and interesting. We learn so much about the characters and where they come from, and why they are on this quest. The film was actually quite scary at times. It is a vast improvement on Mythica 4 and a fulfilling grand finale. Director John Lyden really treated this final film with respect. The visuals are once again very good. The ending was completely unexpected.

'Mythica' was indeed a fun and exciting series and I definitely would like to watch the entire series again. Well done!
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The twilight of the gods
TheLittleSongbird4 May 2018
The first film, 'Mythica: A Quest for Heroes', was not a bad movie but with some major debits and not an awful lot special about it. It was watchable if on the mediocre side if anything. Its first sequel 'Mythica: The Darkspore' quality-wise is about the same (though with a couple of improvements), watchable with nothing to get angry or excited about.

Didn't care for the mediocre 'Mythica: The Necromancer', and while an improvement 'Mythica: The Iron Crown' was average with me having mixed feelings on it. This film, the fifth in the series, 'Mythica: The Godslayer' was not bad at all. Not great by all means and could have been better, but it is definitely the best of the follow-ups and quite possibly the best of the series.

More is done right than wrong. 'Mythica: The Godslayer' is nicely photographed generally and more focused in terms of camera work and the scenery is sweeping and boasts some colour and atmosphere. Costumes and sets allow one to get suitably, if not fully, immersed in the fantasy world that is being portrayed.

Acting is better than average. Melanie Stone is good in the lead role, and the character is engaging and well-rounded. The only exception is Kevin Sorbo going through the motions.

'Mythica: The Godslayer's' music score is stirring and fits reasonably well. There is a little more maturity in the writing, the film goes at a lively pace, there is a real sense of charm and wonder and it starts really well.

However, the special effects do look ropey, the worst of them distractingly bad. The action is variable, some of it excites, others are still too clumsy and safe.

Regarding the script, it's still a bit trite and could have explained things much more, things can be cheesy and vague. The story, although it starts really well, can feel simplistic and too thin at times, not doing an awful lot new with a not too original premise. The hammer of Tek stuff is a bit vague.

The characters are never annoying and they are relatively likeable, but the main character is the only properly developed or interesting one. The villain especially is very underdeveloped, didn't learn much, felt little if any sense of threat and motivations are not always clear.

Overall, not bad at all. 6/10 Bethany Cox
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Fantasy on an very low budget
Leofwine_draca15 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
MYTHICA: THE DRAGON SLAYER was the first film I watched in the MYTHICA film series, and it's actually the fifth instalment, so I may have been missing out on something. These are fantasy pictures done on a very low budget with a general look and feel of GAMES OF THRONES mixed with LORD OF THE RINGS. The stories and tropes present here are all very familiar and entirely predictable, but I was quite impressed by the direction and look of the costumes and scenery, which are comparable to a multi-million dollar production such as the SHANNARA TV series. Kristian Nairn cameos for the GAME OF THRONES crowd, while old-timer Kevin Sorbo shows up for exposition time.
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Mythica The Godslayer: The best saved till last
Platypuschow11 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I like the Mythica series, even though they arguably aren't anything really special and are ultimately flawed they still deliver a wondrous charm and much needed dose of fantasy cinema.

This fifth and final movie culminates the long running story with every major cast member there for the final battle to save the world from the power hungry necromancer.

I believe here they saved the best till last, the finale is beautifully fitting and ends the franchise on a high note.

I very much hope the cast and creators go on to do bigger things as they have proved here they have the ability to deliver.

In an industry with such a drought within the fantasy genre Mythica movies are a breath of fresh air and to see a franchise deliver five movies, complete with the same cast and able to play out a story to the end is a true accomplishment and I tip my hat.

Mythica you shall be missed, hopefully your legacy will open doors.

The Good:

The cast are amazing as always

Fantastic Mythica charm

The movies have built up to a brilliant fitting finale

The Bad:

Still flawed in places

Hodor, Hodor, Hodor

Kevin Sorbo, I'm sorry but this guy just sucks on so many levels

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Fantasy cinema isn't dead quite yet
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dcarsonhagy5 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
When this movie first began, I felt I had missed something. After reading another review and seeing some other messages regarding "Mythica", I understand much more now.

The movie begins with someone wanting to rule the world--isn't that always the case. I was introduced to characters but did not have a clue as to who/what they were. The movie labored on (much like someone doing the 100-meter mosey), and I swear after the first half hour, I was already curled into a fetal position. I have never been so bored in my entire life. In one scene, the viewer is introduced to a dwarf (who is at least 7 feet tall), and has WITHOUT A DOUBT the LONGEST death scene in ANY movie. It had to have lasted at least 15 minutes. After that, it was over for me.

I don't want to spoil anything for anyone, but only after I read another review was I finally enlightened that this is actually Part 5 in a series. That explained so much. Had I watched the other four parts, maybe I could have kept up. As it was, I just felt lost.

So, remember guys, if you haven't seen the other four parts of this series, you will be as lost as me. The fact is, this movie simply cannot stand on its own for entertainment.
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