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Sex & Nudity

  • No graphical nudity or sex scenes are shown in this movie. A women seen in bra pantie and another time her nude back is shown from distance. Few sexual references. A man try to rape a woman but fail. A woman grab a man private part over his pant not in sexual away.
  • A teen is seen in her nude back and side breast, also, she sits in her lace bra for a period of time. She is apparently promiscuous, because her mother says "find someone she can't f..." when referring to finding her a new personal guard.
  • In a dancing/club scene, the young woman is dancing on a man and me tries lifting up her skirt and touching her. Doesn't go anywhere.
  • The young woman is seen again in lingerie(bra and panties), sitting in bed and drinking.

Violence & Gore

  • Shooting seen throughout the movie right from the outset. Headshots and blood splatter scenes shown. A lot of blood shown in injuries. Knife attacks shown with people being stabbed in the legs and arms.
  • Man seen being choaked by a steal chain and gasping for breath as he is being killed.
  • As Zoe and Sam enter a town, a few be-headed pigs are briefly shown. Only shown for a couple seconds.
  • A man is shot through the head in a hallway. We see blood splatter on the wall and on his head. Nothing more is shown.
  • A woman stabs a man with a fish hook underwater. He then drowns afterwards.


  • The F-Word is used 18x, the S-Word is used 6x, Damn is used once. Someone shows the middle finger once in an obscene manner. God's name is taken in vain once. (Goddamned It)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • People seen lighting and smoking cigarettes frequently throughout the movie, even from the first scene. The occasional scene where people are shown drinking alcohol from glasses.
  • A party/club scene that doesn't last long but a young woman (under 18) is seen dancing with a man and drinking alcohol. The same girl smokes throughout the movie.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • During a scene, a girl lies helpless in a room scared, screaming and crying as masked men break into a house to try and find her.
  • Some intense gun fights seen throughout. A few scenes where woman are helpless when being attacked by men.

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