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  • Carrie gets bad news. Saul makes a plan. Quinn accepts his situation.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • Homeland S6 E7

    Peter Quinn wakes in a bedroom, still out of sorts. He stumbles, Astrid comes to see how he is. They are at a lakeside cabin in Upper Schenectady. She puts him back to sleep as he mumbles something about Carrie.

    Carrie and Max install a new security system at her house, they wonder about the house next door. Frannie's principal calls, says there is a Children's Services case worker at the school interviewing the girl. Carrie rushes over, the CS official explains Frannie is traumatized, and has been placed in a State Youth Home. Carrie is furious, even her sister is not available being in Rome.

    At the Airport a group of Iranians arrive to negotiate, Majid Javadi is in the group and notices a ticket inserted his passport. Protesters greet the Iranians as they enter cabs.

    Keane is interviewed and opens up about her son. Dar Adal watches with a grimace. Andrew Keane was killed on his third tour in Iraq, her Congressional votes had caused some estrangement with the son. A CIA aide shows Dar a photo of Javadi in New York, they are worried about the Iranian meeting Saul.

    At the office Saul is called to the conference room. A Counter Intelligence Director is there to debrief him on his West Bank trip. She takes his phone to download his movements.

    At the CS Offices Carries tries to explain the recent bombing and Quinn`s babysitting. The case worker has investigated and questions Quinn`s rage and instability. Carrie`s reasoning seems weak and the case worker says Frannie was terrified of Quinn. Once the investigation is complete a judge will decide when Frannie can come home.

    Astrid looks for Quinn, he has gone off. She drives down the road and finds him hitching a ride. Astrid says they made a deal with Dar Adal to keep him out of the public eye. Quinn tries to explain about the bomb. Another driver comes by and Astrid manages to shoo him off.

    Javadi relaxes in a pool. A man looms over him. Adal gets a message `they got him`.

    Dar interrupts the interview with Saul and the CI Director, Saul is suspicious but Dar professes ignorance and returns Saul`s phone.

    Carrie meets Reda, he has some info on Frannie and there is a Court hearing the next day.

    Javadi is brought at gunpoint to an empty room and duct-taped to a table. The men are Iranians, Javadi tires to make a excuse for being in NYC. One of the Iranians pulls out some torture tools. They have info from the CIA Javadi is a traitor.They pull out fingernails, then a gunman comes in, shoots the Iranians and cuts Javadi loose. It is another Iranian who remembered Javadi as a General and was loyal to him.

    In Court, the CS Case Worker explains the Quinn situation. New information is presented that Carrie was sleeping on the floor in Frannie`s room with a loaded gun. Carrie explains she is a former CIA agent and trained to handle a gun, but can`t explains why she didn`t call the police. The case worker then brings up the bipolar disorder, Reda and Carrie are blindsided. The judge orders Carrie to undergo a psych eval and Frannie will remain in foster care.

    Javadi`s loyal aide sits beside Saul at the NY Islanders hockey game, he mentions Sgt Brodie and Saul leaves the Barclay Centre with him to go see Javadi.

    Carrie goes to her quiet home.

    Saul is driven to a quiet area, Javadi is upset and explains about being picked up by Iran Intelligence. Saul says he only told Dar Adal about their meeting. Javadi shows a photo of the Nafisi, thebanker from Abu Dhabi, he is a known Mossad agent. Javadi wants his $45million, Saul says he will set up a meeting with President-Elect Keane who can authorize it. When Saul picks up his phone Javadi kills his own aide.

    Dar goes to see Astrid and Quinn. Quinn is angry to see Adal, Dar wonders why Quinn is so interested in going back to NYC. He suspects it is because of Carrie, then Dar says Carrie ordered doctors to wake him from a coma to get the Berlin information. Waking him caused a stroke and Carrie is caring for him only because of guilt. Quinn is speechless.

    Carrie is drinking and decides to call Keane, she tearfully tells her about Frannie and asks for help. Keane refuses to intervene in a personal matter as Carrie gets more distraught. Keane hangs up.

    The CS case worker calls Dar Adal that Frannie is in foster care until further notice, she thanks him for the information provided. Dar smiles.

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