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They've nailed the depiction of Stubby's story!
evangiang23 April 2018
I've never seen this movie advertised anywhere and as a true WWI history buff, this was fantastic! Seeing Stubby come to life on screen was the best thing I've ever watched. The animations were really impressive and making this as a family friendly from a war that was shell-shocking was a big step up for Fun Academy Motion Pictures and I think this was the first animated film to ever be based on true events about a soldier who becomes a man's best friend to a stray Boston Terrier mix. I highly recommend this movie for history buffs, schools or to all families who want to see true events come to life in theatres!
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Wonderful movie for people of all ages!
shelleyb8917 April 2018
This film was a great film showing how special one little dog was! It's amazing to me the things that Sgt. Stubby did. The storyline was great along with the graphics. I couldn't help but smile during the whole film. I'm ready to go see it again! A MUST SEE for any dog lover!
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Fantastic movie to explain WWI to kids
ed-reddy18 April 2018
This historically accurate, non bloody, non gore children's film perfectly captures the horrrors of war in a perfect 90 minutes. The film is based on the experiences of a small dog called Stubby and several key characters in his life during the later stage of World War I. I would have to say it's perfect for elementary aged kids if you wanted to show them how the war was fought and how it impacted the lives of civilians. My 9 year old loved the film and wishes to see it again.
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Works! A true and distintive Dog and War movie
brianjohnson-2004318 April 2018
You don't very often see kids movie which are based on true stories or war. But that's what Stg. Stubby is about. Surprisingly, it works.

The strengths: The music, the story and the fact that the movie doesn't have one of the likely endings one might predict. I suspect the ending is largely due to Stubby being based on a true story. I'm unaware how accurate this portrayal is to the real story, but it seemed to me like a respectable adaptation. The way they managed to show the awful reality of The Great War, while keeping it G rated is really a difficult triumph of the film. It's important for people to have exposure the errors in war, as opposed to just the victories and heroism. This film highlights both.

The weaknesses: The voice acting doesn't stand out as great. The dialogue isn't a strength. But they get a longer leash (no pun intended) because it's a kids movie. The animation is great in the 2D segments, and much of the 3D animation is fine. However there are clips where I can tell they didn't have the funds to make the animation as good as they'd like it to be. The clips of the soldiers marching seem noticeably too synchronized and took me out of the story.

Overall, I recommend this film to anyone. It's not a film expect to win Oscars or nominations. But, it's a distinctive likable real-story dog movie. And the film is especially good if you want a mostly uplifting real story for kids about a subject they likely know little about: World War 1.

I'm probably in the minority, but I find the history of World War 1 to be just interesting and important as World War 2. It seems the average person knows 10 times more about World War 2 than World War 1 and there are about 10 World War 2 movies for each World War 1 movie. World War 1 highlights how futile and unnecessarily evil war can be even for the victors. World War 2 on the other-hand often enables the attitude of supporting war, because a lot of the losses to World War 2 seem worth it or necessary because of what was gained and what was at stake. A lot of wars are more like WW1 than WW2, and this is something everyone should understand.
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This movie shocked me.
I unfairly thought it would be obnoxious, corny & vanilla, like a Christian Redbox rental. Instead, it's an authentic & beautifully storied family film, & probably the greatest kid's war movie of all time. It was such a smart idea to not overly personify Stubby, making his incredible story all the more endearing. Even with a noticeable lack-of-budget in the animation & vocal performances, this heartfelt true story is better than anything Dreamworks, Illumination, or Blue Sky have put out in years.
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Give the Dog a Bone
billcr1227 September 2018
I usually watch violent crime dramas and so this is a radical departure from my usual taste in films. I loved Sgt. Stubby,. The animation is incredible and the story a great tale (or tail) of doggy heroism during WWI. Stubby was a mutt from New Haven, Connecticut who was adopted by a military unit in 1918. America sent troops to France to fight the Germans and the doggy was hidden on a ship. Stubby had an uncanny ability to sense danger and warn his human masters. He also found wounded soldiers and alerted his caretakers as to their location. I have added this movie to my ten best list of 2018.
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Accomplishing the Impossible
mjwright-724-24172115 April 2018
I teach American Military History as an elective at the high school level in which we cover the role of animals (including Sergeant Stubby) and I loved this film! The film makers accomplished something incredibly difficult in the way they captured the intensity and sadness of WWI while keeping the movie appropriate for children. Both my daughter and wife were overcome with emotion and both had plenty of follow-up questions. Bravo!
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Nearly a Ten-Hut
rgkarim15 April 2018
Animated films, wholesome fun media that is capable of telling the greatest stories and building the best worlds. In addition, they also cover a wide range of age groups, sometimes establishing an unfair expectation that they are meant for only that age group, sometime leading to misunderstandings and conflicts. This weekend, another animated film comes out, one with little advertising, but potentially delivering a tale that can stir on tears and cheers. Robbie K back with his final review of the weekend on a cute and cuddly film known as:

Film: Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero

Director: Richard Lanni

Writers: Richard Lanni, Mike Stokey

Stars: Helena Bonham Carter, Logan Lerman, Gérard Depardieu


Kid Friendly: An animated film that presents kid friendly has to in fact be kid friendly, and Sgt. Stubby reports for duty on this front. Its adorable mascot is not only the key advertisement component of the film, but a keystone in the cute factor of this movie. Stubby will pull your little ones in and keep them and the young at heart laughing. You may think that a movie about war can't possibly be child friendly, but the editing and craft have been strongly turned up to filter out any scary aspects of war. Thus, if you're looking to teach history and going for a family feel Stubby will help you out.

Good Pace: No worries about slow parts with this film, Sgt. Stubby and his platoon are able to present their story in record time, which is good for covering two years of a war, as the movie is presented below 90 minutes. Given all the child friendly antics and low run time, it's like this studio was right on target for making a good kid's film.

Decent Animation: Certainly not Pixar quality, but the Sgt. Stubby still is not too shabby in terms of quality of bringing the WW1 era to life. The canine of wonder is the best animated of the bunch, while the human soldiers are representative of something from the Clone Wars series. Decently smooth, and representative of the situations, but just not quite as dynamic or mind blowing as Disney's megalith. In regards to design, again the developers have the cute motif down, but outside of that, not the most unique or diverse character development I have seen.

Helena Bonham Carter: Voice acting wise, the movie is decent with the three leads of course being the most impressive. However, it is the narrative provided by Bonham Carter that really holds the most emotional sway of the movie. Such heartfelt emotion in so few words, this leading lady more than helped set the cloud of emotions over each scene, establishing a different perspective that adds to the movie and expands the relatability of the events to more audience members.

The Emotion: Dog movies have a way of digging deep into your core and potentially depressing the heck out of you. Sgt. Stubby brings a mixed bag of emotions, at times lifting your spirits to new heights of love, happiness, and joy, while other times bringing you to near tears as man and man's best friend face the beast of war. I myself nearly teared up several times at the sequences' powerful display of powerful symphony work, visual developments, and of course Stubby's human like composure to just about everything. You will certainly become invested in this movie on this component alone, with the cuteness being the icing on the cake.


Smoother Animation: A movie about an American hero certainly should be rewarded with more fluid animation. Again, this isn't the worst (certainly better than I can draft), but it would have been nice to have them pull some work out like competing studios are capable of. The blocky movements and lack of intense action-animation scenes are what take away from some of the scenes for me, which could have been remedied.

More Impasses: For a war, Stubby's journey seemed a little easy at times. Sgt. Stubby introduced a number of obstacles that gave them some challenge...for like five minutes, only to have the solution pop in mere seconds later. There were few close call moments and that lack of suspense made it difficult to remain on the edge of my seat. The cuteness is great, but from a storytelling element, this film failed on the emotional growth components.

Lack of Action: War, what is it good for? Usually a good number of action scenes, and some high-intensity stakes. However, the cute factor and kid friendly nature really dilutes the excitement of this movie, perhaps even to the point of making it less impressive at what he accomplished. Sgt. Stubby almost needed to be presented as a real-life form that could open up to more action, more intensity, and really bring Stubby's achievements to full intensity. Perhaps then it would have roped in more people.


Sgt. Stubby is certainly the cutest adventure to come to the theaters this year, and the sheer emotional roller coaster is more than enough to get all ages worked up. Yet, this movie is really lacking that adventure magic, particularly the action, impasse, and structure to drive the growth of the characters. Young ones will certainly enjoy this movie, but given the elements that it needs improving on, the film is going to have a hard time making ends meet in the theater. This reviewer still thinks this movie is really stimulating, but it may be best reserved for home viewing to be honest.

My scores are:

Animation/Adventure/Family: 9.0 Movie overall: 7.0
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Great for all ages...GO SEE THIS!!
janellefanning18 April 2018
This was a wonderful movie for all ages. Please stay for the entirety of the credits as they show some actual photos of Stubby. It was such a wonderful telling of the true story of Stubby the most decorated war dog off all time. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a feel good story or even a history lesson, Please go see this movie
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Can't say enough ...
dtanouye-4523314 April 2018
As mentioned by another, wasn't expecting much ... an added plus: storyline reminded me of the heroics of my WWII DSC, upgraded Medal of Honor recipient Uncle (requirement: fighting power from both sides, must save lives, and, either almost, or losing one's life while insuring the safety of others) ... wasn't initially impressed by the animation still ads, but it successfully accomplished the nuances of a dog, if you've ever had one, especially a medium breed. Impressed by the detailing of the animation: the highlighted appearance of a wet tongue; the wool fibers of the uniform; the natural gait of this breed and the humans; etc. It brought smiles, laughter, memories, pathos, tears, and amazement. It held your attention and heart from beginning to end! So well-written, portrayed, excellently executed! Initially saw, because my Mom loves dog movies, it reminded me of my paternal Uncle, and it was shown close in location. We (4) all fell in love with this, the true storyline preserving the legacy. Historically, a gem! Highly recommend for all ages! Was more than pleasantly surprised; can't say enough praises... kudos to all involved!!
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A Heartwarming Gem to Stir the Soul
Shilohbloo10 November 2018
There are really no appropriate words to express my feelings about this lovely little hero and the charming film that did an incredible job encapturing him; but I will do my best. ... My Papa Herbie and I saw this amazing movie for his birthday just three days before he went into the hospital. and he said that he just kept thinking about Sgt. Stubby and couldn't help but choke up with tears every time, reminding him of his own beloved furbaby, Frisco, from many years before. He kept saying what a beautiful dog he was and how this is one of the best movies ever made...and I wholeheartedly agree with him. This poignant film should be shown in libraries, museums, schools, veteran groups, etc., everywhere! I just can't thank enough all those involved for bringing beloved Stubby so beautifully to us, and for what they had done for me and my precious father (who has since passed onto the good Lord) through him...for making it and giving such a heartwarming memory of me and my beloved pops. Until the very last he was talking about sweet Stubby. You just have no idea what this meant to us. Clearly Sgt. Stubby is still saving lives even now!!! We also played Stubby's music at his vet funeral service on Memorial Day weekend, and everyone was in awe at the loveliness of it all. Thank you again so very much, and so many of God's blessings to you.🙏🐶🐕🐾🙏
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Excellent Movie!!!
rileymansmom18 April 2018
I took my two girls to see this movie and wow - it was educational, entertaining and just down right awesome. We fell in love with the characters and of course the dog but it's an excellent movie and I can't wait to buy the DVD. There are too many movies out there that aren't family worthy but this one definitely is and very well made. I can truly say it will make you appreciate what you have looking at what the generation before us had to endure during this time. Loved!
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unusual, engaging and educational
dave-mcclain16 April 2018
"Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero" (PG, 1:24) is an animated adventure, based on the true story of an American Army unit's canine mascot during World War I. Stubby (so named because of his small tail) was a stray and hadn't received formal training as a military working dog, but his contributions to his unit during the trench warfare at the Western Front during the Great War made him the first canine promoted to the rank of sergeant and, ultimately, the most decorated dog in U.S. military history. This computer-animated movie is directed and co-written by Richard Lanni, whose resume includes writing and directing big and small screen depictions of the final year of World War II. Lanni's co-writer, Mike Stokey, is a combat veteran who has served as a military advisor for numerous films and TV shows.

The titular mutt latches onto Army private Robert Conroy (voice by Logan Lerman) after Robert tosses him a cookie during a military parade. Stubby follows Robert to the make-shift basic training area for the Connecticut National Guard on the grounds of Yale University and won't leave him alone. Robert is afraid that Stubby's presence will get him and his tentmates, Elmer Olsen (Jordan Beck) and Hans Schroeder (Jim Pharr), in trouble, but Stubby charms their drill sergeant (Jason Ezzell) and gets to stay.

When the unit prepares to go fight, Robert bids Stubby a sad farewell, but Stubby refuses to let his best friend leave him behind. Stubby manages to jump on the troop train and then stow away on the ship taking the soldiers to France. Stubby continually manages to charm everyone around him - including the military powers-that-be - to whom he also demonstrates his usefulness - and stays with New England's 26th Infantry Division all the way to the front. When Robert is assigned to join a burly French soldier named Gaston Baptiste (Oscar nominee Gérard Depardieu) on his scouting missions, Stubby comes along, which is just the beginning of the pooch's exciting, dangerous and heroic wartime adventures.

"Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero" is an engaging and educational animated adventure. In spite of the horrors of war surrounding him, Stubby's charming, happy and loving nature clearly shines through. Meanwhile, there's a lot of educational value here (aided by sparse narration by Oscar nominee Helena Bonham Carter as Robert's older sister) - especially for younger Movie Fans who don't yet understand what war is (or know much about history), but are too young to be exposed to more graphic or complex depictions of man's inhumanity to man. That all makes this an unusual, but valuable and entertaining animated movie which is likely to appeal to kids, dog lovers and history buffs of all ages. "B+"
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Stubby's story is irresistible
christa-486-5972517 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
...And it's true. What a great way to convey to all of us -- kids, school groups, dog lovers, military families, history buffs, animation fans, any human beings with a heart -- the reality of heroism. I was moved, delighted, and even inspired by this film. The producers bring us great vocal actors and render the human characters so that we remember how young so many soldiers were and are. And during the Great War, these young fighters were accompanied by a stray dog who captured spies and alerted the troops to peril. The music by Patrick Doyle is emotional but not either pretentious or trivial. The art direction and period detail are really beautiful. My spoiler: anyone who is afraid to go to a movie or bring children to a film where a dog might die need not fear. If you look up Sgt. Stubby's history, you'll see that he returned to the States a decorated hero and lived out a long life leading parades, being a mascot to the Georgetown Hoyas, and representing love and loyalty. Yes, war is a frightening thing, but I applaud the producers for deftly balancing peril and discretion. Well done!
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ceposki17 April 2018
If you're a dog lover, military buff, history buff, or an animation fan...this film covers all your bases. They bring Stubby to life. His story is amazing.
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Love my MoviePass
wise-4031114 April 2018
I wouldn't go to the movies if I didn't have MoviePass. Having said that, I really enjoyed this movie, if you're a dog owner, you would appreciate this movie a lot.
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Best animated family film ever
ppierce-3581218 April 2018
Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero is hands-down the most fun, inspirational, exciting animated feature film I've ever seen. The story is thrilling, certainly. But the astonishing quality of the animation itself is jaw-dropping. I would never have dreamt that the movements and personality of a dog could ever be captured so artfully and expressively. I was lucky to have seen it on a huge screen in a stadium-seating format and I can't wait to see it again! Just can't say enough good stuff about this triumph in animated story-telling. Animation takes a major leap forward with Sgt. Stubby!
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Fun, Real Story for Adults and Kids
taramcc-2678117 April 2018
I have always loved the story of Stubby. When I found his story was being turned into a movie I was so excited. I saw this movie yesterday and it was great. I am a history teacher, and I can say this movie is historically accurate. I appreciate that the movie creators took out the blood and guts so kids can also enjoy this movie. It is a movie animal/dog lovers will enjoy, kids, adults, anyone who loves history and a good dog story. You will fall in love with Stubby the second the movie starts.
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Well done historical story
pepper_765 June 2018
My 8 year old just finished a report and this came out and she was sooo excited that is was historical because she knew to story! Well done.
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An Amazing Film.. Just go see it!
louise-8392230 April 2018
So refreshing to see and indie animation studio arriving on the seen with such a fresh approach - entertaining, informative and endearing, loved this film from start to finish the vintage style animation created an authentic and atmospheric backdrop to what has to be one of the greatest uncovered historical stories for years. The voice artist were great, I particularly liked Gaston (Gérard Depardieu) his blend of comedy tinged with war weary sadness was perfect. I just hope they make a sequel because I know the story continues...
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Great movie!
rachelgcrowe22 April 2018
Im so glad to see an animated movie that is uplifting, heartwarming an educational. The animation was superb and the story was so well done! My 3 year old was entranced the whole time. We will most certainly be purcashing this one when it comes out.
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Bring a hanky
fiestacranberry20 April 2018
I absolutely LOVED this movie! I can't say enough good things about it.

I have been familiar with the story of Sgt. Stubby for many years, since I own Boston Terriers. The movie kept pretty much to the facts, especially concerning his accomplishments, which are well documented. Of course, it did exaggerate his abilities a bit, but hey, "Artistic license", LOL. I'm so glad that Stubby's story has finally been told. He was true American hero, from the first American breed of dog, the Boston Terrier. I know they call him a mutt in the movie, but trust me, he was a Boston.

My only criticism is that the animation was not top notch, and they drew him with floppy ears. The real Stubby had cropped, pointed, erect ears.

Go see it, bring a hanky, and leave the kids at home. It's really not a kids movie---parts of it are quite rough. It's a real war movie.
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America and puppies!
rascaljamie119 April 2018
Who doesn't love America and puppies? It was refreshing to see a movies that celebrates our heritage. Perhaps this is why the film is not in wide release, because I't doesn't pander to Hollywood's agenda. On the 100th anniversary of the Great War, being a member of the 26th MEB and a pitty owner, it hit home in every way. Despite the few pinko reviews on this site, it is a must see.
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I never ever ever go to animated movies...
westerdoc15 April 2018
So glad I did. I fell in love with Stubby (I mean he is a dog), his young new master (a scared young kid...going off to a scary war), his side kicks, especially the big nosed Frenchie (who like me loves his spouse and kids)... It was just so well done. Not the typical animated movie. I'm glad my kid begged me to go. Just might do it again.
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Wonderful Sgt. Stubby movie a must see
penny-1546317 April 2018
Doesn't matter if your young or old . Sgt Stubby was the best animated , true life story, of a brave and highly decorated dog in WWI, who saved his men and towns from deadly mustard gas . and went on to be a real hero. The animation is fantastic, from this small company , as good as if not better than Disney or Pixar , such details not only captured the boston terrier breed , the war he fought , but also the love of a man and a dog . I was so impressed with even the animation of real newspaper articles of Stubby's times . Safe for the young as no gorey battle scenes but yet there is war action . Its a must see movie you will fall in love with Stubby the minute you see him and will also love the people he defended . Really the best animated ,true story i've ever seen . A good history lesson as well
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