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MPAA Rated PG-13 for violence/terror, crude sexual content, language, some drug material and partial nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • The film contains a scene depicting the upper back view of a naked woman.
  • It is inferred that a young adult is gay and in denial about his sexuality. A young woman spies on him in his dorm through the window, he's holding a laptop with a tissue box, he is about masturbate to porn when he is interrupted by his roommate, and he turns the laptop screen away to the window to show a gay porn, with two men kissing passionately.
  • There are a few jokes of a sexual nature.
  • The protagonist is shown to be promiscuous. None of the sexual material is shown onscreen.
  • A girl says she will get someone's baby's, meaning they had sex. It is not shown.
  • A guy comes into the room and asked, "Did you get in that vagi-" but is cut off when the lady he was talking about walks out of the room.
  • A woman roams around fully naked in public everyone watches her but nothing is shown. Although we only see a little piece of her butt crack.
  • A girl changes her cloths in front of a boy. We see her bust in her black bra.
  • A woman holds a drug item in her hand and is latter killed with it.
  • It's implied that Tree is used to waking up in strange guys' beds-though in Carter's case we find out that they actually did not sleep together.
  • Comments are tossed about Tree's sexual proclivities by other girls.
  • We hear a story about her making out with someone's boyfriend while drunk.
  • We see Tree in her undergarments in a couple of scenes.
  • During one of the days she relives, she decides to walk naked through the campus, and we see her bare back from the hips up.
  • Some of the other college girls wear formfitting, cleavage-baring outfits.
  • While trying to track down her killer, Tree spies on a guy she once dated.
  • There's a visual allusion to masturbation and gay porn. (An image shows too men kissing.)
  • She later tells him, "Love is love, right? Go out there and get yourself a fine piece of man a--."
  • We hear a number of quips about masturbation, genital size and lust-fueled sexual encounters.
  • For instance, a girl notes that déjà vu is supposed to be the result of someone "thinking about you while they masturbate."
  • Tree and a male teacher are having an affair.
  • They kiss, but their interaction is interrupted by the arrival of the man's wife.
  • Tree and Carter also kiss a couple of times.
  • A woman is seen in her bra and underwear.

Violence & Gore

  • A man is immediately presumed dead after being stabbed behind his back.
  • A young man dies after his neck is viciously broken during an altercation.
  • A man dies after being shot and the bloody aftermath is briefly exposed.
  • A young man's corpse is discovered after being fatally stabbed during an altercation.
  • A man is brutally ran over by a speeding vehicle on the road.
  • A woman is fatally shot with an unconcealed gun.
  • The body of a murdered man is found by a young woman.
  • After she figures out what's happening, Tree spends much of her time during each rebooted day hunting her killer.
  • He dies over and over again in a variety of ways.
  • Tree gets pummeled and beaten viciously, often having her head slammed to the floor.
  • She and others are hit with baseball bats, a crowbar and a pipe.
  • She's also stabbed repeatedly.
  • And though it appears that each of Tree's brutal deaths have no obvious effect on her once the next day begins, we find out that's not exactly true.
  • After a hospital visit and X-rays, she discovers that the bone fractures, stabbings and various physical impacts of past lives are having a toll on her current body-leaving her weakened and in danger of permanently dying.
  • Elsewhere, a guy has his neck forcibly snapped, and someone is poisoned and smashed through a second-floor window.
  • A policeman is run over by a speeding vehicle, leaving his body in a crumpled pile.
  • None of these scenes are profusely gory, but we do see blood spray.
  • And blood coats large butcher knives and other murderous implements.
  • Cars smash into other vehicles.
  • A police car is ignited in a huge ball of flames with an occupant in its back seat.
  • We hear in a news report about a murderer who's killed several college co-eds and policeman.
  • Ree puts a knife to a policeman's throat in order to get past him.
  • An inebriated guy staggers into a room where someone is being attacked, but staggers back out thinking they were having sex.
  • The killer stabs the protagonist several times in different versions of the day.
  • The protagonist is seen falling with a rope tied around her neck which leads to her death.
  • The protagonist is seen getting a bat hit at her head, she falls, and wakes up reliving the same day.


  • One f-word and a about a dozen s-words are joined by a few uses each of "a--," "a--hole," "d--n" and "h---."
  • There are many repeated uses of "b--ch," "whore," "slut," "douchebag" and "d--khead," as well as crude references to female genitals as Tree's day repeats over and over.
  • God's name is misused about a dozen times.
  • Someone uses a crude hand gesture.
  • The words s**t, b***h, one usage of f**k, and other mild profanities.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The protagonist awakens from a night out partying.
  • The protagonist takes Tylenol for a headache.
  • Tree wakes up hungover.
  • We hear about her drunken antics the night before.
  • College students drink at a party.
  • When a police officer pulls Tree over, she tells him she's been drinking and is high on drugs to prompt the policeman to arrest her.
  • One college guy has a large bong.
  • Tree downs Tylenol for her headaches.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The horror is lightened up by the comedy throughout this film. Some of the deaths and situations are even played for laughs.
  • Recommended age: 14-15+
  • The unknown killer wears a mask that could potentially be frightening to many.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A young woman named Lori, who reveals herself to be the killer of Tree, is kicked off the window and falls to her death. We briefly see blood splashing everywhere as another young woman watches her corpse and screams in horror. We then see Lori's corpse lying to the ground, with a puddle of blood underneath her head. This is pretty disturbing and startling, but also very brutal and violent for a PG-13 film like this one.

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