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This reboot consistently condescends to the audience
jimmer8514 April 2019
The writers probably accomplished what they wanted here. Race baiting and stirring peeps up on both sides. Police brutality against African Americans is a serious issue, worthy of a TZ episode and much more exposure, clearly. Execution of this story is terrible here though. Sanaa Lathan provides a powerful performance, as the frightened mother but most of the other characters and dialogue prove stiff and one dimensional. I know I'm a millennial, but I do still remember subtlety in storytelling. It was amazing! Rod Serling had a formula that made you rethink things in a way you wouldn't have expected before. This series through a few episodes is just self indulgent and tends to over explain the plot. If these episodes were shorter, like the original TZ, they could cut a lot of dead weight and make it a more cerebral experience.
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More writing on a kindergarten level with zero enlightenment
dhenderson-912 April 2019
Wow, another dud. And this one's a real shame. The idea was interesting, but the device used to propagate the idea doesn't work.

Said device is backwater racism. The only real redeeming facet to this story is that the actor portraying the racist didn't come across as a stereotypical hick. But the message was clear, especially when all the other white cops show up: white people don't want black people to go to college. This could have been a great episode, uniting black and white people as simply people who care for each other and help each other against race-agnostic evil. I'm not going to get preachy here, but I'm a white guy and the more black and white and, well, just people that go to college to learn a craft and have a career, the better off we all are. More college graduates means a better economy, a stronger country and fewer lower income slums. I want everyone to be the best possible version of themselves. And I'm not alone.

So if the writers of this show wanted to be avant-garde and stick with the outside-the-box patina of the original series, maybe they could show the seldom-Hollywood-backed point of view of unity over race division. Instead of saying things like "we all need to come together" with the implication that it's one race uniting, they could espouse the view that all races should bind against evil and, therefore, become humans and advance as a society, civilization and people. Instead of focusing on differences to keep us apart, focus on commonalities that unite us. Help us garner an attitude of helping one another and caring for our fellow man.

Instead, they chose a political, divisive path that has become stale and volatile over the years. We need less towing the party line, more leading the way to a brighter future.

OK, that said, the acting was excellent by all - especially Sanaa Lathan (she is a true lady of the screen with chops like few others). Even through the jejune writing, the actors really pulled out some terrific performances. It's the only redeemable aspect to this episode.

Jordan Peele seemed less robotic, or maybe he's growing on me. Either way, his narration didn't pull me out of the story as much as the previous two episodes.
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1'st Twilight episode without a "plot twist"
zaratustra-0264913 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
-I think this camcoder rewinds time back! -Say no more, I believe You. Now lets go to this tunnel. This tunnel is the only way for black people to get to school, without being shot by white policeman.

That was for real:)
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Awful, mean and grim
gazter13 April 2019
What a truly awful episode. It's nothing more than race baiting. I'm not sure who the director is but it's just nasty grim racism. The police are projected as evil racist and the black characters can not do anything to avoid their fate of a violent encounter with the police.

There's always been a little bit of agit-prop in tv, it's the way it is, but this goes over the line.
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bobcobb30112 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Look, I understand that TV in 2019 is going to get political. I don't have a problem with that. But we need a good story here.

This was nothing but Jordan Peele wanting to share his opinion on police brutality, which is obviously a big problem, but this was not The Twilight Zone. This was just a bad afterschool special.
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wilkinson-five12 April 2019
I understand dealing with social injustice, but this was over the top propaganda...just ridiculous. I can take a "message" as well as the next guy, but really I want to be entertained. This episode played out more like a 60's portrait of racism, not today.
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Very Weak Episode
grim200512 April 2019
What makes The Twilight Zone great is that the episodes take us on a journey, where either strange things are happening and we have no idea what will happen next, or a twist is thrown at us, changing the nature of what we just watched. This episode goes with the former, but unfortunately squanders its gimmick.

The episode is basically the same type as episode 1, with the protagonist granted a special power. These types of stories tend to follow a simple formula: The protagonist gains the power, comes to grips with it, embraces it, loses control of it and eventually ends up worse off than they started. It's a pretty standard formula, but that's because it works. This episode decides to go its own route and ends up much worse off because of it.

The problem is that the story is not based around the power, but rather the power is more slotted into the story, with some changes to make it work, resulting in a story that could easily fit into a completely normal show, if the power removed and a few tweaks made. To understand this, imagine taking a story about a character completing a challenge and then rewriting it with that character having a superpower to help them complete that task. Yes, the character can now complete the task easier or in a different way, but at the end of the day the power is largely inconsequential; the task is completed in either situation.

But the most disappointing aspect of the episode is the ending. Unlike most other episodes, things do not end poorly for the protagonist, and there is no mind-bending twist. Instead, we are treated to a happy ending. The ending isn't unreasonable for the story; it's more the story is unreasonable for the show.

This episode might have been decent on a more normal show, but Twilight Zone is not a normal show and this episode just doesn't have what even a decent Twilight Zone episode has. If it weren't for the largely under-utilised gimmick, I wouldn't have even realised I was watching The Twilight Zone.
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alexandratrigili11 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Not only does this episode have a blatant agenda, it does NOT have a Twilight Zone ending. No twist, no gut punch. The original TZ would've ended with Dorian being shot anyway while going for ice cream, leaving his mom with a broken camcorder and no way to rewind. This was a non-ending and a huge disappointment. I like Jordan Peele's work but this time he couldn't get out of his own way.
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So boring
garabedian12312 April 2019
What a lame intro into an episode. She had the camcorder forever..its not like she just found it somewhere. So this breaks the formula for Twilight zone episodes. again...for the 3rd time. And she goes back in time to stop a ketchup stain...WORST intro ever..
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I liked it.
drewmckenna-6075325 April 2019
Most of the complaints about this episode seem to want some deeper meaning or more positive aspect. Personally I believe remembering racism and telling stories, simple or not, must be done so each generation won't forget what humans are capable of doing to each other.

I thought it was well filmed, kept me on the edge and in the end it was a surprise and a nice one.
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The era of great television is over!
jjsully-9045114 April 2019
Remember the days when you could come home from work and escape the stressors of everyday life by watching good tv? Well that time has ended. So many shows now are so politically and agenda driven that it has ruined the escapism and wonderful world of television programming. Hollywood just doesn't get it. Sad but true.
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dmann-6284916 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Though the premise of a magic camera is interesting, this is a tedious exploration of a single political issue with a predictable ending. What bothered me wasn't the magical quality of the camera, but the magical quality of the white racist cop, who seemed to be able to find our heroes no matter where they went. There was simply no explanation of this. And why is he chasing them? What's his motivation? He doesn't say anything overtly racist. He's a shallow stereotype straight out of the 1950s, turning the episode into an after-school special. And why do the the Virginia state troopers show up at the college at the end? Were they just killing time after their Klan meeting ended?

Come on Jordan, you can do better than this. Use some subtlety.
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Utter Schlock
Jacobs4320 April 2019
This whole series has been a pale imitation of the original. Peele, as narrator, is monotone and meek; he fails to convey the gravitas that Serling's voice did and anxiously intrigue the audience. The introduction feels like a rushed and pathetic mimicry of those from the original Twilight Zone that enraptured me as a child.

This episode, however, truly is the nadir (so far). Peele, as a director and writer, has become addicted to the lazy tropes of one-dimensional characters based on race: white people and police (which are the same in Peele's worldview) are insidiously evil and always seeking to harm innocent black victims. White people will constantly seek black people out wherever, whenever to harass and physically threaten them. Heck, black people can't even get into college without the aid of a literal Underground Railroad. In case the point was too muted, there's that Black Lives Matter poster that prominently made it into three shots. Peele lacks anything masterful or clever in his storytelling which possesses all the subtlety of a sledgehammer over the head. It's a wonder anyone praises this man as an actor, director, or writer.
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"Replay" Sacrifices Good Storytelling for a Woke but Tiringly Preachy Narrative
pjblack15 April 2019
The problem with "Replay" is not that it attempts to address a complex social issue, but that it sacrifices subtlety and good writing for a ham-fisted "institutional racism" narrative. The unnuanced message of the episode is not only unconvincing but tiring to anyone who doesn't completely buy the initial premise. "Replay" does not actually "tackle" the issue of institutional racism as much as it regurgitates woke but easily contested sound bites in lieu of actually providing a decent story.
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Come on
This would fit more in the sixties or seventies, than today. Jordan is really overdoing it now. I am starting to look at Get Out a lot differently now. It's less cute now.

He said in one interview - straight up said it: "I can't imagine putting a white dude in a leading role in my movie." That's racist! Imagine if a white director said that for a black guy!

And yeah, that photo of the team that took first black hole shot - all white people. It wasn't in the media, because it's not "diverse enough". Why are we doing this, still? So yeah, all scientists are white and sports guys are black. Let it be what it is, FFS. Y'all see problems where there's none.
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and old and borrowed concept.
tomsters12 April 2019
Isnt it enough to reboots a tv show but shouldnt it have its own original new shows in this new edition? that being said, this one was a liberal crap fest and the only ones rating it a ten are half dead, half blind, half deaf and all ignorant to the actual stats. superficial people only see the superficial solution to a problem they only looked at superficially. all in hope of getting all the wrong kind of attention, the unhealthy type. look at me, look at me, look at me!!!!!! do you think the message in this episode would have been any different if the skin colors were reversed? or were the same? did it have to be colors set from the prohibition era problems? even then, we all only still got to see the superficial side of that. can you imagine a nation so in hate with itself that the outcome would leave anyone alive of the losing side of that battle? come on people, there had to be more good relations than bad especially if the side we see as evil constantly is the one that ended slavery and then started the civil rights movement. again, that being said. this episode was crap for ignoring all that and only focusing on the superficial negative side of that history. maybe its time we realised why one side of that issue is tired of associating with the other side of that issue that has far more issues withing their own association than with any others. who wants to hang out with a group of friends who wont stop fighting amongst themselves? the even more disappointing part of this episode is that it used a historical landmark show to showboat its superficial politics.
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Just boring
rpaoletta16 April 2019
Not surprised after the first episode that there would be an episode dealing with race depicting a white person as the villain of course. If racism is such an issue for this director, why does he vilify white people so often? If a behaviour is wrong, it's wrong for everyone, not just when it's convenient
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Makes NO Sense...
RubinChe11 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I don't care if it's political. I don't love PC culture but I don't hate it either. But it's about logic. Why would it be such a dejavu be that dramatic? So lets say it does do something to her physically, there is no reason keep acting like you lost a puppy instead of just calmly figure the situation.

Then there's the first time he got pulled over, why would you act like the cop owe him something when he was clearly was in the wrong( speeding, holding a hand held device while driving). All after that was just to say Virginia is a 1 party consent state and that would be that. Go to court if they have to. Make the cop pay with his job.

Second time the cop came he pulled over to the side of the road himself. The cop was more than justified to ask him to move his car. Why in the world would you approach the cop in that threatening manner. On top of that why would you need to pull over in the first place? It is blatantly clear rewind doesn't affect her that much immediately after the incident.

Third time was even weirder. Before the third time she was toying with the time rewind thing. So obviously it doesn't take a toll on her. which then begs the question why the motel in the first place. But for the sake of argument, lets say she was tire and needed a night rest. When the police come to the door asking for ID. Why not just say "on what grounds?" if the officer replies with noise complaint, then show him your ID's what is there to hide? The son is especially stupid why you attack the cop? You let the cop knock down the camcorder and make him buy you 10 iphone xs maxes.

After all that i thought that mother would have learned but instead she go poking the bear for the 4th rewind. I don't get it. I mean if I was the cop and approached that way I would be suspicious of the person too. Who do you know that approaches a cop and buys him pie for no reason? When the cop ask for pink slip why not just say that's no a requirement for driving a car? Why would you go crazy after you made such a suspicious move of buy a random cop pie? Also did I mention the son is an idiot? You pull anything out of your pockets that that speed the cop will have more than enough of an excuse to shoot. In this case the mother practically killed the son through her actions. Lastly for the encounter or rewind. Why would you wait until you at the corner office to rewind? How does that make sense? You could have done it right after the shooting.

The inconsistencies continue with the 5th rewind. This makes even less sense. They talk about the situation like it is a time loop or something. Time loops has to be force upon you. The previous attempts are clearly them just being stupid. Then there was the 5th time they met the cop,would it really be unusual for a cop to stop and frisk someone who came out of the tunnels trying to get into a school? I mean I would be more worried if the cop didn't stop them. They she goes on a rant about how the cop is harassing, killing and abusing authority. Is she retarded or just too many rewinds. Did she forget all those times never happened at least in the mind of everyone else?

Whoever wrote this script has the mental capacity of a child. I know the writer is trying to convey a message, either to condemn racist cops or to condemn dumb unreasonable people. Either way the script must make sense!!! You don't just stitch something like this together and expect a pat just cause it has an agenda. If you read all the way to the end. I am sorry, I love the twilight zone, I get angry and need to vent when someone diminish something I love with stuff like this.
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Excellent episode
evmcelroy11 April 2019
I enjoyed this episode very much. I love that Twilight Zone technique of giving an object magical properties, in this case, an old camcorder that goes back in time as you rewind it. Excellent choice of Glenn Fleshler as the intimidating cop - he was the lawn-mowing serial killer in True Detective and he is always terrific. Jordan Peele has a great way of using art to explore contemporary issues. This episode was both topical and moving with a great ending.
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A biased TZ Episode
yiannis198729 April 2019
An iconic series used for creating an misinterpretation of fragile social issues. Why do that? Just stick to the magic and provocative theme of the series. An all white police killing only black Americans. A police force that harass only black people who want to go to college. Too bad I had expectations for the series.
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Truly one of the worst pieces of drivel ever put on TV
larosaj-2666631 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Superacist white cops do everything to make black people suffer for being black. The ending is one of the most laughable fantasy scenes ever done where the evil white cops were going to shoot scores of blacks people for pointing cameras at them. Peeled is a hack and dangerous behind the camera. The first 3 episodes just couldn't be any worse if it was written by a brain dead zombie. Schlock in an unparelled level. If you're not a sheep being led by fantasy, then avoid at all costs.
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Could have been so much better
bizzywiththefizzy8 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The concept of being able to turn back time is used far too often in fim and TV, ('Groundhog Day', 'Happy Death Day', etc) but it started out quite interesting in this episode.

I first thought 'ok, so what we have here is a psycho state trooper with a machine like focus on the mum and son, like yer lad in 'Terminator 2', so maybe the mum and son battle him with the help of the other diners?'

I also thought, 'ooh cool, she knows the lottery numbers! nip down to the shop and buy a ticket, win, sweet! Her son can now afford Harvard, Yale, maybe just go straight into a self funded film making project'. Or perhaps it'll go down the 'Billionaire Boy' road of greed, going mad with power, etc'

Then, after the pie scene, I thought 'ok, his wife must be dead, perhaps in a hit and run involving a middle aged lady in a fancy car, therefore he's on a rampage'.

Sadly, it was a not very subtle 'hillbilly backwater white people don't want POC in their town anymore' storyline. It's been done so many times before, harking back to the much more subtle 'Night of the Living Dead'.

Racism is horrific, gun happy cops disproportionately target POC - we know this. 'Replay' just seemed unbelievably preachy and kind of OTT. Three of the first five episodes of this reboot cover racism, clumsily - I'm waiting for episodes that cover hate crimes against the disabled or LGBT+ community.
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Sinking Faster Than The Titanic
falcondj17 April 2019
This show is going down fast. The first episode was okay but too long and predictable, plus it was too political. The second episode would have been fine if it weren't for the nonsensical ending. This episode is a dumpster fire, and that's giving it too much credit. The far left pandering is ridiculously painful, and if they don't want the show to completely sink then they need to get rid of the politics ASAP. I can maybe stomach one more episode of this show I was really looking forward to and wanted to love so much, but if they continue to stay woke, then they can go broke.
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Predictable, one-dimensional
bakisine12 April 2019
The narrative of this episode is very predictable and doesn't have any highlights. Also, the plot of the racist and ignorant cop who happens to be prejudiced towards African Americans seemed too obvious of a choice. It seems like Jordan Peele didn't put too much though into it.
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Controversial...i knew it!
monberger11 April 2019
Yes, this episode reflects our issues today and it is causing people to be angry about the politics into it and as a result giving negative reviews. I don't care about the politics or the black and white thing I was just enjoying the show. Wow, as I was watching my heart was pounding and feeling about...what the Twilight Show is about. Really Love it!!!
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