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Fast Flowing and Gripping Gun Culture Thriller
Raven-19693 October 2018
Militia members gather underground in the aftermath of a mass shooting to discover something disturbing. An AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, the type used in the attack, is missing from their cache. Interrogations ensue, tempers flare and threats fly as they try to discover who among them knows something before the police arrive. Confusion, mistrust and fear spike as word comes that an extensive plot is underway and neighboring militias are involved in something ominous. Everything depends on where and who the information comes from and truth is in short supply.

This fast flowing and gripping gun culture thriller contains a wonderful cast of characters including a lone wolf, informant, tech geek, ex police officer, quirky and enigmatic leader, old timer and white supremacist with a criminal past. Lines are delivered like rifle fire and it takes concentration to follow the action. There is pleasing depth in this dialogue and intriguing mystery about where the conversations will take the story. Actions seem plausible and the actors are more than convincing. Lots of testosterone and guttural grunting all around. The film was shot in Dallas. This was according to the director who was at this world premiere and midnight madness showing of the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival.
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Edge of your seat, start to finish.
justinkucsulain4 October 2018
Fantastic film. Brilliantly cast. You will not be disappointed. 1st time director and he hit a grand slam with this high tension thriller.
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Tense thriller
will-1763211 January 2019
Impressive directorial debut. Tension builds throughout and is predicated on dialogue and anticipation. My assumptions were continuously tested and this movie kept me thinking well after it's conclusion.

Dale is amazing and the movie is overall very well-cast.
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