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Sure, it has a limited budget, but it is made with enthusiasm, and that has to count for something, right?
By-TorX-115 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I viewed this in the UK under the title of 'Zombiesaurus' and there was no way that I was going to pass up any film with a title like that! OK, the film quickly establishes that it bears little connection to the DVD cover image of a huge zombified T-Rex running amok in a US city, but the undead titular Jurassic creature (and it is a rather tiny T-Rex, it must be said) is endearing. On this score, I really liked the fact that it was often a physical prop and not merely a jerky SyFy-style CGI creation. The plot does not always make that much sense and the actors probably won't be pushing Meryl Streep, Denzel Washington or Leonardo Dicaprio off the Oscars stage any time soon, but they are spirited (and it does have the best 'no emotional reaction whatsoever to seeing sister dismembered by undead dinosaur' sequence that I have yet seen). In terms of construction, the green screen work is pretty obvious for much of the time, but it nostalgically reminded me of the wonderous LEXX, so I have no problem with that. Finally, kudos must be given to the composer, who nicely weaves in 'homages' to a range of classic scores (I detected Star Wars, Kill Bill and Inception). So, if you want lost teens meeting up with Black Ops mercenaries to fight a villain who looks like a fusion of Darth Vader and Immortan Joe and his human-sized zombiesaurus (not forgetting a few green-eyed zombie mercs!), then this is the film for you (But if you cannot overcome the obvious green screen larks and thespian efforts, then it won't be). Sure, it won't knock Jurassic Park from its cinematic dinosaur perch, but regardless of how rough around the edges the movie is (or because of this!), it is a film that has been made with heart, enthusiasm, and creativity – and what more could you want, especially with a title like Zombiesaurus.
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My Life is Complete
everydayidiot19 August 2017
What can i say... My life is complete after watching this movie! the budget to make the movie must has been at least £5, as you can tell by the amazing green screen quality throughout the whole movie. But lets not forget the actors and actresses who just blew my mind away (Why aren't these people in more movies!!) and that one blonde girl from white chicks who plays Roxanne, just well done! *claps* Excellent movie! Perfect for anyone with two brain cells or less :D
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Decent enough if solidly flawed genre effort
kannibalcorpsegrinder27 June 2018
After a series of personal setbacks, a scientist who prophesized that a series of impending accidents to wipe out humanity sees them come true forcing a Black Ops unit and travelers into banding together at an abandoned silo that houses a rampaging dinosaur attacking and eating everyone.

This here wasn't that bad of an effort. One of the more enjoyable aspects here is the dinosaur action, when it occurs, ends up being rather fun throughout here. The opening release of the creature at the sale has some rather fun moments once he brings the creature to life as the gunfire to stop it offers some solid action to open this up, the bunker scenes are a lot of fun and the rampaging creature in the final half alongside the zombies offer up some nice action-packed fun. Those bunker sequences, from a soldier bare-knuckle boxing it to the creature lurching out of the darkness to mangle the intended victims or the different brawls with the zombies coming back to attack manage to offer up even more thrilling kinds of action here during the main part of the film that really needs it. As well, there's also the other big plus of the film is the cheesy enough special effects which is to be quite commended throughout here. Rather than dwell on bargain-basement style CGI that really should've been employed here, this decides to go for a largely inanimate model that at least manages to interact with the cast and gives the impression of something being there physically in the shot with people that normally doesn't emerge in these kinds of films. The creature looks decent enough and far better than expected which is the main point here, and it has to be commended on that front. As well as the rather impressive scope of the story which is quite large for this type of film, there's a few solid points here which hold it up over the few minor flaws to be had. Among the main flaws here is the act that this one just has too many plot points for what should be a rather simple and straightforward storyline. The idea of the serum getting unleashed and bringing about the dinosaurs' rampage should've been the main point of this one, but putting together the backstory at the college, the various interjections with the Black Ops team traveling through the desert and the exploits of the power-plant sealed away in the distance all don't have too much purpose being here in the film. Not only do they complicate matters way too much when it doesn't need to, but there's also the facet of keeping the dinosaur off-screen far longer than it really should for this type of movie. Despite staying interesting for the most part, a movie of this length really doesn't need to have too many subplots keeping it's star attraction off-screen with these issues the way the film does. The only other problem to be had here is the rather obvious lack of budget to be had in the film. Not only is the film basically drenched in a rather irritated computerized glow that makes it look post-apocalyptic when it doesn't really do anything for the film, but the one-location set used here stands out for just redressing the same setting as the various rooms in the bunker. The main dinosaur itself is obviously a puppet on a rotor that's manoeuvred around in a herking manner that gives away the low-budget nature of the whole film, which is then brought home by the eighty minute running time of this one. These here are what manage to hold this down overall.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language and mild drug use.
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If you like Mary Jane like I like Mary Jane you're going to LOVE surfing this movie's wave all the way to Monster Island!
pearfinch10 June 2018
If you live in a state where marijuana is legal (and you're partaking), then you're going to love this movie. If you're a heavy drinker (and a happy drunk), you'll probably like it too.

If you're into tripping or just had your wisdom teeth pulled, if you're an eternal optimist, a North Korean physicist or a Gregorian Monk, you may also find it to be a rough in the diamond.

If your kid is an Honor Student, if you're into Settlers of Catan, Twister, MAGA, Bernie Sanders, Duke Nukem, country music, anime, Lambada, fake news, chem trails, Hummers, gun rights, hard salami, survivalism, canned beans, Beano, gluten-free meth, lactose-free beer pong, the welfare state or the vegan lifestyle ... any of those, a must see!

The only kind of people who wouldn't like this movie are 1) Reiki healers, 2) Black Mirror snobs and 3) communists (but not necessarily in that order).

Acting is sincere, charming and self-aware ... and ... THE DINO F/X ARE PRACTICAL instead of digital ... we talking full-on Toho style hallelujah Gojira-lovers rejoice!

Concept, direction, editing, sound and soundtrack all hit the bullseye ... despite the cockamamie script, which must've been written by a brain-fried dope-dabber in a room full of lava lamps and clouds of burning hemp incense. Regardless, HIGHLY ENTERTAINING with countless intended and unintended LOLs. Party time!
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You'll Pay for This.
nogodnomasters3 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Mad scientist Dr. Wojick Borge (Cooper Elliot - are those your real ears?) has a serum that reanimates and uses his knowledge to predict a meteor crash to his advantage to bring about the apocalypse in "the time of peril" from his remote desert fortress. A group of commandos and a campers end up at the fortress and fighting a zombie rex.

The special effects were very bad and I believe that was by design. The corny dialogue, scenes, plot, and Dr. Borge indicates they attempted to make a camp classic. The problem was that the film just wasn't that clever. It didn't really spoof as much as poorly copy. Dialogue was juvenile and again lacked any decent humor. One gut spouting conspiracy theories was perhaps the highlight.

On of the things I liked was the use of graphic novel effects during the end credits. I feel this film would have been better if they attempted to have made it more like a graphic novel and less like a failed video game, i.e. use the graphic novel aspect in the film for flashbacks to create a reasonable plot.

Guide: No subtitles. No sex or nudity. Might have been an F-word in a swearing stream of mothers.
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Awesome Entertainment!
cagirl-3867810 June 2018
Very entertaining and funny. I like to turn my brain off once in a while and just be entertained... and this movie had me rolling off my seat! I know it's a low budget film, but it still looked to have good cheesey production value and a lot of laughs. Seeing a Duke Nukem character punch a dinosaur in the face..what more can you ask for.. and knocking it out?!.. was a highlight that reminded me of the wonderful movie blazeing saddles. The acting by far from perfect but the characters seem very distinctive and play character parts well. a good watch. this is what earns thumbs and stars. Entertainment value worth every frame.
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My Review Of "The Jurassic Dead"
ASouthernHorrorFan23 June 2018
"The Jurassic Dead" story is uber-contrived, forcing a total submition of the audience to fancy and absurdities. It is a premise that is insanely over the top with everything thrown in but the kitchen sink. The concepts are, individually, cool - although not so original- however they are a bit much when thrown together.

The cast offer a mix bag of two diminsional caricatures, with a couple notable exceptions. Very little comes off as convincing with delivery. Most of the drama is melodramatic in the least flattering way- again with a few notable exceptions.

As for the special effects, personally I found just as much that worked for "The Jurassic Dead" as I found wrong. First, kudos to FX department for doing practical creature efeects. It was a nice design, it worked on camera with one obvious exception, the T-Rex was too small. The CGI was at times, spot-on, some scenes came off a bit 1990, but all in all, Syfy and The Asylum worthy material.

Overall, "The Jurassic Dead" is a great film, the acting and premise is slightly rough to sit through, but there are a few cool, entertaining moments. The big winner for this one is the musical score, and sound track. Awesome work. If you are a fan of these types of microbudget creature features then it will be a decent watch, if not just go into "The Jurassic Dead" for warned.
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Chaos runs amok
TheLittleSongbird9 September 2018
Saw 'Z/Rex: The Jurassic Dead' as part of my low-budget completest quest when it popped up by chance in the recommended for you section. Part of me was oddly intrigued by the premise, despite it being absolutely ridiculous and there are instances of fun dinosaurs on the rampage films (naming them would be unfair).

Was not expecting much from 'Z/Rex: The Jurassic Dead' to be perfectly honest at the same time. The cover/poster looked cheap, it had a low rating and the reviews were less than promising. So in all honesty was expecting something terrible. Seeing 'Z/Rex: The Jurassic Dead' with an open mind and fairness intended, it turned out to be not near as terrible as expected, it has a few not so bad things. At the same time, didn't find it a particularly good film either, pretty lame actually.

Just for the record, am somebody who hates being critical believe it or not and is more often than not encouraging and aims to be balanced and tries to evaluate rather than completely gushing or bashing, so will always severely object to being called an armchair critic/expert that is thrown around a lot immaturely.

There are positives. There is colour and atmosphere in the setting and some slickness in some of the shots. The music is not over-bearing, variety-less or monotonous, even when not being exactly memorable.

The titular character is sometimes fun and has some personality that avoids going too far on the goofiness or scare factor.

On the other hand, the limited budget shows in particularly the not always very well organised editing and the mostly quite amateurish effects (with the odd reasonable one). Most of the camera work is similarly disorganised. The dinosaur doesn't steal the show as much as it should and as an overall whole they can be used randomly and with not much threat. The human characters are underwritten and have little development or endearing personality with so many silly and less than logical behaviours and decisions (a bugbear of mine and have found myself using it a fair bit recently). None of the actors look comfortable in their roles and don't seem to be having fun at all.

Also found too much of the dialogue on the wrong side of dumb and cheesy, complete with some soapy moments, and that it didn't flow very well. The film is extremely derivative, interesting premise with far too over-familiar execution that has nothing new. The lack of imagination and suspense also hurts the film, too much evokes cringing and the thrills are sporadic. It's all very contrived and throws in far too much that the film becomes very messy and quite bizarre. The direction felt like they were not in control of the material and not at ease with the genre.

Concluding, lame but could have been worse. 3/10 Bethany Cox
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Zombiesours look out!
shagee797717 June 2018
From the makers of Tsunambee, a film 66 million years in the making...THE JURASSIC DEAD! Released this month on VOD, DVD and Blu-ray/DVD combo (exclusive to Walmart), THE JURASSIC DEAD is part JURASSIC PARK part THE WALKING DEAD, with a T-Rex turning everyone it attacks into a zombie! Summer is all about the Z-Rex!

I started watching this and got drawn in rite away. I thought this take on the zombie genre was fresh and enjoyable. A group of Mercenaries are brought together with 4 nerdy college students when America is hit by an EMP! There trapped in the middle of the dessert and come across a secret lab with a mad scientist housing reanimated zombiesaurs! A college professor who has Been ousted by the world and crippled in an accident. Set shop and continued his experiments in this secret lab! His greatest experiment and lab specimen is A T-Rex and it's let loose on our saviors of mankind! But to add to the fun when the walk by dead Dinosaur bites you, as in all good Zombie movies, you become one. The dinosaur Fx impressed me as well as plenty of splatter FX. It has funny moments but is also a well done action/Horror movie. This holds your attention and a really fun movie to watch. I really enjoyed and was hesitant at first. The makers of this had real fun with the script and made a movie that will be remembered as the first Zombiesoar movie! THE JURASSIC DEAD was directed by Miko Davis and Thomas Martwick and scripted by Michele Pacitto, who produced the movie with professional bodybuilder Andy Haman, who also stars. The cast additionally includes Cooper Elliott, Shale Le Page, Ruselis Perry, Mia Klosterman ,Jason Hagan, Matt Block, Wes Clark, Julie Crisante, Juan Gonzalez, Nicole Goeke, Raquel Pennington and Shale Le Page

Comes out 6/12 from Wild Eye Releasing.
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