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Unlike anything else I've seen
koleary116 January 2019
It's almost hard for me to write about Meme because it's so unlike virtually every other film I've watched. Particularly fresh: the use of the mystery around the origin of the VHS tape as a means for Jennifer to recover her own identity while navigating issues in her relationship.

The portrayal of the primary relationship in the film was almost *too* realistic. It was hard to watch at times and will ring true for anyone who's been in a long-term relationship.

Finally, the performances are great -- nuanced and real. Fantastic cast and direction.
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Loved it.
owenflaherty8 January 2019
I was lucky enough to see this film while working at the Cucalorus Film Festival in Wilmington, NC. While, admittedly, I initially went in purely based on my curiosity surrounding the title, I quickly found myself engaged. Just from the brief opening title sequence, I could tell this would be right up my alley, and ended up not being disappointed.

Without giving away too much, the story deals with topics of prolonging strained relationships in a way that only someone who has actually experienced that could convey. As a result, it avoids the over-dramatization that would be found in a bigger studio production, and instead comes off as realistic, and extremely relatable.

It also acts as a love-letter to cult cinema, and the VHS era, and is a joy to watch for all of the little nuggets and references, but manages to appeal to the niche without alienating viewers that may not be as familiar with that subject. This is complimented by interesting and unique stylistic choices, both through camerawork, and post-production (ex. the use of VCR rewind/fast-forward functions in flashback sequences)

The story is as good as its core cast, who all give authentic performances, and deliver the dialogue as if they are actually saying it. This makes them seem less like characters, and more like real people, which reinforces the repeatability of the subject matter.

All-in-all, an extremely worthwhile, and thought-provoking watch, that I found myself thinking about weeks after the festival, and am glad I stumbled upon. Happy to have taken the opportunity to go to the viewing, and would definitely recommend that others see, if given the chance.
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Original, inventive and thoughtful
michael-335018 January 2019
Compelling movie from the opening credits onward. Many parts reminded me of Waking Life, but as seen through the Writer/Director's unique lens. Several strong performances as well. Well-crafted, original indie!
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One of my favs
audresrevengefilm23 January 2019
When I attended the premiere of 'Meme', I wasn't quite sure what I was in for. What I got was a riveting and imaginative story that hearkened memories of my own relationships of the past.

With a blend of absurdism, dry wit and uncanny humor signature to the dynamic duo of 4 MILE CIRCUS, Sean's creation will forever be etched in my psyche - and forever stand as a tribute to relationships of the millenial generation.

10/10, two thumbs up, fine holiday fun.

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Quirky, surrealistic still-life
troy-boulton27 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The central mystery in this piece is an exercise in slight-of-hand absurdism, humming with the tangy echoes of the edge of psychosis. This underlying body has a seductive weight and depth, yet only ever exists in images projected onto a screen, an interpretation of reality read magnetically from a two dimensional surface, a representation of a representation. Meme intelligently orbits this layered video construct, a swirling maelstrom of versions of a possible past, present or future, ripe with existential crisis, a piece where any attempt to decode meaning will further shred one's own bonds with reality. Through re-interpreting the non-narrative babble of the art piece, turning the tormentor into the muse, our protagonist is able to define her own foundations of self and reality, and move on from troubles past.

A little lumpy, but still intriguing. A bit of refinement and this could be a very compelling film. Keen to see the creator's next project.
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