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Genevieve Buechner: Darcy


  • [the coffee shop cashier Darcy reads Ravi their thought of the day] 

    Darcy : 'We must become the change we wish to see in the world.' That's Gandhi.

    Ravi Chakrabarti : Your boss is Gandhi?

    Darcy : No, the quote is Gandhi.

    Ravi Chakrabarti : I know that. Of course I know that. I'm British. That manky old git cost us the crown jewel of our empire.

  • [the coffee shop cashier Darcy meets Clive and Liv while at Positivity] 

    Darcy : Hi! Welcome to Positivity. What can I get for you this amazing morning?

    Clive Babineaux : I'm Detective Babineaux, Seattle P.D.

    Olivia Moore : I'm Dr. Moore, with the medical examiner's office.

    Darcy : Oh, you must know Ravi. He's one of my favorites.

    Olivia Moore : Isn't he just the best?

  • [Liv and Clive ask to speak to the manager of the Positivity coffee shop] 

    Clive Babineaux : Could we speak to your manager?

    Darcy : I'm a manager. Everyone who works here is. We're all co-managers.

    Olivia Moore : Amazing.

  • [the coffee shop cashier Darcy tells Clive and Liv about the jar of money they're raising for Pam] 

    Olivia Moore : Oh, look, Clive, they're collecting money to get Pam out of jail.

    Darcy : Pam would never hurt Leslie. It's not just me saying that. So is the money in the jar.

    Clive Babineaux : The jar is half-empty.

    Olivia Moore : It's half-full.

  • [the coffee shop cashier Darcy tells Clive about the chances Leslie Morgan would give people] 

    Darcy : She made a point of hiring the less-advantaged. So that they could have a second chance. Or even a third chance.

    Clive Babineaux : How many chances did Pam get?

    Darcy : Lots.

  • [Ravi tells Darcy what the millennium falcon is] 

    Ravi Chakrabarti : Bonjour, Darcy I've been at the lab all day, so I didn't really get a chance to primp. So, apologies if my hair looks like I've been driving with my head outside the window of the millennium falcon.

    Darcy : Is that the new ford? The one for millennials?

    Ravi Chakrabarti : [Ravi chuckles]  Ford. Well played. Wait, what?

    Darcy : Hmm?

    Ravi Chakrabarti : Hmm? The millennium falcon. A modified yt-1300 light freighter? Piloted by Han Solo? Played by Harrison Ford in Star Wars.

    Darcy : Oh, Star Wars. Right.

    Ravi Chakrabarti : [Ravi smiles]  Yeah.

    Darcy : I've never seen it.

    [when Ravi loses all expression in his face] 

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