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Utter Crap...
omendata15 September 2017
I don't normally swear but by god after i had watched this abysmal effort i had to so please forgive me IMDb its not my normal modus operandi.

Terrible acting especially by Napoleon Dynamite clone Logan Paul - apparently he is some sort of vine social media z-list celebrity but he is butt ugly and has zero persona and acting skills and actually made me want to turn it off in the first 5 mins but due to my OCD i had to watch it to the end!

The movie copies what has already been done to death with Hunger Games and The Purge = It seems the movie scene these days is all about either copying what has already been done or remaking old classics badly! Zero originality - all these producers have to do is pick up a copy of 2000AD comic from the 80's and make a movie like BLACKHAWK, WOLFIE SMITH, ROGUE TROOPER, FIENDS OF THE Russian FRONT, MELTDOWN MAN OR PLANET OF THE DAMNED - There are literally hundreds of good ideas from that era waiting to be made!

Seriously if you are going to make a Scifi movie like this you really need to spend a little more than 100k and it shows.The whole movie looks like it was filmed in the corridor of my old school for 50p and a bag of monkey nuts!!!

The main baddies looked like the Vinnie Jones thugs from the Arnold and Stallone movie Escape but a hundred times worse and i never thought i could say that about Vinnie "the untalented" Jones but they make him look average.

And who was the main bad guy doing his bad attempt at a Danny Trejo impression - JEEZ.

This is seriously ordure and shouldn't have been made its that bad!

Apart from the overtly politically, leftist, limousine libtard bias we seem to see in every film these days and which really makes me mad but what is even more annoying is they seem to be catering so much for "THE 100" yoof viewers low intelligence and bland story lines - its actually a tragedy for the movie industry if this is what going to the cinema is to be replaced with Amazon, Netflix, Youtube rubbish like this - this would probably have fitted into being an episode of Black Mirror...Maybe but it certainly didn't deserve to be made into a movie.

I gave it 1 only because of the rather excellent end credits music and for the relief that is was finally all over!
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Short, Simple, & Average
blacktigerleader22 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
To summarize my review in advance; The Thinning is a dystopian science fiction movie that has some superb moments, but lacks the wholeness of a truly great or good movie.

To begin, The Thinning is about a dystopian society that takes place sometime after a major global warming event that left the Earth's landmass much too small for it's population. In response, the nations of the world came up with different ways to reduce the growth and size of their population. While other countries resorted to ending the lives of those of old age or limiting family size to one child, the U.S. decided to adopt a program that would only allow the smartest children to survive.

Right after this introduction is where the movie began to fall apart. The backstory for the characters was interesting, however it did not successfully help the viewer "attach" to the story of the reader. When tragedy strikes near the beginning of the movie, it's hard to feel the characters emotions. I did not feel connected with the characters, only amused by them.

There are also many minor details that fail to bring this movie up to par. You have to wonder why many students take a backpack to simply take a test on a notebook. You also wonder why the students (before and after) seem to be either lackadaisical towards the test and it's consequences or extremely anxious. They seem very emotionally inconsistent about the fact that many students will be put to death a mere hour or so after the test.

Another thing I found annoying about this movie was the poorly written script. It was quite simply... simple. There were no memorable lines and everything was quite frankly something you've heard before. I should note something important here... a movie does not need memorable lines; it needs emotionally relevant and imaginatively excellent lines. At many points, the lines were simply "decent," and at more rare parts of the movie, the lines felt like reading the words "good" or "bad" in an English essay.

Now on to some of the things I enjoyed. I enjoyed a few moments where the acting was on par with the importance of the scene. When the students had just taken the test, you can see their anxiety, relief, and unique responses to show their emotions. I also enjoyed the color pallet used in the movie. It was relevant and consistently aided to the intensity of the movie.

The last two things I enjoyed were the camera shots, which were not exceptional, rather simply nice. The editing and music also aided to the importance of the story.

I did enjoy parts of this movie, however these parts were the minority of a more-often-than-not simple and dull movie.

(NOTE: I believe in completely fair reviews. I am against giving 1 or 10 star reviews based on the current rating and my personal belief if it is too high or not. I encourage everyone to have someone check their rating against their thoughts about the movie to see if they align. That is how you should properly rate a movie. Share the word!)
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For a land of smart people, why is everyone so stupid
duanekimball28 March 2017
Just a few nitpicky things that will drive you nuts.

1) This is a thinning of the population via testing scores. So why are all the security guards so stupid. Also, who is going to want to work at Burger Queen? 2) A test this important that can easily be cheated or manipulated..not likely 3) No funerals for the people killed? 4) I was gathering from the dialog that Texas has this test but other states may not. Why live there? (or in the USA if it the only testing country) 5) Did I mention the guards... not only are they stupid, they can't fight either 6) There is no twist at the end because wouldn't there be fewer people to take the test each year, hence no need to make LOTS of testing machines?
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Flawed plot, bad acting and loose ends.
jayadore16 December 2016
How? How can a plot have that many holes in it?! Not only that, but the amount of dead weight within the plot that either lead to nothing in particular or provided no depth to the overall arch of the story line and just flopped. The acting was cringe worthy at best and although it's an interesting idea, the whole YouTube starts a production company thing, if you're going to do it YouTube, please, do it right. Giving YouTube or in this case Vine stars a platform to fulfill their 5 second dream of being an actor might initially bring viewers but I can guarantee it'll be short lived. Nothing and I do mean nothing that I've watched off Red seems to have a hint of intelligent thought in it, and this was no exception.
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I think this movie wanted to make a political statement...
shinnstoneer13 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
There are definitely spoilers that follow.

The requirement to suspend one's disbelief is large in this film. It also seems to be written by a strong left leaning liberal mind but that's almost a certainty in our entertainment culture in the US.

First, one must accept that the United Nations has grown to a point where it can dictate to all nations an annual 5% reduction in population as a response to Climate Change.

Then it must be accepted that Americans have willingly approved a system that executes a large number of school age children one every year for low test scores. This starts with children in the 1st grade.

As if The Purge isn't out there enough already this film includes the execution of what appears to be more than 5% of each school's class when you look at the class size and number of students executed...starting with 5 year old children.

I'm not sure if this is supposed to make us fear Climate Change or politicians more as it is implied this is very popular with the Texas government and its Governor who will run for President. Obviously this couldn't have happened in California, right?

The big twist at the end is that a huge global business is behind it all and the kids aren't actually being executed...they're being forced to work at the factory making the tablets the students use for the annual test.

It didn't show any younger or older children at that point so maybe they work for one year and then they execute them...hard to know...what is certain is that even 5% of every child taken every year would be way more tablet assemblers than required.

They take 5% every year from 1st to 12th grade...essentially only 54 of 100 survive to graduate high school.

Here is another thing that must be accepted...the parents who allow their children to go to school one day knowing 1 in 20 won't return home also do not demand their body to have a bury.

These are just a few of the major things you must accept to begin enjoying this movie...a low budget is not responsible for a nonsensical story plot.
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Good concept, but flawed
forbaidulotto25 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Sadly, I fear that none of the editor, writer or producer etc will make it pass the thinning, as they are no doubt failing their social study and/or math class.

The movie is, at the very least, entertaining. The acting is pretty good and it attempted to paint a complete world picture of how and why things are happening. If we were to disregard certain details, the story could be believable, there are always last resort measures when we are faced with potential extinction should we choose not to act. The elements of politics, special interest, and others makes the movie mirror our own world, making it more believable.

But unfortunately, they didn't think things through and tried too hard on certain aspects, and the illusion fell apart.

The premise, or rather concept of the back story, that the world requires de-population, is a reasonable one. In fact, one of the suggested method of limiting birth have been practiced by, most famously, China for quite a long time. Unfortunately, the goal was set at an unreasonable high point of 5% annually. This will be explained at the of the review for those who care for numbers.

The setting and content of the movie also contains some paradoxes. While morally speaking, culling of the inferior is always questionable at best, there are many examples of how it can be done. Objectively speaking, if someone has to die, it "should" be those who cannot contribute to society. For example, the old and infirm like Hitler did, he's not a good guy by any stretch of the term but the choice was logical. Now, age does carry with it wisdom, so outright killing people based on age would make no sense, thou was presented as an option in the movie. However, with the contrast of killing the young generation of the future, somehow the main character's mother, someone who is I believe terminally ill and appear quite useless did not make it onto any form of culling list makes no sense. Given the premise of the "world" in the story, it felt like a rather forced sob story that is completely unrealistic in-universe.

Another character of interest is Mr.Football star. In the real worlds, colleges and universities accept people on a variety of criteria, not all academic, because society needs different types of people. While I can't say I like the character as a person, it doesn't make any sense that someone with special talents of any form, even if one that is useless in terms of "production and innovation", would be judged strictly the same way in a standardized test. That said, this could be a result of political compromise. The matter of life and death is serious business, so the allowance of special talent leads to potential of abuse so laws were made rigid in order to prevent them. Unfortunately, that didn't quite go as planned. If that is the case however, then there is the problem of what if there are genius students who excel in one or few subject matter and would have contributed greatly to society but was unfortunately culled due to failing every other subject? Standardized testing have never been and never will be a perfect form of measurement. This is more of a food for thought than anything else.

Now, the numbers I promised. 5% annually might not seem much at a glance, but the fact is, if the goal is reached, global population will be halved in 13 years, so within one generation, we will be left with only 25% of the population that we started with. Even if we assume that there is over 10 billion people at the start, reducing to 2.5 billion is rather extreme. Therefore, it is not likely for it to be a long term project and thus making the content of the story unlikely, the institution and legislation appears to be for more of a long term project. It's also extremely unfair to just one generation if culling is only done to them and only lasted for their generation. Furthermore, if we consider our current demographics, 5% of the population is more than 10th, 11th and 12th graders combined. That means even if every single student is culled, the project will grind to a halt after a mere 5 years--there will be no more students, this is taking into consideration of new enrollment and no graduates-- that is all student are culled, specifically, the sum of 1 to 18 years old(existing and future student) is not enough for 25% of the population. Similarly, "no birth" is not enough to achieve the rate of decline required, as children born within a year does not constitute 5% of the population Realistically speaking, 0.5 to 1% will be a more suitable number, this will allow roughly half of all student to graduate. Also, this would mean that it will be a long term project, thus not drastically unfair to just one or two generation.

Frankly speaking, this number problem is what prompted me to write this review. How does such a elem... OK, freshman high school level matter get missed in a movie about education, even if the education is merely a setting?
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...and then a twist happens. Sigh.
grayanderson26 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, I'll say that I've definitely seen worse. This is not a full-blown silver screen flick, but at the same time it's better than most of the old SciFi Channel movie-of-the-week productions. The acting is decent and the story /mostly/ flows (more on that below). I'd file this as the equivalent of a decent TV movie or a theater-released B-movie. Casting a Rick Perry look-alike as the no-party-named Governor of Texas was a cute move (and the irony of the Governor of Texas bragging about first-in-the-nation schools was also amusing).

I could go on a rant about some of the overdone tropes in the movie (faceless mooks, corrupt government, incompetent security planning, lousy math, apparently-overly-elaborate procedures, etc.) but (1) those points have mostly been hit on in other reviews and (2) I can allow for a certain amount of that in a movie like this. It was easy enough to connect the dots on why a lot of what was going on was going on.

However, (SPOILER ALERT) what killed it for me (pardon the phrasing) was the end-of-film twist. Basically, the plot until the end is best summed up as this: In response to his girlfriend failing the test last year and getting executed, Governor's son attempts suicide-by-test-failure (while leaving a videotaped message saying he's doing this). Governor predictably attempts to intervene and manage a score swap on his son's behalf, while his son Blake rebels against this. So far, not a horrid boilerplate plot. It turns out that the swapping was basically at random (since the guy overseeing the swap only has about 2-3 minutes to carry out the swap while the scores "process") and thus a few of the highest-scoring kids in the class (Laina, the other protagonist, included) had been designated as failing. Blake and Laina break free and try to escape and/or prove what's going on. They manage to trigger a leak, prompting the Governor to override the previous list swaps (including the one saving Blake), resulting in the "correct" students getting lethal injections while the ones who actually passed were released.

Had they ended with that, perhaps with the executed students bodies being loaded into a truck for disposal or something like that, the movie would have felt like it made sense. A measure of plot-dictated incompetence aside, everyone until then had behaved in a manner I can categorize as either "rational" (the Governor trying to save Blake but folding when the situation became impossible after the leak) or "rationally irrational" (Blake's decision to intentionally fail the test). It passed Hanlon's Razor...

...and then a twist occurs! Presumably in the interest of a sequel with most of the same actors, some idiot decided that revealing to the audience that "No, they weren't really executed, they were sent to work for Foxconn...and there's Blake's not-actually-dead love interest from the first act!" was a GREAT way to end the film. Frankly, a bit of telegraphing aside, the ending is ham-fisted enough that it feels like it was slapped on at the insistence of an executive who wanted the possibility of a franchise.

That twist frankly cost this movie somewhere in the range of 1.5-2.0 stars because of the mixture of how unnecessary it was and how absurd it felt. It in no way added anything to the movie, and if anything it undermined it: Minor, often background-related, issues aside it transformed what would otherwise have been a modestly tragic ending into a farce. Without it, Blake's escapade succeeds in one respect (outing corruption in the system and saving those about to be improperly executed) but the point of his 'triumphant stand against the system' is utterly lost on the world as a whole, he's dead, and the system endures. An ending like that feels like a "well-balanced" dystopian ending with a side of biting satire, and but for the removal of that twist (and perhaps a minute of re-cutting elsewhere) we'd have that.

With all of that said, the writers do deserve a pat on the back: The movie otherwise works, but that unneeded wrinkle at the end did a number on it.
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So gutted...............
persia-2596929 October 2016
I couldn't believe what I watched. What did I watch? No, really what was this tripe? I seriously do NOT know.A "B" Movie of the lowest standard. To see the 7+ Score was convincing enough for me to watch this soppy nonsense and to be honest I have a very,very small IQ and even this was in overdrive melt down trying to understand who,why and for what reason they made this excuse of a movie? Now I'm not doubting that a good few reviewers enjoyed the movie,which is their right if they found it entertaining but,me.for one would like to tell any prospective viewer who expects a decent hour and twenty minute ride of excitement or even a decent story line is,they would have more fun munching on loft insulation!The film is set on the USA's way to cull the population in a post apocalyptic world,sadly the film would have had been more fun and more meaningful set now,current day,where the Americans tackle the major problem of obesity by Thinning out the population!!
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**This review contains spoilers**
robfoley-3157016 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I just want to say one thing about this movie. It was an alright movie but it was hyped up too much. This movie is set in the future where the Earth is lacking natural resources to keep the existing population so in the United States or maybe just Texas (I still don't know) students take a test. If they pass they live and if they fail they are "killed". At the end of the movie they show Logan Paul wake up on an elevator where he sees Lia Johnson alive and working on some sort of assembly line. This is the part I don't understand. If the Earth were lacking natural resources and we wanted to use less resources then why would you keep the failed students alive? They would be using the same resources as if they were "alive". After seeing this at the end are realizing that they aren't actually being killed I was really confused because then the system is pointless.
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nope. terrible.
WhenAmyMetSalad30 July 2018
How does logan paul ruin everything he touches? this is as bad as that Boo madea movie, but at least madea tries to be annoying for the laughs. Logan is just annoying when hes standing there breathing in this movie. plotholes galore i wont spoil anything if you want to feel like pulling out your hair out of stress just watch this movie. only positive reviews are from his fans from youtube and he somehow has over a million of those.
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Completely overrated
claxton-8081330 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This is basically "The Purge", but without the horror or any fright. They took the same concept and tried to make it into a PG-13 thriller. There was one good twist, but that was it. The acting was pretty poor. The villain guard was not convincing and I hope to never watch Logan Paul in another movie that is attempting to be taken seriously.

I won't deny that there was potential for this film, but as it stands, the fact that the ratings for this are so high is dumbfounding and shows how low our standards have become. It felt like a college movie project and I have to assume that 16 year olds are the audience and intended audience.
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jnb36727 February 2017
The best part of the whole thing was the trailer. I have no earthly idea how this got rated so high on IMDb. It drags on in parts and when you think it's getting a little interesting. They add more plot twists overshadowed by political ideology. Ultimately leaving the viewer asking. What did I just watch? You tube needs to come up with a lot better if they want to compete with net flicks.
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Definitely not good
neruat-1315822 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
yet I watched it and possibly you can do it as well it's not that boring after all. So what's wrong with it? Well as many have said, 95% of people there are completely stupid and should be "thinned" immediately. I can accept guards in masks so that they could hire less actors(there is no budget on IMDb and i haven't been searching for one, but it had to be low).

(Spoilers below) Now what I really disliked - tech specialist who needs as he said 3o min to connect few cables to PC? OK maybe they skipped many steps, but still even now backup generator could turn itself on automatically, so why that great society would forgot this technology...

Last and least probably but i haven't found that in other reviews. Lets say 9th+ graders are fit for work but what happens to those little kids? are they fed and taken care of until they are also fit for work. Either way this system doesn't help to reduce population it's just some form of slavery therefore it would not help mother earth AT ALL.
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RIDICULOUS premise...but the acting ain't bad for a YouTube film
tmhphd-8447930 October 2016
So, I went into this with some degree of skepticism as it was another one of those apocalyptic teen movies ala Hunger Games, Maze Runner, Divergent, they are all getting a bit formulaic. However, they can be quite entertaining. So, I gave it a try. I knew at the very beginning I would have problems with the premise that they chose to kill kids based off test scores. I mean, come on people...A) this has somewhat been done before in "the lottery" and B) apparently the "thinning" only happens in everyone would just move out of the state before the test LOL. Really, really bad premise and it left me rolling my eyes because it's hard to buy in to characters loosing their lives or their kids lives when all they have to do is move to any of the other 49 states and they'll live happily ever after. While the main male character (a youtuber) isn't very believable, his female counterpart is pretty good and deserved a better script. All in all, not worth a watch, but might be a good time waster if nothing else to do...especially for teens.
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Bill Gates will be rubbing his hands in glee....
matt-levett12 December 2016
OK, its low budget but that does not effect its premise. It has awful glitches as in the clock saying 10.10am and after a two hour test the clock still says 10.10am......BUT!! This is a blockbuster of an idea that could well be put into practice in the near future. Its notion is horrific but potential in this barbaric world we live in these days.

The acting is strong and commendable and the pace is good and keeps you wanting more.

Its cliché in places, predictable but in my view is well worth the watch; especially if you wear a tin hat like me!

All in all a solid low budget thriller that will have you thinking about the future that just might be around the corner for us all.

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If there's a sequel I'll retract this, but without one this is government propaganda
almek14 October 2016
I just finished youtube's new movie, #TheThinning. I hope there's a sequel to clear up my issues with it, but until then here is my review...

At first, I thought The Thinning was going to be your standard dystopian story, evil government does horrible things and teenagers revolt. Well it has the evil government doing horrible things, in this case murdering kids from 1st grade through 12th grade if they aren't smart enough. (All in the name of saving the planet from over population). Two teenagers revolt against the system. I won't spoil what happens after that. However, the movie ends with a political leader saying that those children who are slaughtered by the government are serving the greater good and should be honored. Such blatant trust in the government is illogical, and murdering innocents is never justified. I watched another movie a couple days ago, Ren the Girl with the Mark. That movie had a much better ending to standing up to an evil government, and both of these movies have made me realize something...

If someone ever tells you "It's for your own good." Run like hell in the opposite direction.
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rlkellerjr18 November 2016
Setting itself up for a sequel aside I think this was a good. It's short run time helped it not to bore. I think it was still long enough to get it's themes across. Character motivation was very clear and I did appreciate that. Don't look at this movie like the purge despite it being a little similar. It understands it's not a blockbuster life changing movie I mean it's on Youtube Red (I got a one month membership just to watch this) It's ending could have been better but appreciated it nonetheless. I liked the contrast of the Disney channel stars and the subject of the movie. They did well out of their element. Overall I would recommend this as a movie watch.
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Wasn't bad!!
samontepsamuel13 October 2016
The movie called "The Thinning" is held in the future where pretty much in layman terms, if you're dumb, you die. The government gives yearly annual tests to kids from kindergarten to 12th grade that determines and predicates the propensity of a students intellect, and if you fail that test, you're taken to the thinning where subsequently, you die.

So, I went in watching this movie on Youtube Red with no expectations. What I got was a pretty enjoyable dystopian movie, that had an okay plot, surprisingly good acting, some awkward direction, but overall wasn't too bad! One thing I was mostly surprised about was one of the main leads of the movie, Logan Paul! I follow his vlogs on YouTube, and he was the only reason I decided to watch this movie (so sorry if I'm totally bias about this movie), because I was really curious on what his acting chops were like, and he really surprised me!! His variety of emotions were fluid, and didn't feel stiff at all. He was the best character in the movie in my opinion. But other then him, I have to say he was the only reason I give this movie a 6/10. The direction, plot, and writing was simplistic which made the movie too predictable and stale. It wasn't anything special, and it had no surprises or twists.

But overall, I think anyone can enjoy this movie for what it is. It's nothing special. You'll probably enjoy it a lot more if you actually know the actors from YouTube!
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A missed opportunity - The Thinning is just that - thin.
jamesdashberry12 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
True to the current crop of teenage audience post apocolyptic films (The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, the Divergent series) the film looks at a slightly left field way of controlling humans. In a nutshell, it's a population control theory film - every year the population of all UN countries is thinned based on their aptitude. It's an almost interesting premise, and despite a mini twist at the end, The Thinning lives up to it's name - it's a little thin on the ground.

And unlike the aforementioned films, which did a grand job of combining established celebrities with new blood, the cast of The Thinning isn't great. Matthew Glave (the boyfriend from "The Wedding Singer") plays another unlikeable character (poorly), and that's about it.

At times the film made me cringe - some of the acting really is that bad especially from the school officers - and other times it just bored me. I can see what they were trying to achieve, and it was an idea worthy of an attempt - I just wish someone with real imagination, budget and contacts had been at the helm.

With other teen distopia flicks, I've found myself looking forward to a sequel. With The Thinning, I'm not really that interested in what happens next. And that can only be looked upon as a failure.
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Anti government, Big Corp propaganda movie hides that THE THINNING is already happening in real life: the poor.
gooogleable11 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The Thinning tries to sell us onto the idea that their plot (culling the herd for the good of all) is something totally new and bizarre, but this already happens IRL (In Real Life) in America: the cut-off line isn't academic achievement (because then, all the red states would have zero rednecks) but it is MONEY (mostly) and it is your RACE (a lot): If you're poor and/or a minority, you die. By denying the poor and minorities the access to education, jobs, bank loans, health care and forcing them to live in lead-ridden housing, near industrial zones full of toxic waste, the middle class is deliberately setting up the poor to die (sooner). Of course, this is never reported in the news, since the only news about the poor is how they kill each other! Which is ALSO by design and a very deliberate design, at that. See the movie Night Fly.

Also, "The Thinning" promotes fascism, in a thinly veiled way: it doesn't actually say that killing kids, aged 6 (SIX!) thru 18 is evil and unjust, its message is that killing SMART kids is bad. The glorification of killing kids, provided they score low, only ONE TIME on a single test, is never really challenged by anyone.

This, is fascism ... almost at it purest. Of course there's lots of whining among the comments how this is some Evil Government film, but since America is STILL a democracy, irl, and in the movie, it's more an Evil Americans Electing An Evil Government thing. In the movie, Americans are the only ones on the planet, who kill kids to reduce global warming. The hidden message is obvious: Everyone who battles Global Warming must be a kid killer. This is of course, a big fat lie. And a fallacy. Non-sequitur, or It Does Not Follow.

Restricting the numbers of kids being born, which doesn't involve killing anyone or anything (no, a blob of cells isn't a human being, certainly not a six or an 18 year old), apparently is rejected as a way of doing this. Wearing condoms is IRL depicted as murder or at least something immoral and against god in 21st century America. And there are of course some commenters who think butchering kids is a good thing to do, something Hitler almost got right, they say, but they complain he killed the WRONG people.

The weakest point of the story is that it doesn't actually explain WHY killing people solves global warming as opposed to eating less meat, switching to green energy and limiting consumerism. Reducing the CO2 footprint by 5% can simply be achieved by limiting electricity delivery to houses and companies. Forcing everyone to get solar panels and wind turbines would be FAR MORE effective, save trillions in cash and wouldn't involve the KILLING of KIDS. To some this is a minor detail, because they're so dumb that they think they won't ever be culled as the 5% dumbest. That's actually funny.

1 oth 10
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You don't want to fail this test.
FilmGeek2224 October 2016
I really enjoyed it. The planet is running out of resources and the government has developed this method of "Thinning" out the population by administering a test to students each year until graduation. The film displays a lot of fear. Fear among fellow students who are worried about failing and perspectives from other characters such as teachers and guards who experience this event every year. While there are some scenes where you are questioning the authenticity, I will remind you this is a movie. It's great because:

The story line flowed well and the film has plenty of suspense scenes.

The cinematography is well done.

The characters are likable (most). This film has the potential to spin off a couple sequels. Check it out.
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Better than I thought it would be
MoviesRT11 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The acting was pretty good. All unknowns I think.

The premise is fairly up to date. The idea that the government decides who lives and dies based on some idea that there are too many people on the planet is being toyed with today.

Agenda 21 is a climate change control program that will allow government to decide where people are allowed to live in order to save the planet. That's a real program that may come into play soon.

I liked the part where the little kids are shown propaganda films on how to make the earth happy by allowing themselves to be killed off. It's pretty scary when you think of how it could happen to us today if we don't push back on the far left climate change nonsense.

I'm not sure how overpopulated the earth was in this scifi world, but today we hear people say there are too many on the planet when in reality we could fit everyone on the planet in an area the size of the state of Texas living no closer together than in NYC. Hard for many to believe, but it's a fact. We definitely have plenty of room today.

In that respect, I liked the way they touched on this political issue and made a very good adventure out of it.

Some complained of the ending, but I thought it was very good. I won't say what happens, so there's some mystery left.

All in all I was pleased with this movie. I see lots of garbage, and this was definitely not that. There were a few flaws, but they were easy to overlook.
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good movie with a creative idea.
emanuelcanonmoore14 October 2016
The Thinning is a YouTube red movie that stars young prospect like Peyton list, Lia Marie Johnson and Logan Paul. It is centered around a great idea which kind of follows into a bit of a hunger games and maze runner genre and type of movie. in this film we get to see Logan Pauls acting range and it is shockingly amazing and will be setting up a great career to come. Logan carries majority of the movie with his performances. Logan Paul and Peyton list did not mesh together well and seemed like there was a lack of screen chemistry between them, although this may not be a terrible thing considering how there was a better chemistry between Blake and Elle. this movie has a lot of layers it unfolds and felt like it was an introduction to a series of movies to come and was an outlet to showcase Logan Pauls prosperity and talent.
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Ironic and moronic
RosieColligan29 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This film about students of low iq being 'thinned out' is laughably ironic. It is stupid and predictable with glaring plot holes and unbelievable content. If this film could take its own iq test it'd be down in the basement packaging tech devices with its dull characters.
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For a budget film not bad, but . . . .
samwinter21 June 2019
Considering this obviously didn't have a huge Hollywood budget, it wasn't half bad, the premise was ok (even though it's been done to death) and the acting was pretty good. Only one thing let this film down, Logan Paul. Logan Paul and his mentally distracting chin, it's like the total opposite of Leafy is Here.
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